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The Latest in End Times Prophecy

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The Bible's Book of Revelations full of mystical symbols that to most appears to be a Harry Potter type thing. Throughout decades, many so called "Men of God" have put their own spin on what those symbols mean in today's world. In the past, many have stated dates of when events will occur. Then, when the dates comes and goes, well, they state they were just wrong. To a casual reader of the Bible or the Revelations, it becomes just one more prediction that passed and over time minimizes the Revelations to just a compilation of interesting visions seen by John, Ezekiel and others some 2000 years ago.

However, despite the many times preachers have said the wrong date for End Time events, nearly all of the modern interpretations have been consistent with what the symbols in the Revelations represent in the modern world.

One such agreement is when is the period that begins the countdown to End Time events. That is when Israel became a nation in 1948. Another agreement is how many years is a generation (which is noted in the Revelations). At most, it is around 80 years, or the average life of a person. Some have indicated it is 70 or 75 years. This is important because in the Revelations it states that a generation shall not pass before the End Times occur. So, using basic math, we know that End Time events did not happen after 70 years because 2018 has passed! Now, it a generation is 75 yrs, then in 2023, the events will occur or have happened before the end of 2023. While it is possible, a lot of things need to happen on a rapid pace, which I just don't think can. The clincher is that the Revelations indicated a six year pact will occur between Israel and the Antichrist (this is NOT a single person, but a group of nations, the EU). That has not happened and cannot be fulfilled by 2023.

By a process of elimination, then we are left with the last, that a generation is actually 80 years. That puts us in 2027-2030 period, give or take. Because there is a 6-year pact, it would have to happen sometime between now and the end of 2021 or 2022.

Now, certain events need to happen prior to the Second Coming of Christ and Armageddon. The Rapture is one, where the believers are suddenly without warning, gone. There has been several TV shows with the theme. According to some, this will happen between now and the end of 2021. Now, America in the Revelations plays no significant role, in fact, it is no longer a major power and has disintegrated into chaos like many democracies have after 200 years. There is an economic collapse that occurs affecting all nations but America is hit hardest for over spending of social programs.

Russia will severely damage the US military and civilian infrastructures in late 2022, according some End Time experts. This damage reduces the American threat considerably. Then, because of the American disengagement from Israel, Israel will make a defense pact with the EU in the Summer of 2023. Which will be fine for three or so years, after which, the EU will make demands Israel refuses to do. By 2029 or so, depending on what actually does happen, Armageddon occurs and the Christ returns by his intervention.

While it is conjecture, just keep those dates in the back of your mind as you watch world events fall into place as the Revelations predicted. If they start to align, pray to Jesus.

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