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God Is Good All the Time

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A freelance writer since 2011 and has been graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India

We’re Going Encountering Persecution For Doing Things Right.

You aren’t going to Jerusalem and die, Lord. Then you have to say to get behind me Satan. Because the Lord had already said he’s going to Jerusalem and die.

You aren’t going to Jerusalem and die, Lord. Then you have to say to get behind me Satan. Because the Lord had already said he’s going to Jerusalem and die.

Stand On The Sapphire Floor

It’s odd how people when they get a chance to ask questions they want to know how long Jesus’s hair was and what the color of his eyes was. They don’t ever ask me what he said, and they burned their question on cosmetic things. To tell you the truth when you meet him, you won’t be able to answer any of those questions. You’ll be face flat and you won’t remember what his eyes were. Once he allowed me to look at his face. I couldn’t look away, and I didn’t even look away. I don’t even remember looking down at his feet, and I don’t even know if there were nail prints on his feet. I'm sure there were but I didn’t see them. I didn’t see his feet. I just know that all his scars were removed off of his face.

He was beaten until he wasn’t recognized. People need to know that if you love God all things are going to work for the good. You got to keep moving. You got to keep going toward what God has caused you to see as your high calling. Your destiny. You’re special. Every one of you is needed. There’s no one that is not needed. That’s why people don’t even like going to church. They don’t feel needed. They don’t feel loved and honored and respected. We got to change that. We got to start ministering to each other and don’t put it all on the pastor.

The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He leads me into green pastures and in still waters. He causes me to lie down. He doesn’t feed you. He leads you to green pastures. You feed yourself. Well, but where does this say that a pastor is supposed to feed you. He’s supposed to protect you. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. He can use them not on the sheep, on the wolves and the bears, and the lions. I mean we got to honestly stay with scripture. That’s the scriptural precedent for a shepherd.

Teachers teach you, so you should have a teacher in your church. The pastor is looking out for false doctrine. Then he got the apostle too. The apostle is a father. He births new work. He births bodies of believers everywhere. Churches are not buildings. Churches are people. It’s a group of people, believers.

God’s influencing you as you keep moving. He works together with you to make sure everything’s good. This to those who are called according to his purpose. We have that calling. We stay diligent. We make that effort to enter in, and we don’t want to be just in. We don’t want to be found lukewarm. We want to be hot. We want to spend most of our time in the throne room on that sapphire floor. We want to stay hot.

Jesus told me this he was broken when he said this. I didn’t hang on a cross and go through what I went through for people to inherit the fence. He said I did it so that you can stand on the sapphire floor in the hottest spot in heaven. That’s what he told me, and he was sad. There were Christians. He showed me. All the Christians migrated to this fence that represented the one side, the world, and one side heaven. I was there with him and all the Christians were congregating around the fence. It was stretched out and there were very few that were in closer. He said my people are asking where the fence is so that they can live in the world and still go to heaven. They want to know where that spot is. In other words instead of asking where the hottest spot in heaven is, they are asking for the fence.

He allowed me to stand on the sapphire floor and then he showed me. He took me places and showed me what I would inherit. Because I chose to walk in the fear of the Lord, in holiness, in the separation. He said people would come here and will never know this place exists. This part, because they did not walk into the fear of the Lord. Can you imagine spending eternity in heaven and not knowing that there was more? He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. He is going to reward those who choose to sacrifice whatever it takes to walk with him down here. Those people that do that get a greater reward. It wouldn’t be fair, and Jesus explained this to me. It was an experience.

I can’t talk about it, but it was a terrible experience with another pastor and the sin that he was in. I was sent to him to expose him that he had a girlfriend and he’s married. When I exposed it, he fired me. I said well, you know I don’t want to work for somebody like you anyway. But Jesus appeared to me and he said. Do you think that it’s fair that he gets the same reward as you get when you get to heaven?

I had this description. Everybody was equal. I’d been brainwashed with some of this stuff. He honored me by appearing to me and then he told me. He promised me something that has happened immediately that day. It has happened ever since. It’s so favorable that I could just start laughing right now. I stood up for the Lord, and he said because you stood up for me I'm going to stand up for you. And every day I'm reminded of that. I have the favor of my life. He’s rewarding me even in this life. For that very day, that man lost everything. If you love God, you obey his commands and everything will work out according to his good purpose. If you love him, you obey him and all things will work together, all things no matter what.

I get a flight plan. I put it on the computer. I take off and I start to fly. The controller says we’re changing your departure now. You’re going to report to this. Fix at this altitude then report here. Then you’re going to change to this frequency. I have to. It’s fun on the ground when you’re not flying to put all that in. But now you’re flying and then you got to put this in and it messes up your day. I already had this the way I wanted it. But what I found is that no matter what things are going to change but you got to keep moving. You got to be ready for change. You got to be ready for the spirit of God to speak to you and tell you where the good place is because the devil is being tricked when God moves you. It’s because it’s warfare. It’s a chess game now. I know this, but I got to get this over to you.

You Are Fulfilling Your Purpose With Every Breath You Take

Things are not set in stone as you think. The angels are very smart, and they are directing you. The commander is Jesus. They have this coordinated and when the devil starts to move in a certain way they have ways of tricking him. That’s why you should pray in tongues all the time. Your plans could get changed. It’s warfare according to his purpose. Has to do with what’s written about you. He has intentions for you. There are three ways he could do it and you might not know it. Because you might spout it off and then the devil knows it. That’s why you don’t know everything. That’s what he told Abraham. Abraham goes, where are we going? He goes, I’ll tell you when you get there. You just start walking.

I am telling you the truth if you encounter resistance it might be because you’re doing the right thing. You’ve got to start to correct yourself. Why do you think the way you think? Are you robbing yourself of joy? You should enjoy the journey too. There are times where I don’t feel any resistance. I don’t feel any resistance now. I right now hear swords clashing. Right now as I'm talking to you. But I don’t feel any resistance. The reason I don’t is that the army of the Lord is fighting battles right now in this place. If I did feel resistance, I could still speak the same message and I might feel bad the whole time. I speak it. I might not know what’s wrong. When the angels are here, I'm speaking the same message and I feel nothing. No resistance. I don’t even feel like I have a body which is how I feel right now. I feel, and I see my father smiling at me because he wants this delivered. So you got to learn that. To sense if angels are fighting you’re not going to feel any resistance.

That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong or right. You have to be in your spirit. You have to know that God is good and that he is working with you no matter what. Money should never be an option for obeying God. Jesus told me a secret. He told Kevin we provided for a vision before we give the person the vision. It’s called provision. We provide for their vision ahead of time, and we call it provision. Then we give the person the vision. Then immediately the person thinks, how I am going to pay for this. But God is good all the time and is already provided before he told you. I'm not kidding. It’s already earmarked, and someone else might have your money there.

There are corporations. Everything was fine. They become so wealthy, Billy. And then all of a sudden it’s not good for Billy to have all that money and what happens. If there are a digital mark and the only way you can buy from the Amazon Jungle I think. I slipped through with that one. Then what? Was it really good that they have all that money? Everything’s fine. You let everything go until you can’t buy or sell without the mark. Then, all of a sudden you realize the whole time there was a spirit behind it. What about Wetube? Did it work? It worked. When you start your ministry, you’ll remember everything’s fine until all of a sudden you can say God but not Jesus.
I'm serious. It’s coming. That’s why the Lord told me to buy my own network and we have our own network. Not a lot of people come to it right now. But eventually, they’ll have to. If they want to hear the whole message because my messages look like Swiss cheese on we tube. But my face in Spacebook. We don’t listen to Titus 2:6. It says be sober-minded. We let things go but then all of a sudden when things shift you start you say when this happened. Well, it’s been happening for years. We have to be sober-minded and discerning and know that God is a good God. He’s going to lead us in his purpose. How he leads us? He might tell you as he did to us two years ago to start my own network. Which is very expensive. I mean it’s the same one that Hillsong and TBN have. They’re like who’s this Kevin Zadai guy? I'm serious, we had to go through it. They’re like he doesn’t need this.

Well, then they saw the stats like Oh my God a lot of people watch him precisely. Can we have our network? But the spirit will tell you things ahead of time and it’ll be expensive. It’ll be inconvenient. Why are you doing this? But they said the same thing to Noah. He reached out to the window, and he put this LED sign and said no vacancy with a big hand. People had time to repent, but it was going on for a long time. There were millions of people on earth. It’s on the internet, so it must be true. But they had time to repent. God sent them, prophets. Enoch was a prophet. Enoch went around prophesying the pending doom. Methuselah died a year before the flood at 969. But you know what his name means? His death shall bring. So everything is working for our good if we obey God. We love God, and we’re called according to his purpose.

With that confidence, you should remind yourself every day that you’re going somewhere. You’re being trained to be promoted and you’re going to be ready when the occasion arises. So you practice your CPR because one day you might need to use it. It might be our next president that you save. It might be a prophet or a prophetess that you save. If you’re a lifeguard whatever you. If you work in an ambulance or you work in a hospital, you might treat someone that has a mouthpiece for God. Everything is planned ahead of time. We all fall into it. It seems random, but when you get to heaven you’ll see that it wasn’t random at all. A lot of people, they’re wondering what my purpose is. It’s a good sign that you even ask that.

The thing about it is you are fulfilling your purpose with every breath you take because you’re moving. You’re living, and Satan wants you to stop but God wants you to keep going. Because he sees what he wrote. This is the absolute truth. He’s a good God.

All Who Desire To Live Godly In Christ Jesus Will Suffer Persecution

In second Timothy 3:12, it says, all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. So once you start moving in a certain direction, the persecution is actually spiritual. It manifests through people who will yield to it.

If I would go right now to other countries if I could get in there and then I could get to a public place without being shot, then if I stood up and started talking if I could even do that and find someone to translate that wouldn’t be afraid to die too. Then it wouldn’t be very long before I’d either be in jail or dead. Because you don’t go into another country where they don’t allow that. Yet here I can walk in here. I walked in here and you all were happy to see me. But that could change if we let it. That’s how it happened in other countries. It just didn’t happen right. Do you agree? This agenda, I mean every conspiracy theory you’re gonna find out when you get to heaven was true. A part of it was true. I can’t believe I just told you that. But it shocked me. When a government official is telling you there’s nothing here, keep walking. Trust me there’s a warehouse full of information. I have to mention certain things at certain times, and people get nervous when I do it. I have to get you ready. Because there’s going to come a time. They’ve been waiting to do this. The people that I know that have received the briefings that they’re about to let out information. It’s going to deceive many, and Jesus warned about this. He said there is a deception coming. Even the very elect would be deceived. If that were possible, what would that be? I've known this for years, but I'm not allowed to talk about it. But I'm starting to leak it out because I've got to get people’s mindset to where it’s not such a shock. Because that’s what they want. They want to shock and awe with this information.

Do you remember that part of the vision of our leadership? Our president was to make America great again. He was going to do that by bringing back manufacturing to this country. Well, they fought him and now it’s not a bad idea. Because what you don’t know is they’re starting to find things in the products from that country. When you get to heaven you’ll find out how this whole thing that just happened and you’re like you got to be kidding me. That’s ingenious. We’re at war, not one shot was fired. How do you defeat a country?

I was taught how to defeat a country when I was in college. There are systematic ways to do it and one of them is that you run up your debt. Because then you go to war and it gets canceled. Another way is to come in and buy the assets of the country beforehand. Then all of the sudden you have their military trucks, their personnel. You see the president was trying to stop all this. Because he’s three moves. I was told that he is so good at the business that he’s three moves ahead. Three moves ahead of everyone. That’s why he was so lethal in business, and he hires to his weakness. Whatever weakness he has, he hires somebody stronger. That’s another secret. So when God chooses you, he’s choosing you not because of your ability. But because of your availability. Because of your heart and he knows he can work with you. That’s what the president of our company Herb Kelleher said. He said I'm not looking for people that do their job well. So I can hire them.

He said I'm looking for people that have a servant’s heart. They can be trained and are lifers. He said they would own the vision. The way we were chosen was different than other corporations. He included you in on the vision, and he included you in on the profitability. That’s where Kathy and I got our wealth was because he included the employees in on the profitability. If we were part of his vision then he would reward us with the profitability of the company. I would sometimes make more off of my stock in a year than I did of my salary. God has invested a lot in you because he knows he’s going to get a return on you. But you’re sharing in the profitability of the kingdom. You get to eat. You don’t muzzle the ox. You get to eat of the kingdom too because he’s good.

I mean, God’s got to be better than Herb Kelleher. But Herb remembered my name every time he saw me and he had to remember 100,000 people. But he remembered my name and he would ask me what I can do to help you do your job better. Is there anything we can do to make it streamline? What do you see? What do the passengers need? He valued his people and when people would write in and complain about an employee he would write back. He goes, you know what we found it was the opposite. It was you. You were the problem, he said so stop abusing. My people fly someone else. It was in the reader’s digest.

2nd Timothy 3:12 confirms that. We’re going encountering persecution for doing things right. We cannot take it personally. If we do something right and something wrong happens because that doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. You’re going to receive resistance but remember what I said. The persecution starts spiritually first. Demons don’t always have access to people. But I can think of a couple that they do in this country. If they find those people, they hoard into them thus the manifestation. Until that persecution is an invisible war that goes on around you. If you get close to someone who’s a numbskull, you’ll watch them start to fold before your eyes and become a Peter popping off. You aren’t going to Jerusalem and die, Lord. Then you have to say to get behind me Satan. Because the Lord had already said he’s going to Jerusalem and die. He was pulling down. He was doing warfare. Anything that exalts himself against the knowledge of God bringing it into captivity. To the beings of Christ. That is second Corinthians 10 verse 6.

Peter allowed a spirit to speak through him that was exalting itself above what was already known as the will of God. Jesus had to pull it down. It didn’t matter who it was. God is good, but you’ve got to do warfare now. You got to pull it down. If it’s not God period. If you can accept this please do.

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