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The Light, the Coat and the Donkey

Robert who was raised in Hawaii lives out in the countryside of Augsburg, Germany today. He loves sharing the Passion Paradigm.


What does the light, the coat and the donkey have to do with each other?

First of all, they are openers. The light, the coat and the donkey start three different stories. In one story, the story opens with “Let there be light!” In another story, the story starts with a teenage boy who has a coat of many colours. In a third story, the story begins with a man riding into a town on a donkey.

Another connection is all threes stories enter into the realm of darkness. Light is called upon to shine in empty and devoid darkness. In the story of the coat, the teenager is sold into the dark world of slavery and captivity. The man riding on the donkey is more than just entering a town. He is heading towards the deepest darkest path in the valley of death, darkness.

Light has all the shades of colour. The coat of many colours is sewed or dyed with many colours. A donkey represents peace and love. Peace is a beacon of light, a light of peace. In a sense, they all share in light and in the shades of many colours.

The light is the light in the Genesis story. This light stretches across the universe spreading the stars and heavenly bodies in a chorus of light. Philosophers, star gazers and poets sing of these lights in the heavens. Romantic couples gaze with love while looking at the lights dancing in the skies. A path of faith drives the light from east to west, from north to south and from one edge of the universe to the other corner. The light is the spirit of light.

The coat of many colours is the hope of freedom and life. The coat promises that the moon, the sun and the stars will bow down to this teenage boy. Even in the darkness of the prison, the teenager does not lose hope in the coat of many colours. He hopes in the baker and the cupbearer. He thinks on the bread and wine; one is broken and the other is not spilled. The coat of many colours is the soul of hope.

The donkey is the bearer of the man of love, peace and light. The donkey and the man are one. The donkey and the man are love. The donkey and the man are peace. The donkey and the man are light. The man is the true light, the eternal peace and the essence of love. The man is love in the flesh.

Does your path of Faith lead to Light?

Does your hope lift you up to stand with the sun, the moon, the stars and hope in the eternal?

Does the prism of your life mirror the Man of Peace and Love?

What Colour is your Rainbow?

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