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The Inside Noise (Episode4)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.


What is the noise in your heart about?

If you were with me from the beginning of this chapter, you would understand what I meant by noise. Noise is what everyone needs to keep warm from the cold surrounding issues in the world. Let the meditation in your heart be good and loving to yourself first, then to your neighbors. Let me assist you on how to make a steady good audible, acceptable to your immediate community and the whole world, where you would be seen as a great human being. It is not a great deal for anyone to become a good person. Did I just say "a good person?" What is good? The followers of the Celestial King would say in their definition that "God is good." Yes, but you can also become a good person if you understand what it means to be so. Looking at the deeds of the noble Abraham that I have narrated previously, you will learn how he offered helpful assistance to strangers he had never met before that time. He was rewarded with what was needed and was very important to him and his family. God gave a son, who inherited all his blessings. Now, the definition is the solid approval of a kind gesture made by oneself or someone else, confirmed in the heart of truth. To learn a good word acceptable to God and the people around you. To begin with, you must learn personal drills for the words you say to people as well as those you hear and approve to be good. The word has the power to change everything in the world. By the same word that I am conversing with, the Lord made the heavens and the earth. If you are also a member of the same family, if so, you too can become a master of your word. I am very sure that you are very much akin to the following words: truth, right, and good. Start your new life experience with these three words. The key to all the supernatural blessings is in the three points I just recommended to you. You can make a smart move when you start to learn more about them and also outlive each regularly. Do what is right every time. It is called a righteous act. And do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What can I say about the time of trials? You will find that all three keys will be greatly demanded of you, especially in difficult periods.

Painful Truths

Oh! Could it be true that telling the truth can cause pain? The truth guarantees your freedom when you are genuine about it. It is not an on-and-off deal. To practice the truth, first look at yourself in the mirror to figure out the exact appearance you put on. Then, go in that spirit to deal with everyone as you see yourself. Are you that ugly? I am not saying that you should be telling everyone how bad your looks are. Instead, start to work on your appearance so that you can be able to give a good account of yourself. Your teeth are not white, but you appreciate having white teeth. Don't go too far about getting it elsewhere. Always apply a sweet-smelling mouthwash paste and other mouth deodorants to make yourself smell nice to people that hear your speech. It's not how terrible your look is, but how beautiful you make it appear to the world. Tell the truth every time it is demanded of you. The way a situation appears, it appears not to be good enough to know about, but a simple truth will shine a light upon it. The amazing fact about truth is that it simplifies and sometimes satisfies the heart. When you have work to do but not all done with, it requires urgency. Try your best to complete the project, but if you have not completed it by the time you are supposed to complete it. Tell the truth, and explain why it has taken you more time. If you fail the test, you have not failed the lesson learned from the timely error made. If a man is afraid to fail, then he's already a failure. Surprisingly, I have realized that telling the truth helps keep the human memory in perfect shape. Yes, the truth can make you lose a job that is primarily not for you. It merely makes you become a superintelligent person in society. Are you still with me on this note? Did you truly do that evil to your friend because you are not happy about his/her progress because you failed to figure out the inward ability to make a great impact? Well, I would say that it is okay to be jealous of what is good and pleasant, but do not use it as an opportunity to cause any harm to your neighbor. Allow the jealousy to bring about a better you for great manifestations of impactful living.

The truth is what everyone wants to hear from you; even a liar also expects the next person standing before him/her to say it. The foundation of this world is based on truth. It is reality and thus becomes a rational agreement. The God who created the earth experiences the reality of what has been fashioned out of what could not be seen. The only reality and fact that makes the world go round is the truth. I am not expecting that you should accept all these facts on the subject matter, but I do hope that you can learn great lessons from them.

It is good, to tell the truth, every time. You may be thinking to yourself that you are so low that saying the truth is always impossible, but there is evidence around to prove you wrong. So, let go of the false information you've been spreading to limit how beautiful life can always be. If God were to destroy this world by a water outage again, we would all conclude that he is not true. This fact that the world has been existing for thousands of ages until now rightly expressed the assurance of his glory and power over everything. We would not all accept the truth that God, the creator of heaven and earth, is living, even with us, and see our everyday life before his face. The truth is that you can become a good person to the human race and especially to God.

Difficult Goodness

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To become an ambassador of goodness, you must learn the way of truthfulness. Truthfulness is an honest appraisal of the league in that category. False is not right, and so it is never going to be reflected as a good deal. Truthfulness makes you so that you lack every knowledge of what it takes and milestones to achieve a good and remarkable achievement. I hope that you can still recall the meaning of good from the short explanation I wrote before now. "Good" is a highly remarkable deed that makes every heart merry. In 1996, Nigeria's SuperEagle football team became the first country in Africa to win an Olympic Championship held in Atlanta. Every heart was happy, and the joyful noise of songs came from the four corners of the country. I hope that you understand very well what it takes to become a champion by now. A good effort in trying to stay at the top of the game made the team come out as the best team in the world in that memorable year. It requires great and quality efforts to do it better than normal before it is seen to be good.

Goodness simply means that it is still good, like pure gold with no wrinkles. Allow yourself to shine so brightly that your friends and family can be proud of you in front of everyone. The elders of the Jews said to Jesus that the man "that you should do this to is a good man." because he built them a worship center and provided for the poor among them. The people's elders endorsed the nobleman because he continued doing good till that very time he was desperately in need of celestial assistance. You will enjoy the story in Luke's book, chapters 7:1-10. This chapter should teach you a great lesson. What is righteousness? I will discuss this question in the next chapter. Before then, think about the question in your heart, to see if we are truly on the same line of understanding. By now, you should have acquired more to this novel.

Practical Righteousness

In my early childhood, I learned to pace a good working step, which was a very difficult practice for me. My brother would tell me most of the time we walked to the farm together, he watched and listened closely to hear the dragging of my legs. "I will send you back home to our Father if you do not learn," he said. You can’t be left without a brother who was willing to teach his younger brother to walk with honor, respect, and steps unheard to anyone around or walking down the same road. Since then, I would not only walk very smartly but also check myself from head to toe to see if everything was right and that my steps were good. I am a grown man, married with 3 kids now. I will never forget the great lesson that my brother taught me when I thought he was not kind and friendly to kids of my young age. His practices are now the best and most useful thing I've ever learned from him. I fully know that I must be careful to take every step. Now I am not only watching my feet but strictly studying my heart. On each day, I put to work the attitude of materialism, the decision I made from my heart to judge what I do, say, accept, and reflect upon. Did those seem good? Yes, they make you become a master of yourself when you are in any situation.

Remember that we are still talking about practicable righteousness. I would want you to reflect steadily upon this writing in your heart, and how you can start to put to work most of what I have written about. I know that you have a stern desire for happiness, joy, and peace of mind. You have since been longing for a new dawn in your life. Yes, that is why you are reading this. Righteousness is what you must put to work for the best of you to get started. If you study well before going into the examination hall, you will pass. All the praise and glory would be given to the hard work and relentless efforts you put in to force yourself to read well and study hard, and to God for the courageous mind and spirit to read, understand, and pass. Ultimately, the Lord wants us all to succeed and prosper in life. Everyone wants to make an awesome fortune doing those things we would do as businesses, but most of them allow us to make choices. Making the right choice requires practice. Righteousness demands that a man make the right choice every time. You may never become a straight-and-perfect shooter if you do not practice bullet shooting. You may be right until you start to learn how to do the right things. Practice makes perfection for those who give themselves time to walk the milestones.

If you desire to become a medical professional, you must enroll in a medical college and pass all the undergraduate courses along the way. After the undergraduate training, the next step is to become a resident doctor to start practice. Not until you start practicing, everything you have as knowledge may not become useful for your mental and career growth for human capital and social development.

Now, let's go back to the righteousness of your personal life. I'm not attempting to invade your privacy with what I'm about to write, nor am I attempting to gain insight into your emotions and mental stability. I am willing to make everything go right for you after reading this. Do you always look out for yourself first when there are two people or friends waiting in line for something? The question might be a bit irrelevant to you, based on what you have read, but I want to show you how to start putting righteousness to work, if you are willing to learn all that it takes to be a noble and great human being, as a righteous person. Smile! I see that you are already filled with greatness in your heart. It is not bad to be a great and noble person in the world, as though every noble person you see people celebrate for certain, paying the cost of praise.

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  • The Inside Noise (Episode5)
    The Noise Inside is like a rushing stream. "Only God can withstand the echo of the noises that stream through men's hearts. How dare you call somebody a mad person? You do not acknowledge the fact that your heart keeps silent only when you are dead.

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