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The Influence of Thought

S.P. Austen has practiced, written on and taught the subject of meditation for over 40 years.

When we consider the nature of our so-called reality, it is vital to understand perhaps the most important aspect of life in the physical world, and what this life actually hinges on: that aspect is thought.

Jesus said, "As a man thinks, so is he." What he meant by this statement (referring to both men and women) is that what anyone focuses on and gives their energy and attention to becomes their reality.

Therefore, what we think about constantly, we become, in essence. The consistent thoughts held in the mind about any particular subject gradually become part and parcel of the person's makeup. Eventually, you cannot separate the thought and the thinker. That is why, "As a man thinks, so is he." You become exactly what you think about physically, materially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It is the same reason why brainwashing and indoctrination can change a person's outlook, because a consistent line of thinking that is drummed into someone's mind will eventually mould that person into the thought itself.

Image by: johnhain

Image by: johnhain

Thought Is an Energy

Because we cannot 'see' something, does not logically infer that it is not there or does not exist. Our human senses are in fact far from highly developed, and only serve us adequately enough; many human senses such as sight, hearing and sense of smell are actually very poor in comparison to that of other animals.

We cannot 'see' radio waves, yet radio waves carry and transmit messages of all kinds, including music and news reports, which are around us every day and pass through our physical bodies constantly. Satellites in the space just outside of the Earth are sending messages back to Earth all the time and receiving transmissions from Earth day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second.

Our brains are very similar to computers, in that thoughts are emitted and transfer themselves to the outside environment, whether we actually 'see' these thoughts or not. Brain waves, emitted by particular thoughts, can even be measured electrically on EEG machines.

If you have ever entered a room where there has been an argument, you can sense the unpleasant electrical energy in the atmosphere if you are finely tuned to such things. If you are sensitive, being around a depressed person who harbours negative thoughts will definitely affect you negatively after some time. They don't even need to say anything, because just being around them will bring your energy down. They don't need to speak, because you can actually feel it for yourself. That person is emitting a negative vibration from the thoughts they entertain.

Mind Is Everywhere

We all live in a vast 'sea of energies' which we might call the ether, and it is along such energy lines that the invisible currents of electricity travel, such as radio waves mentioned above. Our own brains and mental make-up are sending out electrical impulses into the atmosphere around us all the time, and when you consider that many billions of humans are active electrical units sending out thought-waves like this, you may be able to build a picture of the vast network of energetic vibrations which we are all bathing in.

For this reason, it has been traditional for monastic orders of all kinds to seek out and live in isolated places, where there is enough physical distance from the thought-waves and physical noise of others and the world at large.

Although you may be living in a quiet place, if you meditate and entertain uplifting, beautiful thoughts, your mental vibrations will have a potent effect on others, perhaps reaching many thousands, through the invisible energy field in which we all live and move and have our being. A yogi meditating in the Himalayas or in a deep forest may in this way, have a positive effect upon humanity even though he is unknown by the world at large. Anyone can do this if they work at it, wherever they find themselves.

In order to understand this better, I give below an example of a true event which shows how mind can influence mind through this field of energy which fills so-called 'empty' space.

Image by: geralt

Image by: geralt

The One-Hundredth Monkey

In the 1950s, there was an experiment involving macaque monkeys. These monkeys were being fed their regular diet of sweet potatoes, which they loved. Those feeding the macaques just dropped the sliced sweet potatoes on the sand and dirt and the monkeys would eat them.

But a young female macaque disliked eating the sweet potatoes with bits of grit and sand on them, so she washed her food in a nearby stream to clean it off. She then taught this clever trick to her mother, and before long, other young macaques were copying this example and teaching their mothers, too.

But not all of the monkeys performed this innovative practice, and some of the older macaques continued to eat the sweet potatoes, dirt and all.

Eventually, however, the majority of the macaques were washing their sweet potatoes in this manner, and this carried on until a certain threshold was reached; it was decided to term this threshold "The One-hundredth Monkey" as it marked a turning point in the consciousness of these animals in a remarkable way.

What happened next was that other colonies of macaques on islands across the sea began to automatically wash their sweet potatoes in exactly the same manner, without having had any prior contact with the first colony of macaques who did this!

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This meant that something inexplicable had taken place; that somehow the action of the first study group of macaques had crossed an invisible threshold and had silently influenced other colonies of macaques hundreds of miles away!

This means that a thought, even in a humble creature such as a macaque monkey, can influence and change the consciousness of those around it, even those with whom it has had no physical contact.

The Morphogenic Energy Field

Some have termed the medium for this phenomenon as the Morphogenic Energy Field, or MEF. What this means is that there is an invisible field of energy in which we all live, move and have our being. Eastern mysticism has known about this field for thousands of years, and it has been termed as the etheric web or as an energy matrix.

We know that we can't see oxygen, or taste it or smell it, yet it's always been here. The MEF is exactly the same, it can't be seen, tasted or smelled, yet it can transmit the energy of thought and emotion through its medium.

The MEF can be understood as a superconscious thought-form. It is the presence of MIND, an Over-Mind, if you will, that governs all things. It doesn't matter how we interpret it, or try to explain it, all that matters is that this Mind is present everywhere, and influences everything all the time, whether we know it or not.

Guard Your Thoughts

With this information in mind, it seems that we must all guard our thoughts; although we may often go through life with the attitude that no one can know our thoughts (at least, not outwardly) our thoughts do indeed have an effect upon others around us and people in the world at large, in terms of mass thought, or mass consciousness.

We have a responsibility for our thinking as much as we do for our speech and our actions. What we hold in the 'background' of our mind is very real, tangible energy, which affects others in often profound ways.

Certainly, sensitive souls will know that they were affected adversely by the unspoken thoughts of those who brought them up at home or educated them. How many of us have not been affected by the presence of someone who 'makes us nervous' or 'puts us off our stroke' simply by their silent criticism, negatively directed towards us? As soon as that particular person leaves, there is a return to normal functioning, and a sense of relief that the person has gone.

It is the invisible vibration of thought that is directly responsible for these states of mind engendered in us by someone else. Although of course, such feelings of insecurity around a certain person are due to past experience of them being verbally critical or even doing some physical action to unsettle us, we are still subject to that person's repetitive mental attitude. Words do not always need to be spoken to reveal what someone is thinking. We can feel it.

By contrast, being around a person who is kind, confident and generous, inspires in us similar feelings, and we tend to perform well, or even excel, simply because that person is there and they 'bring out the best' in us. In other words, the background of their mental vibration is one of positivity and silent encouragement, and we do well under such an influence.

Mind, Emotions, and Body

In my days working as a spiritual healer, I coined a phrase that I used as follows:

"The physical body is a condensation of emotional and mental vibration."

What this means is that all of those trillions of cells that make up your physical body are nothing but condensed energy. That energy is actually moulded by thought and emotion, in all its myriad forms and variations.

Each person, as we see them, is a mass of trillions of atoms, revolving, jostling and interacting in a vast internal universe that we call a human being. Even amongst the animal kingdom this fact holds true; if a bird sings, it is vibrating into the whole of its body, so that the whole of its atomic structure vibrates like a universe in miniature, echoing the 'music of the spheres.'

Each one of us is a microcosmic universe in the vastness of the macrocosmic Universe in which we live, move and have our being. Every thought, every emotion, sets up a vibration in the atoms of our physical form and makes that form into what it appears to be. Anyone who has studied the subjects of Physiognomy and Body Language will know that the body is only a reflection, down to the smallest minutiae of what the person essentially is, both in thought and emotion.

Image by: Trandoshan

Image by: Trandoshan

You Are What You Think You Are

Whether it be in health or disease, happiness or misery, success or failure, your body must manifest those thoughts and emotions that you harbour accordingly and reflect those very same consistent thoughts and feelings into the body, shown as health or disease, happiness or misery, success or failure.

As a man thinks, so is he...

A person who entertains healthy and happy thoughts expressed with gratitude will exhibit improved health and well-being. New vigour and youth show themselves in the poise of the body and in the very features that we present to the world.

But it must be consistent.

It has been said rightly, that we carve out new grooves in the brain when we think along a certain line constantly. You can see these thoughts written in a person's face. In other words, we use certain parts of the brain more often and create a mental habit. Habits can be detrimental or uplifting, depending on how frequently we entertain a certain thought and revisit a certain emotion.

Thoughts and emotions, are after all, only habits.

Habits can be broken, however. Habits can change, and be supplanted by new and better habits. It just takes practice in order to stay with them regularly until the new, positive modes of thinking and feeling become predominant.

Meditating daily, focusing on what you have to be grateful for, and thinking positively are thoughts and emotions that will actually change your life. Create new and better habits and create a new destiny for yourself, at every level. You will not regret it.

Image by: geralt

Image by: geralt

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on October 02, 2018:

Thank you Tehseen, I truly appreciate this wonderful comment. I hope that it leads you on to greater truths! Best wishes, SP Austen.

Tehseen on October 02, 2018:


What a fantastic article

Thought provoking

God bless you!

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