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"The Following" with Kevin Bacon


It's not a safe place to live

As I watched this show unfold through Hulu and catching up on all the episodes, I am addicted to this program. As an avid writer about women serial killers, this story takes a new twist on the name serial killer, cult leader.

Joe Carroll spends nine years in prison, collecting his cult members to set him free and help him finish what he started. Kevin Bacon who plays a retired FBI agent, is called to help the FBI deal with Carroll because he caught him 9 years earlier.

I have to wrap my mind around the writers of this program though. Most serial killers do have a following that visit them in prison, set up websites and such but in this case, they all live in a compound with Joe.

Although I love the suspense of this show I have to wonder what person would live in the home of a known serial killer and find it a safe place to live? Of course as they all die one by one, some of them must be able to see the light that their turn is only a blade away.

I am only speculating what will happen by the end of the season, but I think it will be some of his own followers that either give him up or kill him. After all they all can't really be that stupid or at least I hope not.

I will continue to watch this show unitl the season ends, probably buy it all on dvd when it is available and it really has given me ideas to finish my trilogy. Although in the television world this serial killer has so much help accomplishing the end of his story, it is highly unlikely that any of this would happen in the real world. I am also sure that some sick person will use this show to his or her advantage as some crazy people do.

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Who knows what will happen with this show. I never missed an episode of Prison Break either but it bit the dust after a few short seasons. I am going all out here by saying that these kind of shows intrigue me. I watch investigation discovery daily. I guess I just can't believe that there are really that many killers in the world.

So how many The Following, followers do I have out there? Do you think the show is far fetched or do you really think this could happen? How creepy would it be that one person could have so many people do his work. Things that make you go hmmmm....

Now I am partial to Kevin Bacon also, so that could be the true reason I started watching this program, but it really has made me become an addict. I don't care how many episodes there are, how early I have to go to work, I will not miss one of them. If you watch this show, what is it that keeps you coming back for more?

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