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The Inside Noise (Episode1)

Adedayo is a life coach, preacher of righteousness and a story teller.

The Inside Noise


Only God can withstand the echo of the noises that stream through men's hearts. How dare you call somebody a mad person? You do not acknowledge the fact that your heart keeps silent only when you are dead. A mad person is unkempt and talking alone outside, but you reason with your heart. The noise is made from the outside and inside. Are they not the same? Nobody tells the truth, and I wish I had been during his short years. The study of my heart that would not be rejected or denied is the fact that you are a liar, but he was truthful for the worthiness of the record of his life that is the reality through practice. I submit to Him because He withstood the course of a very strong wave of the dark path and conquered it. I would say that no man is like him in his entire existence. He lived on the surface of the earth with stable streams that trickled forever. His word contains power and authority, and that makes a staggering form balanced and void in perfect shape. He speaks the truth of his heart. Could it be that he doesn't think much? Or maybe he was not fashioned to reason like most men.

My googling with God has made me jump to the conclusion that every man is the same, but the supernatural one is entirely different and unique. I wonder how many times a day several thoughts stream through my head. Communication proceeds from the heart. I just can't stop thinking of the entity that speaks to his heart; I mean the Lord Jesus. How well do you suppose a man recognizes the hundred or thousand principal discretions made in his heart each day? Let me now eat. I want to go for a walk. How can I complete this assignment? All these are the reflections of voiceless words from the stream of man. I wonder who is that person that everyone talks to quietly.

I tell you, it is a big noise. I just can not stop thinking about the dreadfulness of the highest God. He is like a vacuum that receives everything. The area where I was raised as a child is a grocery store and a farm market. I bet you can not endure the eruption of the big noise from the market community. Now, I'm not talking about the unspoken noise from everyone present, poised for the valley of decision. "Man" is a word family. I think that the noise of men is the fire that burns in them to breathe life, like a car that uses petrol to move. He doesn't like to exist all alone, so he decided to make a replica of himself. Agreement in the mind becomes visible when a decision is made.

Many Water Noises

A drop of rain makes a specific sound that is not quite understood, but it does sound like To-To-To. Since the word "to" doesn't carry more weight, literally "to" is a dependent statement with no affirmation or solid evidence. It's not yet been voted up or done. There is no praise or clap for the glory of incubation. It is an expression and a statement of the future. A drop of rain is called rainwater. That implies that water can not accomplish anything on its own. It is for man and other elements. To-To-To expresses the sound of a special fact that is coming to pass. Water can not benefit itself or have any value to itself until it accomplishes the purpose assigned to the drop. The raindrop never stops working until germination roots emerge from a plant. Many types of water are classified based on the specific sounds they produce, which vary depending on the type of formation and the purpose of acceleration. Like now, heavy-moviegoing stream screeches are popular with almost no expression of their purpose. You can not figure out the connotation of stream water until a special occasion is made out of it. It runs quietly like a very wise serpent that hides its heart behind its heart. You can hardly understand a serpent's next moves unless you can discreetly study to withstand its present achievement. Where it has landed, you see, will determine how you flow along, catching its head. Tame a snake by its body and experience a big bite from a viper. You are all in control when you take it by the head-neck. Create a special channel for the running stream to enable the incorporation of the accomplishments. No clear achievement is made by the noise of many glasses of water until a specific form is made that gives a response to the hunt for souls. It is rationally agreed upon, and a clap is given. The sound given by a stream of water is a clap. You then have a clear site direction for the incorporation of the water channel. Visits stream side always if you desire to see distance. A man is born also of water, and without form, no man is made.

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The Mission of a Stream

The mission of a stream of water is to form humanity. Jesus Christ ascertains that a man is born of water and the spirit. A flood reshapes human destiny. The wise catches it by the head-neck, while the fool does so in the body and it has no benefits to them. Give a clap to the great and mighty acts. The situation around you is worth catching in the head-neck, then you are in control to give direction. Look your problem in the face. Never doubt your inward ability to subdue its cutting edge. When you allow nature to do its worst, you are in power to direct the manifestation to favor your immediate environment. Create a concrete path for a stream to go through. Do not challenge or undermine its mission lest you are overcome. Give grace, allow it to flow, and create your strong path around it, then everywhere is peaceful. Allow the word of God to take form in you, just create a balance around it, and everything becomes easy and beautiful because the land is good.

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    The Noise Inside is like a rushing stream. "Only God can withstand the echo of the noises that stream through men's hearts. How dare you call somebody a mad person? You do not acknowledge the fact that your heart keeps silent only when you are dead.

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