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The Legend of the Rooster

Precy loves to read Filipino legends and sharing them through her Hubpages articles. She also writes about the Filipino language.

Rise and shine!

Rise and shine!

The rooster, a natural alarm clock I would say - well that's how we joke about it back in the homeland as we get awakened early in the morning.

In countries such as the Philippines, a rooster isn't uncommon in the neighborhood. Being in grade school and until I took up college courses, I would wake up every morning in the crowing of the rooster. And yeah, if I think of it now, I don't rely on alarm clock back then, and I don't know anybody in the province who does.

Roosters make the cockadoodledoo in the morning, and they say at 12 noon and at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. And I either hear or have been told many times that back then in the olden days, they rely on roosters to know the time of the day. Somehow interesting, as I hear the cockadoodledoo anytime of the day.

Anyway, here's a legend that goes on how the first rooster came to be the way they are.

Sidapa who was the God of War was always called by the rulers of different lands in the country for their villages to remain in peace. Sidapa knows that the key for peace to every land is each and every rulers friendship. If they all know how to get along, there would be no war but peace.

Many rulers would be in line to see Sidapa just before sunrise. They were there to see Sidapa for his advice on how they would rule their lands so they would always be in peace. There were times that these rulers couldn't come to see Sidapa as often as they want to, and because of that, they get into arguments that later on becomes the reason for them to start war. Sharp spears are usually the warriors weapon. And if anyone got wounded or dies, it makes Sidapa very sad. But then, once he talks with the rulers to settle the misunderstanding, it makes him happy when they reconcile. He wants the rulers to listen and talk to one another. For Sidapa, if there's no love, there is war. And if there's love, there would be no war.

And because there was just a large number of people on each villages, and the rulers on each of those, and add to it all the problems that needs to be solve with Sidapa's help, he needs to be reminded of it. And he would need someone to wake him up at sunrise as a signal that rulers were already lining outside to see him for advice.

One of the soldiers volunteered to do the job. And that's to wake up Sidapa, and to remind him of his meetings, to end discussions, see people he needs to see, meal time, and the time to give decision to problems. And the hardest part of the soldier's job is waking up just before dawn. The first week went well as he gets up early to wake up Sidapa. The problem was this past days as hes been getting a little late into waking up Sidapa every time he get involve into conversations with his fellow soldiers.

Sidapa always has the patience for the soldier. And he adds more silver into the soldier's incentives along with foods and clothing for diligence. Of course this makes the soldier so happy but it's just hard for him to be persistent enough into waking up too early in the morning for the job to be done right. Every time his friends would ask him to come for a drink, he fells for it, and not only 1 or 2 goblet but a large amount of wine that makes him drunk.

Being drunk, he just made a mistake of telling a secret to few soldiers of rival villages in war. Sidapa was so mad. A lot of misunderstandings happened because the soldier didn't woke him up the following morning.

And when a bloody war happened between the two big villages, Sidapa called the soldier. The soldier was so drunk when he meet Sidapa.

"You are the reason of this bloody war which should have been avoided."

"I'm really sorry," said the drunk soldier.

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"I had forgiven you many times! A lot had died because of your carelessness. You told the secrets about the wars and peace talks that I had discussed with the rulers that should have been kept as a secret. Not only that, you hadn't done your job of waking me up before sunrise. As your punishment, your going to be turned into an animal who has nothing to do but to wake up the whole world just before daylight," said the angry Sidapa to his soldier.


In a blink of an eye, the soldier transformed into an animal which has feathers. His hands became the wings and his feet was so different. And when he tried to speak up, he couldn't, but made a strange sound which now we call as cockadoodledoo.

He ran out of Sidapa's residence because of shame on what happened. And since then he was called a tandang (rooster) with his animal form. And with the animal form he got, he's now doing the job he should have done with Sidapa, the rooster crows early in the morning, the first one to wake up the world before the alarm clocks we're created.

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precy anza (author) from USA on April 26, 2012:

And thank you for dropping by and reading Backporchstories ^-^' Now I want to search some American Indian tales. That was interesting. :)

@Drbj: I agree to that. He shouldn't volunteered if he wasn't sure of himself and the duty. But then, thanks to him we have roosters now ^.^'

precy anza (author) from USA on April 26, 2012:

Thanks Aviannovice. And I enjoy writing this legends ^.^'

drbj and sherry from south Florida on April 25, 2012:

It serves that soldier right. You do not anger a God. Especially Sidapa, the God of War. Thanks for sharing this interesting legend. precy.

backporchstories from Kentucky on April 25, 2012:

Being well versed in Native American Indian lore, I found your article refreshing. It is nice to hear other countries stories of old. Tales like this is often like those of the American Indians. Thanks for sharing!

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 25, 2012:

I love hearing about your legends. It makes me feel closer to the Philippines.

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