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The Harlem Shake Bewitches Christianity

My goal is to write articles that go against the flow to pique discussion, offer a different perspective and connect some dots.


Check out the Harlem Shake in this clip below to get a feel of what it is all about.

There is a fad buzzing around in the Christian churches that has become the new trend to appeal and draw in the younger generation. Just when you thought the supposed 'Holy Spirit' (Kundalini) meetings could not get any more crazier there is a new sensation that is appealing to church leaders who want to be even more savvier in the evolution of their seeker friendly doctrines by borrowing from mainstream pop culture and paganism.

Christians are pandering after entertainment and silliness instead of pointing to the ways of God by embracing and indulging in pagan experiences. These apostate leaders are bewitching the youth to embrace darkness by mimicking the fleshly behaviours of this world. They are manifesting in lewd behaviours because of the promotion of degenerative pop culture. Their carnal behaviours do not point to repenting for your sins, but personifying hedonism.

This is a phenomenon called the 'Harlem Shake'.


The Harlem Shake is tool that is brainwashing the masses. It has become a viral sensation on YouTube and everyone on Facebook is talking about it. Many people including church youth groups are making their own versions of this form of music video expression. It starts off by one individual with a helmet or mask on who dances and gyrates to the heavy bass music of Baauer in the first beginning seconds of the song. Others who are around that person look like they are seemingly unaware of what the gyrating dancing individual is doing. Once the bass drops in the song, the music video clip flashes to the entire crowd dancing, thrusting, gyrating and convulsing wildly to the beat of the music in a variety of different crazy outfits, masks and costumes. Most videos show everyone joining in some type of lewd behaviour by dry humping other people or having sex with the air by using their bodies as an expression of what is influencing them.

Church Missions Trip: Harlem Shake in China

Many youth leaders in the church system believe that by participating in the latest trend equates to being up to date with modern culture. Although some of the clips may seem like people are just having some silly harmless fun, the origins of this type of behaviour are not so innocent as it may seem.

This type of dance has its origins in voodoo ritual and Egyptian pagan worship. The ritual starts with a magician (witch doctor) who wears a mask or a helmet and moves wildly to conjure up demons to manifest in the participating crowd.

Similarly, the youth leaders in Christianity are utilizing these repulsive and silly actions to attract and draw youth into their apostate ministries. Instead of leading kids to God, they promote the Harlem Shake that pushes them into the realm of acting profanely. These leaders have absolutely no discernment when it comes to ho we are to act and behave before God. They are brainwashed into believing that the actions are supposedly 'redeemed.' Their shallow understanding of God's word exposes their ignorance that these behaviours are an abomination to the God. They need to repent for tainting young minds into lewd conduct in public places. These leaders putting garbage into children's minds and mockery of God and His holiness. These people give lip service to God and then partake of the Harlem Shake. This does not bring glory or reverence to God in any way.

Harlem Shake in the Church Building

Turning to God is about repenting the licentious lifestyle of sin. It has nothing to do with being cool and enacting the hedonistic behaviours of the world.

The mainstream media is manipulating the masses into accepting these types of behaviours as normal. Music affects individuals, especially adolescents where it motivates their thoughts and behaviours. It is something that many may see as harmless, but hypnotic beats affects to the limbic system of the brain overwhelming its other parts leading to a trance like state. It can be compared with falling in love where the one emotion can take complete control over an individual.

Harlem Shake Originates in Voodoo Practice

Christians are using these devices to get people to promote certain types of behaviours in the name of 'fun.' They are using hypnotic beats in their worship music to get the masses riled up into an emotional tizzy. Once this emotional state has manifested, they can be manipulated to do many things. This type of music is used in preparation to change perception by affecting brain chemistry. The manifestation is the lack of self-control and the desire to please man instead of God. Many Christians has no self-control, self-restraint or self-discipline because they allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated by man instead of being obedient to the ways of God.

The 'Harlem Shake' portrays the loss of inhibition that feeds the flesh.

The Affect on Children.

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Many in the church system are busy behind the scenes preparing and promoting the lusts of the flesh. The deception is in the illusion of emotions to entice and lure many into buying and believing in corruption and ungodliness. They become distracted from desiring to honour, serve and worship God in spirit and truth. Christianity has spiralled out of control with their open displays of debauchery.

Information on the Origins of the Harlem Shake

Christianity does not desire the word of God, but rather performs a demonically inspired hypnotic dancing circus. Simple research of the origins of the song and dance should be enough in discarding this filth that has been allowed to manifest.

This is not the working of God's people, but proof positive that the 'Harlem Shake' personifies the influence of drugs, drinking and sex.

Unfortunately, as the Harlem Shake fad goes away, it will still not stop Christians from gyrating to their carnal hypnotic beats.

The modern church system is not a beacon of light for God, but is a mirror of the ways of the world.


We must expose this darkness for what it is and contend for the faith so that many will wake up.

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Comments Appreciated

christinekv on May 22, 2013:

Hi P&N's,

Well the youth pastor from the congregation I attend I think is in full agreement with you. He said,

"Unfortunately, I am very familiar with this culture of "spirituality" that young people (including college age students) are being duped into believing. Sadly, I've noticed it mostly in the charismatic and Pentecostal movement. Many leaders have really misguided the youth in believing that spirituality is the goal, and on that basis results the many forms of their "spirituality". This is not the gospel. This is misguided and harmful to the body."

Another youth Pastor (my boys Pastor) seems to think it's a funny lil fad that kids aren't even interested in anymore and there are those who engaged in "the perverse" regarding it, and those who haven't, who just dance (in a manner that's clean) and act silly and there is nothing wrong with that. What made me uncomfortable was his comment that there is a fine line between being relevant and not conforming to the world.....wish we had a live discussion about this rather than just an email exchange since it's hard to read into what someone is really trying to say when you can't hear their heart. At the same time, I think I know him well enough to know that we disagree on what's acceptable and what's not in terms of walking with the Lord. For example, I have nothing to do with Easter and he will dress up like the Easter bunny. He is a zealous young man for God and hopefully if we are correct, (which I believe we are, but in a spirit of hopefully true humility I say this) the Lord will speak to him directly and give him fresh revelation and discernment. In the meantime, I guess it may be just another example of having to agree to disagree and let it go. At least he took the time to read over and honestly share his thoughts, experiences etc. My position is (as it is with anything and everything), it is indeed something to go before the throne about. God bless you for continuing to expose that which many may be in error about, out of a desire to see the Truth setting us all free.

christinekv on May 21, 2013:

Wow, I had no idea. Nothing surprises me anymore though. Thanks for bringing it to my attention P&N's. I will be questioning my two teen boys to see what they know about it and will share this hub with them along with some others leaders in the body.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on May 21, 2013:

All I can say is that it's truly sad.

North Wind from The World (for now) on May 21, 2013:

It is strange that you should write a hub about this. I really ignored this whole 'Harlem Shake' thing and put it down as utter rubbish but I am shocked and stunned that the 'church' would involve itself in it. I did see a video of it recently and completely dismissed it as trash.

It does not surprise me that witchcraft is involved because I have seen and heard about different rituals that act like that and the jumping and gyrating results because of possession. Mimicking that action is not wise - as a matter of fact it is very dangerous.

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