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The Ghost Town of Schroon Lake

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All photos belong to me

All photos belong to me


Frontier Town was built and opened in 1952 by Arthur Bensen. Bensen was a phone technician from New York City and opened the amusement park as a western styled ghost town.

Bensen divided the park into different segments each having their own name. Prairie Junction was the main section of the park that features the classic ghost town style building. Pioneer Town and Indian Village were the other segments of the park.

The attractions that were featured at the park were: a rodeo arena where they showed horse riding, bucking broncos, and more. The park also had a rail road that circled around the park. There were many shows, and even stage coaches that rode around the theme park.

The theme park drew in lots of visitors but eventually it fell upon financial difficulty (as is the case with many abandoned places, and ones that I've covered on my blog). It shut down for a few years but then made a comeback. The park remained open until 1998 but then relapsed and shut down, this time permanently.


My Experience

Frontier Town is off a main road and the sign for the amusement park still stands proudly after twenty years. When I visited Frontier Town it was a summer's day so it was quite muggy and the trees and shrubs were overgrown, but surprisingly the roads around the theme park were still in tact enough to drive down.

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When I got out of the car it was apparent that there was a construction presence (I later found out why). The main section was the ghost town section with the wild west themed cantina building. Most of the building's interior were empty and the ceiling was rather caved in. The only thing that remained was a grand piano in ruin.

Around the back there was the rodeo arena, which still had bleachers that were in tact. Because of how overgrown everything was it was difficult to see where other buildings were. It looked as if there were only a few buildings left but I soon found more buildings as I searched deeper into the woods.There was a church building and several buildings with unknown functions scattered across the forest.

The rail road that was once there is now gone but the platform still stands and there are still indents in the land from the rail road.

Upon further research, I learned that there were once more buildings but the county had them removed because they were filled with asbestos and dangerous. Many of the buildings that now stand are also dangerous (ceilings are caving in, missing floor boards, nails sticking out of planks, etc.).


New Project 2017-18

The county has started a project to make the once popular theme park into a camp ground. The project that will cost thirteen million dollars started the summer of 2017 (when I visited). That explains the construction presence when I arrived. The project has now sealed off the theme park from being visited by adventurers like myself. Perhaps I was one of the last to ever visit Frontier Town.



The theme park is now completely off limits because of the construction. There are workers present on a daily basis and you will be prosecuted for trespassing. Aside from the legal threats associated with Frontier Town there are also threats to your well being. The theme park is now in decay and dangerous. Visit at your own risk.

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