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Philippine Legend: The Legend of the Fly, the Cockroach and the Mosquito

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Of these insects, which one you hate the most? Or do you hate these three like most do?

There are legends featuring fruits, animals and even trees.So are these insects and pests. And here's an interesting Filipino legend how these three came into existence. So what's the legend about the mosquito, fly, and cockroach?

There was a wealthy woman who was known for her kindness and being helpful of those in need. The reason why her residence is always visited by people who needs her help.

And so one day, a strange stopped by her place and told her. "I'm going to leave this three children in your care if you don't mind. They weren't my children but I created them."

Because of what the stranger had told her, the woman can't find a word to say and got confused about what she heard. The stranger on the other hand, took the opportunity to leave quickly before the woman can process what she just heard. She just can't figure out the they weren't my kids but I created them.

And because she was just such a considerate woman, she took the three boys into her care.

A man showed up to her residence and left three boys in her care.

A man showed up to her residence and left three boys in her care.

The five adopted girls were so happy to see the new kids as they are going to have new playmates. But the two elder house maids weren't happy when they saw the three strange boys. They feel nervous instead when they saw the three boys named Mok, Pipis and Ngaw. To them, they don't look normal. They feel something isn't right about the three.

They knew their hunch was right as the girls were always sick since the boys started living with them. Even the rich woman wondered how can the girls get unexplained rashes in them. They just can't understand why all the girls get sick, while the boys on the other hand continuously get healthier. That aside, she was happy to see the development with the boys. She just wasn't aware how messy and hard headed the three boys were when she wasn't around. They also make the girls cry or bully them.

Cockroaches crawl mostly at night. They love dirty, dark corners of the home.

Cockroaches crawl mostly at night. They love dirty, dark corners of the home.

The insect which relies on sucking blood to live.

The insect which relies on sucking blood to live.

One night, the elder housemaids discovered the secret of the boys! They caught the three transformed into disgusting insects. Everytime Ngaw took a flight and perched, and Pipis swiftly crawl, both leaves bacteria on food and drinks that are for other kids. And the third boy? He's a small buzzing busy insect sucking the sleeping kids blood transferring from one kid to another.

The horrified maids immediately went to the master of the house, the rich woman and told her what they had seen. But to their disappointment, their story was unbelievable to her as the three boys were kind and well behaved when she was around. So the two house helpers decided to just keep an eye on the three boys, so when they became insects they will catch them for their master to see. But the boys were just smart as they didn't become insects again, thou they still continuously hit the girls.

The boys approached the girls while playing on the yard one afternoon and beat the girls without any warning. Because of the pain, the five beaten girls can't help but cried out loud. And this got the attention of the elder maids together with the wealthy woman that was currently at home at that time. The kids didn't notice a strange boy that appeared out of nowhere.

"At last I found you three! Get ready now. You boys don't deserve to be humans," the strange kid said.

But the three boys ignored him, like as if they didn't hear anything. The poor boy, he got beaten too by the three. Without them noticing, the elder housemaid and the house owner who adopted them were now witnessing and know how misbehaved they really are. She got so mad and almost to the point that she could drag the adopted boys out of her property. The boys smirked and with their hidden fangs showing, they all stared at the woman glaringly.

They all can't moved to their shocked as the boys are approaching. They don't know what to do. At that moment, the young boy who suddenly appeared mediated between them. A cherub he was!

"By the name of the most Almighty! I command you three to go back to your former forms, cursed creatures!" he ordered.

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With a blink of an eye, the three boys transformed into insects. They weren't really humans at all the woman thought to herself.

The fly, which prefers to be around garbage, rotten foods or in the landfills.

The fly, which prefers to be around garbage, rotten foods or in the landfills.

The cherub explained the mystery with the three boys. According to the cherub, there were some rebellious angels who intervened and tampered the sacred work at hand of the Creator. These angels created and gave life to loathful small insects. And from being disrespectful, together with the insects they created, they were punished and casted-off to the earth.

Those who fell into quagmires, dirty and smelly places became harmful insects or pests. Although they are a threat to the human's health, the Creator decided to let them stay on earth so that humans will learn to be hygienic, and with being clean, it would be easier to vanish the harmful insects or pests that cause sicknesses.

After this, the cherub suddenly disappeared.

After the cherub disappeared, all three kinds of pests similar to Mok, Pipis and Ngaw appeared. The two kinds crawl and buzz at night while the other kind flies in the daytime. As the occupants started cleaning and keeping the place neat and tidy, the insects crawled and flew away from their house. The cherub was right, this insects don't like to be around clean areas.

Since then, the people learned to call the insects that are similar to Mok, lamok (mosquito) which relies from sucking blood from sleeping humans in order to live. And those that looks like Ngaw, they called langaw (flies) which prefers smelly garbage and landfills. And the breed of Pipis was called ipis (cockroach) which prefers hiding to dark and dirty corners of every homes.

Until now, these pests are continuously the source of bacteria that causes illnesses and damage to people, more of to kids if houses and surroundings are filthy.


precy anza (author) from USA on April 19, 2012:

And thank you for dropping by and reading ^-^'

dmop from Cambridge City, IN on April 19, 2012:

That is an interesting legend, thanks for sharing.

precy anza (author) from USA on April 19, 2012:

Lol. I don't like all of them either. ^.^'

precy anza (author) from USA on April 19, 2012:

And thank you for dropping by and reading :)

Jenn from Pennsylvania on April 19, 2012:

I don't like any of them but that's a very interesting story!

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 19, 2012:

What an interesting legend. Thanks!

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