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The Founder of the Mahanubhav Sect - Shri Chakradhar Swami

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Shri Chakradhar Swami

He is the incarnation of Shri Krushna

He is the incarnation of Shri Krushna

Founder of Mahanubhav Sect

Shri Chakradhar Swami was a twelfth century philosopher and social reformer and founder of the Mahanubhav sect. According to the beliefs of Mahanubhav Dharmis, he is considered to be the fifth incarnation of the five stars of God.

As the protagonist of the first Marathi biography, Lilacharitra, he has an important place in Marathi history. Shri Chakradhar Swami was the first known social reformer in Maharashtra to reject the Vedic tradition and give equal rights to all, including women and Shudras. Due to the devotion of Chakradharswami, the literature created by his devotees and followers has started the Marathi literary tradition in a real sense.

Incarnation of Shri Chakradhar Swami

He founded the Mahanubhav Sect

He founded the Mahanubhav Sect

Shri Chakradhar Swami's early Life

Chakradhar Swami was born in the first half of the twelfth century at Bhadoch in Gujarat on the Sunday of Shuklapaksha in the month Bhadrapad. His father Vishaldev was the chief of Malladev, the king of Bhadoch. His mother's name was Mhalaisa. Chakradhar's birth name was Harpaldev. When he was young, Harpaldev got married to Kamalaisa.

During this period, he also excelled in wars. Later, Harpaldev became interested in serving the sick. Many times he left the palace to spend time with sick people. Later, his health deteriorated and he died. But after being laid to rest in the cemetery, Harpaldev was found alive.

According to the beliefs of the nobles, this time Lord Krishna entered their body and took incarnation. Shri Changdev, the third incarnation of Panchavatara, died around the same time. According to some, his soul entered the body of Harpaladeva. The soul that entered the body of Harpal was an independent divine soul.

This incarnation took place on the Sunday of Shukla Paksha in the month of Shake 1142 Vikram Sanvatsar Bhadrapad. After this incident, Chakradhar's life started as before. He also had a son. He continued to serve the sick.

Dattatray Prabhu

He is also the incarnation of Dattatray Prabhu

He is also the incarnation of Dattatray Prabhu

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How did Chakradhar Swami become a Saint?

One day some patients had to borrow money because it was too expensive. He vowed not to eat until he paid the debtors. His wife refused to give him jewelry for this reason. Eventually, his father unknowingly returned the money to the debtor. Due to this incident, Harpaldev was devoured by apathy. Their minds were blown away by the worldly world.

He decided to do public service by sacrificing worldly pleasures. Harpaladeva said that he wanted to go to Ramtek to pay homage to Rama. At that time, there was a quarrel between Yadav and Bhadoch in Maharashtra. So his father opposed the idea. But in the end Harpaldev persuaded his father and his father allowed him to go with the cavalry and servants for protection.

They didn't want to be with you. They wanted to give up everything. So they started sending back a single soldier to report their well-being from a single stop. Finally, while staying at the temple of Kajleshwar at Deulwada in Amravati district, he saw his soldiers asleep and took off his royal robes and left with two robes. Harpaldev came to Riddhipur while sacrificing everything and traveling.

Lord Krishna


Incarnation work of Shri Chakradhar Swami

There he saw Shri Govindprabhu in a state of apathy. Harpaldev received power from Govindprabhu. At the same time, Govind Prabhu gave him the name Chakradhar. After getting power from Govindprabhu, the aversion of Chakradhars began to increase. This part of Lilacharitra describes his wanderings during this period.

It is mentioned in the book "Leelacharitra" that Chakradharswami lived in Yeli for some time. There is a Mahanubhav sectarian temple on the river bank at this place. During this period, he wandered all over Maharashtra alone. Until this time, the Chakradhars did not have many disciples. At that time, the behavior of Chakradhars was somewhat similar to that of Avaliya.

On one occasion, he slept in a cowshed. On one occasion, a horse dealer in Warangal arranged the marriage of his daughter to Chakradhar. After staying there for a few days, he became a hermit again. He also stayed with the tribals of Gondwana for a few days. During this period the Chakradhars had few disciples, of whom Ramdev Dados of Wadner was the chief. It was through him that the Chakradhars got a family of disciples like Nagdev, Abaisa, Mahadaisa, Umaisa etc. During this pilgrimage,

Shri Chakradhar Swami with his devotee


Journey of Shri Chakradhar Swami

Chakradhar met Bonebai at the temple of Baneshwar at Mehkar. He celebrated Gokulashtami at Mehkar by making Bonebai Devaki and Krishna himself. He also traveled to Lonar with Bonebai. Later one day, on the occasion of Simhastha Yatra, he went to Trimbakeshwar with Bonebai. On the way to Paithan, he canceled his plan to go to Trimbakeshwar and took formal initiation at Paithan.

Thus the lonely journey of Chakradhars which started from Riddhipura ended at Paithan. In the ensuing period, he openly began his work of social and religious reform. During this period, preparations for his next enlightenment work took place.

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