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The Inside Noise (Episode 5)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller


Learning the Heart

Happiness is derived from the heart. If so, it means that this method will not only work for you but assist in putting you together to become the best form of yourself, awesomely adored by many who have the opportunity to have their path crossed with you. Allow your neighbor to go or do it first. Do you know why you must get him or her to go in the front? It will teach you how to do or walk it better. It will make the other person see you as special for always being the kind person that you have become. Also, the person would be happy inside of her/his heart. Give others the chance to do what you are good at or perfect at. They would be happy to see you as a role model and someone to learn from. It is right to do the right things, but very bad to do what is wrong every time. As you learn to become a righteous person in your own right, there are some things you must be willing to avoid, and these are the most difficult aspects of becoming a perfect person. Lest I forget, perfection, excellence, goodness, glory, and honor are next to righteousness. So, know what you want to measure and how much it costs to attain or achieve the desire of your heart.

Avoid infirmities from the inside out. A student who is not ready to be taught by the teacher may never know the right answer to questions set by the teacher during the examination. Sometimes the teacher does not expect you to do it in the same way but does expect you to try. It’s almost the same thing compared to the example given. Diligent students in a class usually end up in good standing with their examination report sheets, but the unruly ones among them are not so. If you are not one of the unruly people in the world, be careful to take notice of every step you make in the process.

Carefulness is a mind to always reminds you of what is left behind, what is coming before you, and not to forget to do the things you are doing right at present. It always makes sounds in your heart, like an alarm clock. You cannot, because of anything else, want to stop eating your favorite hot meal without a genuine reason to warrant that. If you are reading what my heart is purging out, let the mind be in you. So nothing serious should take hold of your heart and quickly sway you away or divert your attention from finishing your meal. Smile! Are you not also smiling because you understand that I am not talking about food? I use food because it fits an answer or analogy to the subject of discussion. Do not get distracted from completing the good work you are putting into practice in your life. Muhammed Ali, the all-time great boxer, once said, "At the gym, I constantly count my push-ups when I am feeling pain." Here is what I learned from his quote. In the face of your trial, do not allow a sudden weakness, error, or situation to get you distracted from doing what you do well. If you allow yourself to be tamed by any spirit of regression, so that you cannot complete or perfect what you do, that is infirmity.

The ability of a tree to survive for a long time is because of the root system's deep and widespread. Firmness is the ability to stay on guard or keep the right track. Extra carefulness entails it if you are drawing a line without a tool in your hand. Knowledge is like a tool that you don't have, but you can get it through hard work. When you key into the position you are supposed to reflect upon with all carefulness, you will become the best fit ever to hold on to that position. This thus makes you become the best-fashioned person you would wish to ever be in the world.

Walk within yourself

To join a group of long-distance cyclists, you need a sports bicycle in perfect working condition to do that, water to drink along the way. Cyclers are best known for their special moves on a ride, especially when cutting round corners. That is if you want to discover a new way of life or make an inner connection. There is plenty of friendship inside of a man that consumes his precious life away. A sculptural artist who is endowed with crafting wisdom spends most of his life in the studio for research and mouth-watering inventions. I began to wonder how many times we make this statement on each day of our lives. " I will," "I will," and later in the day, " I will". Well, that has been embedded in man from the beginning.

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It is also known as a huge or loud noise from within. Further studies show that soliloquistic perception originated from the life of God. In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth. He continued in the creation until the sixth day, when he said, "Let us create man in our image." The thought in this sentence has a special meaning to me personally. Later in the creation, he said that "it is not good that a man is alone," and he created the woman out of the man while he was asleep. The story is beginning to sound better to me than ever. The first six days of creation were line upon line and concept upon concept. Here is a little and there is little. The truth is that we all have this manner of inner self-talk inherited from the Lord who created all things.

Before the creation, God alone existed for himself and in himself. Well, he presumed it would be more boring even for himself as a lonely supreme everlast. He created the Lord Jesus Christ according to the study found in Proverbs chapter 8. Jesus was there with him in his early days. Now let us talk about the time when nothing was made. Jesus was not born into existence in the everlasting before God. He precedes all things that live, now live, and will later live. I quickly want to reflect on the life of God before the Lord Christ. There was no angel, nor heaven, nor earth in its fullness. My submission is that God talked within himself before all things were made to be. He got himself the beautiful name, "God" before the name "Christ". From this fact alone, it is clear that God is the greatest of the great thinkers of all time. It is not a bad habit to think, but what a man thinks about himself determines if he is bad or good. Jesus said that "only God is good", notwithstanding. He never said that man is also not good. The goodness of God can not be compared to any other good. Think only of what you consider noble toward the next person around you; this becomes a recycling element of your greatness, earning you an accolade of respect and honor in that regard from everyone.

Fighting the Principal Battles and Wars

I remember in the past how my life was entirely taken captive by irresistible minds, who lured me to make devilish decisions determined to take my life to hell. You know, you quietly understand those things that you and your friends get into by mutual agreement that are evil and dangerous to do. Those decisions are not majorly from your heart's purpose. There are several submissions and negotiations taking place in the realm of the heart every time. It will continue to happen until the next life, where all men will become masters of their hearts. Christianity is the practical life of Christ. This practical life of God will stop when the world is no more. God will perfect everyone that gives themselves to this change, which can only happen through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. I used to walk with bad guys. When I write about this aspect, it is never going to become a mistake for me.

A mind is a dark place that needs to be enlightened through the light. Everyone wants to know what is going on in their neighborhood and sometimes even about themselves. But you need light to understand. Before I start to write about fighting the principal battles and wars, I will be quick to talk about understanding. The light should take you there, where only by the light do you have eyes that see the true revelation of what is made known. You would say, "Did you mean to understand?" Yes, it is. You can start to reason about it in your heart. God would not count it as an unrighteous thing. The purpose of philosophy is the search for wisdom and knowledge. By understanding this, the two are achieved. The element that is placed under a table would not be seen by many people, except those that keep it there. When someone places a cup on the table, searching for it, you will see its location with no stress. The case of understanding is different from this analogy because it is a quest to search for abstract things that cannot be touched or held. The outcome of such a response from you and what the judges read as meaning to the level of agreement, which is rational determines the rate by which your understanding is concluded. A man must be able to lead his own life based on what he receives from within, and this must be translated into real action. As a freelancer, your client will need to explain in detail what he wants from you, then you follow up the walk with your explanation. The process of interpreting the demand of your clients is what understanding assists any professional or beginner to achieve. You must know from your heart and be sure to foreshadow the implication of what is achieved inward before the real execution, like a taste of new life.

There is a war going on. I'm referring to a serious war and battle fought on Earth by humanity. Only the strong survive the wicked teacher's fierce hanger, and they never give a good knowledge of true righteousness. Yes, the security guard who teaches you to steal is also the one who exposes your flaw at the city gate. What a pity! He will never, at a point in time, pardon his victims. The devils were supposed to be teachers, counselors, and advisers in the house of the Lord. However, they act otherwise, to the destruction of lives. Is that it, for real? Yes. Okay, so they called another teacher who would make things right again. Amid the battles between the two factions of celestial powers, we face a serious problem of what to do. A man, in the true sense, is weak, and he has learned to discern between good and bad. There is a serious demand for a new counselor and teacher to fill the vacant space in the heart of man. God should never be judged unjustly to have allowed such evil to take place while watching. My question for you is that the last time you determined in your heart to do bad, did God prevent you by force?

No!Because he created humanity as a rational being capable of exercising true justice in matters. So nothing stopped them from fulfilling the desire of their hearts. I will later in this book think about how the fallen angel got demonized or rejected by God because there is serious want. Until now, there have been power struggles and strikes over intellectual property or creation. In explanation, some sort of rebellion acts by a party to usurp power over the element or weak form of the same party. The truth is in everyone for true justice to take place, but it is very hard to hold on to. There was no time to play by either of the parties in the heavenly race. The kingdom dependent upon the terrestrials is divided into two. Man cannot ride while waiting for instructions on what to do next. If he lived to be 100 years old on the earth, the truth is that man could still not do anything to favor himself. He needs help to survive in this world. With no assistance, living is not possible. Life becomes a still place, an idol, and an oasis that can only be seen to push up. Prepare yourself for the most terrifying time of total darkness because it will come very soon. The battle of the end is coming. Who can stand it? The whole life would become like hell immediately after the rift happened. Don't judge, even as the truth is in your heart. Instead, live it to survive. You have to be strong to live and be sustained by it. I mean a pure life, as the main actor in your own very life. How you live here determines if it will happen again. Do you still fight it in your heart to know what I mean by this struggle? Okay! Let me simplify it for you to be very clear. The doubts and struggles you are experiencing in your heart are signs of trouble and danger that you would never expect to occur. Heaven is not a silent place as some would think or conclude to go back in a rush. Your life is daily on fire, endangered by the pertinent struggle for supremacy.

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