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The Inside Noise (Episode 6)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller


The Fallen Ones

Take great care in deciding what you want. They could lead to greed for power and resources, which is dangerous to your soul. When the amount is small but manageable in the hand, it is sufficient to organize and command a specific event(s). Maximize the little through good research and hard work. I hope I have not become a counselor or teacher of this advice. Due to scarcity caused by the celestial strong, much is not given at once. In one way or the other, the wind of their menace is affecting everyone. I credit you if my understanding is made known to you, even as it is about to be talked about now. Someone once said, "Do not think that I have brought peace to this world." I hope to shed more light on this extract from the Lord's teaching. I support the notion that there won’t be peace in the world again because the fight has just begun over there and the boisterous wind would severely be strange on the terrestrial part. Nevertheless, peace would not be taken away until the point where the whole matter is concluded. The almighty God is a gamer. You are favored if you are (s)elected to play on his team.

What does "demon" mean?

The meaning of a demon is not farfetched. As an artist, I make the first artwork. Later, I got an idea to make another form of the first, or I chose to reject and destroy the earlier work to please myself in other ways. To put it simply, demon means to reject, refuse, and never have likeness again. The fallen angel was demonized from the face of God. A Bible scholar would quickly recall the story of Elisha the Prophet and his servant Gehazi. The moment he coursed him was when leprosy clutched him all over his body. God delivered the fallen angels to the chain of darkness to be reserved for eternal deviation. I am not writing about them to bring ridicule, or show disregard for the fact that they used to be good ministers to God. These people got rejected because of you. Yes, I mean you, of course. There might not even be a Satan or evils if the Lord had not created man. That is one more reason why you live in this world with fear and trembling because the ones that are railing accusations against everyone on the earth do not relent. A bird is crying, scatter, scatter, and another from a strong city also cries, but otherwise. By now, as you continue to read from my heart that is a ready pen, I know you will be mystic about the origin of evil.

There is a space where no man or angel has been before.

There is gold, silver, and other precious stones. The place you would most love for yourself and your loved ones to be.

In creation, there is the form of a pearl, attractive and very fitting for the above space. It is called want, desire, and needs. Everyone wants to be there when everything is new and glamorous. Failure to acknowledge this want is the origin of all evil, from heavenly places down to the earth. Sin has now become so popular in the entire world. I would suggest that you do not just read this piece for fun only, but to make a wise turning point in your quest for the original wants in your life. If you notice, I just wrote about wants, desires, and needs. This piece's points are not an understatement. I am convinced that everything I want in this world and heavenly places are in the hands of the one true God. Nobody knows what the creator, who created everything, has in himself. The exact time of the end of all existence in this first life is not known to all, except God. I am sure that secret things belong to him.

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I will shortly write about the story of the fallen angel so that you can be rooted in all manner of knowledge about this life and how everything is organized. Satan, the fallen prince of life, discovered the hidden treasure in himself but never inquired about where it was from. He also refused to ask a question concerning the strange endowment. The joy and anxiousness of this made him desire the impossible mission. Until now, he has not repented of the wrong decision to turn against the Holy One. It is like a man who discovers a new portion of land before his face. It is very unusual. The land is full of milk and honey which is also very beautiful to look at. He quickly began to plan on taking over the piece of land that belonged to a noble king. The noble King heard of his foolishness and was sore wroth because the field was for his plans. Let me now make it clear to you that the field is you and the entire human race. You and everyone else belong to God. He has everlasting plans to make everything new and beautiful at the same time. God must be credited for the flawless work he performed on man and all that he created. Satan, too, sees man as pleasing to the eye and desires him for himself to glorify.

Do you know what glory means?

It is happiness. Glory rejoices in the heart of a man. The little round hole in his heart is called a space. No man knows what is there, not even Satan has any understanding of it, but God knows. He’s keeping it a little secret. The space can be compared to a loaf that a man kept for his son who went on a mission sent by his father. The book of Philippians 4:6 says, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, make your requests known to God." If there was no 'need', there would not be "wants". It is the desire of the heart to an awesome discovery.

© 2022 Adedayo Oluwafemi

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