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The Inside Noise (Episode 8)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.


Spirits of Division

What is division and from where does it come? I will start by focusing my first conversation on spirits. The heart of man is unguarded and sometimes at the risk of being attacked by dirty streams, like some stupid noises, not pleased to be heard by God. Sometimes dogs bark at you when you appear too gentle. I must say that it is never a good thing for you just to be embarrassed by dogs. Well, if you are familiar with this phrase that says, "Beware of Dogs," you might have some clues to understand my points. The phrase was first used in the Bible, telling every faithful person to be careful of the negative words the evil and wicked men used around us to make us lose focus. In the world, are we all on the same page? No, Do not expect the man sitting next to you to be like you. There are strangers in the world everyone that who truly loves must be aware of. They are everywhere, to cause the flame to rise higher, and unbearable for the just person that is willing to make all right look right. The fact that you are a righteous person is why things would not return to normal. The children from hell do not always allow peace to have its way. They cause the matter to heat up and be very high flame beyond the quench. I love foxes, doves, and lions because they walk together most of the time. Pearl group is wonderful but can be very dangerous if one is not careful. I suggest that you can make the type that friends who love the Lord and seek to live in the present truth.

Have you been to the woods near a small pool of water lately to see children playing?

There was a gentle breeze, a smile, and refreshing warmth on all the faces of the people present until the appearance of some wild wolves and foxes just showed up to quickly take the air of peace away from everywhere. The terrifying beasts terrified everyone, young and old, children and adults, alike. Some of them continue to play around with the bites of snakes, scorpions, and dangerous spiders that could easily claim the lives of many.

There was not a single weapon around to scare these beasts away from hurting anyone. The pang of fear plus the curiosity about leaving the horrible scene grips all the people, especially the elderly. Thank the Lord, because of the young men that were involved in the situation, which left the old ones clueless and the children defenseless. Even without weapons in their hands, the youths stood up to face the killer's beats with their hearts alone.

Oh, my God! Did you say that?

Yes. They trusted not their physical strength, but in the inner pulse and the mind of justice. The wolves and foxes stood firm to fight. The young men were left with no other choice than to defend their territory. The battle is about to erupt between them when an old man sees a tiny stick float on the water. He quickly launched himself and took with a stretch of hand to the front with his back bent toward the pool, looking at his back care if the enemies were on him. He reached out to the stick and handed it to the youngest among the youth in a glance. Bring it, hey throw it let me attack these beasts. The young man said, let me, I pray for you. They were four courageous young boys and a girl. This is a battle to the end. The wicked beasts trusted in their long scary teeth and were ready to devour everyone.

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A fierce fight

A very strange thing happened as the two fractions were about to attack in a fierce fight. There was a whistle from sudden strong winds. The noise from the wind speaks of many strange alterations that cannot be understood by listening alone. Thunder is also struck with hangry lightning from the cloud. I began to wonder if the celestial host was currently fighting for the defenseless men or had come to favor the evil beasts.

Do you know that every beast that rises to attack a man has also disobeyed the commandment of God? The instruction was given by God that men should rule over all the creatures on the earth. God rules in the kingdom of men.

Remember that narrated how Satan is supposed to be the teacher that gives instruction and wise counsel to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? He was also the instructor of the animals in the garden, including the snake. The old Satan first used this lowly animal against Adam and his wife, Sarah, to turn them against the rule given by the God of heaven.

Satan and his evil ministers still use man’s best closeness to take him down. On the terrestrial, animals and other creatures coexist with humans. This can not be trusted based on my experience with them way back. Be careful of dangerous animals that can claim life.

Now, let me explain the genesis of this event: the fight between the people and the deadly beasts. Wolves and foxes are types of people who are the manifestation of devils from the celestial. Messengers of the devils are not limited to animals alone; they also live among men. It is beyond argument that man is rising against man and malicious war between one kingdom and another. At the beginning of life, the devil used Cain to kill his only brother in the field.

The woods, as used in my narration, means a group of people or an entire community, where many people gather. It is the representation of man. It also forms a common community. While the pool here as used here implies the course of the event, The actual focus that brought the people together, both the good and the bad.

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