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The Ghost Of Elvis Presley, Does The Ghost Of Elvis Still Haunt Graceland?

Many people over the years have claimed to have made contact with the ghost of Elvis Presley in various locations.

Many people over the years have claimed to have made contact with the ghost of Elvis Presley in various locations.

Ghost Of Elvis At Home Of Elvis In California

Does The Ghost Of Elvis Presley Haunt Graceland

Elvis Presley died at age 42 and while his music has lasted on and on many people claim that Elvis Presley is still with us and he haunts Graceland in Memphis where Elvis also died and he is buried out back. Many people over the years have snapped photos of Elvis or who they claim is Elvis looking out of upstairs windows at Graceland. People also claim to see him standing near his grave and he has also been spotted hurrying up the stairs inside Graceland. Elvis was probably the happiest of his life while living at Graceland.

The Death Of Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll and on August 16th 1977 he was rushed to the hospital with an apparent heart attack and he was D.O.A. at the hospital. His millions of fans couldn't believe that the King was gone and there are many many people who say that Elvis or at least the Ghost of Elvis Presley is still around haunting his favorite places.

On December 20th 1980 at least five different people claimed that they had picked up a younger Elvis Presley in an army uniform and that they gave him a ride to the gates of Graceland. He even sang for a truck driver that picked him up. He is often spotted as a younger Elvis complete with army uniform a few miles from Graceland trying to get home.

The Ghost Of Elvis Presley Is Seen Often At Graceland.

People driving by on the road outside Graceland have claimed to see the young soldier Elvis walking around or walking through the gates at Graceland. Other people have made the claim that they have seen Elvis all around present day Graceland. Some people have even gone as far as to ask the person doing the tour about the man dressed up like Elvis. They have told the tour operator that the man looks just like Elvis. There is of course no man dressed up like Elvis as part of the tour. So the people have to be seeing the ghost of Elvis Presley.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo Mississippi on January 8th 1935. Prescription drug abuse contributed to the death of Elvis Presley by heart attack in August of 1977. While alive Elvis Presley became known as the King of Rock And Roll. He died a tragic death and it is said that people who die tragic sad deaths quite often stay around as ghosts so it is quite possible that Elvis Presley is still around as a ghost today.

Graceland from the air. Does the ghost of Elvis still haunt Graceland.

Graceland from the air. Does the ghost of Elvis still haunt Graceland.

The Ghost Of Elvis Presley Is Reported All Over The United States

People on the Graceland tour also comment that they hear Elvis singing and that the sound is coming from upstairs. The tour operators say it has to be the peoples imagination playing tricks with them.

The Ghost Of Elvis Is Also Seen In Las Vegas.

At the Las Vegas Hilton where Elvis Presley often performed and stayed in the early 1970s the ghost of Elvis is seen quite often and he has even been seen in his white rhinestone suit hurrying along in the direction of the stage where he once performed. People who have tried to talk to him say he vanishes at once.

Elvis has also been seen in a red Cadillac around the Las Vegas Hilton and people quite often think it is someone dressed as Elvis until Elvis drives the car through a concrete retaining wall and vanishes. It is interesting to note that at the time Elvis performed at the Las Vegas Hilton in the 1970s there was a private driveway for Elvis into the Hilton where the concrete wall is now. And most people had no knowledge that Elvis once had his own private entrance into the Hilton. So maybe just maybe people really are seeing the Ghost of Elvis there at the Hilton.

A Las Vegas Physic says that Elvis is still here on earth because he still has unfinished business to do and that eventually the ghost of Elvis will move on and go on to the other side. Every year near his birthday and near the date of his death the sightings go up and many people have photos that they claim is the ghost of the King Of Rock And Roll , Elvis Presley.

But it is at and around Graceland that people most often claim to see the ghost of Elvis Presley. Employees who work in Graceland tell strange tales about things going on at Graceland. The employees say they hear doors shut and open on their own , toilets flush , and voices are heard where there are no people. Shadow people are quite often seen at Graceland both by employees and people on the Graceland tour. No one has made the claim that Elvis is a shadow person but people do report seeing shadow people at Graceland.

One of the most famous sightings of the ghost of Elvis occurred when several people on a tour of Graceland in 1988 claimed that a much younger Elvis came up behind them and asked them , what are you doing in my home. The story was reported by at least nine people on the tour at various times over the next few days. Some of the people again thought it was an actor dressed up as Elvis while at least three of the people reported they could see straight through Elvis.

So it does appear that Elvis Presley or at least his ghost is still at Graceland and still very active. What do you think about the ghost of Elvis Presley. Post your comments or questions below and thanks for reading my hub page about the ghost of Elvis Presley.

It appears that the ghost of Elvis is seen all around Graceland. Elvis loved Graceland so it seems right that he would return there even in death.

It appears that the ghost of Elvis is seen all around Graceland. Elvis loved Graceland so it seems right that he would return there even in death.

Elvis Loved Graceland And He's Seen There Quite Often.

It appears that the ghost of Elvis is the most active of all the celebrities who have passed away but are still seen by so many people that there has to be something to the story. Elvis is often seen at the old RCA Studios, and in Las Vegas but he is seen most often at his beloved home where he died, Graceland.

Visitors to Graceland have reported seeing him looking out windows at Graceland, setting on his grave and walking on the front lawn at Graceland. Many people have reported seeing him in the area of the bathroom where he died.

Other people have seen him in the kitchen at Graceland and they say he's eating a cheeseburger. It's a wonder its not a fried banana sandwich. Many people at first thought it was a actor dressed up like Elvis. But when they would approach him he would vanish at once. Other people on tours at Graceland have reported hearing Elvis singing. Most people assume its a recording playing through a hidden speaker but it's not.

The spirit ( ghost ) of Elvis may be forever trapped at Graceland because Elvis died there and it was his favorite place on earth. But keep in mind that the ghost of Elvis is also seen in other locations around the United States.

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And some people have even reported seeing the mother of Elvis and Elvis walking on the front lawn of Graceland. It's been reported that they walk towards the front gate and just vanish once they get there. Elvis loved his mother very much and they are both buried on the property. Maybe just maybe they are there forever at Graceland. I like to think that maybe just maybe they are.

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Please post your comments or questions about the Ghost of Elvis Presley now. And thanks for reading my hub page.

Brenda phillips on April 30, 2020:

Yes i believe that the ghost elvis is still at graceland

As i felt him him there as graceland hold a lot of memories.u

And thats where elvis was the happiest..

Tami on March 08, 2020:

I think he is still present there in his beloved Graceland. My daughters and I just came back from Memphis. We went and toured the mansion Friday. We opted out of the iPad and head phones so we could experience without listening to John Stamos. It wasn’t crowded everyone was ahead of us, while we just lingered in every room soaking it all in. As we were walking from the dining room to the kitchen it sounded like someone was walking above us. Then we heard a loud pop on the stairs that are in the kitchen. Then we made our way down stairs to the TV room and pool room where we caught up with some people, and we stood and waiting our turn in the Tv room. My girls stood there for a few minutes then left to the pool room and I was there by myself taking pictures and I heard someone come up behind me so I moved over then as I turned around there was no one there. And my girls were already upstairs in the jungle room and there was no security from Graceland down there either. Was strange but not scary. My hair stood up all over my arms and neck.

Ronald C Udo on September 18, 2019:

I be leave Elvis is a ghost and is with his Mom and they still roam around Grace Land from time to time.Take Care Elvis and give my Love to your Mom. CTOB (taking care of business) Ronald

laura ann burk on October 08, 2018:

i feit his present in the house and at grave ln the house at the stairs and the trophy room very strong looking at lisas children and pricillas wedding attire

Dianne on June 11, 2018:

I know his spirit is there. I have encountered it three times the third time was so profound that I hesitate to ever go back in Graceland ever again....not that it was scary just to profound for me to want to experience anything like it again. I would place my hand on the Bible to make people understand what I felt was real! I have been to Graceland many times and it's only happened on three of my visits throughout the years since Elvis passed away.

Janelle tratnik on March 06, 2018:

Please keep updating your news

Sandra hughes on February 20, 2018:

I believe it is possible

Elaine on January 12, 2018:

It is possible. However, people seeing him in his bathroom or bedroom is false as people are not allowed there.

E.W. on April 09, 2017:

Could be very possible . Everyone he cared for very much is at Graceland. This property is his home since 1957.

Glenna on October 21, 2016:

Went to Graceland 3 yrs ago. As soon as I entered the front door, I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, doom and foreboding. It stayed with me throughout the tour. I have never felt that before or since.

Beverly 2016 on April 25, 2016:

Just returned from a trip to Memphis including a tour of Graceland and its grounds. Oh my, there is "something" in the home. One feels whatever it is the moment you enter the foyer. It is a very powerful feeling that was with me through the entire tour! It is not frightening it is just a presence.

donna on November 12, 2015:

You can definately feel Elvis's spirit at Graceland.

Emily on October 27, 2015:

ever since I put up my pictures of Elvis Presley I have encountered his ghost

more then twice I think he knows that I know what's real cause of how he died no else believes me but he does I even entertain his ghost by dancing for him with his music and I talk to him I also kiss him on the lips of his pictures so he can feel them

Charity on July 06, 2015:

What is his ghost wearing when people see him walking on the lawn at Graceland? Ive been studying the livecam for Graceland for several days now trying to see something out of the ordinary and twice around 8:30 or so in the evening ive seen a man wearing a white shirt and blsck pants. The weird thing is i will see him in one or two frames then when i reset the camera again he has vanished and is nowhere to be seen. I have seen the tourists and staff on the cam earlier in the day but they usually dont just suddenly vsnish. It takes a few resets before they are gone from view. With this person it seems hes simply there then hes not.

johan on December 07, 2014:


Krista on October 29, 2014:

I have been in love with Elvis since I can remember and I had wanted to visit Graceland since I was very young and mind you I am only 22yrs old. I finally had the pleasure of visit Graceland December of 2012, when we got on the bus, went through the gates and started driving up to the door, I started crying uncontrollably it was crazy and I couldn't stop until I got to the front door. When I walked in the feeling of being there was amazing and I was so amazed! But when we got to the part of the tour where he had last played the piano, I felt some sort of way. Very sad ,7but like if I would have snapped a picture I may have caught something. Of course my camera died assuming I drained it from taking so many pictures lol but you never know. I enjoyed it so much and will be returning soon. I did however catch a lot! Of orbes

Susie on February 25, 2014:

Hi. Graceland is beautiful. I felt a lot of love there. He was amazing.When we left I felt like we were leaving a family member. Me and my husband both commented on how sad we felt.We hope to visit again someday.If Elvis'loving presence is there how cool.

Take Care Susie

Frank on February 23, 2014:

I'm 29 years old...I went to visit Graceland 2 Years ago for the first time, it's not the music that got me interested in the mans life .. It was his life and surroundings itself. The guy had a lot of energy around him... Energy is in people... And he had more bad than good people around him as been reported. People have no idea what they carry with them... It's hard to explain what I'm trying to say.

Silence is powerful.... Sometimes silence can be louder than noise.

When I walked into the front doors of Graceland I immediately knew that What I was doing was wrong.... And I kept thinking "why do I feel so bad.. I remember asking my dad to bring me here at the age of 7... I've been waiting my whole life to stand here in this door frame" ... My shortness of breath and panic set in once I entered... I wasn't nervous and I'm a very stable person... It was the first time I felt that 100 people was trying to talk to me at once meanwhile it was as quiet as a church.

You know when you walk into a friends home and without a word you make your way into your friends house following them to wherever they want to sit with you?.. ..That's the feeling I had at Graceland. I felt I had to be somewhere.. It was the feeling of missing an appointment and I've travelled from canada to get to finally pay my respects.

After leaving Graceland .. My symptoms started to cool off (I wasn't star struck or whatever you may call it)... When i was in the home I just had a series of symptoms that confused the hell out of me.

Ever since that day... My life had been going through dramatic changes ... My music started to change... My voice ... The way I write music ... Even down to the food I eat.

Being around people got hard for me ... I started figuring things out about people just by being in their presence ... Seeing something more in their eyes...and I've lost a lot of friends cause of this .. I also helped a couple friends cause of this as well.

A lot of things changed in me since being in Graceland.... I don't know if my story is ghost worthy. But it's definitely worth looking into.

I've awaken to many things since this visit.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on February 02, 2014:

Thanks for your comment. It is really appreciated.

Raven on February 01, 2014:

Went to Graceland a few years ago & I swear I could feel Elvis' presence. I didn't feel nervous at all, if anything I felt at peace & relaxed. I love Elvis so being in his house was an amazing experience.

sugar puff on November 05, 2013:

One time when I was about 12 in the 90s we went to Memphis to go o. Graceland tour we stopped at a mcdonalds there and I saw I guess the ghost of Elvis in his early 30s he was standing next to a black man and they were talking my mouth dropped open. He smiled at me and no mistaking his smile.

Deb on October 24, 2013:

Just toured Graceland what a wonderful experience. I was so impressed by the house got a sense of who he was as a person. I felt very warm and welcome when I first walked in. This is an experience I am happy to have had and I would visit again. Just can't stop thinking about it. God bless the family and rest in peace Elvis!

John on September 13, 2013:

Hi I seen him in the front room best part of the tour it was amazing.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 11, 2013:

Negative comments will never be approved. Others are welcome. All comments are moderated.

Comments that curse or are negative about the subject will just be deleted. I am sorry about this but we get to many people posting weird stuff or making claims that are clearly not true. All other comments are of course welcome.

SolveMyMaze on June 19, 2013:

Nice hub. I had heard a lot about Elvis' ghost still being around Graceland and I've always wanted to go to catch a glimpse myself!

Whilst a door closing on it's own isn't that scary, toilets flushing and voices being heard certainly is.

Mr.Sickboy on May 30, 2013:

Maybe it is haunted there... I've never been to Graceland but I REALLY sure hope I do. I'm a little freaked out by ghosts, though. I sure hope I can see Elvis... It would be crappy by awesome. I wonder if Elvis will finish up his business. :P

An Elvis Fan on February 19, 2013:

I have been to Graceland many times and have captured his ghost in a picture and have a picture of his moms ghost after they opened her bedroom up to the public. If he is haunting graceland its because that is where his home will always be.He loved it there. May he rest in peace and love We love you Elvis. signed an Elvis Fan.

Mikael on February 05, 2013:

I am a huge fan of Elvis Presley - and I am just crazy about 1950s and 1960s rock 'n' roll. Would Mr. Presley show himself to me - and even sing in my presence, I would feel honored.

One day I WILL visit Graceland!

Trixix Dunn on November 14, 2012:

Look up how many alias names has Elvis Presley maybe this woman can have closure as to wheather her father is Elvis or Jesse, cause there is no way Elvis can be serving 4 more years in the airforce after serving 4 years for the Army, maybe one served in the army and one in the airforce. Colonel Parker was Elvis's agent was born in Holland, faked his citizenship, there are people who believe that Priscilla really married Jesse, and some say Jesse sang sometimes for Elvis till his voice became to tenor. Don't damn this woman for wanting to know who her father is. Silver and Gold can be melted, and what's life without your own family?, and what's all the riches if you lose your soul. Buy the 2010 Life magazine for 24.99 hard back see what's she says is true. signing off to say one christmas st. nichlos will come with your childhood prayers. ho-ho-ho

Trixie Dunn on November 14, 2012:

Hey I've read your comments J. Brown a lot of people believe that Elvis Presley is still alive, and I've listened to "Elvis has been found 2012". you I'd believe that before I'd believe he was dead, many celbs get tired around 40 or 42 of the high life and what comes with that life style. Read Dark secrets you'll read about the name you said your father went by Richard Donovan, John Newton he was last known living in Clemsom,S.C. Newton I mean. this can also be bought on the History Channel. How many people have 16 mil to buy a casnio? Plus you will see that name listed as excutive of Consolidated Coal where John White and Richard Donovan merged the coal the coal mines. White's and smith are related to elvis thru his mother. How many hillbillies do you think was that was cheated out of their stock profits when all was put in escrow. Now called Minerials and Mines. I believe that Mr. Presley has lived under many names. Reading this material I've done my own fact finding, so far she has not steered me wrong. Maybe jesse did live and he is the true serviceman, how can he be serving again 4 more years in the airforce ?

rey rey on October 25, 2012:

live on elvis. R.I.P.

aeron on October 25, 2012:

i love elvis but i feelso bad for him

Tina on October 07, 2012:

i have been to graceland a few times. And been inside once. And it definitely seemed like to me that you could just feel his presence there as soon as you walk into the front door.

Kelly on September 24, 2012:

went to Graceland for the first time last week. it was very kool to see the king's house. i lov elvis presley's music. i was a year old when he died. so never had a chance to see him live. but was almost as good being at his house.. had the vip tour. we really enjoyed it. the place just has a strange feeling about it. dont know what. but something feels strange there.... rock on elvis

Janice Harder on August 16, 2012:

I went to Graceland twice I felt his presents there I believe he is there looking out for his loved ones ,we all love his music and that will live forever, and I am sure he watches over his daughter and his grandchildren,and I would love to go again we drive there. God bless you Elvis we all love you .ont.can.

ashton on May 30, 2012:

weird it is

janine armstrong on April 30, 2012:

i don't believe Elvis is dead at all just some things do not add up at all its unsolved .

12346ukmelolz on March 01, 2012:

I feel bad for him.

I went to Graceland a few years ago. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Elvis, but it sickens me to think that this man rushed into game that corrupts good people now has the only place where experienced peace turned into a giant attraction. He was a legend and an icon, rushed into famed, and burned out quickly. I hope his family is able to experience his presence. He had a hard life and lost many people he loved. Very sad.

maya R on January 29, 2012:

I am super duper scared right now!!!!!!!!!!:-( :-)

Dude2 on November 25, 2011:

I like elvis and if I go to the hilton I would like to see his mansion my dad says its bigger then a house cause hes been in it

john wayne taylor on October 30, 2011:

i have a real photo of elvis presley gost! to see go to john wayne taylor in hindman ky.on facebook. it's not a fake!

s t e l l a from The Valley,England, on October 14, 2011:

Interesting hub.

I once saw a medium who told me Elvis was stood behind me during my 'reading'....

Of course, I did not believe her. But still, funny moment. I snorted and rolled my eyes. I think she thought I was rude! :p

There are loads of stories about Elvis. Some people just can't believe he is gone. I think if he ever did return it would be to watch over his daughter and her kids. I think that would be all he cared about now.

Bless him - RIP Elvis!


bob hope on September 25, 2011:

That's cazy i never been to Graceland brfore but if i went. I hope i see The King of Rock n Roll.

LITTLERACHEL on September 20, 2011:

I love Elvis Presley:) Call me crazy, but a couple of years ago i went to graceland with my parents, and i really and truly hoped to see the ghost of him!!! I thinkg that's why i stayed soo close to my dad. Even though i didn't see anything, i could feel his presence. Like they said, Elvis Presley would never harm anybody. He was very sweet, and kind. He was also a christian who read the bible. If Elvis did have some unfinished work i hope he gets it done!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!;-)

Kitty Fields from Summerland on August 12, 2011:

In regard to the commenters before me - how do these people even wipe themselves? wow...horrible grammar and use of the english language. CHG - Love this hub! Unique and interesting. Voted up!

donna on August 01, 2011:

i think elvis has unfinished business. i do believe hes still around at graceland and he most probably think im home.

vivienne on February 19, 2011:

cool that's creepy how elvis comes up and says ''what are you doing in my home''

lavinia on February 10, 2011:

then how come every time i talk to him, he dunt listen!!! i really dont think ghost are real sometimes.

cathy on January 22, 2011:

just let the poor man rest in peace

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