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The Jupiterian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mount of Jupiter


The Jupiterian

This type is, as the name suggests, the personality associated with the mount of Jupiter. The mount of Jupiter is located on the puffy area underneath the first finger. Signs that strengthen the qualities associated with this mount are: a single vertical line, a cross, a star, a square, a circle, etc. Signs which hamper the power of this mount include: an island, a grille, a mole, etc. An interesting factor to note is that the cross is usually an inauspicious sign on the palm, but it's considered positive on Jupiter, despite being a negative indication on the other mounts. The single vertical line you will also find it to be a favorable indication on most of the other mounts as well. I'll discuss the signs pertaining to this mount in detail after I've discussed the personality of the Jupiterian subject.

They have a lot of hair on their head and the rest of the body though the hair on the head tends to fall out early in life. Their hair-color is usually chestnut or jet black, their hair tends to be curly or wavy; same is the case for their beard, the eyebrows are fulsome and the nose is prominent yet medium-sized. They regularly have large, expressive eyes with mild expressions to their face showing kindness of spirit. Another constant feature is that their teeth tend to be white and strongly set. The chin is often firm and occasionally dimpled. One factor that they always have going for them is their strong voice, which captivates people to become their friends and/or followers.

A fine specimen of this type will have lengthy, smooth, and square-shaped palms, with the index finger conically fashioned, and above the average size; reaching the first phalanx of the middle finger; a firm hand with smooth texture of the skin, a thumb with the first phalanx the longest, and the inner third phalanges of the fingers will have well-rounded bases.

They are of medium height; taller than the Mercurian (who are considered the shortest), but shorter than the Saturnian (who are considered the tallest). They are powerfully built, fleshy without being fat, and big-boned. Another defining physical characteristic are their broad shoulders.

After reading the above, you won't be surprised that many presidents and world leaders are Jupiterians. They are born to be the leaders of men. Many hold high positions in government, religious institutions and even charitable foundations. They are aware of the influence they exert and thus develop a tendency to become vain. Yet, they are usually found to good-hearted and generous, and thus attract the common people towards them. Power is most important to them. I won't be surprised that if the main character of House of Cards, Frank Underwood, was a real-life character then his palms would've revealed him to be a Jupiterian. Whenever they are applying for a job they tend to concentrate on the benefits rather than the salary. Despite being a charitable leader and a champion for the poor, they tend to live a lavish lifestyle. Don’t be surprised to find them living in expensive societies, humongous mansions, with luxury cars in the vicinity; Jupiterians are not fond of show but their influential power exerts itself in the form of materialism. And despite being vocal talkers, they excel at listening as well.

Teaching is also favorable for them, especially if they have a square on their defining mount, then they make excellent lecturers at any level of organization. One confusing trait I've read about them is that they are very religious. They are religious on a spiritual level, as in firmly believing in the Will of God, but they won't be devout followers, i.e., praying five times a day.

Fields that Jupiterians should pursue: Political Science or any social science that relies heavily on governance, religious studies, business studies, economics, etc. Art is also advised but only art which relates to patriotism. These are the types who eventually get knighted by the Queen. They are also staunch traditionalists and thus have a tendency to marry earlier than the rest of the personality types. Position is more important to them than money.

Health-wise there are some problems. Though he is lucky to have been gifted with a strong constitution, Jupiterians are usually heavy eaters and drinkers. Overeating and gout are the most persistent health problems that Jupiterians face. They should take caution when it comes to eating and drinking, and develop a suitable diet, as Jupiterians don't favor exercising. They also should not indulge too heavily in stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, etc., as smoking and drinking are typically their favorite pastimes. Mentally, this type doesn't become depressed, anxious or suicidal, unless their pride is hurt at such a tremendous scale, that they don't think they can make a comeback in their public life.

Of course, we have only discussed the good Jupiterian type. A Jupiterian can turn bad if they let their egos take over their lives, over-spend and try their best to live extravagantly at the cost of others, marry for political power but at the cost of concentrating more on their public life than their private one (marrying for power isn't a negative trait for them but they shouldn't allow it to interfere with their domestic duties such as taking part in their children's upbringing), the afore-mentioned over-eating and over-indulging, and as they don't like taking advice from people, they might become tyrannical leaders, so Jupiterians are always good unless their intentions become wrongfully aligned with their egos. They should constantly keep this idiom in mind: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

Famous Jupiterians: Sarah Palin, Nelson Mandela, Meryl Streep, John F. Kennedy, Simon Cowell, Martha Stewart, and Ronald Reagan.

Let's explore the various markings on the mount of Jupiter. It's well to remember that lines change but signs don't. Lines can weaken by becoming faint or getting crisscrossed, and can strengthen by becoming dark and without the presence of any other line crossing it or breaking it. Signs such as the cross or star, however, always remain the same. They are forever on the palm of an individual. They do not change in size or color. This is why if you find a sign on a particular mount, that sign will remain attached to the individual forever.

A single vertical line on the mount of Jupiter indicates success. This line has also been referred to as the line of Jupiter as it denotes success through single-minded focus. It also means that the subject is becoming more successful as he or she progresses through life. One thing I've noticed is that many palmists often misinform the subject about this line by timing it. They check out the point of its origin on the head-line and then wrongly inform the subject that he or she will find that their success will reap fruit during a particular period. Through years of research, I have found out that a single line on the mount of Jupiter indicates that this line is for life, and there's no certain time for success, other than the bearer's single-minded focus, and thus this line lasts a long time.

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Another doubtful statement from most palmists is that the more the vertical lines on Jupiter, the more the success rate. This is debatable as two or more lines on this mount will indicate various areas of focus, and because of this duality, the chance of complete success diminishes due to a lack of single-minded focus. I have also found that people having a single vertical line on the mount of Jupiter, might also have their astrological planet of Jupiter, in the sign of Scorpio, as Jupiter in Scorpio also indicates success due to single-minded focus.

The sign of cross is, as I mentioned earlier in this chapter on the Jupiterian, is considered auspicious. It denotes a happy marriage. It is also one of the most surefire signs of a love marriage, but also favors marriages which are arranged, as the end-result is true love through marriage. The bigger the cross, the more successful the union. I have also found a cross on this mount to be an indication that a person's domestic life will be bettered by it. A big cross on this mount indicates a high chance of getting employed in the government sector.

A star is one of the best signs to have on this mount. It denotes that a person's ambitions are fully satisfied. A star sign always stands for explosion; the good qualities of that mount are extremely enhanced. Yet, they do come with strings attached. For a person with a star on the mount of Jupiter, the ladder to success is gradual, and it's often achieved through struggle, yet success is ultimately gained and thus within the field the individual wishes to pursue, he ultimately gains self-realization. The bearer is also extremely ambitious but he needs to remain patient or he might let his ego get in the way of grasping opportunities.

From many years of research, I have realized that there are two positions of the star on the mount of Jupiter. One is on the middle of the mount, and that corresponds to the subject being ultra-ambitious and, with a good head-line, he is able to gain a strong position and also gains social honor. The motto for the bearer of this sign is, "Started from the bottom now we're here." It also denotes happiness in old age and the person will have a sudden rise in life.

Another type of star on this mount is when this sign is positioned on the side of the mount instead of being on the apex of the mount of Jupiter. This sign means that the subject achieves friendships with people of vast renown and wealth. He also gets help in his own ambitions through these famous contacts. I have a suggestion for the bearer of this type of sign and that is for them to not go for the top of the food-chain. They are more successful as an advisor capacity. This is because their fate becomes aligned with the powerful. For example, a person with this sign ought to become an assistant professor rather a professor at a university, as they might not be able to handle this much power. However, for a person with a Jupiter star on the middle point of the mount, they should strive to reach the highest position, as they can do so without the help of influential contacts.

More than one star on this mount is rare, but the more the stars on the mount of Jupiter, the more the luck associated with the subject's ambition. A cross and a star on the mount of Jupiter indicate a powerful union; love and position combined. An example could be an actress facing a lot of roadblocks in her career, despite possessing exceptional talent, only to find success after marrying a producer who goes on to invest in her career.

A triangle on the mount of Jupiter is one of the best signs to have if you want to become a politician, lawyer, etc. It gives the bearer the advantage of diplomacy, and the subject gains a rise in his or her career through their power of tact.

A square on this mount is also known as the teacher's square. A person with this marking has the capacity to impart knowledge to others. A square also saves a person from a loss of social position and/or money. It unexpectedly turns a person's ill luck to good luck and the subject also tends to remain humble no matter how much success he or she ultimately gains.

Another positive sign to have on the mount of Jupiter is the circle. It's not frequently found in one's palm and thus is a rare sign but also denotes success in accordance to the Jupiterian qualities of ambition and leadership.

Not all the signs on any mount are positive, and hence, I shall now move on to the negative signs associated with the mount of Jupiter. Firstly, the grille. The grille is a series of confused lines, and it's like a grid, and found on any mount, it denotes the reversal of good qualities associated with that particular mount. I have found this marking on a close friend of mine, who is one of the most good-hearted people I know, but he lacks direction in life. A comparative analysis of his hand shows not only a love of art, but also a knack for acting. And he achieved popularity through acting in vines and online short-films. Yet, his ambitions became thwarted due to a lack of direction. Ultimately, I used this example to express that a person with the grille on the mount of Jupiter might achieve tremendous success in the zones of wealth and renown (if other aspects on the palm allow) yet he or she most probably won't end up doing what they want to do due to a lack of direction towards their actual ambition.

The mole is not only a bad sign on this mount—but a negative sign if found on any of the other mounts as well. A mole on the Jupiter mount symbolizes the reversed benefits of a star on Jupiter—and they are—a loss of fortune and reputation.

An island is a universally-accepted bad sign to have anywhere on the palm. It is the worst sign to have, because whenever it appears on the palm, it always brings negativity in relation to that specific mount or line. In the case of the Jupiter mount, a prosperous career is disrupted by the foolish conduct of a blood-relation or a close friend.

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