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Philippine Legend: The Legend of Mango

Precy loves reading about Filipino folklore. She also enjoys helping others speak and appreciate the Filipino and Ilocano language.

Why is the mango fruit shaped like a heart?

Why is the mango fruit shaped like a heart?

One of the fruits we all enjoy is the mango. While the ripe ones are sweet and perfectly goes with other fruits for desserts, the green unripe fruit is loved as well for anyone craving for the sour green fruit with a sprinkle or salt or eaten with shrimp paste or bagoong which is a salty paste made from fish.

During summer, produce aisles are packed with fresh, bright yellow ripe mangoes inviting anyone passing by to be picked and brought home. It can be eaten fresh on its own or used along with other tropical fruits for a refreshing dessert, often fruit salad. I remember during rice harvesting season, mom would have ripe mangoes ready after lunch. And who wouldn't love green mangoes? I love them as well as much as the ripe ones. Perfect with just salt for an afternoon snack fresh from the tree.

Anyway, there is a legend that explains how the mango got its interesting heart shape or kidney shape form. Read on to find out the interesting legend of the mango.

Their father whose drunk all day.

Their father whose drunk all day.

The legend of the mango fruit

A long time ago in a far away town, a very rich, happy couple resides and they have three boys. The sad part was, the wife died too early which left the three boys and their father. The father was so sad and heart broken when his beautiful wife died. He just can't accept that she was already gone.

The days were consumed with him being drunk, all day long. Alcohol was his companion and the only thing that helps him deal with the bitter situation that the family didn't expect to happen.

His youngest son approached his father one day and told him, "Please stop what you're doing to yourself dad. We are still here, please hold on." But his dad didn't listen to him. He continued what he was doing and he neglected their livelihood.

Not long after that, the family was heavily indebted. And the family lawyers adviced the siblings that the inheritance should be divided to all three of them. The eldest son thought about it and decided they should have the shares of the properties before all was gone.

And because he was the eldest, he got all the land, and the second son got the big house for himself and all the properties in it.

The youngest son? Oh, he had decided to take care of their father on a small nipa hut on the farthest part of the land that his older brother had given him.

At last their father came to his senses! But it was already too late. He got sick and his body slowed down.

Then the day came that the father was already on the brink of death. He called his youngest son who's taking care of him and he asked for forgiveness.

"I'm so sorry my youngest son. I would be gone and I have nothing left for you other than the heart of your mom and me."

What the father was referring to? It was a fortunate seed that his father and mother had been keeping, shaped like a heart. The very ill father had instructed his youngest son to take care of the seed just like the way he loved and cared for his negligent father.

A young mango tree.

A young mango tree.

When the father passed away, the youngest son planted the heart-shaped seed and took care of it when the seedling emerged. He watered it everyday and pulled weeds around the sprout. Soon, the sprout grew to be a strong, big tree with feather-like leaves.

The day came that the tree bore clusters of green fruits in the shape of a heart. And when the fruits ripened, they turned out to be yellow. And they're sweet!

The youngest son was so lucky. He sold the ripe fruits and the wholesalers paid him a lot of money. He decided to plant again the seeds of the remaining ripe fruits so the trees will multiply. And so the next year, he got a land of his own where he planted a lot more mango trees.

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In case you are wondering about his two older brothers, well, they both had consumed all their shares as years passed while their youngest brother's effort had all paid off in all that he did.

The tree he planted had feather-like leaves and fruits in the shape of a heart.

The tree he planted had feather-like leaves and fruits in the shape of a heart.


Then the time came when the youngest son had bought their old family home and the lands that his parents owned before. Not only that, he also invited his two older brothers to live with him in the new house in the center of the land that he bought for mango plantation.

Since then, they proved to all that success isn't written on the palm of the hand and that success happens when effort was made to have a better life. And that exactly what he did.

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mary grace s calo on October 24, 2016:

this is the philippine fruit

O_O on July 26, 2015:

we want dream, we dream the same dream






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lol on June 03, 2015:

What's the moral lesson?

precy anza (author) from USA on October 16, 2012:

Lol. No need to apologized Sunako Nakahara ^-^' Things like that happens. And thanks for leaving some comments, I appreciate it. :) It lets me know someone dropped by and read a hub. :) Have a great day or night!

Sunako Nakahara on October 16, 2012:

Precy* Typo and poor eyesight. -_- I'm really sorry. :'(

Sunako Nakahara on October 16, 2012:

Gomen. I wasn't reading the information on the upper side of the page. And also the comments. @Percy Anza

Sunako Nakahara on October 16, 2012:

I was wondering where can I see the author. I'd like to put this on my project. ^^

precy anza (author) from USA on March 24, 2012:

You could be right about that GypsyFlower! :) I hadn't thought of that possibility. I just wish that all siblings could be like that younger son to their parents. And maybe that's why the mangoes got their sweetness too when they ripens.

precy anza (author) from USA on March 24, 2012:

Thanks, glad you like the story about that explains the shape of the fruit :) I love mangoes too! And for somehow, I'm imagining the green mangoes right now, crunchy and sour :)

Gypsy Flower from Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A on March 24, 2012:

Legends like these have always fascinated me, and they often have more than a kernel of truth to them. Maybe not a literal interpretation, but who knows? Perhaps the love that the youngest son put into his mango trees was the reason the fruit was so popular, and of course that would have led to his prosperity.

Christofer French from Denver on March 24, 2012:

Excellent, wondrous tale. There is not only delight, but a strong moral lesson too. I am in love with Mangos. Now I have a transcendent reason to like them.

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