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The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden

Attending bible school when only 17, the author has a lifelong interest in the bible and how it applies to modern humanity.

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Preface; The Story of Adam and Eve

I recently read for the second time, the "Forgotten Books of Eden" in which the second book is very short, just maybe a few pages, but the first book of Eden is extensive. It is authenticated by many writings in our Bible, and has historical value. It was one of the manuscripts from which our bible culminated. Who chose to leave this post-garden of Eden manuscript out of our bible? It tells the names of other family members, and exposes many lies society tells about the beginning. It does not discredit our bible but rather authenticates it and provides the missing information. Why do so many Christians fail to discover or read this manuscript? It is much like a love story of a caring God trying to redeem and help fallen man. It gives details, names, places and divine intention of early bible history right up to the Flood. I believe we are cheated of one of the most divine stories. I believe even if it isn't one of the biblical cannons, then it at least belongs as a book of history alongside the bible. It was also protected by the Essenes'. It was kept with the Isaiah books. God said, "my people are destroyed by the lack of knowledge". - I'm not saying you could find proof of earlier civilizations within its pages, but you could certainly find more about Adam and Eve's life on earth, for that is what its about. regards.

Baptism according to Holy Scripture

Baptism according to Holy Scripture

"The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden"


Referenced Volume: (The World Publishing Company. Cleveland Ohio, New York City Copyrighted 1926, Alpha House Inc.)

In the preface of this book, ecclesiastical authorities and writers bring as a matter of record this "Lost Books" volume, of which all portions are of very great antiquity. All information included in this article is taken from the book. I will however give my opinions and state them as such.
The question of why these books were not included in the modern bible has some complexity, but be assured that in the midst of early church politics and scholarly selection of the historical bible interpreters who wrote successive editions, we have to believe that it is a miracle that we still have this record of early Christianity.
It states that good men were engaged throughout history on both sides of ecclesiastical controversy involving the use of these volumes. Archbishop of Canterbury Wake, who translated them from the original says that "here is a full and perfect collection of all the genuine articles that remain of the Apostolic Fathers, and that carry on the antiquity of the Church from the time of the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament to about a hundred and fifty years after Christ.

In the introduction by Dr. Frank Crane, it states it is impossible that a man representing so great a force as Jesus of Nazareth should appear in the world without finding many echos of his personality in contemporary literature, and many stories that grew up about him as time elapsed.

The LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE present all sorts of matter before the curious eye. There are stories about Mary, and instances of her personal life. There are other stories about the boyhood of Jesus and instances about his crucifixion. All these are important because of who he is. No man has ever appealed to the imagination of mankind, and so played upon its feeling as has Jesus of Nazareth.

Dr. Crane states the publication of this book will do much good because it takes away the veil of secrecy that has hidden for many years the act of the church in accepting certain scriptures and rejecting others. Included are chapters about Mary, Nicodemus, Paul, Clement, Barnabas, additional general epistles, and I think of this as a highlight, Letters of Herod and Pilate relating to the early Church, and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As a finale, the Last Gospel of Peter surely stands out as he was a key Apostle in the founding of the Early Church. When I say this, I exclusively mean his true role, totally outside the Catholics super-imposition of Apostle Peter into their Church, claiming he was their first Pope. - From all my own research I assure you as best that I know how, Peter never was a member by his own decision to be a part of the Roman Church, in fact he was hunted down and put to death by that same entity. Christians were forced into catacombs and hunted like animals until they were caught and put to the most horrible death by torture if they did not recant their faith and swear to the empire, and allegiance to the Roman Catholic faith. Reference " Foxes Book of Martyrs"

Now Let us review "The Forgotten Books of Eden:" Edited by Rutherford H. Platt, Jr., this Volume is introduced by William N. Guthrie D.D. (doctorate of divinity). He states that the very Words of Jesus were a unconscious quotation of the Testaments of the 12 Apostles. That whereas the printing of the Lost Books and Forgotten Books and placing them in the library of every clergyman, will bring more intelligence into our churches. He mentions the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha, how that for many years one could very well be arrested for mere utterance of classified works such as this.

Of particular interest is the 1st and 2nd book of Adam and Eve. -To be very blunt, I am appalled that this account was never taught me as a child or at least by my teen years! It illustrates the life of Adam and Eve in the garden. It reveals the transition of this first family from living in Gods Private Garden, to living in the wilderness and caves and vibrantly describes the sorrow and woe experienced by Adam as he came time after time to the Gate to the Garden and sought to be in Gods presence once again. It tells of the way they had to learn to cook,and hunt and of living in cave shelters that God led them to outside the Garden. Eve records the near death of Adam several times as he lay on the ground in utter grief at the broken relationship with the Divine Creator. Any serious Bible Scholar will find many of his questions answered within this book, of where we really came from and where we are going. the books of Enoch, oh how much they talk about the presence of Holy God! All the elements of the earth and the sun were described to him. He was shown the separate heavens, and all about the works of the Angels in creation and the jobs they are given in the realm that we know. That's why its called the Secrets of Enoch. Then the Psalms of Solomon and the Odes of Solomon stand out, describing matters of the heart and how human consciousness relates to Mighty God.
None of this however contradicts or subtracts from the Pentateuch, neither from the Books of Isaiah, or even the 19th century finding of the dead sea scrolls, still held in reverence by the ministries of antiquities of the homeland of Israel. When scoffers say, "Oh, I just believe in the Bible only", are they blinded by tradition? All of the Historical evidence, writings, manuscripts, volumes of the Bible that are the same age and venue as the modern day Vulgate translated Bible, are relevant. They are "lost" only because modern minds refuse to accept their relevance. Bible seminaries ignore the value and contribution to putting the Remaining BOOKS OF THE BIBLE into practice and study today. This is a misnomer when it is very clear and obvious that it was empires and sometimes mean men that cut and eradicated the use of these books based on tradition and convenience to produce abridged religion that was politically suitable to the time. They also added non- biblical doctrines invented solely by man such as the "Tertullian" Trinity concept. Men who tried to hold fast to truth and Apostolic Empowerment like Michael Servitus, and others, were silenced and kept from preserving the original texts, Sometimes by cultural purging of libraries and church history. All of this is atrocity of the worst kind carried out by insensitive and self seeking rulers.

Now I would like to add that the Essenes' were a Hebrew sect that were charged with the preservation of the Gospels as well as they were religiously and studiously writers, scribes, of the New Testament Church. During the Invasion of Israel they did their best to hide and keep Gods word intact. In fact, they had almost no other task than to do so. This was sacred to them and their life was dedicated to the Word of God. However, I do not know how the New Testament Documents were preserved as the Jews predominately lived by the Torah, or the Old Testament Law and Prophets.

Carefully I say this as I close this segment of my report; "there are valuable insights into the life of Adam and Eve within this document". This historical volume has credible evidence that Adam and Eve were the first cave-dwellers. It tells of the existence of angels upon the earth. It tells of much of what has been overlooked in the account of creation, including the other brothers and sisters of Cain and Abel and their names. There is so much information filled in that it would be hard not to want to read all of it twice to absorb it all. It will either totally transform closes minds, or at least make you realize God didn't just leave us in the dark,.. It is man's error and history that has left us without important elements of the creation story. In fact I personally believe it counters almost every argument that could be presented by evolutionists to discredit the account of Biblical creation, regardless of the lack of modern terminology used at that time.

Footnote: I want to add and update this at some later date. I feel there is much more that I need to reveal as I study. Please let me know in the comment section if this has been helpful to you: Please be sure and order your copy of the Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden from the Amazon link found below.


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Extra insights into creation- time since the state of "Chaos".

1)Recently I made inroads to discover what it meant when Moses was instructed by God to hide in the cleft of a rock up on Mt. Sinai; lest he be overcome by the hinder parts of Gods presence. It was not a simple matter such as that. Moses was positioned upon a rock, where he was shown the hinder parts of God's glory, or transferred if you will into the chaos of the beginning. To see God create both the terrible darkness, and then the dramatic moment of light on the first day. The dividing of the firmament, and subsequent events. He was in the supernatural realm with God. It was because he continually had asked God to show him his divine glory. You can look into this, or you can google Dr. Mark Hanby: Prophetic Message: YouTube: "The Voice Behind Me".

2) I have reason to believe also from my studies that Adam (and his wife Eve) may have lived almost 3000 years total.. You say What? Its easy to come to this simply by using Bible Scripture where a thousand years is as one day (Gods time) and as Adam and Eve were created pretty early on the sixth day, so that was almost a thousand years and the the entire year of Gods Rest, that's an entire thousand years, So they existed almost 2 thousand years in the Garden BEFORE the expulsion and their almost a thousand years as simple, or modified Humans on the post-Garden of Eden's "Earth". They had been changed through a Divine Process from being a spiritual being of the garden Era to becoming this new Earth creature.

OR-- you could sum it up a different way by saying they lived almost 2 entire years as divine beings inside the garden realm, and about 930 years afterwards in the natural/ Earth realm.

This also concludes that the earth is a bit older than we are taught in Sunday school. Its the age we know it as, about 6000 years old Post garden of Eden, Plus the 7000 years pre-expulsion; during the days of creation. We also know currently that we are stepping into the 7th millennium and have yet to see the fulfillment of that era: - before (biblical speaking) Rev. 10:6 "when time shall be no more". How does 13,000 years suit you, to realize 7000 garden years plus 6000 earth years comprise this sum? Yes, with 1000 years left to go. At the very end it will be the second fulfillment of seven thousand years; equaling 14,000 years totally since chaos.

3) People don't realize that Chinese, as almost the oldest pure language, has had a terrible time hiding the truth of the symbols used for the root of the word "MAN". the root symbol denotes both male and female as having their foot coming out of the earth, as created from dust. This flies hard in their culture that now teaches evolution. they cannot however erase their origin, and neither can we.

About the Author of this Article.

I attended Texas Bible College in 1976, and started my pursuit of the ministry upon arrival back in Alaska. I received Ministerial General License and later Ordination while pastoring in King Salmon, Alaska with my wife and children. Over the years I read books such as the Scrolls from the Dead Sea,(Edmund Wilson), The Archko Volume, (Archko Press), Letters to Young Churches,(Phillips), and many other factual historical sources. It began to give me a hunger to know more about our beginning and more about Gods word and His people through the ages. A new book I want to mention was given me by a friend, and is, "Judgement Against the Gods" by Gerald C. Mclean. As this hunger wakened inside of me, I had to find out more. Though life and family events sometimes get in the way, who we are is described most accurately by what we do, what we seek, and where we direct our attention. I have many mentors, and someday I might list as many of them as I can remember, but its not the time for that now. I have woke morning after morning and realized that I am the fruit of others. Others invested in me, and now I must prove my loyalty not to them but to the one who stands above all. Jehovah, because he cared enough to disguise himself in human flesh, became our Jesus/Emmanuel, and when he left the Earth at Bethany, he said "go, tarry in the city of Jerusalem, until you are endued with power from on high, and you will be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and to every part of the world. HE said "If we don't speak up and proclaim HIM, the very rocks will cry out!"

I believe in the richness of biblical history. Could it be that Adam and Eve lived in caves outside the Garden of Eden for hundreds of years? Could it be that they were the first cave people, biblically speaking?

I believe in the richness of biblical history. Could it be that Adam and Eve lived in caves outside the Garden of Eden for hundreds of years? Could it be that they were the first cave people, biblically speaking?

  • Godhead Terminology
    At this point in my life, I cannot find substance or proof in the Bible to validate using the term trinity, for these reasons:
In respect to the ministers of Antiquity, and to both the senior ministers of the Gospel, as well as new students of Theology in every Seminary and Bible College.

In respect to the ministers of Antiquity, and to both the senior ministers of the Gospel, as well as new students of Theology in every Seminary and Bible College.

The Lost Books of the Bible, and the Forgotten Books of Eden

Jerusalem. The Holy City

Stained Glass on display at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Ill.

Stained Glass on display at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Ill.

The Lost Books of the Bible

© 2015 Oscar Jones


Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on May 17, 2016:

Yes, whether hidden in caves, squelched by kings, shut up in the vatican, or in synagogues lost to all but yesterdays priests, why wasn't it opened to all? read by all? authenticated and printed and distributed? nonetheless, there are writings by scholars of old that we are still mystified by. the passage of time sometimes hides the most valuable research. We must struggle forever to keep it alive! God himself promises that his Word is alive.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on May 17, 2016:

Fascinating stuff. What we call scripture now was definitely politically motivated, and I don't think reading these lost books qualifies as heresy, whether we take them to be inspired truth or not. Very interesting hub.

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