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Lord Krishna's Teaching is the Essence of Life.


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Lord Krishna


The Importance of Janmashtami

Janmashtami means Gokul Ashtami. This holy day is the birth of Krishna. In the month of Shravan, on the day of Vadya Ashtami, at midnight on Rohini Nakshatra, Lord Krishna was born in the prison of Kansa in Mathura. So it is customary to celebrate on that day.

This festival is celebrated all over India. It is found in large numbers in Gokul, Mathura, Vrindavan, Dwarka, Jagannath Puri. In Orissa, Dahihandi Jatra or Dahibhanga Jatra is celebrated on this day. It is customary to fast on the day of Gokul Ashtami. On this day, many people celebrate Janmotsav by creating a scene of Gokul-Vrindavana in their homes. Vaishnavism people observe this day with special devotion. Dolotsav is celebrated on this day in Vrindavan.

On the same day, Raslila, an important concept in Krishna's life is presented. They set up idols of Devaki and Krishna on the stage. On the other side are the idols of Yashoda and her newborn daughter, Vasudeva, Nand. They fast on Ashtami day and also offer Farala's goods to God. After listening to the Leela of Krishna's birth in Gokula, Vaishnavism should sprinkle curd etc. on each other. Krishna is given prasad by combining butter and sugar. The special prasadas prepared for the festival are called Gopalkala..

Lord Krishna Idol


Types of Krishna Jaynti Celebration

Krishna Jayanti is celebrated all over India. In Maharashtra, especially in Konkan, on the occasion of this festival, Dahika is celebrated on the second day and fasting is broken by consuming it. Singing Govinda Aala Re Aala, many young men go from house to house dancing and breaking the curd.

On this day in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai, Govinda is an adventurous game of breaking a cauldron full of curd and milk in a tall soil pot and reaching there from a human tower. Gopal is the offering of Kala on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Krishna i.e. the cowherd. Kala means to get together. Gopalkala is a prasad made by adding pohe, sorghum lahya, grain lahya, lemon and mango pickles, curd, buttermilk, soaked dal, sugar, fruit flakes etc. This was very dear to Krishna.


The importance of Man's Karma

From birth to death, Krishna's life was in crisis. However, as it is a part of struggle, it gives Kanha the strength to face the situation without facing it. Because karma is the duty, we should not forget it. The message that Kanha loves butter that is eating foods that are good for health will be useful for our body. Eat pure, energy-giving foods and stay healthy.

Krishna had acquired knowledge of 64 arts in 64 days. Of course, Education should not only be a book study but also useful for personality development. He never left his close friend and also his relatives and also his childhood friend Sudama. They won the war for relatives and for the truth. Of course, no matter how great you are, it is important to maintain relationships in life. Knowing that the Pandavas might have to fight the Kauravas, they already forced the Pandavas to become stronger and stronger.

Of course, it would be better to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next situation. Even after enduring insults, Krishna was smiling and calm. Of course, success comes with a calm mind. Decisions made in anger and rage without regard to time and place can be dangerous. Despite his superiority, Krishna never kept an eye on anyone's kingdom and did not even take credit for winning the war. Of course, keep yourself away from ego. Lord Krishna gave such a teaching to all human beings in the world.

Lord Krishna's Last Journey


How did Lord Krishna give up the body?

Lord Shri Krishna took the earth for 125 years. After that his dynasty got cursed that the entire Yaduvansh would end. This curse was given by a sage to the Yaduvanshis for making trivial mockery by dissolving their penance. Lord Krishna then told Uddhav that the entire Dwarka was about to end. So now you go away from Dwarka and go to Badrinath and do bhajan. Along with this, he also gave his step footwear.

All the Gods and Goddesses have come to know that Lord Krishna, the complete Purushottam, is about to end his pastimes. Therefore, all the gods and goddesses came to the sky to see the Lila of the Lord. Shri Krishna was lying under a tree. A hunter named Zara came there. When he saw the feet of the Lord from afar, he thought that there might be deer there. Realizing the deer, he shot an arrow and went at the feet of the Lord.

When he came near and saw that the arrow was not placed on any deer but Sri Krishna, he started crying and apologizing to the Lord for his misdeeds. Then Shri Krishna told him that you were Bali at the time of my Rama incarnation and then I hid you and shot an arrow. I was accused of shooting arrows from Tretayuga. But today I got rid of your arrows. Saying this, God embraced Zara. Only then the conch, chakra, lotus flower and mace of God appeared and only then the god died.


The Teaching of Gita

The verses in the Bhagavad Gita are the essence of life. You know this. Lord Vishnu took Dashavatar for the welfare of the world. The seventh incarnation of Shriram and the eighth incarnation of Lord Krishna were especially famous. Limits, love, sacrifice, promise made Ramavatar meaningful. So Tattva, Karma, Dharma, Bhakti made Krishnavatar meaningful. The two events of Ramayana and Mahabharata are timeless. That is to say, the philosophy, karmamarga, dharmamarga, bhaktimarga stated at the time of this incident are still applicable today.

From his childhood, Lord Krishna not only amazed the society through his leelas, but also gave teachings. Just as Lord Krishna cannot be complete without the Bhagavad Gita, so He cannot be complete without Radha. Everyone knows the love story of Radha and Krishna. As much as Lord Krishna loved Radhe, he also loved the flute. It is said that there was a flute link between Lord Krishna and Radha.

The teachings of the Bhagwat Gita are the answer to the question of life. Man's life is a struggle in a way. Only the Bhagavad Gita teaches us how to find a way out of this life's struggle.

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