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The Kecksburg UFO: What Really Happened?

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Kecksburg: The Forgotten UFO

There have been many reported UFO sightings and claims of UFO crashes throughout the brief history of the United States as well as in other countries. Everyone is familiar with the famous Roswell crash of 1947, which was explained away as a high-altitude weather balloon crash, but the less publicized Kecksburg incident is quite possibly the strangest UFO story of all. Although this particular sighting was witnessed by hundreds of different people from Canada to Ohio to Pennsylvania, a clear, believable explanation was never given and the original case files were never fully disclosed to the public. However, new evidence suggests that something far different from what the military and government officials claim happened.

The Night of the Crash

On December 9th, 1965 at 4:47 PM a strange object that looked like a colorful fireball appeared in the sky. This object, however, was not headed in one direction. Many witnesses claim that the unidentified anomaly changed course more than once as if it were navigating to a specific area. As it flew over Ohio and into Western Pennsylvania, witnesses ascertained that the object was somehow being controlled into a crash landing. The object, avoiding residential areas, eventually came down a wooded area of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. After landing, several eye-witnesses claim to have seen the object up-close enough to describe it as a burnt, metallic, acorn-shaped craft with some sort of hieroglyphic writing on the bottom. While most accounts describe the object as 10-12 feet in size, Ernie Hoffman, a reporter at the Post-Gazette, claims to have seen the object being carried away by military officials. Hoffman stated that the object was about the size of two suitcases, not 12 feet. A Pittsburg jazz vocalist, Jerry Betters, said it was much larger than that. Betters, who saw the object being carried away by the military, drew a picture of the truck, bearing a white star on the door, carrying the object and had it notarized.

Actual Jerry Betters drawing with size comparisons

Actual Jerry Betters drawing with size comparisons

Local firefighters were the first responders to discover the actual crash site. The following quote is what volunteer fireman John Romansky had to say:

“Here was this humongous metal object, half buried in the ground. About six, seven, eight foot around, and it was every bit of eight, ten, twelve foot long. And to me, the object looked like exactly like a fresh acorn that you’d pick off of a tree. There were no wings, there were no motors. There were no propellers. There was no identification whatsoever that would identify it as an aircraft that I would know. There was a bumper on the bottom part of it. On that bumper there was what I call, it looked to me like the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was markings like stars, and shapes and figures and circles, and lines, and what it was, I don’t know. To this day I’ve never seen anything like it. So we’re all standing around this thing, wondering what in the heck it could be, and finally here come two men down through the woods. And they took one look at the object, and immediately told us to leave. ‘We are in charge, we’re taking command, get out of here.’ So we left there, and by the time we got back down here to the fire hall, I mean, this place was wall to wall military.”

Military Involvement

Within an hour of the crash, military officials arrived and isolated the area. Many witnesses claim to have been chased away at gunpoint. John Hays, a child at the time of the crash, says there was at least two-dozen military personnel on the scene. The military also set up their command center on the second story of the Hays household. Although Lillian Hayes claims the officials inside her home, made phone calls, their phone bill never showed any incoming or outgoing calls made within the time-frame of the incident. John Hays went on to say "I saw six men in hazmat suits take a box down into the hollow where the crash occurred, but never saw the box come back out." By 8 PM, the scene had been cleared and the object, whatever it was, had been removed and carried to an unknown location.

The strangest part of the military involvement, however, was the two separate excuses they gave. Some military officials claimed that the object in question was nothing other than a meteorite, while others stated that the object had to be quarantined due to the likelihood of radiation exposure. Fun fact: Meteorites are not radioactive. More interesting, meteorites have never been known to be a top priority of quarantine procedures. Therefore, the object must have been something known to put off radiation.

Popular Beliefs

There have been many theories as to what the object actually was, from the famed, alleged Nazi Bell to a Russian spy satellite, Cosmo 96, but many of these theories were easily debunked. Cosmo 96, for example, was documented to have come down in Canada earlier on the same day of the Kecksburg crash. The Nazi Bell, while an interesting piece of time-travel lore, has never been proven to actually exist. Since many witnesses claim that the object made 90 degree turns, the possibility of the object being a meteor is completely out of the running for a plausible cause. So, what actually was it? Owen Eichler may have the answer.

What Mr. Eichler Thinks Happened

Owen Eichler, 13 years of age at the time, was outside playing baseball on the day of the crash. As a Shafton native, Eichler was a mere 20 miles from the crash site. Dissatisfied with the lack of military explanation, Eichler dedicated several decades of his life to unraveling the mystery of what actually took place that night in 1965. In February 2015, Eichler contacted, state director of the Mutual UFO Network, John Ventre with his theory.Eichler believes that the object that landed in Kecksburg was the GE Mark 2 re-entry vehicle. The GE Mark 2 was a United States spy capsule with the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead. This information, however, was not released until 1991, which is the reason this theory was never suggested by anyone. Eichler has four supporting points that linked the GE Mark 2 to the Kecksburg crash site:

  1. The green flames that several people reported could have been caused by the copper material used in the Mark 2 build.
  2. Photos show that the Mark 2 did have markings that may look like ancient writing to some people.
  3. It was, in fact, shaped like an acorn.
  4. With four propulsion jets, the GE Mark 2 could have made the 90-degree turns that witnesses claim to have seen.
  5. It very well could have been carrying a nuclear device, which would explain the military concern and involvement in removing the object so quickly.

The reason that many investigators didn't suspect the Mark 2's for so long was because when the Mark 2 was viewed whilst attached to the rocket, it didn't appear to fit the described shape that witnesses reported. This is because the Mark 2's were embedded in the nosecones of the rockets. This theory, however, is still unproven due to the fact that NASA has and probably will not confirm these allegations.

The Unsolved Mysteries prop of the Kecksburg UFO, now located outside the fire hall in Kecksburg.

The Unsolved Mysteries prop of the Kecksburg UFO, now located outside the fire hall in Kecksburg.

Kecksburg Documentaries and Media Coverage

In 1990, Unsolved Mysteries featured the Kecksburg incident in an episode. Ron Struble, a Greensburg native, later convinced the show's producers to let Kecksburg have the prop pictured above. You can watch the full featured Unsolved Mysteries segment below.

"Kecksburg: The Untold Story" is a more recent documentary of the incident. Researched and produced by Stan Gordon, a Greensburg native, this documentary showcases live interviews and eye-witness accounts of the events that transpired the night of the incident. This documentary is available on Amazon to rent for as little as $1.99 or to buy for as little as $9.99.

In an episode of "Unsealed Alien Files", several intriguing arguments and accusations are made suggesting that the government is indeed covering up something. The video below is the best informative Kecksburg video you will find for free on the internet. Watch it, and make your own decision as to what is actually going on in the Kecksburg case.

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