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The Illusion of Evil

Val offers his views on dogmatic aspects of cultural paradigm with its religious, political, and medical sterile indoctrinations and taboos.

The fact that something has been believed for eons, doesn't make it real.

The fact that something has been believed for eons, doesn't make it real.

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your home.

-- George Carlin

Man-Made, Like Boogieman

If we cared to remove all man-made scary stories and illustrations of demons, hell, Satan, and anything else that has been used for advertising evil, what would be left in our minds to support the existence of it?

Indeed folks, other than some brutal acts of deranged humans, could anyone of a fully conscious mind step forward and provide an objective evidence about any "sinister forces", or "evil entities"?

Let me emphasize, I said "fully conscious", not a hallucinating mind, or one that has succumbed to a strong suggestion. Namely, a good hypnotist, or an impressive collective indoctrination could easily produce images of either hell or heaven in the minds of some otherwise normally functioning individuals.

If you ever attended an illusionist's show, you would be shocked by his ability to twist your perception of reality, with you ready to swear that what you saw was really there.

Belief is a tricky thing, indeed.

Believing in evil falls in the same category with believing in a boogieman or a tooth fairy -- and you know it's only a part of a long list of things that people believe, some of it being downright insane.

The question we should ask ourselves, is -- how could two opposite beliefs coexist in the same mind, like believing in our being protected by god, and also believing that we could be victims of "evil forces".

Indeed, folks, belief in a celestial struggle between good and evil is crazy, because that leaves us with belief in both heaven and hell cancelling each other out.

Faith and fear cannot coexist in the same heart. We can't trust that our faith in god will protect us -- and at the same time harbor fear that evil may get us. One has to go.

For a little illustration, just in case that all this looks unconvincing to you -- let's say I am planning to enjoy every moment spent on those Hawaiian beaches, meaning a lot of swimming, not just eye-balling those bikinis when my wife is not watching.

But then, every time as I am stepping in the water, I am very careful about a possible sight of that black triangle sticking out of the water, meaning a hungry shark.

Now, how can I possibly enjoy that swim while being so cautious, call it scared? Especially if I have heard too many stories about those shark attacks happening on those beaches.

The human nature is funny in that respect, as we always get more impressed by stories about threats to our precious asses, than stories of fun and safety. It's a kind of normal, since our survival instinct speaks louder than our capacity for pleasure.

Meaning that in many, if not most of the people, believing in possible encounter with evil speaks louder than believing in encountering a scene of a Virgin Mary peeking and smiling from between clouds.

So there we go with a simple choice -- heaven or hell, ocean or swimming pool.

Giving wings of freedom to our soul, we can't be pulled down into dungeons of fear.

Giving wings of freedom to our soul, we can't be pulled down into dungeons of fear.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.

-- Blaise Pascal

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Having No Use for Belief in Evil

In the course of over half century, it has been my heart's passion to cultivate a "high frequency" positivism, which, quite ironically, surpassed the quality of "faith" of many a church goer that I encountered on my path.

Their frequent story was the one of fear, warning, criticism of "evil in this world", whereas mine seemed to be so much closer to that god they believed in -- with my chronic -- even if at times bordering with naive -- optimism, peace of mind, all refined through meditation, qigong, and a bright psycho-philosophy of living.

Nowhere in my stories there is a mention of evil. The only "evil" I know is generated by mental malfunctioning, bad wiring in a brain, and an overstimulated lower region of the brain containing animalistic survival urges that in their excess can be brutal, sadistic, and merciless.

Whenever I see on TV a beast throwing a half dead rabbit in the air "for a slow killing fun", I can imagine what's going in the twisted mind of a psychopath. And, while I can intellectually grasp the concept of "evil" as another mental construct that people have, I have no use for it at all in my own mental dynamics.

It's even more useless from a practical point of view -- for how can I uplift a friend's spirit by telling him that he is depressed because "some demons in him don't want him to be happy and he has no power to get rid of them".

And how could that belief in evil help me in any way, as it would merely create a sort of schizoid split in my spirit, between that part that's nurturing hope and faith in good outcomes in life, and another part that's questioning that possibility with fear.

My version of spirituality is heavily leaning towards the quantum theory, with its field of infinite potentiality, and with my responsibility to maintain a high level of positivism, which then manifests itself in my health and my circumstances -- even something that's called "good luck".

It was Einstein who said that "we cannot solve a problem with the same mind which created it." This brilliant message is telling us, among other things, that we can't remove "evil" from our lives by holding onto it with the mind that persists believing in it.

Again, it's our choice and our responsibility to choose from that infinite field of potentiality those things that are life-promoting, not sabotaging it with useless and destructive beliefs.

It's amazing how persistent can be some of our illusions which no one to challenge them.

It's amazing how persistent can be some of our illusions which no one to challenge them.

The belief in supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.

-- Joseph Conrad

Just Applied Universal Formula of Mass-Manipulation

Hey, let us snap out of this negativistic spell already. Someone said: "History only teaches us one thing -- that it never taught us anything". Millenia of wasted intellect that's shaming our name of "homo sapiens".

It's like we masochistically enjoy tormenting ourselves with all sorts of crazy mental constructs, and fall for any manipulator's story that comes around, from political to religious to medical to commercial.

There is this universal formula for manipulation with masses. It goes like this:

Use fearmongering to create a need, then present yourself as a provider.

Remember how Trump invented an assortment of American enemies as soon as he stepped in the Office? China, Canada, North Korea, Iran, non-paying NATO members, democrats, Mexicans, unpatriotic journalists spreading fake news...and then he presented himself as a savior to make America great again. Hey, the dude even said he was "the chosen one". (the Formula)

Remember Mafia visiting a corner store and telling the owner how the neighborhood is unsafe, and for a regular fee they would be protected. (the Formula).

Remember the medico-pharmaceutical racket with scaring the world shitless with this virus -- presenting their trillions-generating vaccine as the savior of the world, with more and more fully vaccinated ones getting infected around the world. (the Formula) (A bunch of much cheaper pills could have helped those sick, while letting the rest of the world live normally).

As well, remember the whole idea of evil serving to scare people, then to offer their souls a salvation from evil, for the price of their financially supporting non-taxpaying church, mosque, synagogue, temple -- pick yourself the celestial provider.(the Formula)

Fear is the motor force of brainwashing, and evil is just another tool. Even some parents use evil (boogieman) to make kids behave. (the Formula)

Well, like in so many of my free-minded articles, again I have to end it by saying that golden rule: To each their own, so nothing here is insisting on being the only way of seeing the theme of evil.

As usual, I am simply deriving some great fun out of expressing my out-of-box views.

© 2022 Val Karas

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