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The Great Saint in Maharashtra is Sant Gadgebaba


I did Post Graduate in English Writer. I always studied religion. Because the subject of saints is a part of life.

Saint Gagdge Baba

Saint Gagdge Baba

Saint Gadbebaba Maharaj"s Life

Debu i.e. Gadge Baba. Saint Gadgebaba was born on Wednesday 23rd February 1987 at Shengaon in Amravati district. His father's name was Zingaraji and his mother's name was Sakhubai. He was born in Janorkar family. His father caste was Parit. But he never did his business. He always farmed and worshiped God. But his father Zingaraji was always offering alcohol and non-veg to God. As a result, he became addicted to alcohol.

For this, he had to sell all the jewelery in the house for alcohol and their bodies were emaciated due to alcohol. Due to this problem farm also sold out. Zingaraji could see his death in front of his eyes. He always told his wife, Sakhubai, that Debu should never be addicted to God or alcohol. My life is in turmoil.

Debu himself used to clean the whole village with a broom in his hand. Let me give you an example. On the banks of the river Purna in Vidarbha used to hold a fair every year. The fair used to have a huge crowd. People used to wash their feet in the river and go to Devdarshan after bathing. But the road to the river was downhill. So there used to be mud in that water. The water was muddy. Some would fall into it and some would stumble.

He used to come to the temple with his feet covered with mud. So there was mud everywhere in the temple. But no one was paying attention. Gadgebaba saw it, not the dirty mud. How the temple should be clean but no one else should do it, I should do it. So Gadgebaba himself took a spade, a shovel, a basket and started digging the way down the river. Seeing that this was the only person working, everyone else came to their aid. The ghat was formed by removing the slope.

A man who came to the fair in Shengaon went to Sakhubai and told her that your son Debu is at the the fair. Then his old mother came to the fair and said to her son Debu let's go home, wife and children is waiting for you. On that Debu said why come home. Oh, what hope for this body? What to do if we come home and die tomorrow? The world is going to live by my existence.

I don't want to come home. Don't insist. I want to work for all of God's children. After that, his mother left the house without saying anything and blessed Debu for public service on the way.

He always used to wear torn clothes.

He always used to wear torn clothes.

Character of Saint Gagdgebaba Maharaj

His mother Sakhubai became helpless. They had no means of income. So what to do eventually, She came to Dapure village near Murtijapur with a small Debu. Her father farmed 60 to 70 acres. The house was well maintained. But Sakhubai did not like living in someone else's house and living on paralysis means dependent life. So Sakhubai used to get up early in the morning and start working.

She used to do all the works like washing dishes, sweeping, grinding. She told every night to Debu man should not live dependent life. An empty man should never stay. No one should eat for free. Debu used to listen to the same thing every day and help his mother in her work according to her strength.

Debu grew a little bigger now. His uncle gave him the job of keeping Janawar (cattle). Debu used to get up early for that. He used to clean the cowshed and lovingly graze the cattle. He used to take the cattle to the river and bathe them in a clean bath. Therefore, Debu's cattle used to stand out better than all the cattle in the village. People say Debu's animals look great.

There is no insect on the body of the animal or bee. How the buffalo look. How beautiful cows and bulls look. The clean animal and the clean herd were much appreciated by the people. Whenever cattle used to get sick and die due to epidemic in the village. But Debu's cattle were healthy and cared for. How to keep the cowshed clean.

He always to give to the people the importance of cleanliness.

He always to give to the people the importance of cleanliness.

His Message to People

Now Debu has grown up. His uncle gave him a farm job. He began to pay attention to agriculture. Cleanliness and neatness were inherent in nature. Debu used to get up early in the morning and go to the cowshed to graze the cattle. There was no litter in the cowshed. When the day dawned, Debu used to go to the field with the bull.

The stones were removed from the field and placed neatly on the side of the field. Taking care of the land showed him good results. So the income of agriculture started increasing. Now Debu's uncle was happy. So they decided to marry Debu now. Debu was married to the daughter of Dhanajiparat of Kamalpur. He got married in happily. Now Debu started his Sansar. Debu's life was going on in the field all day long. But Debu had a different idea in his head.

How ignorant people are. Debu was watching all this with his own open eyes. So he was very upset. Debu didn't even know what to do or how to do it. The parents and the people around them were very uneducated and ignorant. They had eyes but it was blind. They had ears but it was deaf. How everyone was stuck between caste and God. When will it end? Goats and chickens were sacrificed to God.

No one was listening. Instead, they say, 'You teach us wisdom.' If we listen to you, our religion will be destroyed. Now why is it time for us to get wisdom from you? Debu was devastated. Who will explain this? Where to bring a good man for this? Debu was tired of thinking that. He decided that it was his job to do it.

The statue of Saint Gadgebaba Maharaj

The statue of Saint Gadgebaba Maharaj

Saint Gadgebaba Maharaj Journey of Life

Finally one day dawned and that day was February 1, 1905. Debu woke up early that day. He looked at his wife and children with wide eyes. He took off his shirt and put it on. He took a stick in his hand. He left his own world means sansar, Debu left home for public service. He picked up a small pot that had fallen in the yard and started running wherever he could.

Debu began his journey with a vow of public service. Debu made up his mind not to eat for free, not to make disciples, and to wander as much territory as possible. He removed the branches of the tree and made a broom of it. Water bodies, temples, courtyards used to be cleaned of dirt. People come on pilgrimages, eat there and get dirty. Dirt spreads everywhere.

So he has to take the broom in hand now. What's your name someone wanted to call him a beggar again but Debu didn't want to say anything.

Now what to say to this man with rags on his body. Whatever the rag, it was clean. Whether it was a blanket or a piece of cloth, it was clean and tidy. He always had Ghadag (piece of pot) in his hand so he was called Gadgebaba and Debu became Gadge Baba.

Now Gadge Baba's fame started spreading all over. Gadgebaba used to do cleaning work during the day and kirtan at night. Gopala Gopala Devkinandan Gopala used to be Gadge Baba's hymn. In kirtan, Gadge Baba used to ask people questions and create awareness in them.

Gadgebaba's fame spread all over. The teachings of Gadgebaba were very valuable. The government named the sanitation campaign after Gadge Maharaj. This great man died on 20th December 1956 at Nangarwadi. Let us awaken the memory of the work of such great men only by working with a clean mind and cleanliness.

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