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The Inside Noise (Episode 9)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.


Thoughts are Powerful

"The tiny stick floating on the pool" is used to depict the evidence of restoration to give hope to the young people in the face of their deadly fear. The boisterous winds and noise of thunder and lightning are sure evidence to demonstrate how God came through for the salvation of men in the last hour of doom. The struggles, malice, and appearances of the beasts take place in the hearts of bad men who sojourn among the people. Goodness is in the hearts of those who go out each day to help contribute to the peace, joy, and progress of others. As a result, man's terrestrial estate is divided.

The Book of Psalms 2: 2-3 states that the kings of the heart conspire to cause division among men. Who are these kings mentioned in the Holy Bible? I hope you are not now thinking about a king in one country. Kings of the heart are not the actual kings we can see with our eyes. If any king does what is sore bad, his people will remove him from his throne with no hesitation. The kings of the heart are fallen ones from the celestial. They would not be naked on the terrestrial so people would cry to their God for help. It is like a strange animal putting on a man’s trousers.

The fallen ones influence the rulers of the earth to manifest their intention for human damnation, a struggle the space.

This is why there can never be peace restored on the earth again. The people are after everyone to take them down. They cause division of the body, spirit, and soul of those who are not aware of this truth. They daily cause the pain of emotional depression, sickness, disease, and the fury of men to trump over men. God would not let anyone fall sick or go through a certain poor condition in life, though he allows it so that his glory may be seen and his power of endurance remains forever. The evil spirit that used the snake against Adam and his wife, Sarah, also tempted Cain against Abel and could use anything on the earth or the planet to fight him. God will come through for you against the odds of life. I strongly believe that nothing is a natural disaster. A branch of a tree would not cut itself off without a certain influence, such a thing which could not be seen by ordinary sight. There is a mind and motive behind any action that is being done to anything that shows an unusual order. I would not too quickly forget the thoughts of Christ, who champions and advocates forgiveness. It is the new order that rules the celestial and must be done on earth. The spirit fails, even before the almighty God. There are two terms for failure. Failure due to a lack of strength or ability, as well as intent error. Why you must need to forgive your brother is not limited to what people say about it every time, but your efforts apply to attaining an understanding level to some extent. Then you’ll discover that the person that wronged you is not flesh and blood. There are dividing demons in high places that workman against man, nature against the same, or may have an aggressive attack on man. The devil who worked the snake on Adam is very much at work, roaring like a lion that is ready to devour. If you have realized the fact also, you will learn to practice in your heart so that you can be made clean and approved by God.

The thought of man is very powerful. His life is in it. What is on the mind of man? If you have ever been bullied by friends, or maybe some other guys around you due to your slackness, it would be easier to recall how different thoughts run through your mind and how you could defend yourself. To avoid the bully. The Bible does not teach anyone to mock their fellow humans because it makes the person irrelevant and they may even feel a sense of self-rejection. The fallen ones are the spirits that mock mankind. You are the type who enjoys making the best of your time with friends or strangers. I might wish to let you know that the spirits that work in your life are truly not from the good Lord, who is always at work doing the best of services for the human race.

What else should be mentioned about the celestial sect that makes war with you?

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Though you may not know it, demons are everywhere in this world. They are in your sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, and the beautiful garden you have built for yourself. Where there is no man, and you are left alone, they are presented with you. There is an antidote to fear, high anger, and high blood pressure; it is love. I shall write about the institute of love, and how to exercise it until you are made perfect. You should not be afraid because you are reading the truth. The protection of the Lord is upon you. While Christ was in the deserted place alone, the devil was presented with him there. I am not saying almost, but almost, because I do not know the time. Ask the living Christ to give you the careful spirit, and he will supply it to you immediately. I wrote that you should not be afraid if you read this because you are already spiritual, and the holy angels of the Lord are with you, with the eye of HIM watching over you. When someone makes mention of your name, your attention will be shifted towards the person. So, do not panic; you are part of his family. He always listens deeply to notes and identifies your voice from all the noises that go to him in our hearts. The whole world is like a 24/7 manufacturing company. The noises that go to him keep his warmth. He is pleased when we make a noise before him in the assembly of the righteous as children.

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