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The Law of Attraction and Karma: An Overview And Explanation


The Law of attraction is the most powerful law which rules in our universe.This Universe in which we live is highly intelligent and very alive and reacts on our intentions,thoughts, emotions, beliefs, visions. What we imagine, and believe in it will be materialized in our lives, as well as we have power of influencing the lifes of the others. Our thoughts, emotions and visions have electromagnetic power, and they magnetize and shape themselves into material reality. Our brains are very sophisticated and precious energy transmitters, as well as our whole nervous system. The power which lies within us is much bigger than we ever imagined, with our life force, properly focused and used for the best of all, every of us can do the miracles, and change and improve all life circumstances. Everyone of us, without exception.

There is no old karma which has to keep us down and punish us for past "sins" or "mistakes", everything is matter of our choice, our free will is the one which leads us. There is no punishment, just lessons to learn: our life is meant to be loving, blessed and compassionate experience.

Knowledge of The Law of attraction gives us freedom and dignity. We are conscious parts of the same almighty intelligence, creative force which is everywhere and everything. And almighty, endlessness, eternal power of that intelligence resides within us, we have right to use it and form it for the best of all living beings on the Earth.


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One of the most romantic and magical places on mountain Velebit: STAP, south Velebit, Croatia, where I have been and want to go again (with same company)

One of the most romantic and magical places on mountain Velebit: STAP, south Velebit, Croatia, where I have been and want to go again (with same company)


Everything in the Universe is energy, vibrations, whatever we see or perceive. The higher your vibrations are, what depends of quantity of your inner light, the more aligned you are with The Source. In turn, if you vibrate at that level, you attract the best things into your life.

Emotions are extremely important (emotion= energy in motion). Your emotions determine your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your intentions, and your intentions determine your choices which propel you to take certain actions, which bring about more alike feelings and thoughts, and these contribute to lowering or raising your vibrational state.

When you feel good, you are literally glowing, and you attract a more positive atmosphere and new positive situations... this rises your vibrations as again, thus providing feedback to create a balanced, happy and pleasant life experience overall. Feeling joyful, grateful, and loving raises your vibrations. A positive attitude towards your own life and the life of the others raises your vibration.Everything what you find enjoy-full and makes you content raises your vibration. That is the reason we need to learn how to love ourselves enough to let us enjoy this beautiful life, in order to create it better, for good of the all. Just fall in love with yourself, you will fall in love with all this shining world, and all this world will love you and send you sparkles of light and joy all the time.

You can get good explanation and inspiration about importance of SELF-LOVE in my hub How to achieve good vitality & stay young, active, healthy! 7 best ways!

The Law of attraction- Wallace


Whatever we see and keep focus on it, we create. Does not matter if this is something already existing in material reality, something what belongs to the past, something what we see on the photo, or movie, or something what we just visualize in our imagination, result is the same: Our brain creates holographic picture of it, which sends impulses, electromagnetic waves into the surrounding. The universe is primary creative and sends us back our holographic picture materialized, because matter is just compressed form of energy, compressed sets of vibrations with certain consciousness.

That is why is really important to choose what we look at, see, wish, want, what we pay attention of. Our personal experiences affects collective consciousness and collective material reality as well. We are all bonded together.

I have been practising that for 12 years, and I had been many times very confused, and needed time to understand and accept that I am creator of every my experience, and every happening. Everything what is in my life I created, consciously, or unconsciously, as well as you do and everybody else, we create even in our dreams...we create when we read books, articles, when we write articles (!), when we talk, while watching TV (!)...while watching other people acting in the certain way...whatever.

Karma is just materialized expression of holographic pictures combined with feelings we attracted in our life. With changing our attitude and focus, we can change our karma. For majority of adults, this is not quick process, because we need to get used to all good and blessings in our life we are able to create. Our nervous system has to get used to new state of enjoyment. I am helping myself with homeopathic/radionics remedies (read more in my hub), specially created for attaining healthy emotional states and spiritual development, as well as for DNA healing and anti aging. That are special remedies consisted of pure magnet vibrations which help attaining state of feeling well, I literally feel I use light and help me keep my nervous system calm as well. Calm nervous system cannot panic, cannot produce typical "fight or run" instinct reactions when there is no need for them and without fear there is no possibilities to create bad holographic pictures. Without bad holographic pictures, our life starts to become real paradise, because everything what we attract is good, nice and glowing.

Being able to forgive is of highest importance. This energy is the most important in transforming our emotions into the love and compassion. It is transforming all our past memories. While being in state of unconditional love, we can attract the highest good only, because in that state we are the same vibrational levels as our Source and Creator is: Ocean of unconditional love and all possibilities.

Deep gratitude together with love is most perfect combination: we created everything what is in our life, with power of love and light we can transform every situation or condition in something more appropriate to us: knowing that, It is easy to be grateful for every experience, the past and future ones.

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So whatever we want to realize we have to have emotional coloured holographic picture of it, with strong intention (desire).  


The Secret, materializing financial abundance


The best and very interesting proof of Law of attraction is seen by quantum physicians. One of the most confusing experiments occurred when quantum physicians (Bohr) observed electrons/photons, and they sometimes acted as waves, sometimes like particles...depending of observer expectations. Without watching them, they exist just as a set of probabilities!!!

Our future, past and present moment are also...just set of probabilities...until observed, on one way or another. We can go so far to tell that everyone of us is just set of probabilities and observer at the same time. We have FREE WILL to observe ourselves and our lives and other people on whatever way we want...WHATEVER WE OBSERVE ON SOME SPECIFIC WAY; IT WILL REACT EXACTLY ON THE WAY IT IT IS OBSERVED : our observation is connected with appropriate thoughts and emotional level and will shape the "object" of our observation. It is always the match.

Everything and everyone behaves exactly like we create: by power of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, visions.

Right below is video-cartoon, which explains the famous experiment of quantum phisicians on very simple, funny and interesting way, what also explains the Law of attraction. Matter observed behaves exactly like observer expectations are...

If we implement this knowledge into the our life patterns, and patiently focus our visions towards the goal we wish to achieve, we can improve every relationship and rich any goal wich makes as happy and fullfilled.

By practicing Reiki (in my linked hub), and several other healing techniques and healing the people and animals, healing the situations and relationships and transforming traumas into happiness, directly or long distance, I can witness that the pure Love and Light have incredible impact on human lives. In my life and job miracles are normal part of it, because miracles just show amazingly ability of vibrational transformation. Every vibrational state can be changed, because everything is just vibration. Power of unconditional Love and Light is the one which is the strongest one, our Source is pure Love and Light, and source is the strongest then any temporary negative creation.Any temporary negative creation is just AN ILLUSION; WHICH CAN BE TRANSFORMED, BY POWER OF PURE LOVE AND LIGHT.By sending waves of pure love and gold-white light, vital force is renewing, illnesses stop to exist, state of health is attained in many people; by vibration of love relationships are improving, because people change focus and consciousness, progress can be made in every situation; my life completely changed from hell into the paradise, and I am still improving it...and will be doing that to the end of this life...and after it, because life and consciousness is everlasting.