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The Inside Noise (Episode3)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.


The Supreme Ruler

The Sea and Creatures

Are you truly on a journey to study the life and behavior of man? I know that you suppose that it is a normal course that every reasonable person would desire to embark on if possible. The truth is that not a single person will be able to arrive at a specific view as a final report of the studies. The sea is a large entity, wide enough for every one of its creatures to propel the habitation freely. Yes. You may go on this course to see the regular life and activities of each species in the water. The strange mist causes the aquatic habitats to kill each other to survive. Everywhere is peaceful in the sea until the eruption of a boisterous and arrogant wind blows to cause a shipwreck. There are sea creatures such as fish, reptiles, and others. Every sea inhabitant lived seemingly peacefully until the first strike. Sharks, underwater dolphins, and crabs The angry whale eats every little fish in the sea. Not all species of fish are friendly to each other. Where does the cruel and unkind action in the sea come from? God created every creature well. You may suggest your response to yourself personally. I want to compare the hell in the depths of the sea among its creatures to the depths of the human heart.

The general life and size of a wicked man are big enough to contain sea whales, vipers, reptiles, and other deadly creatures. Well, dolphins are known to be man’s best friends in the sea habitats. The armless creature always rejoices and is friendly with everyone that comes it's way. Dolphins are known to be the most righteous creatures in the sea. It leads the way to live for everyone willing to be led and sensitive to its calling and leadership. The bitterness in the heart of a wicked man does not feel or sense the right way to get the lost ship recovered. No matter the jump and show of a man’s best friend on the sea, he would not take it to heart or consider it. A terrible tempest arose on the sea, which left a great panic in every heart as if all hope of getting home was lost. The disciples and the Lord are a great example in Matthew, chapter 8:23–26. Fish and wild marine animals are isolated on a white background. Inhabitants of the sea world: cute, funny underwater creatures like dolphins, sharks, and ocean crabs. The whole world is like a deep sea with diverse creatures that inhabit the entity, having different forms of life and behaviors that rule the system. The tempest and boisterous wind, in the real sense, can be likened to phenomenological issues that happen to a man as distractions or failures, which cause much pain in the heart or make someone lose their life.

When a situation that causes death arises, it brings the heart to a serious decimal. Such solutions require more power and energy or higher intervention for a reasonable solution. When Jesus speaks his word to calm the troubled sea, it implies that the solution to every problem in life lives among men who need serious attention to study. If a man could make use of his words to fight against odds in the sea, then the word demands a great course with all sincerity as it has proved to be powerful for fighting the circumstances that withstand humanity against his peace, joy, goodness, and health. The word can overcome any unseen force that has a strong hold on you. The question is to know the truth about the word, its origin, reality, and sustainability for trust in engaging the serious set before everyone.

The Supreme Ruler

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The Highest is the ruler of all the earth, and his ways and life can be seen in all living things, but his judgments are unknown. No man has gone to heaven and returned. The living souls expect to see the dead again. Especially the beloved and esteemed ones who died cruel deaths at the hands of wicked people with no one to advocate justice on their behalf. The judgment day that is coming from the only Holy and Mighty God is the great expectation of the righteous. The moment a decision is taken by anyone, the choice to do that comes from the heart by a force of noise that is not clear or audible to any man but heard by the celestials. There are different wars and battles as segmented forces that fight humanity throughout its entire existence. They are divided into celestial and terrestrial forces.

The Celestial strongholds are scars, cruelty, bitterness, hungriness, death, pain, and other deadly and wicked unseen spirits that work nature against humanity. While the terrestrial strongholds are men who helped to manifest the evil account of celestial forces and power. Sometimes, scenarios happen that we mostly regard as natural disasters. On the other hand, they are not natural but a great attack by the celestial forces to make life very uncomfortable, like hell for humans. Well, the adage that says "be quick to hear and slow to respond" should be reckoned with. With a spoken word, Jesus responded to such a natural disaster and menace. He gave clues on how to handle any situation like that. Activating a strong faith in the face of a trial would prompt a man to be driven by strong movements to overcome. God's kindness in creating the universe and the issues that surround it is amazing. When there is no subject arising, there is no need for knowledge. The simple truth is that the whole world needs the same power that enabled Christ to overcome the troublesome noise that rose against him in the sea. My entire life has been on this footage since I became a follower of God. I am now on a quest to learn more about the philosophy of God through intimacy with the knowledge of Christ since every book of record claims that he came from the heavens. I must trust and believe in every progression of my studies.

"The Lord is mightier than the noise of many glasses of waters, yes, than the mighty waves of the sea." Psalm 93:4

I have a question to ask right now, and I hope that you will be willing to answer it with the truth about yourself. Not all the people in the world tell the truth, so it becomes farfetched. I doubt that you understand what I am about to show you. Wait! Look at yourself from the previous engagement with your family and someone close to you as kin. See if you ever speak directly from your heart. I have seen a woman in the book of record who was hearing a conversation between the Celestial king and the Terrestrial noble Abraham. Yes, Abraham. He is a very popular figure in the history of the world. On his way from the heavenly places to the earth, the God of the heavens met Noble Abraham. Before I continue, I want to show you the meaning and benefit of lovingkindness. It's a considerate approach to the heartfelt likeness to supply the necessary needs as a result of goodness and love. I hope that you now understand the meaning of lovingkindness. To make it simple, what you desire to be done to you, do for others. After the long journey from the celestial entity, the three superhumans were already tired. Abraham the Noble saw them worn out because of the long voyage. He ran towards the three men to welcome the people he was meeting for the first time to his home. home. He prepared a great feast for them with his wife, called Sarah. Before I forget, he also washed their feet and killed a domestic animal in his backyard before they proceeded to their destination. God, among the three superhumans, was indeed very happy about the kindness that the noble Abraham showed to them. He made a vow to return the kindness through his wife, Sarah. The Celestial King promised to give his wife a son in her old age. When the aged woman heard the men's conversation, she doubted in her heart, but God perceived her thoughts. He called the woman to ask to know why she doubted it, but Sarah denied it.

She told a lie about what truly took place deep down in her, but the Lord didn't argue. If you are with me on this journey, you should never argue again, because you now know that God refused to do so with the noble Abraham's wife, Sarah. The Celestial King understood the noise that was running through the woman's heart. The meditation in the heart of a man is great noise to those who can hear it out.

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  • The Inside Noise (Episode4)
    The Noise Inside is like a rushing stream. "Only God can withstand the echo of the noises that stream through men's hearts. How dare you call somebody a mad person? You do not acknowledge the fact that your heart keeps silent only when you are dead.

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