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The Inside Noise (Episode 10)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.


The mind of Justice

What likeness would you think the assembly of the righteous would be?

The purpose of any assembly is to gather people for specific events. In this way, we are looking at different assemblies that are somehow not the same thing as the human bodily convention. I must not fail to let you realize the outlook of the form of a man in the spiritual image. So, everything he does has a spiritual presence. Social media is a scientific method that allows a large number of people to form groups or forums for social interactions. This is my drift. Every man in his right mind has a space in God. There is a high sensitivity to the supernatural connection of saints with God through prayers. Aside from the gathering, attendants, and fellowship in the worship places, there is an assembly in the realm of the supernatural or celestial, which brings all into one place. The angels, celestial elders in the house of God, and saints in the terrestrial have these kinds of forums or groups where God personally attends to issues concerning each of the members. Wow! The Lord says, "as it is done in heaven, so it is on the earth." Where do you belong, I mean, your soul?

Perhaps if you have seen a dead lion before, you would know how the eagles gathered around the carcass. By now, you might be thinking about joining this brotherhood and fellowship of the spirit.

How the Mind Works

"No man sees God at any time. God is in the spirit, a place where nobody can see anyhow. Just think of how secretive and big your heart is, able to contain the mighty king and all that he has to offer. You may not understand many things from this story if your heart is not in agreement. Let me give you a quick revelation about the heart and mind of a man. A heart is an open door that always receives and disposes of information. The mind is a vacuum or storage for memorization of what is received. Your heart has two functions: to receive and process data to be stored in the mind. The heart also can reject what has been received after much consideration. When the heart receives information, the mind will automatically relate to it if it is to be stored or rejected. The mind of justice would be switched on to consider the matter, which is worth it for acceptance. Now, man is not sufficient for all these processes; he must need to depend on something to have a judgment. That is why God wants to seek knowledge. He wants everyone to have an education, to have access to these keys to a good, equitable, and just life. Education is good for anyone that wants to be noble in the world, and it can form a man into a special figure. Here I have better knowledge and practices for you to help you with your heart and mind. God's life never fails and is always accurate, with absolute authority over all matters in the present and the future.

For every spiritual devotional student to attain the true mind of justice, You must be one of the members of this celestial realm. What did I point at here? The true mind of justice. Yes. It is exactly what you need. You are not meeting anyone somewhere to be part of this eternally valuable race with the God family. You are already his family because he fashioned you that way. What you need is to identify yourself in the right sense, the key to supernatural visitation and transformation into everlasting form. The promise is for you, your children, and your loved ones. The man called Jesus lived the same way when he was on the earth, and he has been the major leader and co-founder of the brotherhood. He is the Lord over all. You can only believe the truth if you allow your heart to open. You would realize that the truth never contradicts itself and can never be divided for a lesser good. When you start to tell all by yourself, it is possible. But I didn't promise you a victory if the power of the daring minds appeared. Continuity is the grace we believers enjoy through the Lord Christ.

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Power Rangers

The hardest thing to do in the entire universe is to be involved in a war. Everyone wants to be free. If so, fight for your freedom. Whether it seems good to fight or not, you are empowered by the means you do not understand or know. There are realms of power where much struggle endures. It is a wonderful story of gods and ranges of the spirit. Since you are among God’s family, you are programmed to fight in this battle. Satan knew this fact: that you are very much loved by the master of the universe. He uses tricks to get Adam into this rancor of the gods. It prompted the urgent journey of Christ, who came from heaven to make known all things to us. Many lives were wasted before they came to the world. They died without the knowledge of a new life. Though Christ visited the dead zone to spread the good news of a new heaven and earth, until now, people have died every day with no idea of what has happened in the past, to understand life now, and to prepare for the new one to come. Do you want to live in the new world that is to come? I believe you would say yes.

No one wants to die; we all want to live

There is a bitter truth: a man must first die before he’s raised to everlasting life. Raise your heart to confront every foe who stands in the way of your destiny. The presence of evil, devils, and demons in the world is to cause distractions, confusion, and disturbances to man, so that he does not see the light of the new world that is coming by a serious attack of pain, fear, depression, and obscurity. Don’t reject the Lord if he has not shown up while you are in pain, fear, and depression. There is nothing to be confused about. These are powers that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The poor experience is the work of the devils, a demonic attack. The obscurity you are in is the light to show the way to the daylight. Don’t be afraid, just keep moving along the path. Satan did not have a plan to stop fighting until you lost your life, especially away from God.

Can I lose my everlasting life with God? Yes. A man can miss the line to total freedom after this age if he’s not careful to fight in the battle. Also, the person who does not hear, knows, or receives knowledge of the information brought by the Lord Christ could die without being saved. I am happy that this is coming to you either for the first time or as breaking news to you. You have to fight, and if you are ready to do just that, read more about the way in the Bible. The good news about it is that there is joy coming.

© 2022 Adedayo Oluwafemi

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