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The Italian Train That Vanished With 104 Passengers

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The ghostly train


The Mysterious Disappearance of the Train

The world itself is full of mysteries, some resolved and some unresolved. There is no dearth of mystery of which some are explained and clarified with the progress of time but there are some also which still remain a veritable mystery. Among those unexplained incidents, there is one of a vanished Italian train of 1911. It was 14th June of the year 1911. Exactly hundred and ten years ago, an Italian train was initiated by an Italian company called Zanetti. A part of its promotional offer, the company had decided and announced to take some passengers for free ride. The train had six railway staff members and hundred passengers on board. But the train never reached its destination. It had vanished in its route suddenly and up to date, there is no tracking of this unfortunate train.

The train had vanished along with hundred and six persons. Whenever we remember this incident of more than hundred years back, our hairs as if stand on end. How a complete train can be vanished? What had happened to the train? Even scientists could not discover that. In 1911, the train had departed from a station of Rome with hundred passengers and six staffs. All the passengers were enjoying the ride. There was also free food for the boarders. The purpose of the train was to travel to different interesting places of Italy. In the way, there was the tunnel of Lombard. The train had entered the tunnel but it never came out. After this mysterious incident, many persons entered in the tunnel and searched everywhere diligently but could not find any trace of that unfortunate train. There was not any accident either.

The tunnel was constructed through a mountain and there was not any other ways inside the tunnel, so the question of bypassing could not arise. Among the hundred and six persons, at least two persons were recovered from just outside the tunnel. According to the news published at the newspapers of that time, when they were taken out, they were speaking incoherently. They could not report the incident properly. They had informed that just as the train entered the tunnel, a sudden feeling of terror and uncanny seized the passengers. Suddenly a white smoke engulfed the train. At that moment, these two persons jumped from the train and they became unconscious.

At the time of First world war, the opening of the tunnel was bombed and as a result closed by the opponents. After many years some information came out which makes us dumbfounded. A Mexican doctor claimed that many years ago those hundred and four passengers were admitted in a Mexican hospital. They all were speaking incoherently. All were referring to a train and claimed that they arrived in Mexico by that train. But the distance from Italy to Mexico is more than then thousand kilometers and these two countries are divided by mighty Atlantic Ocean. So, it seems impossible in all sense of term.

This ghost train appears again and again in different times and different countries. It is reported that the train appears in the year 1955 and spotted near Crimea in erstwhile Soviet Union. Pytor Ustimenko, an worker have claimed to have seen a ghastly looking train, slowly approaching along an unused rail track. In 1991, the train was again seen in Ukraine and this time a paranormal activist jumped on the train, never to be seen again.

Thus the mystery remains a mystery till now. No satisfactory theory can be proved against this incident. Some claim that the train is on time travel and therefore is seen again and again in different times and in different places. Who knows that one day it will not appear in front of any of us?

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