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The Intercessor Prophet

Charissa is a full time worship leader and minister in the house of prayer dedicated to the one thing.


I’m learning you cannot be an intercession-less prophet.

You cannot be a true voice for God if you don’t understand the heart of God.

The calling out of peoples and nations must be partnered with intercession for those nations and people.

Delivering words of judgement must be partnered with knowing the weeping, longing heart of God for men to return.

Jeremiah, known as the weeping prophet, was actually just the prophet caught up in the heart of the weeping God.

Oh, how he longed to see his own people repent of their faithless and adulterous ways and return to the Lord.

Jeremiah had to deliver some of the most difficult, heart wrenching messages to his people.

He was hated and persecuted by man for the words of the Lord He delivered,

but they were the true words of the Lord.

He wept for the words He had to deliver and the realities that had to take place.

There are two pitfalls I believe the prophetic messenger can fall into.

On one side, it is easy to abandon the message of the Lord altogether if you don’t truly possess the fear of the Lord.

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It is easy to live for the people and abandon the Lord, if your fear of man and zeal for your own desires is greater than your zeal for His desires.

If you desire fame, popularity, and comfort more than you desire His word to go forth, you will stumble in the prophetic.
You will prophesy out of your own heart to appease the people & you will abandon the difficult words of the Lord, as the other prophets in Jeremiah’ day were doing.

When we choose allegiance to the world, allegiance to the flesh, we choose to surrender our allegiance to the Lord.

We will lose the purity of the prophetic gifting in the pursuit of praise of man.

Where we seek to deliver messages that itch the ears of hearers and refuse to confront their guilt and apathy, our messages become antiChrist and unpleasant to the Lord.

These messages are easy to deliver out of our flesh and will be widely received and praised, but they will not contain nor lead to life.

They will be worthless counterfeits, ultimately producing and leading to death.

This is the downfall of many ‘prophetic’ voices that are going forth in the culture today.

They prophecy without hearing and say, “Thus says the Lord” when the Lord has not spoken.

The other pitfall of prophetic messengers is declaring zealous, intense words of the Lord to a rebellious people with anger and self-righteousness.

There is a temptation to become critical and condemning.

A type of religious rage can devour the purity of God’s messages and warnings if we are not careful as we deliver them.

We can deliver words that simply turn into clanging cymbals if there is no love present in them.

We must fight to deliver the truth in love.

It can be easy to fall into a trap of delivering messages to a people or nation you have no heart for, if you’re not intentionally connected to His heart.

You can be consumed with a message and forget compassion.

You can forget that the people God is rebuking are people that He desires.

You can think you are caught up in the Lord’s zeal, doing the works of God and proclaiming the words of God, when in reality you’ve been blinded by your own fleshy zeal that merely mimics His, but lacks substance and godliness.

You cannot have the true zeal of the Lord detached from the love and mercy of the Lord. He is all at once.

His zeal is never detached from His love; His zeal is always for the sake of love.

His judgements are always unto redemption.

His warning and judgements are movements of mercy intended to move people to repentance; and where there is repentance, there is always restoration.

We cannot allow neither the spirit of the age nor the religious spirit to pollute the prophetic.

The prophet is intended to carry the heart of the Lord before people and the heart of the people before the Lord;

The prophet brings the Lord before people and the people before the Lord.

The true prophet is a true intercessor.

He carries the deep burden for God’s true word to go forth as well as the deep burden for all men to reach repentance and enter into salvation.

Don’t deliver the word of the Lord to a people you don’t love and weep over and intercede for.

Let the groaning of God grip you again.

Prophets have to be in tune not only with His words, but with His heart… lest they misinterpret His words altogether.

Only once you are in tune with His heart can you hear His words in their fullness.

Only then can you understand the weight His words carry and the cause they fight for.

Proclaim justice and righteousness.

Cry out with zeal and conviction.

Sound the alarm for repentance and returning to the Lord with all your heart; but remember returning to the Lord is about returning to His heart, His desires.

It’s about returning to the one who is perfect in justice and righteousness & full of steadfast love and mercy.

He delights in showing mercy.

His blood still cries out, “Mercy!”.

Let His desire for all to be perfectly one in Him to pierce you.

Let his compassion and his long suffering love move you again.

Weep for the people you deliver His words to.

Pray, intercede, wail, groan until you are overtaken by His heart.

Weeping prophets, arise, in the knowledge of Him and deliver His words in conviction and tenderness, in power and humility.

Jeremiah 9:24


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