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The Final Report on Mr. Zacharias

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It may not be our last article on this topic but it is the report RZIM and others have been waiting for. When we first read the title we were initially sad, but when we started to read the article, we found many glaring and unbiblical errors.

We are going to go through the article and present a rebuttal but we will use biblical verses to establish our point wherever we can. While it is true that you can use the Bible to support just about anything, we will stay within context.

Also, we have read some of the comments under the article, we are saddened to see such hatred spewed against Mr. Zacharias by supposed Christians. We have come to the conclusion that this article was meant to sway opinions away from supporting and defending Mr. Zacharias and bring those attitudes towards an unbiblical point of view of the whole episode.

We will quote extensively from the article and comment as extensively as the topic allows.

in which victims claimed the late Christian apologist engaged in “sexting, unwanted touching, spiritual abuse, and rape” during his life.

First, it is well known that victims are usually traumatized when an alleged or actual crime is committed against them. Their words or their account of the events is not always trustworthy.

Second, victims are not witnesses, their report is to register a complaint and that report needs 2 witnesses. When you read the Bible, verses you will find that all the verses pertaining to 2 or three witnesses do not include the victim as one of the witnesses.

We are not splitting hairs here nor trying to be technical but the emotional state of the witnesses does not help come to the truth and they may believe something happened when it did not.

One example would be the rape accusation which seems to have been made without a police report backing up the claim. The article does not mention one instance of a police report which was one factor that led us to the conclusion we stated earlier.

But in all the articles we read, not one mentioned any police reports being filed. So the tragic accusation cannot be substantiated with any real physical evidence.

Atlanta law firm Miller & Martin, independent investigators hired by RZIM, released an in-depth report this week detailing serious allegations of sexual misconduct by Zacharias.

There is also no word on if this is a Christian firm or not and if it isn’t the non-Christian lawyers and even many Christian ones do not take into account nor understand the nuances of the situation.

This is very important as unbelievers while they may try to be honest, do not follow Jesus nor have the Spirit of Truth guiding their work. Their minds are already blind to the truth and God’s leading.

Then the pressure to ‘look good’ to the unchurched world influences how this investigation pans out and how the final report is written. While the investigators think they are being honest or looking for the truth often is not the actual case whether intended or not.

In a statement accompanying the report, the board of RZIM said it was “shocked and grieved by Ravi’s actions” and feels “a deep need for corporate repentance.”

We are saddened that they took the word of outsiders, strangers, and others over the word of their father, husband, and boss. It looks like they are throwing Mr. Zacharias under the bus to save whatever spiritual credibility they may have.

But Christians abandon those they deem to be fallen, spiritually defeated, and rarely rise to the occasion to help the person regain their spiritual standing. A friend of ours once preached in a Sunday sermon, that other Christians and people do not want hurting believers healed.

While it is too late to restore Mr. Zacharias IF he committed these sins, there is no reason to abandon him like the disciples abandoned Jesus when he was arrested. Why they feel the need to do “corporate repentance” is beyond us.

The corporation did not sin in those situations that we could see and Mr. Zacharias was the only one who needed to repent IF he actually and purposefully committed those sins.

We believe not only the women who made their allegations public but also additional women who had not previously made public allegations against Ravi but whose identities and stories were uncovered during the investigation,” the RZIM statement explains.

This is not necessarily a biblical stance to take. Believing the women without real physical evidence to back up their claims are wrong. From what we can tell, not one woman produced verifiable physical evidence that these alleged sins took place against them.

From everything we have read, only one side of the story has been told, and discounting the testimony of your husband, father, and boss without honestly listening to his side is not seeking justice.

In fact, after he died, Mr. Zacharias’ side was rarely told and rarely got an honest hearing from anyone that we saw. Both sides have to be investigated correctly to see who is telling the truth.

The lengthy report includes interviews with more than a dozen massage therapists who treated Zacharias over the years.

One massage therapist said the evangelist often tried for “more than a massage,” while four massage therapists said Zacharias masturbated or asked them to touch his genitals during massages.

Interviews of alleged victims are not physical evidence and can easily be used to create a conspiracy against a man of God. All those interviews are only hearsay without 2 or 3 witnesses backing the claims up or without any real evidence to support them.

Multiple alleged victims are not physical or any type of evidence especially if they are talking about different sins committed at different times. Each alleged sinful event must have 2 or 3 witnesses verifying the behavior that took place.

You will see in those verses that multiple victims from different sinful events do not constitute witnesses for all sinful events that took place.

Another massage therapist “reported details of many encounters over a period of years that she described as rape,” according to the report.

This is a good example of why investigators, judges, lawyers, etc., do not take the victim’s account as witness testimony. This person is applying her own definition to the term rape and not the legal one.

What this means is that Mr. Zacharias is being condemned for something he did not do. Again, the account of this supposed rape is found only in hearsay evidence, not police reports or actual physical evidence that a rape kit would provide.

The ongoing paragraphs continued to accuse Mr. Zacharias without real evidence or any witnesses to back up the stories being told.

“A number of aspects of this account involved similar behavior and escalation as the accounts of other therapists who would not have known each other and who treated Mr. Zacharias in different contexts over time,” notes the report.

This quote provides evidence to support our point stated throughout this article. These were separate incidents that were not witnessed by enough people to qualify for biblical approval.

The nature of the alleged offenses does not change the biblical requirements.

The investigation discovered that a collection of explicit photos — many of them of much younger women — were also found in Zacharias’ possession.

Romantic emails Zacharias sent to a woman in South Korea and a massage therapist in Thailand, whom he called his “angel,” were also uncovered.

These paragraphs point out the nuances that many people who are not Christian or spiritually tuned can twist to meet their objective. Having a collection of photos does not mean Mr. Zacharias solicited them and no one has established his intent behind keeping those photos.

Then calling someone an ‘angel’ does not mean he is having an illicit romantic affair outside of his marriage. Many pastors, missionaries, and church leaders say things like this when a person has inspired them, helped their faith, and so on.

Again, no one has been able to verifiably establish the intent behind those words or the 200 selfie photos. It is very possible that he had no time to delete these items.

Also, since the investigators and everyone else were not in the room when these alleged requests, etc. were made, no one can say what truly went on and the alleged victim’s word is not good enough.

It is entirely possible that the women could have gotten together to create a scandal for nefarious reasons. They cannot prove that they didn’t and we can’t prove that they did, just like they can’t prove Mr. Zacharias acted like they said he did.

Deuteronomy 17:6On the testimony of two witnesses or three witnesses, the condemned shall be put to death; he shall not be put to death on the testimony of only one witness.

God is consistent and he has not changed this rule concerning criminal acts. Not only does the OT state this criteria but several NT scriptures say it as well. Click on that link above to read those scriptures. Then pay close attention to Revelation 11:3. You will see that God DOES NOT violate his own rules. He is sending 2 witnesses out to be witnesses of him. We cannot violate God’s rules nor let the secular world influence anyone in the church to violate them or change them.

Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you (1 Sam. 12;24)

That charge applies to NT believers including those who are a part of or have made themselves a part of this situation through their comments and responses to others. We serve him in truth not condemnation and destruction of those we deem to be inferior spiritually.

We must remember that except for the grace of God we would not be saved today. All believers are lucky to be pulled out of the sins Mr. Zacharias has been accused of doing. Some have also fallen into doing those same sins or continue to do them while claiming to be Christian.No one is in a position to condemn Mr. Zacharais on the word of alleged victims. Especially when they are not following God’s rules.

Then the king said to him, “How many times must I make you swear that you will tell me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord?” (2 Chroin. 18:15)

It is not independent interviews of victims that matter, nor the number of them. What matters is if the truth is actually being told. Also, circumstantial evidence is not enough to convict anyone, including Mr. Zacharias. There is nothing that supports these women’s accusations that would be considered real physical evidence.

No rape reports, no rape kits, no photos of the alleged incidences, no tape recordings of same, and so on. Plus, Mr. Zacharias’ own testimony needs to be counted and weighed against the word of the supposed victims. The church does not do things to ‘look good’ to the unchurched world.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your waysMyways,” declares the Lord.(isaiah 55:8)

This verse alone tells us that we as followers of Jesus and God must do things his way, no matter if the unchurched world cries foul or wrong. We do not do things the secular way as that is the way that needs the light of Jesus.

The church is supposed to be the light unto the dark world, not the other way around. That means that the Church must be brave and learn to stand with God no matter what, even in situations like this one. We do not see that taking place here. We see people sinning in their haste to condemn a dead man. to find acceptance among the unbeliever, and to pervert justice.

“Now then, sons, listen to me, For blessed are those who keep my ways. (Proverbs 8:32)

We have seen a few people do this in this situation but far more who do not. As for us, we are saddened by all sides of this issue and we will not say he is guilty nor will we say he is innocent. What we will say is that God’s ways have not been adhered to at all levels of this problem.

We will also say that there is no one qualified on this earth to cast judgment on Mr. Zacharias. They do not know the truth especially when they dismiss his own words on this matter. No one is going to be perfect and there will always be legitimate reasons for different leaders’ behavior. Subjective opinions that interpret will not find the truth but what they want to see & hear.

David’s reign was not ruined by his sins and the words that God gave Mr. Zacharias to say to the world are not ruined by any of his sins whether real or alleged. God’s teaching is always valid even when his servants fail. Elijah did not lose his ability to be a prophet of God for his sin of fear and running away.

His words were still of God and Elisha knew that. The words God spoke through Mr. Zacharias are still valid for believers today. Those who wish to destroy those words are greater sinners than they accuse Mr. Zacharias of being. {we did not complete the analysis of the article as there was no need to do so}

© 2021 David Thiessen

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