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The Importance of Astronomy, Health and Harmony in Sankranti Festival

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Sankranti festival celebrated in Hinduism. It spreads the message of affection.


Unique Festival Is Makar Sankrant

Sankranti is a festival of social and physical seasonal food, nutritious food, keep the physical and mental health. The people talk sweetly to each other and increase affection is the bearer of this message. Some festivals are celebrated everywhere in our country. As the state changes, so does the tradition also changes, but the enthusiasm for the festival remains the same. In the same way, one who teaches sweet talk by forgetting differences, should be celebrated by all religions.

Makar Sankranti is very important festival in Hinduism. On this day the Sun enters the Northern Hemisphere which is called Uttarayana. From a religious point of view, it is believed that the day of heaven begins. On this day the gates of heaven are opened.

Since Hindus are chronologically based on the lunar year, their festivals are celebrated every year on different days and on different dates. But Sankrant comes on 14th January every year. This is because of the scientific compromise made between the lunar calendar and the solar calendar. The lunar year has 354 days, while the solar calendar has 365 days. There is more mass every three years to fill the gap of 11 days. Therefore, according to the solar calendar, Sankranti always comes on 14th January. The scientific cause of Sankranti moving forward is linked to the rotation of the earth.

The rotation of the earth around its own axis is called the rotation of the earth. The Earth's axis is south-north, and to the north it is generally bounded by a pole star. The earth revolves around itself from west to east. We know that the pole star, the earth rotates counterclockwise.

The earth completes one revolution around itself in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4,099 seconds. It considering the sun, the earth completes one orbit in 24 hours, or one day. This difference is due to the earth's orbit around the sun. The difference per day is 86,000 (24 hours second) / 365.25 (one day in a year) 3 minutes 56 seconds. Due to this difference, the dates of Makar Sankranti are moving forward.


According to the English month, this day usually comes on 14th January. According to the available information, the dates are as follows:

In the year 1600 AD: 9th January

In 1700 AD: 10 January

In the year 1800 AD: 11 January

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In the year 1850 AD: 12 January

Makar Sankranti means the Sun will enter Capricorn on January 14 this year at 2:29 pm. In Hindu tradition, the period of Uttarayana is considered more auspicious than Dakshinayana. In the Mahabharata, Pitamah Bhishma was wounded in battle and was waiting for the Uttarayana. He has the gift of euthanasia. He died when Uttarayana started. This story is famous.

Some festivals are celebrated everywhere in our country. As the state changes, so does the tradition, but the enthusiasm for the festival remains the same. Makar Sankrant is a unique festival that should be celebrated by all the religious people who teach to forget differences and speak sweetly.

Makar Sankrant comes in the month of Poush. This is an important Indian festival related to solar chronology. As our culture is based on agriculture, these days women give gifts to each other. They also offer offerings to the gods, such as harbhanya ghats, sugarcane, sacks, wheat husks and sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds are of special importance for the health of the body. Sesame contains essential nutrients for body as well as beauty. Therefore, eating sesame laddu helps to keep dry skin healthy in cold weather and also helps in enhancing beauty. The calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium present in sesame are beneficial for the heart. The use of sesame oil in food also helps in maintaining good heart health. Therefore, it is beneficial to consume sesame seeds for a healthy heart.

Sesame and jaggery are both hot foods. This is a cold time. Therefore, mole is useful for generating heat in the body. Also, since it is hot, other fortifying foods like millet bread, butter, muga dal khichdi, brinjal, solane, pavte, carrot are used in this meal. Another meaning of using sesame is smoothness. Smoothness is a mixture of affection and friendship. The purpose of this was to increase the sweetness of love, to exchange these sesame seeds on this day, to increase affection, to add new affection. The noble intention of enriching the old relation and restoring it this is the motto in this festival.

The iron and copper in sesame helps in the absorption of iron in the body and is useful in disorders like rheumatism. It is because of this property that sesame oil is used for massage. Research has shown that sesame contains an antioxidant called sesame which works to stop the growth of cancer cells. It is effective in treating cancers like lung cancer, stomach cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Capricorn transition day is considered a special auspicious day. At this time, Poojaarcha, special Ganga bath, charity is done in different places of the country. It helps the poor, the needy people. Sankranti is celebrated for three days in Maharashtra. Bhogi is the day before Sankranti. Then Sankrant and then Kikrant. Donations are very important on the day of Makar Sankranti.

The people who donate on this day. There is a belief that the sun gives them those things in every birth. The majority of women donate useful gifts. It also brings together and exchanges happiness and sorrow. In this way, the festival of Sankranti is a social and physical season in its respective fields. Human eat nutritious food and keep it healthy. People talk sweetly to each other, increase affection is the bearer of this message.

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