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The Legend of Saratoga Homestead NY

saratoga homestead,NY

saratoga homestead,NY

On a small road, overlooking a little town called Barkersville, New York, is an abandoned building that has a very rich history and legend. Many settlers came to New York to purchase buildings, and property from the Gold Rush in California. Horace Walpole Carpentier, born and raised in Galway, New York himself, he had in his earlier days as a lawyer, traveled to California during the Gold Rush. Prior to Horace Carpentier's birth, his grandfather had changed the family name from Carpenter to Carpentier. An only branch of the family to employ this franchised spelling. Horace W. Carpentier was born in Saratoga county, New York. He had graduated from Columbia University in 1848 with a degree in Law and sought his way to the California Gold Rush in 1849. In 1849, Gold having been discovered in California, a mad rush was made to the gold fields. Some had going around Cape Horn on sailing vessels in which were not equipped for the passenger service. A few had crossed the Isthmus, while others ventured by plains, deserts, mountains, horses, and even by foot. Most people came by New England and the Southern States. Among who sailed on different sailing vessels, were Horace Walpole Carpentier, Edson Adams, and Andrew Moon. While in San Francisco,Horace Carpentier and Edson Adams became very close partners, which started on a slooping running to Sacramento, a turning point for the mining country.Mr. Carpentier and Edson Adams eventually teamed and because of that Horace became Oakland's first Mayor. He had been acquired for San Francisco Bay's waterfront property. Because of the Gold Rush Mr. Horace Carpentier had accumulated a fortune of several million dollars when he had gone to California.
In 1850, Mr. Carpentier, twenty six then, had been nominated as a candidate for the State Senate, an election in which he failed to win. He moved back to the East Bay in 1852 to meet up with Andrew Moon and Edson Adams, in which they had proceeded to squat lands of Vicente peralta, and in all total of four hundred eighty acres. This made Mr. Horace Carpentier the strongest land holder in the State.

1905, Mr. Carpentier had deeded his father's homestead, to Saratoga County. He had hoped it might be used as a Tuberculosis Sanatorium. In 1913, the County of Saratoga decided to build the Sanatorium in Barkersville, New York. A meeting had been held on the lawn of the David Barker homestead. In which after wards, an inspection was made of the Carpentier homesite. Mr. Horace Carpentier was involved in the building of the Saratoga Homestead , at the Old County Home near Ballston Spa, New York. Before Mr.Carpentier died at ninety four,he had a field stone lettered and placed at the head of what is said to be his grave at the Barkersville Cemetery today.

When Mr. Carpentier gave the County of Saratoga his father's homestead, in 1905, there had been a law requiring the county had to provide treatment for Tuberculosis patients. Mr. Carpentier had left millions in his will to go towards the Homestead when he passed away in 1918. He was such a powerful man, he had even named the road where the building stands today, Dean Lung Rd, after a faithful Chinese servant of his. Most residents in the town recognize it here as part of Galway, New York today. A peaceful, quiet small town. No one really speaks about the building standing on Dean Lung Road. The fences and barbed wired go around the building to prevent intruders trepassing of course. The Homestead had closed and reopened as The Homestead for Tuberculosis patients. Rumors have said that the patients went crazy and killed the Doctor who ran the Asylum and I discovered in my research that the Doctor who was in charge retired in 1934.

In 2006, a movie called, "The Expedition" was released. A film documentary of five canadian film makers who sent forth one Halloween night in 2004, to explore the Saratoga Homestead. In the morning, only four come out of thIe building , and to this day, the missing film member has never been seen. A guide tour, by the name of Pathwalker, describes to the film makers of horrible events that had taken place or happened to them while they had explored the building years before. Pathwalker , explains that one night years ago, while exploring the Homestead, he and his friend had been in the Theatre room. They started both to hear classical and jazz music, along with voices and laughter so loud it sounded as if the place was alive. Pathwalker tells these film makers that the spirits then had realized there were intruders in the building, and immediately became unpleasant. A sudden shadowy figure appeared, hovering above them and in a creepy, eerie voice had told them the to leave immediately. Thomas Kring, becomes the missing person of the crew members. Today he has not been found, or heard from since this incident on Halloween night , 2004 with his friends at the Homestead. No one is really sure what happened inside the building. Watching the movie myself, I began to realize that something is horribly wrong. They are always attracted and keep heading for the Chapel, which brings me to believe evil spirits or entities. When Tom Kring disappears you can hear him calling for help in a creepy, eerie sound. Like as if he was trapped. His friends find his shoes, gloves, and other clues which lead them to the Chapel. During which time, one member decides to walk around the Chapel to inspect closely. As you watch him go forward with his camera, into the dark corner of the Chapel, off to the left of the screen, a figury of a skelton lady in white jumps right out at the screen, scaring not only the crew member, but scaring yourself too. When the crew member ran back to tell his friends what he saw, no one was able to go back there and see for themselves what they had seen. One of the most disturbing things is the video camera of Tom Kring.
It had been discovered after the investigation, and to everyone's surprise left little clues of what happened. During the video, you can clearly see a ghostly girl figure down a hallway, in which this intrigues Tom Kring. He obviously follows it, only to another hallway. There is no sound when you are listening and this raises a lot of questions. Was Tom Kring hearing voices in the background? I believe he had been lead to the Chapel in which he climbed in and never to be seen again. Something or some evil entity took over him. For whatever reason, Tom became overwhelmed and followed the ghostly girl which took his life away from reality, never to be seen again. Does this Chapel in the Homestead have anything to do with Tom Kring missing? Can it be a missing link to a doorway of evil? We'll never know for sure.
Today, the building still stands abandoned and fenced for protection from intruders. A caretaker lives next door who will call the police if you go beyond that fence for your own personal use. I have seen the building, been on the footsteps of the building. It's as far as you can go without getting caught. Many people believe that Mr. Horace Carpentier, being buried at the Barkersville cemetery, might haunt this building or have something to do with bumping in the night.


Corey on May 02, 2018:

Just wanna go ahead and save anyone looking for info on this "Tom Kring" person the trouble.There is absolutely no information on this guy in real life, no missing person report, nothing mentioned anywhere else online or in news papers about "this guy" aside from anything having to do with "The expedition".

I know there are probably people out there that know better than me about everything surrounding anything to do with the homestead and it's history that probably thinks this comment is stupid. But I was told years back that a man legitimately disappeared inside the place while filming and trying to pursue what he thought was an apparition, which I never bothered to try and research until today.

All there is are the skewed details on the web regarding "The expedition" which claim the movie was "based on true events" that supposedly took place back in 2004. While there may be original footage of something of the like that inspired this movie (I thought at one point I did find what was supposed to be somebody's actual footage at one random point in the past, but it was gone when I looked it up again to actually watch it through), I think it's safe to say that even whatever original stuff was the inspiration..was most likely fake (or at the very least the rumor that the guy filming disappeared was certainly fabricated).

Lets face it, if there was actually a guy named Tom kring or any other name for that matter that went missing there, you'd be able to find a crap load of info. If there is something i'm missing here, feel free to enlighten me with a proof of an actual disappearance. Otherwise, I think we can all go ahead and assume every time someone claims their film/book/etc. was "based on true events" it means that they can throw as much fake horse**** in there as they want.

Darryl on May 17, 2017:

I use to deliver in that area and the place is very creepy. There is a place outside on the wall that says children. Also I don't believe anyone lives next door or at least 3 years ago weren't. There is also a dock behind the building and no clue what that is for. I'm imagining dead bodies they shipped out. I wouldn't mind going in there with a group and asked when the caretaker lived there if they had tours and they said absolutely not? Why not for a fee?

natasha on September 15, 2016:

We are doing some research about the property and would like to know how we can get inside. Anyone with any information please let us know.!!

wiley town on July 03, 2016:

i live very near this site...was wondering if it has been torn down..i must here remark that your page hath generated a plethora of commentary..kudos for that ..hopefully u have written other articles within the confines of these hub pages...will check them out if it be so..a good day 2 u ..peace

you'reallLiars on February 28, 2016:

None of these comments seem credible. Only 1% of these comments actually form proper sentences that make sense. If you can't spell or form a complete sentence, how do we know anything you say is true. And it's pretty obvious who lives 2,10 or 30 minutes away cause none of you have use proper English and sentence formation anyways( besides the fact no one cares where you live or how many times you've been there). Legend has it, if you have been there and saw the woman or women in white, you will be cursed forever and you're next born child will die of unknown causes . After that happens you will slowly go insane, just like the men, women and children who were tortured and experimented on to try and find a way to treat and cure TB.

lilyk on February 13, 2016:

Just spent some time today at the Homestead, Ive been here multiple times before to work on a few photography projects, but today was a little different. All the gaps in the fences are now closed, everysingle window is borded up until the first floor and theres a brand new padlock on the back door. "Dangerous Poison" signs everywhere now- probably within the last few weeks. Bulldozers are right next to the House and it really looks like they are going to tear it down come springtime! Get your kicks in now!!!

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Azbrye on December 25, 2015:

Nice write up! I was not aware of that movie, I will have to look for it. I do remember a Kristy McNicol (spelling?) that was filmed there.. Must hqv3 been mid to late 70's. Not a f4ight flick though. I was on the Middle Grove Volunteer Fire Dept in 1982 and we conducted training on the site several times. I was active duty so I did not grow up in the area... Which I guess was good because I was able to appreciate the building; attracive on the outside and slowly decaying on the inside. Never had a creepy feeling anywhere in the building. But some of the members did have reservations about the place. Time really had not treated it well since then.

mk4VW on October 28, 2015:

Hey Hmmm, what are you referring to about the missing people and the couple so scared that they sped away and died? I never heard about that.

I've been inside numerous times, taken pictures and videos, it's definitely not haunted. Just your mind playing tricks.

Melissa on October 24, 2015:

If any caretakers family would respond- what happened to the caretakers ? And why is the house is boarded up ???

Becca on August 16, 2015:

Why are all those big hook things on the wall?

Jennie on August 11, 2015:

No one lives in the house next door. It looks like they left in a hurry... what happened?

Kyle g on August 09, 2015:

I'm 10 years old I went with my twin brother and my dad last night at 3 O'clock am and we saw a girl standing there and we asked how old are u and she said 53 and then she said I died in this building a long time ago and then we went in side it's pretty cool but very scary the caretaker let us in and there's a cross that's on the center of the stage we found with are flash light and We went and my twin brother come out with us so we went back in and then we found him under the stage freezing then we left

Hmmm on August 06, 2015:

So if some of you caretakers children used to ay tricks on people and put your hands on people and ypu claim this place isnt haunted then i guess you killed the missing people and scared one couple so bad they were speeding and died not to far away? Thats cool.

Donna Messerle on July 11, 2015:

I bought my first Norwegian Elkhound a few hundred feet north on that road, and I recall driving by that building a few times. It gave us an eerie feeling even back in 1970, but we thought it was a beautiful building. Your post brought back many memories.

mj on July 11, 2015:

I have wanted to go and see for myself. Most friends that have gone in claim it is haunted.since I couldnt get in I did research about Ten years ago..I should write an article. findings were similiar but my research i found that it was a tb hospital ..then an infirmary. .one thing that I found creepy was ten years of the bulidings history was not findable..obtainable...Ten years are missing???.. I also remember from my research....that I read ..a cold winter fell upon the patients and workers..they ran out of kerosene and people fled the building on foot to find warmth and never to be found..also ..Providence was a popular town back in its day.. with hotels and business..there was lots of logging, and a company that made wooden chairs..and before all that the Native Americans roamed the wilderness.

Dhorstmyer on July 10, 2015:

My aunt lived in the house next door to that building for about 10 years and my other aunt 2 years before that. Those crazed dogs locked in the fence, one was my dog and they were the sweetest animals. I have been in the building a few times and it is extremely dangerous, literally floors missing and the ceiling falling in. People are creeped out and teenagers are being escorted out all the time. But no haunting or apparations have been seen by myself or my family. My cousins grew up in that house and played around the building and all of us came out alive and not taken over. Granted My aunt moved out of the house a few years ago due to the horrible state of the structure of the house, but in my opinion much of the legend of the "Infirmary" is strictly that, legends passed down with little to no truth. It is on your best interest to stay or if that building bc it really is s health risk and an injury waiting to happen. Please be safe and find your adventure else where, too many ppl have gotten hurt trying to find ghosts.

Stephen Lemieux on July 10, 2015:

You guys are nuts to go inside the building. I agree with the Trooper on the building and its instability...that is the scary things about it ONLY. However, the second scary thing about this is the ASBESTOS, not to mention black MOLD and Pigeon and bat droppings that contain the very dangerous bacteria Histoplasmosis and the fungus Cryptococcosis. I have cleaned up all of those dangers working in the environmental business for years...those are the real scary things about this place, not the ghosts.

nikko mc. nyspeed demon on July 09, 2015:

Ive been inside a few times... Maybe four. Very dangerous... Elevator cord is snapped, and had fallen down the shaft. Instantly feeling creepy as i snuck in... When i entered the building, it was noticably colder inside... As well as instant goosebumps... Friends suffered odd deppressed feelings... Chased out a few times by care taker.

If you want to go in... Take one car... Park on the next road... The hole in the fence will be on the right side of the building as you walk up, and the entrance that was open is on the back of the building... Most creepy spot is the basement.... Stretchers all over.... The auditorium was awkward as well.


Darlene on July 08, 2015:

I would love to just go in and look around

danny on May 24, 2015:

Back few year a go friend of my told me about it soo after work me and 2 of my friend whent up there if u pull up the road a little bit there a spot where brush trees grew over a turn a round spot if u pull your car in there you can t see it from the road and sheiff can t see it either just too let you know well then walk down 1/4 mile if your quite 1am week walk rite in too place then realisd there was other kids in there looking a round soo we spent the nexts 2hour making stuff move around and yelling and droping stuff in dark just out of there sight sare this kids so bad that they ran out off the place just as sheiff was protroling the all got cuffed stuff lol me and my friend hide out of sight tell it was clear and then left are selfs it was fun i shure them kids will neaver for get it but all the place was is a old fallung a part buildin that should be tore down be for some kids get hurt in it that what i thought any ways well as we was driven down past it too go home we stoped and look up at front of the builden and the three of us my friends tell u same thing that we see a little pal looking little girl looking down at us from sec floor smashed out windows she look soo sad and lost we parked my car snuke back ind tooplace look around for hours but didn t hear or see any thing or any one in builden it started getting light soo we left just got down the road and sheiff was just doing there last portrol if there shift i guss fellow me all the way back too 29 but didn t stop me

nobody on March 30, 2015:

Ive been there twice . I actually pulled up there with a goup of people in my car because we had a oujia board with us and we were all supposed to go in. Never did tho, the outside of it was creepy and none of us felt comfortable trespassing when the caretakers could bust us. Except for my one friend who went out into the field outside the fence and claims he used the board. Anyway i end up going back a week later and i actually went inside this time with my friend who went out in the field, the other two that were with us waited outside. There wasn't much to see and its very run down and i was kinda scared of falling through. The stairs looked like they would end up caving in so we didn't bother going up and i never looked around for the basement. Nothing happened the guy that was with me picked up a metal pole saying he was gonna use it for self defense if anything happened. i was more scared of him having that then i was about the place. The stories you guys have are completely different from mine. Then again i doubt i was in there more then 10 mins going up and down the hall. Anyway its just creepy because of how rundown it is, im sure back in the day it was a nice place To be in. Id like to see it in the daytime, doubt i will tho its a waste of gas and miles to put on your car. Someone i know told me he used to go there with his friends and he took a book from the basement and still has it till this day and that he almost fell down the shaft or something but nothing ever happened. I think he mentioned that on the second floor theres a lady that people claim to see idk if its true or not. Anyway i went there like 2 years ago

geturfacts on March 18, 2015:

I live few miles away and have been in there several times. ITS NOT HAUNTED !!

ERJ on March 09, 2015:

We used to skip school on some Wednesdays and catch the CDTA to Saratoga. We would catch the CDTA at Waterwheel village on 29. Sometimes people from the sanitarium used to catch the bus with us. This was in the late 70s 1977 or 1978. The people from the sanatarium were older and appeared to me maybe even a bit lonely. One of the old guys that got on the bus with us was talking about a skaff that he had. I had no idea what he was talking about until I figured out that it was his scarf that his daughter had sent to him and he was proud to be wearing it. Really proud. I remember thinking that I hope I never find myself in his situation. I never went inside and I don't know anything about being haunted but we did used to go deer hunting down a logging road right next to it. Now when I look at the place I think more about the lonely people that were put there to live out the rest of their lives in that infirmary and I'm more concerned about the people still living and breathing in this world that are evil.

JB3913 on February 05, 2015:

Just watched "The Expedition" on Amazon Prime. The movie is long and tedious. Mildly entertaining.

The constant ringing of the phones in the Police interrogation scenes was annoying as hell.

That place is not as creepy as I thought it would be...but I still would never go in there! Especially at night.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on February 01, 2015:

What a place. It really provided lots of people with interesting experiences.

jb on September 08, 2014:

It will live on in history even if torn down. We all have heard the stories but I know a kid that was locked in the basement for a short amount of time and chained to something down there. I will swear to anything that the person, now an adult is screwed up mentally for life.

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on September 08, 2014:

@Brenda really??? I live local near here. Do u know more info on the fire?

Brenda on September 08, 2014:

Just a FYI for all who have posted on this site. Today Sept 08, 2014 I got a call from my daughter, the homestead is on fire.

Lee on August 08, 2014:

I used to live next to that place, I lived there for a good 15 years and the only thing about the place that was scary was in your imaginations, Me and my family cared for that place the whole time we lived next to it. the danger was when people, mainly kids wandered into it and got themselves hurt by drinking and goofing off. Although going in after them was fun because most never made it past the door they broke in on because just saying "Boo" or "What are you doing here." made many run or wet themselves. Frankly all you trespassers did was make a mess and our job harder. we had to re-board the place up all the time. fix the fence and many other things to Keep you all out for your own protection. I have been in that place thousands of times. Nothing ever happened to me because I Knew where to go, where to step and what floors were likely to drop out from under me. Also I wore a mask. Didn't need lunge caner. No ghosts, No demons, and most of all It was NEVER an insane asylum. It was a TB hospital, then an Orphanage.

Just wanted to let you all know the truth. Don't believe all the hype. the only thing that ever hunted that place was my family trying to get you all out for your own sake.

M on August 03, 2014:

Question? Who pays the caretakers? That place is so old where's the funds coming from???/// Anyway,I went there a few years back. I'm from Clifton park and had buddies in ballston spa and decided to go check it out one night. It was far drive and so high it was snowing on top. We found the place and never made it in. My friend looked at me and said "why are you crying" I felt my face and realized there were tears, I then heard screams so loud I covered my ears and demanded to leave. I felt wind swirling as well. Never again will I consider going near that mountain. My friends we're freaked out because that behavior doesn't fit me. That place is f****ed and people messing with evil stuff in there is just dumb. Spirituality shouldn't be found in a place like that. Read a book or go to church or something, f**k that place. That place is evil and should be burned down. I don't even like typing this stories , bad memory..

im trying on July 28, 2014:

To get ahold of the owners to pay for a tour


Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on July 17, 2014:

@DarkGent, I agree it is a very OLD run down building. As I've said before most people in the community were more than happy to speak with me on their facts about what happened, to why its still standing. The community believes the building should be condemned and demolished. Unfortunately it has not, and I do know there is asbestos inside which can cause dangers to those who enter the building. I have found out that kids today still sneak up there to be curious about the history. There is an opening in the fence on the opposite side and apparently there is a run down door where someone had kicked in on the side of the building where kids have entered. Though I never personally been inside the building, the history itself is quite unique if you ask me. I also find it fascinating on the movie, where Thomas Kring to this day has been talked through the community here; and never has been found the TRUTH on what happened to him inside the building. Which brings to wonder; as I mention before that many teenagers at one point; had gone inside the building and used a Ouija board. I always tell ppl when they do that; and don't know what they're doing; you are opening a whole new spirit world to come through. With that in mind, it does not surprise me to know or hear from witnesses that they felt being watched; or would hear noises.

DarkGent on July 10, 2014:

I've been a NY State Trooper for 26 years. Of all the abandoned buildings I've been in during my career, none have creeped me out like this place. I transferred to the Saratoga area around 1999 after working in another region of NY for 9 years. I was assigned to the Malta Barracks which covered a large area including the towns of Malta, Stillwater, Saratoga, Ballston, Charlton. Milton, Galway and Providence. Although I worked out of the Malta barracks for over a year, we never really received many calls to go to Providence due to the remote location. Whenever there was a call for that area the Sheriffs usually had a car that was closer.

One overnight shift, I had the opportunity to respond to a call at the Saratoga Homestead on Barkersville rd in Providence. A simple complaint of youths hanging out in the abandoned building. I had no clue where this place was, but my partner was very familiar with it. You drive up a country road lined with trees and woods on both side, you pass a occassional mailbox and driveways. You come to a huge dark building surrounded by an unkept chainlinked fence and weeds. It looked like this building was kept standing so that that it can be used to film horror movies. To make a long story short, there were no kids hangout when we arrived only the remnants of kids partying in the past, empry beer cans, bottles, cups, cigarette wrappers and graffiti on the walls. Walking through this building going corridor to corridor, room to room with only a flashlight was one of the most unforgetable moments of my career. I've been in scarier more dangerious situations, but this place was just plain spooky. I didn't see any ghost, I didn't hear any talking or strange noises, but I did feel that there was something paranormal about this place. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't believe in that sort of stuff, but this place left me feeling the history of the building rushing through my body.

It's very dangerous, rundown and I would not recommend going in there just to be curious. It's not worth it, besides it's trespassing.

PI on May 26, 2014:

To jb, the child of the caretaker, If you or your mother still live in the brown house next door, I would be happy to show you & your mother my personal evidence that I have accumulated from here, in exchange for permission to further investigate the building. I only investigate with one other person, to cut out contamination. Large groups are a futile effort, due to the large amount of inevitable chatter contamination. You are also invited to accompany the small investigation if you wish. I will watch this blog, & you can respond here, & I will see it. Thank You

PI on May 26, 2014:

First of all, I hate what kids have done & continue to do to this place. It's not a place to party, tag with graffiti, or destroy. Whn you do those things, it's the same as desecrating a grave. And it also brings the police, & is why they arrest those who tresspass. If everyone who enters there would be respectful of the place, the police wouldn't have such a problem with it. In short, you ruin it for everyone else. So, if you feel the need to go in there, please be respectful. Don't go in there to thrill seek, or party, or scare yourselves & scream & hollar, & run around. You are bound to get hurt. The place is in ruin, & those who enter must betremely carefull. Secondly, to those who believe that this place isn't haunted. Let me assure you that you are mistaken. It is very much so. The spirits that reside there, for the most part, are just people. People who have passed away there. They too deserve your respect. I feel empathy for them, as I don't know why they're still there. I don't know if they're stuck there, or have crossed over & yet decided to come back there for whatever reason. However, not all that dwells there is light. There are also darker spirits there. It's not BS. It's fact. I have obtained my own proof. I have EVP's of spirit voices, & pictures with spirit faces from there. Thirdly, if you go in there, or even within the perameter of the fence, be prepared to be followed. Yes, they can follow you home. Believe me, the last thing you want is an attachment. Smudging & prayers of protection, upon your departure, are highly suggested. Same as with any haunted location. And lastly, if you cannot be respectful, & all you want to do is party, & or thrillseek, then Don't Go There! That's the last thing the owner of the property, the police, the caretakers, & most of all, the current residents, the spirits, want.

lewis pajak on April 04, 2014:

Me and my three younger brothers lived at the homested from summer of 1940 to summer of 1941 my sistr was born there and my mother was a patient ther for that time

C. on March 26, 2014:

I went there on two occasions in the middle of the night for 0.5-1 hour each time (4-5 years ago roughly). Got shot up by paintball guns the first time as we were about to exit the premises and got arrested the second time as we were walking out from behind the building. It was pretty creepy but no noises and didn't see anything. Took a shitload of pictures with a digital camera with nothing in any of the pics. Cool to look at but doubt it's haunted and not worth getting arrested. The cops that stop u are racist too btw I wouldn't go there if ur black cuz they gave my buddy a real hard time for nothing.

John on March 24, 2014:

So, basically as long as you get permission to take pictures of the place from the caretakers next door and don't let them see you going in you are golden? Im gonna check this place out soon...

dan on March 24, 2014:

The end of the movie is bull poop, it shows a checkered floor & wood paneling there is no room like that in the hole building, I've bin in there over.20 times

Mathew on March 23, 2014:

I've personally been in there ..... And I tell you what.... IT'S CREEPY ... Right after the video footage of the little girl was released on YouTube a couple years back , probably a year after that a couple friends and I went in there ... I was on my way up to the library when I heard something down the stairs .., now the only set of stairs below was going to the basement and also to the morgue and eventually the crematorium , which was all blocked off ... There was old metal cabinets and gurneys piled up in the stair well to that part so no one could even get down there ... I heard what sounded like bangs or banging noises coming from down there , so I jetted up to the library ... My friends were in the theatre taking pictures and drinking and spray painting the walls ... They regretted that because right after they sprayed the walls , some weird stuff really started to go down ,needless to say , in a nut shell , we made it out all together in one piece ...BUT I'LL NEVER GO IN THAT PLACE AGAIN !!!

hollyhawkb on March 22, 2014:

This is all great, I'm in MN so probably won't ever get there. Sounds like a great toursit money making opportunity for "ghost tours" The cities historical society should take it over and start making money on it.

Jon on March 21, 2014:

I have been in this building many times when I was in highschool in the late 90's I have never seen or heard anything.

Loretta Gemmiti peacock on March 21, 2014:

My parents, mr & mrs Joseph v. Gemmiti lived in the house next door. For years. J v Gemmiti was the commissioner of welfare & Fannie, his wife worked as his assistant, running the homestead for years. Wonderful memories. Used to fish in the pond.

Loretta Gemmiti peacock.

mm on March 21, 2014:

I lived across the street from this place for 10 years. Never heard a sound other than the drunk stupid kids partying and trashing the place. There is a pond in the back that I grew up ice skating on. The building must have been stunning in it's prime. It is such a shame to see it the way it is now!

mjdubs on March 21, 2014:

All you people claiming this place is haunted are nuts ! I've been in there nemerous times, and saw and heard nothing. Although the building is creepy as hell

Cody on March 21, 2014:

A few friends and I thought it would be a good idea to set up some blankets in the basement and spend the night . After we had everything set up we all looked around the building. My friend was in front of me walking down a hall and started crying , I thought she was laughing so I didn't think anything of it until I noticed she was crying my friends and I all tried to comfort her and she kept saying she say her brother and didn't understand why cause this was a bad place we left the building and she stood outside crying and hyperventilating repeating herself that she saw her brother then out of nowhere she told me and my friend to get off her in a deep voice and started screaming I videoed her screaming and after I looked at the video and you can hear a deep voice on top of hers and talking in the backround as she was screaming the care taker pulled up in a truck but did not get out or call the police even tho we were only feet from him and she was screaming loudly it was honestly a gut wrenching expierance and to this day people don't believe me but I know what I saw and heard it was the strangest thing I've ever seen and I haven't been back there since !!!

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on March 21, 2014:

I must say a lot of people here r either negative or positive on how they really see this building. The truth is if you haven't watched that movie, "The Expedition", and have not been on the property or inside; you don't understand. I am a WITCH and i have seen things I cannot even begin to understand or explain to people. However, most ppl believe in ghosts to the paranormal as I do. When you experience with Ouija Boards , don't know what your doing; you are opening a whole world of trouble for the SPIRIT WORLD to come and cause problems. It is still a old building; beat up with Abestos, yes. I have physically never been inside the building; but have talked among neighbors to witnesses whom have been inside the building and couldn't understand what happened. I have been physically only on the property; and at one point on the steps while taking photos/snapshots, apparently I was told by a friend who was with me that day; I was "talking to someone" for less than five minutes while standing still. I do not recall the conversation; but the friend was so freaked out he refuses to ever return to the property with me to this day. He admits he saw me taking the photos; and i just stood on the steps and started talking to someone or something; and when I came to, i don't remb speaking to anyone. I find it very fascinating if you ask me.

Mike on March 21, 2014:

Bullshit been in there before, just a beat up old building that's falling apart, there's graffiti everywhere and bags of asbestos in the basement, absolutely nothing crazy happened and I've been in there in the dead of night multiple times, cool place to chill and smoke that's about it

Nicole on March 21, 2014:

I have been inside of the building many times as a teenager. We would go in as a big group of friends at night and scare the shit out of ourselves. We've made it to the roof, which was amazing, and to the auditorium where we would sing on stage. The basement is definitely the scariest, with gurneys rolling around. I did make a trip there during the day one time, and I didn't make it inside for more than five minutes before I had to wait outside because I was so scared.

Chris on March 20, 2014:

My friend passed out in there and fell flat on her face! She got up in a haze, we shined the flashlight on her face, and she had bits and pieces of everything embedded into her mug! Then we all died... laughing! But yeah, every time I was there when I was younger, a cop drove by with a spotlight.

justin on March 20, 2014:

will pay money for a inside tour

JL on March 20, 2014:

Bahahha I love hearing all these stories!! Especially being one who was doing all the spooking lol !! Good times in there with JB and others ;)

chris on March 20, 2014:

Jb i would like to go in

Lucas on March 20, 2014:

First it is not in Barkersville it is in Providence on Barkersville Rd. second it is not haunted. I have lived near it all of my life and never heard anything that was not caused by an animal. It is very spooky however.

di on March 20, 2014:

we live on that road my family was care takers everyone get a creepy feeling because of the storys there was another house on place that someone was killed in

JB3913 on March 20, 2014:

BTW...about 12 years ago I was looking for land to buy and I checked out a lot right across the road from that place. The land was on a steep grade so I wouldn't have bought it anyway. But there is no way in Hell that I would live directly across from that place. Haunted or not!

I do like the stories though.

Justin on March 20, 2014:

Been there many of time night day been all through the place is big and scary but you all have good imagination thats all it is

jb on March 20, 2014:

i assure u any noises or figures u saw were us purposely scaring u esp around Halloween we rigged pieces of wall window n door to move or slam we would hide in corners n grab ppl who walked by we put the bloody mirror in there fake Halloween blood my rotties were the dogs outside guarding it i hung out in there days n nights plus lived in the brown house next door and never saw a thing or heard for that matter its a very dangerous empty building that everyone who has entered has helped ruin my grandmother also used to work there and the address in this is completely wrong and i assure u the fines for trespassing are i nice piece of cash n not worth it at all like i said very dangerous and only getting worse we dont even go in anymore unless we have to get the next trespasser out the walls and roof are collapsing everyday this place isn't haunted just dangerous

providence resident on March 20, 2014:

The place is just plain dangerous. There is asbestos everywhere and the building is falling apart. The sooner it falls down the better. Wish they would tear it down but they will not due to the cost of removing the asbestos.

JB3913 on March 20, 2014:

We used to drive up to Barkersville Road back in the day after we had a few beers in us.

We always said that we were going to go inside and check the place out. We were told it was an Insane Asylum. I guess we were wrong?

But we never had the guts to go inside. This was the 80's and I'm pretty sure there was no fence around the place back then. Still...we never went in. Glad we didn't!

Me on March 20, 2014:

We used to go there slot as teenagers and there is def something not right about that place. Something pushed me off the top stairs and on to the roof. From when I "stumbled" and landed did not make sense. I was half way across the roof. Another time I went I got locked in one of the rooms that didn't have a door knob. My flashlight stopped working and all of our walker talkies either wouldn't work or picked up crazy interference. This place is beyond evil

Mr on March 20, 2014:

I live 2 minutes from this place, yes it's a totally awesome place, I grew up with the caretakers kids and they would in the occasion let us walk around the outside, and most def you could get an Erie feeling like something strange happened but could never figure it out.

Mike b on March 19, 2014:

I've went there a few times and stayed all night and have only heard very few sounds and heard splashing of water in the basement in ground pool but nothing bad or even much of anything

Paul on March 19, 2014:

Back in 1999 15 friends and I filmed a short movie throughout the whole building we spent a few days they're not overnight but during the day never heard or saw any entity's and we covered every crevice maybe because our intentions were good we were there to make a movie not vandalize one day the cops came and a few of my friends who the cops found were arrested for trespassing but the movie was fucking epic #UNKNOWNSOLDIER

brittany nasser on March 19, 2014:

I've been in the theater of this building and experienced the same things voices and laughter. Also heard a voice telling me to leave while in the stairwell.

jb on March 19, 2014:

I find this all to be very amusing I am the care takers child which she is a she my mother n neither her or anyone of us are supposed to allow u in the building n in the last 25 years of lkayi g in on and around I have never heard or seen anything besides the sounds the poll we scared who were tress passing

Jax on March 16, 2014:

So I used to go there all the time , I think what you guys are feeling is the history . I have personally been on the roof top chapel . I have been on every level in that building and never really got a "ghostly" feeling. A humans mind likes to play tricks and make them think there's something other than themselves in the building. It's a very beautiful building I must say, but I must agree the structure is not safe. Walking on the rooftop chapel, we basically had to tiptoe because the roof was soft and already had holes from deteriorating. It's sad that young punk ass kids had to go in an vandalize the place and party up in there thinking they are "cool". I have looked at a lot of documents & if you look at the death records of basically every person that has been there was under the care of doctor Suss, back in that time period patients were experimented on because they needed to find a cure quick for the horrible disease that TB is , but looking at the records , something definitely wasn't right when it came to their deaths. I would love to go back , but we had gone during the day & it's true , the "gatekeeper" will call the cops , but they won't arrest you , they have k-9s with them and take your name and information and put you on a list and give you a fair warning , BUT , you get caught a second time you will get arrested and sent to jail (from experience) the place is esquisite , and it's too bad it couldn't be more up kept than what it is .

Paul on March 04, 2014:

The homestead is NOT on Dean Lung Road. Dean Lung is the road that lead up to the Carpentier mansion, which was built on Mechanic St.

The Homestead is on Barkersville Rd.

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on February 27, 2014:

I never believed in the paranormal/ghosts until i saw apparitions ; to things i couldn't explain. i was 19 when stuff like that happened to me; and as i c it, unless u witness and c it for yourself; it makes it hard for one to believe in the paranormal/ghost hauntings.

overfiend1976 from Mission, Kansas on February 24, 2014:

1999/2000 you say, Tam? I wonder if I know you...I lived in 'toga around then and visited the Homestead at least a half dozen times. Creepypasta type place, for sure. Especially when you go @ 3am.

Tam F on January 08, 2014:

( This is a bit long but totally worth the read!!! ) I have visted the homestead, Ive been inside & out back around the years 1999, 2000 & 2002 I'd say I've visited with friends at least 5 or more times, & have swore I would never go back in, all to my surprise to only find myself back there with new people that I wanted to share the experience with. So many strange things have happened there, to this day it still intrigues me, but I swear to myself to never go back in. The first time I was there with friends was more of a mental psyche out I'm pretty sure, not much happened, & we left I think due to just the creepy vibe. It's been about 15 years since My first time in there, but my memories & feelngs are still strong & clear !! I write this now b/c I've randomly come across this forum, & want to share my experiences as well. Now for starters the building in not structurally safe, I remember my friend opening a door on one of the top floors, & good thing didn't walk through the door b/c there was literally nothing on the other side, there was a huge hole of nothing but a drop. I know people have spray painted in there to try to add to a "scary" effect, but nothing compares to the real child like laughter you may hear echo in there ! I have had little stones thrown at a friend & I on a top floor, never hitting us but some breaking the remaining of what was left of what u would call windows, at the time I thought maybe it was a joke from another friend but we all talked & it was no joke! Ok now I know what I'm about to tell u sounds crazy, but at the time we were just about 18 & looking for some thrills, we were the type of people u would find ghosts hunting late at nite in cemetery's. There were about 7 of us that decided we wanted to go in and find the church chapel , we walked up to the building passing several rocks along the path on the right side of the building ( I only remember that b/c on the way out 1 of my friends was laughing and mocking the the building when all of a sudden she tripped backward & hit her head on 1 of the rocks..) On this night we enter the building through a half boarded up window around the backside, we payed special attention to the direction we were heading as not to get lost, so If someone could explain to me how the the window turned out to be boarded up, an open door later was found in it's place that would be fantastic, but no one can, b/c if there had been a door we would have used it instead of climbing up into a window !!! (Things change places while you're in there. Anyway back to what we were talking about. We could not find the Chapel for anything which now that I think about it was prolly best! We settled for the theater, but There were no seats, so as I think about it more...maybe it was the chapel we were in. I'm not really sure. I do know we were all on this stage & decides to spread a circle of salt to protect ourselves from whatever as we lit our candles said a quick prayer & set down our Oujia board. As we placed the board on the stage 2 of our several candles when out from some weird breeze that suddenly came through. At this point 2 of our friends decided they were not going to partake, they both stepped out of the circle only to have random things happen to them. The first girl was walking off the stage when a black crow swooped down towards her head out of nowhere she shreeeked as it flutter above her but we were quickly distracted with what happened next, the other person who left the circle he was walking the other end of the stage when we heard a scream & a look on his face as though he were about to die.... He fell through the stage floor. ( He was fine after just really shook up.) We all then heard children laughing, & with our 5 hands still on the oracle it moved on the board, & kept sliding to End, it would skim past all the letters & back to end, & end ect. The room was getting colder & even more breezy, and the laughter faster & deeper, & we decided it was time for us to make our way out of there, closing the board was easy since it kept sliding to end...we never did get any other message, except in our heads which was saying time to leave. Along a hallway on the way out my friend came across a book from the 1800's to our surprise it still looked new, I told my friend to stop touching it & leave it be. (Little did I know he took the book with him!) we made our way down a long dark hallway feeling cold & like it lasted forever with only one flashlight still working, & all of our cell phones dead, now mind you this was nothing unfamiliar for an electronic in there, previously I have tried to take pictures with flash, video recordings, I even brought a back up battery , & I never had any luck with catching any images or sounds in there. I only have one pic that made it, & that was of the outside of the building approaching dusk !!! As we're about to leave one of my friends was goofing around ran ahead of us with a metal bar he had for "protection" & pretended like there was someone there that startled him, only problem was he screamed b/c there really were two women standing there in white outfits. Which still till this day I believe we're not real people !!!! They we're standing in the dark with absolutely nothing but themselves NO flash light or anything & they told us very calmly "It's time for us to leave" we said we were. They just repeated them selves "You need to leave now!" We were getting ready to go hop out of the window when we saw it was boarded up, & there was an open door next to it, The two women in white, said "GO NOW !" We Quickly left, only to see a ghostly shadow of a women outside walking towards the cemetery wearing a blue dress, bonnet, & carrying a basketful of roses, Now I'm still uncertain how I saw much of her detail as the color of her dress & such b/c her image was so faint, but so there at the same time, she was walking away & made no acknowledgement of us. The visit b4 this one we explored the basement, & I'm surprised we went back, there were screws & bolts & big laundry bin rollers all over, & chains hanging from the ceiling, it looked as though they shackled people down there... Very bad energy ! We heard loud thuds, decided it was time to get outside, An overwhelming feeling came over us as we all tried to run up the stairs and out, ( I felt like something was trying to grab me & keep me down there, the way my friends reacted I'm sure they felt the same thing b/c we all tried to get away just as fast, only problem was the stairs to out was narrow and we all couldn't fit, so there we were tripping over each other & stepping on each other just trying to get out, a couple of us got hurt, scratched up, tore some clothes, & sprained an ankle. I'm really not sure why Going back there for the last time even seemed like a good idea, whatever happened in the basement was pure evil!!! While leaving there was an OLD cadi or something the looks alike, they kept driving up and down the road, it had different colored triangle points that looked retro painted, & to be honest it was just as creepy as the basement!! for those of you that know,that road is long, so I'm not sure how the car managed to make so many appearances till we left. I would like to check the outside building again, but I don't know if I will, I will NOT EVeR Go back in there though. When we left I noticed some of the bushes in the surrounding areas look like upside down crosses, & no it wasn't my imagination! couple minutes after leaving, we're driving down the roads and our breaks stopped working I thought we were going to die, my friend is next to me laughing like mad, as I notice he's pointing to the book from the 1800's that he picked up, I made Him throw it out the window, now I'm not saying the book caused our breaks to stop working but it just so happens that when the book went out the window our breaks came back!! I swear the above story to be true, & have no reason for any lies, this place is like no other I've ever been, or would like to be. Stay safe! May the souls that live there find some peace.

rick on December 26, 2013:

I went to the homestead about 3 months ago. There is a place to park on the right side of the building. Walk the path around the right side of the building. The fence is down in the back just climb over it. There is an opening in the door leading into the right side if the building. This place is very decrepit and is in ruins. The hallway leading to the center of the building is impenetrable because of the fallen ceiling. I was with 2 people when I went. When we entered at first it felt eerie. Im a male and my friends I went with are also. I'm not spiritual but I do be leave there is something in that place. Good luck if you decide to explore it. I will give information to anyone who's willing to go but be warned this place is EXTREMELY dangerous. You can contact me at

Troy Guy on November 08, 2013:

In 2008 I went on Halloween with 6 friends inside the homestead. We walked the entire building for 45 minutes. I'm 6'2" 250lbs, I was scared. The basement has old filing cabinets in it with small fittings, nuts, and bolts. Upstairs there is a library with books and magazines all over the floor. The auditorium has a stage, and now has been vandalized with satanic symbols everywhere. The guys I was with said they saw shadows and felt cold spots. I only had one experience, a black cat crossed my path as I walked up the stairs... Unexplainable the level of freight from seeing that cat. There is a cemetery directly behind the building. The hallways seem to go on forever.

Bottom line, I don't believe in ghosts, but this place is flat out creepy. I still don't believe in ghosts, but I'll never go back to this place. One and done.

Queeny on October 26, 2013:

Was there today with my sister, this was my 2nd time there. Plan to go back soon!

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on September 20, 2013:

Its listed as the Barkersville Old Asylum on Aneock road in Barkersville, NY. Be aware there still is a caretaker who lives nearby the property and if anyone is caught trespassing the fences will b arrested. Though i been on the property few times; there is barbed wire up and i took pics and could feel the coldness and dark souls around.

Jen on September 20, 2013:

Welli would love to go and see the house if anyone could get a hold of the caretaker please email me thank you

Jen on September 20, 2013:

What is the add of the place would love to go see it my self

Dom on August 23, 2013:

I went there one night a few years ago...probably the scariest experience of my life...kept hearing footsteps and had my arm grabbed and scratched by something...

Lp on May 22, 2013:

For those adventure seekers: It's not on Dean Lung Rd, it's on Barkersville Rd. I grew up on Southline and have lived in Galway my entire life. I've driven past the place a million times. It's maybe 10 minutes away from Dean Lung Rd.

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on May 12, 2013:


I know there is a website where you search records of patients that were @ Saratoga Homestead. This link might help you. Good luck, & let me know if it helps!

Rosemary on May 12, 2013:

My Dad died there in 1950, and I always thought he was experimented on. He was only 39 years old, also I tried getting his records and was told they no longer exsist. I find that strange, where did they go?

indiebyrd on October 02, 2012:

I live about 30 mins away in Burnt Hills. If anyone wants to contact the caretaker, I would love to join. Email me at My name is Julia.

indiebyrd on October 02, 2012:

I live about 30 mins away in Burnt Hills. If anyone wants to contact the caretaker, I would live to join. Email me at My name is Julia.

Nikki on September 30, 2012:

Couple of my friends, along with myself went here a few days ago. It was about 4:00 am. We walked around and on our way to going to the stage (knowing how to get there, this being our second time going) to the right of the doorway there was a white ghostly figure standing, no floating. Not only myself but my friend, Caitlin saw this figure as well. Doing all sorts of research and watching the movie, Caitlin and i have decided to this ourselves. Wish us luck. We have all faith in our adventures. Call us crazy or insane but we are indeed determined to find new discoveries and see the paranormal life that lies around Saratoga County; Barkerville, New York.

Sarah J. on September 16, 2012:

On Halloween night back in 2000, a few friends and I decided to go to this place. We parked down the road and started walking up toward the building. As we were just passing the caretakers house, my best friend Erin stopped suddenly and froze right in the road. I asked her what the hell she was doing and she said.."Sarah, you dont see them?" I had no idea what she was talking about and she said there was a line of people standing on the side yard next to the building. It was pitch black out and I didn't see anything. We kept walking and finally found a way in through the back of the building after getting thru a fence. Once we were in, the place was crazy and extremely freaky!! We only had flashlights with us so we had to go thru the building slowly. We all tried staying together but there was a few moments where I kept walking while everyone stopped to look at things. I believe I was in the part where the patients stayed because there was small rooms lined down a wing and there was still metal shackles on the walls, both in the rooms and in the hallway. But as I was alone I started feeling very weird and I remember telling my friend as she caught up with me that I thought something went inside my body! It was such a strange, odd feeling I I was disconnected somehow. I was so freaked out I told everyone we had to get out and leave right that second! Before that happened tho, we got to explore a lot of the building and we did go into the huge room with the stage..I thought it was pretty cool actually. Overall, there was a lot of neat things to see..we said a lot of "holy crap" and "oh my God!" from just looking and finding different things. We went into some type of attic that was in the room with the stage and found a bunch of old movie films from back when the place was open. I'm assuming film of the patients or films the patients were allowed to watch. Me and my friends still talk about it every now and again..trying to remember everything..I know it probably wouldn't be in my best interest to go back there but if I would be like playing with fire. I know a lot of people are curious about this place but I wouldn't really suggest going there in the middle of the night!!

jenny on August 23, 2012:

im in search of does not have anymore. does anyone know of a way to see it. i tried you tube also, i live in area and I am very curious

kalibaby29 on June 15, 2012:

How would you get into contact with the caretakers? I would REALLY love to go in and see!!!

Jeff H on June 05, 2012:

I'm close friends with the caretakers and they will happily take anyone who is interested for a little tour..ask to see the roof..chilling experience..very dangerous..and don't sneak in through the back door with the hole..there is camera and soon to be two more vicious rot wilers free roaming te premises

star on May 14, 2012:

ive only sat in the car on the outside i saw a black figure shadow with a white straight coat standaing in the door way, my mom and I would go sit across the street and marvel at its hugness , and artistic work it is a buetifull building even though its pretty beat up but a strange feeling never left me like the building is still tryingto to me something.i haven't been back since my second visit, 2 years now.

star on May 14, 2012:

I live 30 minutes away , why cant we find anything else about the place i have searched the internet read in books . I beleive something bad happened to th patients, i think it was used for more then just a tb place.

matt on May 06, 2012:

I was in the building a year before all this happen with the movie that took place. Witch also creeps me out . I was with my two cuz and father . We were brought In by the caretaker and he showed us around . And the thing that happened that night were unbelievable. We were getting bumped Into rocks being thrown at us while we were on the stage . Loud bangs on the stage . The sound of the elevator shaft moving. That was what go me because there is no power. I would go back again . Only on caretakers approval ....

Jason on March 09, 2012:

Oh yeah crazy stretchers in the basement and when I was Down there became heavily depressed along with my other friends, on the way out shadows in the windows too, we left a video camera in the building and saw some apparition coughing on it, an old friend who I don't talk to had the video.

Jason on March 09, 2012:

I lived in Saratoga for during high school defiantly is a haunted place. I went in several times with friends every time on the way up had massive radio interference the last time we all went in was pretty awful. One of my friends got hurt because he was shoved and the other got his pants ripped in a weird way. Basically I'm an adult now and I would never go back in even thinking about it scares the hell out of me. There is a creapy stage and auditorium where I head some one talking to me we got separated and to of my friends hurt.

lk on February 02, 2012:

I have been inside many times and it is not only dangerous but very creepy.


softball23 on November 01, 2011:

if u talk to the caretaker u can walk around the property u think the front is creepy i have walked around the back that is where u hear a lot of noises i almost keeled over from pain in my stomach but the caretaker is nice if u ask he will be fine w it i still go nothing has happened to me yet other than noises and feelings

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on October 06, 2011:

you can watch the movie for this anywheres now as i discovered. Still intriguing as it is; i find this place to be still creepy when u pull up onto the steps. i have a love for the horror & dark side~but this building definetely will talk to u at night.

A on October 06, 2011:

The movie is available on Netlfix

Christine OBrien (author) from Milton, NY on April 11, 2011:

I watched the movie, "the expedition" online. i know it still exists and you can rent it or watch it online for those who can. It was released 2006. i myself am not far from where this is ~about a good 30mins away. I've visited the abandoned building one too many times. Each time expecting some weird noises, or creepy bumps in the night to happen. But for the most part; u can expect a sheriffs driving by the road for sure to make sure you aren't crossing the fence. All i would do is stand on the steps, take pictures and "listen".

Nicole on April 03, 2011:

Is there anywhere online you can fin that movie, The Expedition? I live barely 15 minutes away from that eerie place, and I've always wanted to go in it, until I drove by tonight and got the most awful, gut wrenching feeling possibly. Please comment back if you know where I can watch that online.

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