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The Inside Noise (Episode 7)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.


Lucifer’s Hidden Snake

Satan, known as Lucifer, discovered a thoughtful gift in himself to plant, build, and destroy. Though the essence of the gift is not for himself, a teacher must be sufficient enough before his learners, so he received the blessings of the highest. I may not be able to say much about his early life with the Lord, but the Bible recorded him as the Son of the Morning. I think that he betrayed his former brotherhood, having a high view of the latter glory for himself. God, the highest, was displeased with his thoughts and plans to achieve it. Notwithstanding, he would not stop him from fulfilling the desire of his heart for a while. Lucifer was not only the teacher of man but of all that lives on Earth, the Terrestial.

He looked at snakes as subtle living things, very lovely to look at and humbled to be around among all the animals in the field. Snake became so popular after working closely with the teacher, Lucifer. He usually sent the loathsome creature on errands as part of the training he would teach all things on the earth. Remember that I am writing about the hidden snake. The snake was a device or vessel that he used for his unforgiven mission. The serpent, the most adoring animal, as usual, was sent to the first woman in the world to be deceived. I can not stop thinking about the foolishness of man to be so cheap, with no understanding of the heart, passion, and exact point of feeling together with such a ridiculous snake.

Well, I would liken the snakes in our world today to humble and bright-shining people. I passed this blame because the snake was nothing more than a food-only animal. Since that day, God had instructed man to tend to all the creatures in lower ranks based on the Lord's dispositions of responsibility. All the animals were close to Adam and Evil in the garden of Eden. The love of God endures forever. I think man also partakes in the enduring nature of God by allowing animals to continue to live with us in homes. Because of the enmity between the snake and man, some daredevils still breed more snakes in their garden.

Do not turn against animals that you see around you after reading this story. The Lord that created all things wanted them in a human environment. That is why he demanded we take care of them as animals. The meaning of the noun as animal simply means' belongs to man’, and not that man belongs to it. I suggest that you only see an animal as an animal alone. People in this contemporary age celebrate animals more than usual, especially ‘dogs’. Every dog in the world now receives special attention. I would liken this age to the old world and the fall of Adam and Eve, because of their unusual closeness to the cunning creature before the carelessness of the spirit. We are in the modern world living in the old world system of carelessness. I have seen how people spend expensively on dogs, and I have seen many poor and unkept people stranded in the cold. It is never the right thing to do if we deeply desire a new fashion world where all things would be lovely and painless.

Understand the Sound of War Within

The joy of every race is ahead of time. The present pain can not be compared with the crown of glory and happiness ahead. Do you have any clue what a "crown" simply means? It is a convened promise of evocation by someone or sect for something to remain as concluded or agreed. It is a symbol of authority as a confirmation for something to remain in the same position. Before the song of victory, a battle must have been fought. There is a war within that requires the special attention of every faithful and diligent person who sees more to this life than what he is doing now. That you devote your time to reading this story is not just for fun. Secrets to unlocking great destiny are kept for your use in this place. Don’t be simple about this reading, but stand up and fight for your escape from the corruption that is in the world through want. Beware of those things you are targeting to acquire for the time to come. It is good to have goals to be met, as planned, and set out to achieve them. Allow time and the normal circumstances of life to have their way with you, and you may not be able to profit all at once. Failure is not the end of the road, it only means being patient and trying again next time. Pain in this world is inevitable. Everything good and pleasant to see is made out of obscurity. Let your wants be few if you are willing to achieve a great deal in this short life where people come and leave with nothing to take back. Do not be confused about your road to greatness, because there is no mixture with the Lord that made all things. Surely, it is important to be aware that you must take something back, leaving this dented world.

If there is knowledge somewhere and someplace that is valuable to survive in the present world, there are sustainable hidden crowns. to assure you of everlasting life. You will stand by the faith of the unmeasurable understanding of the great worth of knowledge that rejoices the soul in hope.

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There was a man. He was 50 years old at the time of the story about him I want to share with you. He was suffering from deep depression, and he called for an appointment with a psychologist and a counselor.

The wife said, "He is in severe depression. Kindly apply your expertise to the horrible situation of my husband."

The counselor started his counseling session with the man by asking him some personal questions while his wife was outside waiting for positive suggestions to assist him to overcome emotional distress.

The man opened his mouth and said, "I am overwhelmed by worry. I am distressed thinking about the pressure on my job, family problems, friends, fear of mortgage and car loans, and our children's education. I have lost hope in everything in this world because I felt people were looking at me like a cannon. They believed that I had everything, but I don’t have as much stuff as even a cartridge, so I am depressed.

After that, the counselor learned his story. He asked the man, "Which secondary school did you attend?" The depressed man, who worked as a security guard, responded very quickly by telling the name of the school he attended. He was looking at the counselor with confusion written all over his face. As expected, the mental health expert responded with words of advice and said, "I want to advise that you go to that school. When you arrive, look for your 'Class Register.' If you find it, look up the names of your classmates to get accurate information about their current locations and well-being. Also, write down all the information you get about them and meet me after a month. "

The depressed gentleman went to his former secondary, found the register, and copied every name in it. There were one hundred and twenty names in all. He tried day and night for one month. He could merely collect information from 80 of his classmates. If you have been reading this all along, carefully note the amazing scenes that left the depressed man speechless and that his mental health returned. The following is the information from the data he collected about his friends and mates back in his secondary school days: From the research, he carried out about eighty of his friends, twenty of whom were dead, seven had lost husbands and wives, thirteen were divorced, five were so recklessly poor that nobody could go around them, and six had become so wealthy that it was unbelievable and very hard to believe if somebody had told him before the time of his research. Some were cancerous, paralyzed, and heat diseased, and a couple of them were in bed with injuries to the spinal cord. One was in jail, so depressing to know about him. "

The counselor asked him, "Now tell me how your depression is."

The gentleman understood that he had no disease, he was not starving, his children were in good health, not unfortunate, and blessed with the goodness of God for the wife, work, children, and complete health. His health was full, and he could afford three meals for his family each day. His problems appeared to be okay and more normal than others. He realized that there was a lot of sorrow in the world and that he was very happy and fortunate altogether.

Speed food for thoughts:

stop the habit of peeping into other people’s privacy to determine if you are successful or not. Survive in the world with the love of God shining brightly in your heart. Be grateful for everyday life and all the things surrounding it. You have everything provided for you in this small world. In the real sense, the world is big and wide. But sadly, you will discover that you can only take one step at a time. Do not compare your fortune and misfortune with others, because everyone is moving according to what destiny demands. No man should be able to disprove the good and kindness of God.

The air we all breathe, the water that we survive from, rain to give food, the trees that give shade, animals for food and pleasure, and the sea and its creatures, are several of his blessings we can not think of or talk about.

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