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The Lord Your God Is a Man of War

Robert Ball is a Christian and has been Saved for 10 years. He is also the author of the novel White Horse Hills.

The Lord your God is a man of war.

If the Lord your God is a man of war, and He is, we know this because the Holy Scripture says so, why is so much of Christian culture about being soft and not going out and conquering? Jesus already won, when He saved His people and conquered death.

We hear today so much of how we need to just sit back, let the world go to Hell, and how we're about to be magically raptured out of here, so nothing matters. I have some shocking news for you, if you read Matthew 24, there's still a ways to go and you're not getting magically zapped out of here before the persecution. The Bible even says that the day WILL NOT overtake you as a thief.

So, with all of that in mind, what are you doing as a Christian? Do you feel like the world is beating you and taking you down and you just can't hardly even stand? Do you feel like the only way to Evangelize is by being nice to the Lord's enemies and you just hope that the persecution never comes to you. Do you realize that biblically it's sin to help those that hate the Lord?

What if you changed your mind? What if you stopped listening to the weak, "Jesus is my girlfriend" songs, and instead you looked, truly, into the face of your Saviour and saw Him for who he really is? What if you saw the conquering King, the man of war, the One who holds everything in His Hand. What if you saw Him, in His rightful place, on His throne and you stopped thinking "Oh, us poor Christians have it so rough, the world hates us."

Yes, they do hate us. They hate Him. You have to remember though, the wicked will be turned into Hell.

What happens if you stop worrying, stop being soft, and you remember that the Lord is a man of war and you apply that to your everyday life? Your God is a conquering King, a man of war that conquered Hell and death. What if you stopped thinking like a victim and started thinking like a child of the Almighty God. What if you stopped acting like a soft televangelist and instead envisioned yourself as a servant of the Risen Christ, your hand cleaving to the sword that the Word is.

What if you stopped thinking like the world wants you to think? What if you got out there and fought, and by fought, I mean what if you won some souls to the Lord? What if you went head to head with whatever the world, the flesh and the devil throws at you? What if you looked to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, for your example and you loved people enough to risk something for Him? He laid down His life for us on the Cross, and took it up again. What if we laid down our fear for Him?

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If you laid down that fear, and took hold of the fact that the righteous are as bold as a lion, according to Scripture; everything would start to change. You could speak openly, feel no trepidation, you could open your eyes and the eyes of your brethren to things that need to change and you could actually edify and help your brethren. Wouldn't you want to do that? Isn't that what we always talk about?

The Lord might then use us to open the eyes of Elders and Pastors and He might even put us into positions of authority to help these people, our brothers and sisters, and to reach the lost, as the Scripture says, pulling them out of the fire.

What if we all stopped being afraid and we left our trepidation at the foot of the Cross, which I understand as well as anyone, takes some work, what if we did it though? What if we did it and we served our Lord valiantly, and knowing that we were safe in His Hands that He took the nails through for us. What if we didn't fear. What if we did as the Scripture said and we feared not but only believed? Could you imagine the difference it would make? The influence that the church would have if we were already to go out and fight for our Lord and left the fear behind?

I personally think it's time that we all love each other enough as brethren to fight for our Lord and fight for one another, and in so doing, bring the Lord to a lost world.

© 2021 Robert Ball

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