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The Forces Of Good And Evil

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Dualism, Materialism, Science-ism, Spiritualism

Materialism, as far as isms go, is the opposite of spiritualism. I’m likening materialism to science-ism. Making up words that don’t exist, because well, everybody is making up shit these days! I am no exception I suppose.

Materialism denies the existence of the eternal spirit and soul. If science cannot touch, see, hear or isolate a particle in a test tube or lab, it does not exist to them. They do not equate intuition or feelings as a way to find out truth of our universe.

Dualism is a dual between opposites. You can’t have this, without that, because this needs that, in order to be what it is. Or so goes the rhetoric.

In a world of opposites, we have God, then out of God, arises the idea of the opposite, call it Satan, who denies God exists. God is Love, and Love has no opposite. The nearest thing to the opposite of Love, is really Fear.

Fear is F=false E=evidence A=appearing as R=real.

So when you see the appearance of evil in the world, it’s not real, because it’s not eternal, like your soul is.

About health and illness: I ask a valid question here and I sense the answer is very close at hand and therefore there is reason to rejoice in our now moment which is coming! Aye, for all! Some will get it immediately, some will be slower to get it. Some will quietly die and perhaps awaken in another time and place a bit more user friendly. All in their own time and when they are ready does the eternal soul progress.

Did the one say “I go to prepare a place for you?” these were not just idle words. Preparing a place for you, for me, is like saying, you have a home, because I am preparing it for you; where I go is many mansions already; it is my Father’s house and who belongs there will be welcomed.

And so it is, Amen.


Fear is F=false E=evidence A=appearing as R=real

Returning to my question about health and illness: You cannot be sick. A son of God cannot be sick, but that thinking makes an appearance of illness. But it’s not real, except as I explained it as an illusion appearing, in a world of materialistic thoughts, and by us, choosing fear or love according to our free will.

Free will comes from He who is called creator. A god given right, is the right to breath freely. A piece of the creator dwells in you and I. It is called the spirit now, for simplicity. The spirit of God is in your breath, that’s how close is God to yourself.

My most ernest question was: How can a government, enlisted by the people, to serve the people, convince an entire world that they are carrying a disease, therefore are already sick? And then this same government can claim to have the answer if you obey what they tell you to do, right or wrong.

Aye, the entire world it would seem so, bought the asymptomatic lie, that even though it would appear we were healthy, and we felt no pain, no symptoms, we could actually, in the act of normal breathing take in particles that would make us sick; not only that we could project this sickness unto others. It was just a matter of time, they would say, and from one lie sprang the numerous lies, because we believed the first lie. That we were sick already.

Although conceiving there really is a satan out there (and I refuse to capitalize satan) we can perhaps conjecture correctly that a great evil force has taken hold of the world we once called our home even as it once did during WW2. Only this time every country was effected. Sweden woke up a little faster than us buffoons! I commend thee Sweden, truly I do!

This evil force portrayed itself as virtuous so that we were fooled by its love like appearance. It, like the word evil is live spelled backwards, did indeed turn the life principle into something evil; and many fine thoughts were expressed in opposite terms, confusing even the saintly among us perhaps.

The spirit of satan, the opposite of Love, knew that the breath of life in man, is mans own spirit, and so cunning satanic people developed a way to block the breath of man through a device they promoted called a mask. This they said would protect you from harm, although in truth, the device made a healthy person gradually sicken quicker than otherwise, because the breath is your spirit breathing in normal fashion deeply, and without restriction. Fear is also a restrictive device from within the body. By way of explanation, have you ever breathed deeply and felt how good that feels? How it makes you feel lively, invigorated perhaps? The opposite effect to life, is shown thus, to the restriction of breathing. For when you die, of course the physical breath is withdrawn permanently. Whether you are being killed slowly or quickly, the end result is the same, you are still dead.

The Spirit can never be contained lest God declare the deed


It is your spirit, and your god given right to breath, for then you are manifested into the world by your breath. Indeed, whole religions of a certain sort, are based around the act of breathing in and out, unimpeded by a mask, constricted by fear thoughts, like “be safe!” That is a fear thought too that tells you if don’t wear a mask, you may encounter great danger. You need to know the difference between fear running your show, or wisdom and logic running your show.

They knew by impeding your breath, they were curtailing your spirit, and instead of producing life and wellness, you would end up growing sicker by each day that passed wearing a mask.

This was not done for the reason of keeping you well and healthy or protecting your health as they said. This was done to keep you in fear, for by fear, they can control whole nations.

The mission of the evil doers, whether they be aware of their compliance in evil or not, cannot succeed because a lie is a thing that has no ring to it. The Truth is an energy that rings out in your heart, on your heart strings, so to speak. The truth is what we really have in common; not the asymptomatic disease. You could say Truth is truthing. We can build a religion on that which goes about truthing! And we are good at finding new ideas to build on. Such is our powerful imaginations for good or evil.

The mission of evil is to convince you that you are the guilty saps; you carry disease, you spread disease, you destroy the earth, etc and so forth. In truth, nothing can be further from the truth than this what we have accepted!

We are guilty only of accepting a lie, from lack of knowledge, of our very physical body and as well of our creator.

Our government has run away with it’s power; into labyrinths and dungeons and depths unfathomable before today. They have managed even to curtail our very movement of breath on which we depend to live, to breath freely.

By disagreeing with the rulers we begin now to take what God has offered, our right to our own decisions on health matters, and our rights to research and get to the truth of certain uneliable rights to sheer discovery of what is true, now and forever, for each man, woman and child on the planet.

Most of all, the right to breath freely, is foremost and necessary to continue on this earth; otherwise, they would win, and the race would die out completely as it already has started to die out, while coverups to this fact are in the making left and right.


Realizing our innate sovereignty from fallacious governing agents is possibly the only goal at this time worthy of consideration, and we must be quick about it to salvage what is left, during this clean up of what false science has created. This image we have worshipped, of science, putting it before God. We can call this an act of usurping. We have usurped nothing in playing the role of sheep. Let's make a new word, since science does that all the time, so can we. The new word is Usurpetation. The act of stealing what does not belong to the thief. It belongs to the creator, to God. Who has usurped God’s power? Nine very rich families, or more, control the entire banking system as well, the wealth of the planet. Absolute power breeds absolute corruption. It’s very simple.

To act as Gods, man has looked to science. Seeing man as imperfect, man desires to create a new biological man that is implanted with material that is synthetic and toxic to the body. Man desires to create the way that God creates; and man does not care about the casualties produced in his creation of the robotic being mixed with natural biological man, that can be manipulated and made obedient to whatever ruling consensus value is popular at the time. Critical thinking seems hidden right now among the populous. Let's reveal this way of thinking straightway.

There is no Love here. Did you notice that? Remember to choose either a fear thought or a love thought. It’s a little tricky at first, but you can get the hang of it. If there is no love here, it falls upon the child of God to reveal it has gone nowhere; it is still here. But do not reveal this love through obedience to false indoctrination by your leaders. That way is the way of death.

Now, if you keep choosing Love, you are actually choosing God. If you look at the word God, you can add another o and then the word changes to Good.

At this time as crazy as it sounds, and it’s even crazier than it sounds, we have been told that bad is good and good is bad.

Stay with me, we need to get our bearings in this rough sea, yet the way will be shown for the mere asking. I am telling you to just breath and to breath without a mask, and without fear of reprisal; for it is your god given right to breath. The mask is a symbol of coercion, always reminding you in every moment you wear it, that you are under this fear.

And frankly, you have another choice. You can choose Love. And you can start with the love of yourself. Your life. Your right to live, to be. Self Love is not being narcissistic necessarily. It may be simply a matter of accepting logic. Of not accepting what doesn’t make sense.


Child Of God, You Cannot Die!

There is another love, a higher love. This is God’s love for his own creation. He sees the sparrow fall; that is not just poetry. It’s real. God gave us the free will to choose Love or Fear. To act from there, and to discern the difference. We may have forgotten, that to ask is to receive.

Try asking God. For God is not far away, but within you and you don’t even have to do the repentance shit. You just have to be sincere and know that it works with a tiny bit of willingness to hear this God within you. Just a little willingness. That’s all it takes. Try it. Try your God and see if He does not set you upon a rock; and come out from your wayward government whom are lost souls by now for the crimes against humanity on a mass scale.

Remember God doesn’t make junk; He’s not finished with us. And we, my friend, have only just began our glory walk, for we are the sons of God, the daughters of God, and we are loved beyond measure and we shall NOT be a gathering of nanabots mixed with our life blood. We shall not be zombies, like the Borg muttering continuously “resistance is futile.” Right. thats just a TV show. Know the difference.

Nope. Not gonna happen. You are perfectly made with a perfect immune system. You only have to choose that you are Love because I’m certain you have felt love inside you; you know how it can lift you to the overview. You’ve had a least a glimpse of what Love is, when it’s pure and not after that gain of function the evil doers speak of with their death jabs.

And that Love is God. Nothing can stop he who trusts in God and when you choose Love as your being; wisdom will be attracted to you as your constant companion.

For all you warrior spirits out there, I leave you with these thoughts of my imperfect ego, while my soul is unsullied nonetheless I have an ego to deal with, my friends, it’s time to kick ass. And now the fun begins. Our way will be made clear, day by day, for our trust is not in man, nor science, nor things of this world. Never forget how loved you really are and you are NOT diseased!

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