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The Essentials of the Glorious Path

Chukwuemeka Chinedu is an ongoing Student Pastor at Nigeria Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho, with BSc in Economics, HR, and CIPM


Introduction: Romans 8:28-30

“But that road is bad with a lot of debris, that can never be the road to meet the President,” says Ebuka. Chudi grinned and explained, “My Friend, the map points to that road; any other road that is not on the map might lead us somewhere else”. Chudi opened the map and pointed to a section as he shrouded Ebuka to watch. “That is the President’s signature, and it is the same signature we had on our documents when we visited him at the conference hall last week”. Ebuka sighed with relief and said, “Oh yes! the president signature confirms it, then this must be the road to meet with the President”.

The Glorious Path

From the scripture, we can observe the passage of the text: Romans 8: 28-30, the explicit message of God which explained that all things work together for good, according to God’s plan for those that love God and have been called to fulfil His divine purpose in their lives. The scripture explained further that God has planned, prepared and predestined His elects to be conformed to the image of His only begotten son-Jesus Christ. Moreover, the word of God highlights processes on how he will conform his elects to the image of His dear Son.

We need to know that God has better things for us, just as He said in His word to His people through His prophet Jeremiah, who sent his encouraging word to Israel, his people. As recorded in Jeremiah 29:11, “His thoughts for us are of peace and not of evil, to give us an expected”. This promise is to those that have believed and received Jesus Christ. God has set a path for those that love Jesus to follow and has certified this path with the blood of Jesus Christ. This path is not a physical road but a spiritual road, a lifestyle of holiness, love and reverence for God. The scripture testifies that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to God except by Jesus Christ. Therefore this path is a glorious walk with Jesus Christ to know God and be with God. Everyone needs to choose which direction to take. There is a path God has prepared for His elects, and there are other paths of this world and men. There are some essentials about this glorious path God has prepared for His elects we need to consider.

Some of these elements concerning this glorious path are enumerated below:

  1. The Access of God
  2. The Ability of God
  3. The Award of God
  4. 1. The Access of God:

God’s infinite grace has offered divine access to anyone who will walk on the glorious path prepared by God. To access this glorious path, one needs to love God and be called according to His purpose. Such an individual must have confessed his sins and believed in Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God, and with a loving heart receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and obey the call of God to walk with Jesus. The scripture in Romans 5: 1-2 says, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God”. Therefore, by faith in Christ Jesus, we can have access to God’s grace to walk on this glorious path. For it was Jesus Christ that created this access into the new way, by his blood he shed on the cross of Calvary. At that point of his death on the cross, the curtain of the temple’s altar was torn, signifying access had been inaugurated. God gives access as he pleases to those who have repented of their sins and have faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

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  1. 2. The Ability of God:

God has a divine ability to work on those that have decided to walk on the glorious path He has arranged for His elects. God can work on those willing to walk on that glorious path. The scripture reveals to us some specific abilities of God over those that have prepared their heart to enter the magnificent way arranged by God. Romans 8:30 (KJV) says, “Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called, them he also justified, them he also glorified.” By Implication, God has the divine ability to predestinate, call, justify and glorify His elects. God had prepared and set by His ability a destination for those that love Him, even before they had access to the glorious path. He has the ability to call an individual for a divine purpose; anyone called by God has been given spiritual gifts or resources to use for God’s purpose. God has the ability to justify the one he has called; he has the power to input the righteousness of God in His elect, thereby making Him be one that had never sinned. And God has the ability to glorify the person he has made righteous; he has the ability to develop the spiritual life of His elects; he can exalt His elected ones and transform them to perfection.

  1. 3. The Award of God:

God’s most outstanding award for anyone is to conform such an individual to the image of Jesus Christ. There is no award in this life more extraordinary than that. Romans 8:29 says, “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.” Some persons usually say, “my goal in life is to make it in heaven”. I can bet you that there is no one that his goal is to make it in Hell or Lake of Fire. Everyone will want to make it in heaven. Therefore, where the true challenge exists is not on “what” but on “who”; not the “place”, but the “person”.

Many want to make it to heaven, but few want to meet Jesus and be like Jesus. Armed robbers, kidnappers, smugglers, rapists, cultists, thieves, all these groups also want to make it in heaven. Ask any of them, they will say a confirming “yes”, but not all wants to be like Jesus Christ. Some want to carry their carnal life to heaven, hoping for a better world that satisfies their carnal minds better than on earth. Some have pictured heaven as a place to enjoy better things than what they see on earth, presupposing that what is on earth should be in heaven, but in a better way; this mindset is wrong. A true believer of Jesus Christ should have Jesus Christ in his heart and mind as the most excellent award God can give to any man. Eternal life should be the pursuit of every Christian. And what is eternal life? John 17:3 expressly says, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou have sent.


Therefore, if God has blessed you to receive this message of a glorious walk with Jesus Christ, do reflect on your life and relationship with God. If you are yet to repent of your errors and to forsake your Adamic nature, now is another gracious opportunity to do so. So that God may grant you access to walk with Jesus Christ into this glorious path predestined for you, and God by his ability will justify and glorify you in righteousness. And as an award for your obedience and walk with Jesus Christ, he will transform and conform you to the image of Jesus Christ.

© 2021 Chukwuemeka Chinedu

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