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The Rise & Fall of The Beast



Over the past several years, God has lead me step by step to learn new pieces of seemingly random information that I have begun to discover are all connected. These pieces of information relate to the current conspiracy that Satan has been orchestrating to bring about his one world government, which is talked about in the book of Revelation. This includes information regarding satanic secret societies and their connections to government, the plan to bring about the mark of the beast, a coming great deception and more.

It is truly a large body of information, but I hope that this hub will lay it all out for you and connect the dots in a way just about anyone can understand and follow. You may wish to bookmark this hub, because it will be a lot of information that will take several sittings to fully digest. I have it set up so that you should do one of the marked lessons below each day. Each of the seven lessons will take anywhere between one to two and a half hours to complete, so you probably won't want to try to tackle the whole presentation in one day.

There will be a lot of videos interlaced within my writing and it is important that you watch all of them in the order they are presented. This is the only way that you will be able to connect the dots to see what is really happening. A lot of other people have done hours upon hours of research and I will present their work to you in a way that connects each puzzle piece.

Out of context, any portion of this presentation will seem absurd and possibly even crazy, but I have faith that, if you truly seek after wisdom, God will open your hearts and minds to understand the truth that is presented here. If you find yourself questioning the validity of ANY of the information below, stop, kneel down and ask for our Heavenly Father to let you know if what you are seeing is the truth or not.

"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him." -- James 1:5

If you follow through with studying the entire presentation I have laid out before you, God will open your spiritual eyes wider than you can imagine. You will be able to see clearly from now to the end and none of the major crises that are about to unfold will catch you off guard. While most people will be stricken with panic and their hearts shall fail them, you will be a light that can bring them comfort through the hard times ahead. I believe that God has lead you to this information for that very purpose; that you can share this information with those who you love and care about to keep them from being deceived and also to comfort them when they need it most.

God bless you all and may He guide each of you on your own path to wisdom and understanding.

LESSON 1: How Satan Came to Power In The Current World

Before we get into the details of what is going to unfold and how things are going to unfold, it is important that you learn why they are going to unfold. The below documentary will offer all of the insight you need on the topic of how the various satanic secret societies have started and how they all have converged into what is today's modern Illuminati.


While history lessons are never as exciting as revelations, this history lesson is absolutely crucial to your ability to be able to understand the rest of this presentation. Without the knowledge and information presented in the following documentary, the remaining information will sound downright bizarre to you. However, by first learning the history of how Satan got his tendrils into powerful places throughout the world governments, everything else you are about to learn will make perfect sense and fall right into place.

The following video is two and a half hours long, so grab a snack and get comfortable. Once again, I wouldn't try to tackle this entire presentation in one day. Bookmark this page, so after you finish this first video, you can come back tomorrow and continue learning more. Trust me when I say you'll need the rest of the day to really absorb all of the information you're about to take in.

Leonard Ulrich - Origins of Illuminati

LESSON 2: The Path to The Mark of The Beast

PART I: The Federal Reserve & The Central Banking Conspiracy

Now that you have a glimpse of the bloodlines involved in these satanic secret societies and an idea of who the main key players are today, this next portion will make much more sense to you.

This section will be covering how the Federal Reserve (which is really only about as federal as Federal Express) has been set up as part of a global central banking conspiracy that will ultimately lead to everyone world-wide taking the mark of the beast. I know, those two things probably don't make much sense to go hand in hand to you now, but after you finish this section you will see clearly what is happening.

The next video in this presentation will teach you how the Federal Reserve came into existence, who created it and, most importantly, why it was created to operate the way that it does today. Before I explain how our global banking system is connected to the coming mark of the beast, watch the short 30 minute film below. I promise, it is significantly more entertaining than the film in yesterday's lesson.

Once you finish this video, continue reading below for the rest of today's lesson.

Tad Lumpkin & Harold Uhl - The American Dream


PART II: The Mark of The Beast

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What is the mark of the beast talked about in Revelation 13:16-17 and how is it related with the Federal Reserve? That is exactly what I will be teaching you in this portion of today's lesson.

To answer the first question, we know that it is a mark that the antichrist will cause all people to take in their right hands or foreheads when he establishes his one world government during the tribulation. We also know that anyone who rejects the mark will not be able to buy nor sell. Something interesting I noticed in Revelation 13:16 is that it says the antichrist will cause people to take the mark in their right hand or forehead, not on. As I have watched the recent events of the world play out and the emergence of the new RFID tracking technology, I have come to the conclusion that the mark of the beast is going to be an implantable microchip. This RFID microchip will store your national identity as well as all of your personal records and a new one world digital currency to replace the failing paper currencies.

This is not science fiction. This technology is already fully developed and just waiting for the most opportune time to be globally implemented. To prove this, watch the following short commercial IBM has put together.

Shocking, isn't it? A digital currency isn't the only purpose it has been commercially developed for though. As you'll see in the next short commercial below, it is already being used for keeping track of people's medical records. Knowing what you know about the book of Revelation, I'm sure you'll find this downright creepy.

Just imagine how well that will sell, once the current world currencies have collapsed. Imagine how convenient it would be to just be able to scan your hand at the grocery store and instantly have your payment made. Imagine how easy it would be to automatically have your pay deposited quickly and conveniently for instant access, without having to worry about keeping track of or losing credit cards, debit cards or even your driver's license or ID card. Imagine how many lives would be saved if, for example, when people got in car accidents the doctors could just scan their right hand or forehead and automatically have all their health information ready, so they could begin operating on them.

Parents of young children will be even more sold on the concept of being able to have the government locate their kids with the RFID chip's GPS functions, if they are ever lost or kidnapped.

It's a pretty easy thing to sell and, quite frankly, it will be even more so when the old currencies have failed.

To further drive home how real this technology is and the fact that our own governments around the world are planning on using it on us, watch the following news clip compilation video below.


If you were Satan and had to figure out a way to get an entire world's population implanted with a microchip that would condemn their souls to hellfire forever, which strategy would you take? You would need to create financial chaos world-wide so that everyone would be desperate enough for a new fool-proof currency that could not fail the way the last one did -- and this microchip would house that new, digital one world currency. This is where you'll see how the Federal Reserve is connected to the core of the mark of the beast.

As you learned in the first video of today's lesson, the Federal Reserve has made it possible so that Satan's powers-that-be can crash the dollar at any time they choose by cutting lending to the other private banks. However, that would have originally only collapsed America's currency.

Have you ever wondered why we keep coming up with excuses to go to war with all of these different nations and coincidentally install a central bank in each of them while we're at it? Many people think that 9/11 was a conspiracy to go to war to get rich off of oil, and maybe for some people it was, but the real reason is much more sinister. The real reason for all of these wars has been to install Rothschild central banks in all of the major nations throughout the world. Through this strategy, even every last one of the smaller nations who rely on bigger nations financially are all ultimately connected back to the Federal Reserve.

It's a house of cards just waiting to be collapsed at will, but first they need to install a central bank in three more countries: Cuba, North Korea and Iran. I italicized those three countries for a reason. Read them again. Do you think it's a coincidence that those are the three countries that the United States is currently on the brink of going to war against? It's just a matter of time before we have more false flag attacks, much like 9/11, that will justify us invading these countries and forcefully setting up more Rothschild central banks inside of them. When that happens, the dollar will be intentionally collapsed and every nation throughout the world will systematically fall into financial chaos as a result.


When this happens, there will be rioting in the streets of every nation and martial law will be declared. People will be killing each other as they fight over the last food and resources that are available to feed themselves and their families. Do not be shocked when you learn what "good" people are capable of doing to save the lives of their starving families. The gangs in big urban cities will be having a hay day pillaging, raping and killing. One would find it difficult to fathom the amount of chaos that a world-wide financial collapse alone will instigate. It would not be surprising if people are going to be so scared and desperate that they will be grateful for the horror that is martial law.

This will most likely occur in the midst of World War III, to add to the complexity of the resulting chaos. For the more chaos there is, the more desperate the people of the world will be to accept the mark of the beast and establish a New World Order.

To give you an idea of how fast this can come about, it was only back in the year 2000 that there were still seven countries without a Rothschild central bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. In just 14 years, we have reduced that number to three. Further on in this presentation, when I discuss the prophesied signs in the heavens, you'll get a better idea of just how soon these new false flag attacks will be upon us.

What will happen to those who refuse to take this implantable microchip with their new one world national identity and currency on it? You can read the book of Revelation for that!

LESSON 3: The Coming Great Deception

This is where everything is going to start getting really interesting. Up until now, we have mainly only focused on esoteric cults and their plans to bring about a one world government under the rulership of Lucifer. In today's and tomorrow's lessons, we will be covering how these satanic secret societies have been misled by fallen angels and how the same fallen angels will make an appearance mid-tribulation and attempt to deceive the entire world into worshipping them as our creators.

The main concept behind this lesson and the next is that "aliens" are not visitors from other galaxies at all, but rather are fallen angels who have been deceiving people all along. I know, it sounds ridiculous and I don't expect you to believe it until the end of tomorrow's lesson. By then I hope you will have been presented with enough evidence both scriptural and otherwise to come to the same conclusion that I and many others have. There was so much evidence, that I had to split this topic into two lessons. Today you will mainly just see the connection between these entities and the secret societies discussed in Lesson 1, while tomorrow is where the real heart of the evidence is.

Today's video documentary is a full two and a half hours, so there will not be much reading until tomorrow's lesson. In tomorrow's lesson, I will reflect on the information you learn today and tie it back to the book of Revelation. This way, you will be able to get a clearer picture of how these fallen angels have already been conditioning us for their arrival.

Face Like The Sun - Age of Deceit

LESSON 4: The Coming Great Deception (Continued)

As you learned yesterday, "aliens" are actually not intergalactic visitors from outer space, but rather are the fallen angels who followed Satan in his rebellion against God. Again, I don't expect you to be fully convinced until you finish both of the videos in today's lesson. When I first came across the concept, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but as Einstein once said, "Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance." I decided that, instead of choosing to be willfully ignorant, I would at least investigate the evidence behind the theory and see what the bible had to say about it. The more I investigated, the more I became convinced, and I am sure you will become convinced as well.

We will now further examine the coming alien deception with today's video. This is an in depth interview with L.A. Marzulli and Tom Horn regarding how the Vatican has been helping to set the stage for the great deception. There's a lot more mind blowing information in this video that you won't want to miss. Today's lesson continues below after the video.

Tom Horn & L.A. Marzulli - Aliens: The Great Deception

In light of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, some being credible scholars and scientists, have claimed to have experienced personal encounters with alien entities, we are left with three options as Christians:

  1. Dismiss all abductees and UFO experiencers as liars. This would not seem logical as all of their stories seem to support one another's in terms of the content of each experience.

  2. Dismiss our own religious views, as intelligent life from other galaxies may be valid proof for Darwin's theory of evolution. This, of course, is not a rational option either.

  3. Look at all of the evidence linking the alien encounters to demonic encounters, research the bible and realize that both are one and the same thing.

As far as I'm concerned, option number 3 seems like the most logical approach for a Christian to take -- especially considering the scriptural evidence to support it.

An entity called 'Lam' that Aleister Crowley summoned in the year 1918, as sketched by Crowley himself.

An entity called 'Lam' that Aleister Crowley summoned in the year 1918, as sketched by Crowley himself.

To further illustrate how aliens are actually demons, I would like to reference Aleister Crowley (1875 - 1947). Aleister Crowley has been labeled one of the fathers of modern Satanism as well as the most wicked man on Earth. He is the author of many Satanic books that he claims were dictated to him from summoned demonic entities. He also channeled instructions on blood rituals that today's secret societies are still practicing.

In the year 1918, Crowley summoned an entity that called itself Lam, through an inter-dimensional portal using the Amalantrah Workings. After the session of contact with this entity ended, Crowley proceeded to draw a picture of Lam that you can see to the right. It looks a lot like one of today's modern grey aliens, doesn't it? This is because aliens and fallen angels are one and the same thing. As part of their grand deception talked about in Revelation, they are parading around pretending to be visitors from another galaxy.

When will these fallen angels show up? If you open your bible and turn to Revelation 12:7-9, you will find the following verses:


As we know from the timeline, Revelation chapter 12 takes place right around the middle of the seven years of tribulation. This is when the fallen angels will show up, posing as our "alien" creators and our saviors. The irony is that they will be rescuing us from the financial and political chaos that they themselves engineered!

Do you remember the Hegelian Dialectic from Lesson 1? The Hegelian Dialectic is a system of global manipulation that works in three parts:

1.) Problem: In stage one of the Hegelian Dialectic, you purposely create a problem that you plan to blame on someone or something else. For example, elements within our own government trained and hired the terrorists who flew the planes into the twin towers.

2.) Reaction: Stage two of this strategy involves controlling and directing the public's outrage and reaction to the problem you engineered. If you conducted Stage 1 correctly, they will demand your pre-planned solution, moving you one step closer to your end agenda. Our reaction to the events of 9/11 were controlled and directed when the government claimed it allegedly found an unscathed copy of one of the hijacker's passports just two blocks away from the wreckage of the towers. Our officials told us that it must have fallen out of the airplane. This directed our hostility and outrage against the middle east and we were all demanding retaliation.

3.) Solution: In stage three, you present the solution to the problem that you created. Your solution will only be accepted after the first two stages are complete. In the example of 9/11, George Bush, Jr. proposed to go to war against Afghanistan to prevent any further attacks. If he had originally come out and told everyone he just wanted to go to war to establish a central bank there, we would have all refused. However, the Hegelian Dialectic is used to manipulate the public to not only consent to otherwise outrageous plans of action, but to demand them. The strategy was first used when Hitler set fire to the Reichstag building and blamed it on the Jews near the beginning of World War I.

Satan has been using this system of global manipulation against us this whole time, on a much larger scale than one false flag attack. By deceiving the members of his secret societies, whom he has positioned in places of power throughout the world, Satan has been moving all of the chess pieces into place to create sudden and total chaos world wide. It's just a matter of time now.

Deceiving fallen angels are setting up the problem of global financial, political and even nuclear chaos. When they show up they can feed off everyone's reaction and offer their solution. Their solution is of course micro-chipping everyone, establishing a one world government, eliminating Christianity and uniting the remaining religions of the world under one new Luciferian religion.

Satan and his angels know that the time they are going to be kicked out of heaven draws near. Their mortal forces on Earth are working speedily to establish central banks within the remaining three countries so they can create total financial chaos world wide -- the prerequisite to the desperation needed to accept the mark of the beast and a New World Order.

To continue today's lesson, let's take a journey through ancient history to examine some interesting skeletons and artifacts that most likely pre-date the flood in the times of Noah.

Bill Ryan & Klaus Dona - The Hidden History of The Human Race

The Nephilim & Mark Of The Beast Connection

As you most likely remember from a couple of lessons ago, I connected the dots between the emerging RFID microphip implant technology and the mark of the beast talked about in the book of Revelation.

The following quote of Revelation chapter 14 puts emphasis on just how grave of a mistake it will be to take the chip:

"9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: 11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. 12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."

That does sound pretty intense, doesn't it? So why would a God who has been nothing but loving and merciful to us, his flesh and blood children, suddenly remove our offered redemption that we have been given through the atonement of Jesus Christ and damn us to hellfire forever for simply taking a microchip implant? I believe the key lies within our DNA, which holds the genetic blue print for our spiritual ascension. In other research I have done, I have come across evidence that the frequency given off by RFID microchips can have an effect on human DNA. Just imagine how much of an effect it can have if it's embedded in your flesh.

That said, I'll let the expert on this topic, Tom Horn, do the rest of the explaining of this theory in the video below.

Tom Horn - Mark of the Beast Bio Technology (Parts 1 & 2)


LESSON 5: The Return of Concentration Camps

What if I told you that the United States alone has already constructed and prepared over 600 prison camps on its own soil as a direct result of 9/11? After the incidents of 9/11, George Bush, Jr. used the Readiness Exercise Program (also known as REX-84) to authorize the construction of over 600 FEMA camps nation wide, to be used in a time of "national crisis." The interesting thing to point out is that none of these camps have yet been used, even after such major disasters as Hurricane Katrina.

You would think that no one would want to go to a prison camp, but in the midst of the upcoming chaos, the promise of a safe place away from the anarchy and crime with guaranteed food to eat will make people line up by the hundreds to populate these camps.

If you would like to see the location of every FEMA camp built, including the ones near where you live, this website will prove to be extremely helpful. If you dare, you should take a drive out to your local FEMA camp just to see what you can look forward to.

The important thing to realize is that America is not the only country with prison camps and a system of martial law prepared. Almost every nation in the world has a list of potential political dissidents that will be rounded up by a military police force and held in similar prison camps.

In the following video, you will learn more about how these camps were authorized and built and how much their design resembles the prison camps used by Hitler in Nazi Germany. There is an abundant source of eye opening information in this video that will show you exactly how Christians are already being targeted as the primary future residents of these camps.

When you finish this hour and a half video, please continue reading below for more information on how and when they will be called into use.

William Lewis Films - Camp FEMA


If you recall, the prior video discussed how the Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring online and telecommunications to prepare lists of potential security threats in the time of a national crisis. As detailed in our own government's official MIAC report, you have a good chance of being on one of these lists if you have publicly expressed (through voting, signing petitions, writing, Facebook, etc.) that you are an opponent of any of the following:

  • Gun Control
  • The Federal Reserve
  • The United Nations
  • The North American Union
  • The New World Order
  • Income Tax
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Abortion
  • Illegal Immigration

The below video is from Glenn Beck's show. In it, he reveals the contents of the MIAC report and expresses his thoughts about how ridiculous it is that they are classifying the above groups of people as well as evangelical Christians, Mormons and Catholics as potential terrorist threats.

It is not debatable that these prison camps aka "FEMA shelters" have been prepared for what is to come. That is a fact and it is as clear as day. However, what I'm about to say is my own theory of how they will be used and could be completely wrong. It's just what makes sense to me regarding the usage of these facilities.

When the dollar collapses, the currency of every nation will follow collapsing like dominos. As world wide chaos sets in as a result of this, I believe that FEMA police will be dispatched to round up the people who made it onto the potential threats list. They will be the first to be taken to the concentration camps, as a matter of ''national security.''

Then, as precious days, weeks and months take their toll, I'm sure that many survivors will demand that FEMA provide them with security, shelter and food. FEMA will gladly assist by escorting these masses of desperate starving people into their prison camps.

This would make it much easier to chip everyone when the time comes to establish a new one world currency. Most people, in America, will all be in the same 600 locations under the supervision of the government. Again, other governments throughout the world have their own variation of this plan in place.

While staying in these internment camps, the masses of the world will be indoctrinated with the new world philosophies and witness the arrival of the fallen angels on television. They will also see the antichrist who will perform many miracles and broadcast his plan of uniting everyone under one banner for world peace. It will be very seductive and many lukewarm Christians, who have not actively been seeking the truth, will be deceived into taking the mark of the beast.

In order to finally leave the camps and enter the new world, people will be required to take the mark of the beast, which contains their one-world-government social identity number as well as the new world currency. Those who refuse to accept the mark of the beast will be detained in prison indefinitely. Those who hid in the wilderness to avoid being taken into a prison camp will not be able to buy nor sell until they first take the mark.

LESSON 6: Signs In The Heavens

This portion of the presentation will help you obtain a rough idea of when these prophesied events will begin unfolding before our eyes.


In today's lesson, I will be referencing the work of Mark Biltz, Jonathan Cahn, and Scott Clarke. I'd just like to give you a heads up that at least one of these men, Scott Clarke, is a firm believer in a pre-tribulation rapture. I know that this is a heavily debated topic amongst Christians and I would like to state that I am undecided on the rapture theory altogether. I have heard compelling cases to support theories for the pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation and even post-tribulation rapture. As such, I do not feel comfortable teaching that which I am not 100% certain of. I will leave each of you to decide your own beliefs on this topic. While I would like to hope for a pre-tribulation rapture, it seems risky to fully expect it as I wouldn't want to see anyone lose their faith and fall into the great deception, when they are not raptured before the coming storm. More importantly, it's critical that we prepare our food and water storage as well as spiritually and mentally prepare for what's to come, just in case we are to be tested by it.

Regardless of what your personal beliefs are on the rapture, the following signs in the heavens are prophesied in the book of Revelation. Therefore they should be viewed as an indicator of the seven years of tribulation primarily and perhaps as signs of an upcoming rapture secondarily. After all, this whole presentation is about the coming period of tribulation and not the rapture theory.

PART I: The 2014 - 2015 Blood Moon Tetrad

A blood moon tetrad is when there are four consecutive blood moons in a row. As you'll learn in this first video, every time one of these rare blood moon tetrads have occurred on the Jewish feast days, big world changing events have taken place -- especially for Israel!

The following video by Mark Biltz explains more details about what blood moon tetrads are as well as the history associated with previous tetrads. He also goes into detail about the upcoming blood moon tetrad which will start in April of 2014. When you take the information he presents to you and combine it with the sign talked about in PART II of today's lesson, you will see just how true the book of Revelation is turning out to be. It's mind blowing.

Mark Biltz - Significance of the Blood Moons

After viewing the above video, your interest is probably piqued. It makes you wonder what events will take place during that tetrad, doesn't it?

Something I want to make clear, however, is that I am not setting any dates whatsoever. I am simply viewing the signs in the heavens as indicators that the seven years of tribulations are going to be upon us soon.

If the 2014 blood moon tetrad wasn't enough to convince you something is coming up, PART II and PART III will.

PART II: The Woman, The Child & The Dragon

"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; and she was with child; and she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth." -- Revelation 12:1-2

In the 26 minute video below, Scott Clarke will explain everything in much more detail to you with some additional facts that I am sure you will find downright shocking.

Scott Clarke - The 2017 Virgin Birth in Space

PART III: The Mystery of The Shemitah

This is it, boys and girls! This final video will connect the dots between much of what I talked about earlier in this presentation and the signs in the heavens. In fact, despite the fact the previous signs in the heavens are worthy of raising some eyebrows by themselves alone, this final presentation by Jonathan Cahn is what will REALLY prove without a doubt, in my opinion, that we're on the cusp of something HUGE.

It's three parts, which each being approximately a half an hour, but in my honest opinion, this is the most mind blowing part of this entire article.

Jonathan Cahn - The Harbinger Decoded

Jonathan Cahn - The Mystery of The Shemitah Unlocked

Pretty amazing stuff, am I right? So according to Jonathan Cahn, the time period we are in now as I write this is the final shemitah of this 7 shemitah cycle. That means as it concludes on or in the wake of this upcoming Elul 29, the American system in its entirety should have a major shaking -- if not be completely wiped out as was done to ancient Israel at the conclusion of a 7 shemitah warning cycle. Surely then we should already be able to see signs building up to it then, no? The below 10 huge events have taken place so far JUST IN THIS SHEMITAH YEAR ALONE as a build up to what is coming on the horizon. This list is quoted from Jim Willie, a financial expert, and I will link to his site at the end of the quote.

1. Russia jumped off the Petro-Dollar recycle wagon. Their entire oil trade will not be kept in USDollars. Instead, it will be exchanged immediately into Rubles. Expect some to be converted into RMB for their bilateral trade with China. The Russian action is an integral part of the demise of the Petro-Dollar. They react to US-led boycott.

2. The Swiss removed the 120 Euro peg to their Franc currency. For over three years their central bank had maintained a hoard of paper mache Euro currencies that accumulated perhaps as much as 800 billion Euros. It became unsustainable. They ran a long USDollar trade with short Gold, which finally will go into reverse. The Langley crew had billions in SWFrancs stuffed in shrink wrapped palettes. They profited handsomely. The Swiss seem to have opened the gates of hell for the Gold market, and might have been slammed with a Gold margin call as leased gold bullion dried up.

3. The Greeks have prepared to exit the European Union and to default on debt. Their defiant Syriza party won a mandate, a clear leftist majority. Next comes some severe disruption. They might print money to pay off their external debt, which would be an ironic justice. Expect great repercussions within Greece into Europe, at the same time the Russians are passing a gas pipeline as carrot to Greece. With the pipeline will come valuable fees to the Greek nation. They will leave the European Union, with almost certainty. They will soon export food products to Russia, lifting the economy.

4. The Euro Central Bank announced details on their newest QE tampering. They are to pile on the bond and asset purchases, with a clever attempt to avoid it being corrosive unsterilized by means of cooperative gestures with member nations. Regardless of the details, the Germans are harsh critics of the Draghi procedures. The opposition has shaped up between the EuroCB and the Bundesbank. The Jackass is certain that Germany will leave the EU, leave the common Euro, and eventually leave NATO. The objection to the Draghi QE decision will lead to a major crisis in the European Union.

5. King Abdullah died and the transition for the royal family begins. He has been replaced by formerly crown prince Salman, who suffers from senile dementia, and will have a terrible time to hold power. The battle for succession has just begun, as rival tribes vie for power, after several decades of being excluded. The events inside Saudi boundaries will increase, turn more violent, and be highly disruptive. Pressure for reform will be fierce and unending.

6. Merkel has offered a trade union proposal to Russia, which discards the US-led TTIP trade pact. At the Davos Economic Summit, the German Chancellor actually offered a trade pact with Russia which implicitly rejected the US-led TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership. The ironic part is that Merkel has proposed exactly what Russia & China have been developing for two years, known as the Eurasian Trade Zone. Germany is looking for a way out of the European Union.

7. The German watchdog financial cop BaFin found no improper manipulation in the gold market. They mean from the DeutscheBank perspective. This decision is a setback for the camp that opposes corrupt markets in bond values, currency exchange rates, bank accounting. The backlash could come from numerous flanks, all of which seek justice and fair markets. Market rigging seems never to cease as the climax nears. In Germany, two camps are divided. The politicians are dominated by the banker elite, although loud rumblings come from the ministers levels. The industrial captains manage commerce, and wish to avoid profound economic damage. The US alliance is no longer working toward German benefit. The industrial camp will prevail, but with a huge battle and many unknowns to come.

8. The Swiss have set up a major RMB trading center in Zurich. An interesting competition is certain to unfold as London, Zurich, and Frankfurt compete for Chinese financial flow in RMB terms. Refer to currency exchange, bond issuance, and direct investment (FDI). While London has the tradition and Zurich has the prestige, the Germans have been hand-picked by the Kremlin and Beijing to serve as the cradle and crucible for European linkage to Asia. The industrial ties to Russia and China extend from Germany, along with huge and growing trade and investment.

9. The details for Gazprom pipeline extension through Turkey have been revealed, by way of the Black Sea, with volume stated in the plans. In a brilliant stroke, Gazprom decided abruptly to cut off Ukraine on the pipeline construction. It will not pass through Eastern Europe, where USGovt bribery, threats, and corrupt business plans were taking place to block plans. Instead, the pipeline will pass through Turkey, with announced hub on the Greek border. It is being dubbed Turk Stream. The construction will take at least 18 months. In the meantime, the European nations will have to struggle to find a way to connect to its gas lines, and to avoid wreckage from their errant destructive US alliance.

10. The USEconomy had an enormous miss in expected Durable Good orders. The list of job cuts and project cutbacks in the US, Canadian, British, and European Economies was six pages in length for a recent work toward the January Hat Trick Letter. It was refined to a few pages. It is a veritable procession of business failure from failed monetary and economic policy failure. The USEconomy is stuck in a multi-year powerful recession. QE aggravates the economic deterioration. Numerous major name corporations are making utterly huge astonishing job cuts, the most recent being IBM. Big banks and energy related firms dominate in such news.



LESSON 7: A Message of Hope

While the prior lessons in this presentation may have seemed mostly like doom and gloom prophecies, that has not been the point. The whole reason I put this presentation together is to show you that the bible prophecies are true and, while that means there are troubling times ahead, it also means the time of a new golden age on Earth is just on the horizon. If I could have you take just one message away from all of this, it would be to lift your head up and know that the time of our redemption draws near. You should now clearly be able to see how true the bible is. That means you should look forward to the 1,000 year millennium of peace that our Savior has promised us.

"a new heaven and a new earth"

"a new heaven and a new earth"

As the seven years of tribulation come to a climax, we will return with Jesus Christ and his holy angels in the clouds above. We will descend upon the earth and reclaim it as our own in a massive showdown between those of us who were saved and those who were deceived into taking the mark of the beast and worshipping the devil.

"And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army." -- Revelation 19:19

I highly suggest you open your Bible now and read the entirety of the book of Revelation. Trust me. It will seem a lot more interesting now that you know the things you have learned over the past week of lessons.

However, this portion of the presentation is about the most positive aspect of God's whole divine plan -- the 1,000 year millennial reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the earth. Interestingly enough, the millennium is the most talked about topic in the whole bible. You can find references to it throughout Daniel, Isaiah, Revelation and more.

The following video will brighten your view on the coming events. This video covers just how great this new period of peace, love and co-operation under the ruler-ship of God Himself will be. Enjoy!

Chuck Missler - Revelation Session 23 Ch 20 The Millenium


I'd like to thank you for taking the great deal of time it must have required you to read through and view all of the above material. I hope that the wisdom and knowledge contained in this presentation has blessed you in such a way that you will be prepared to face the coming times of hardship.

Now is the time to begin preparing like you have never prepared before. Stock up on your food and water storage. The last thing you want to do is become dependant upon the devil's government to take care of you.

More than just physically preparing, you must also spiritually prepare yourself. Put on the full armor of God. Forsake and repent of any sins you are currently struggling with. Ask for the spirit of Christ to enter into you that He can help you overcome temptation and rise above this world. Forgive all those who have hurt you. Pray every single day. Our Heavenly Father is a lot like a real parent in the sense that He likes to hear from you on a regular basis, even when things are going well for you. No parent appreciates it when their child only comes to them when they need something.

Prepare your family and those you love by sharing this presentation with them, that they will not be lead astray by the coming deceptions. It's time that you join in the battle of truth and help to wake up as many souls as you can before the deception takes hold. Remember, no matter how hard it seems to wake certain people, we have the power of light on our side. You can take one small candle into a completely dark room and instantly reveal all that was hidden in the darkness. On the other hand, no amount of darkness can suppress one small flame shining brightly through the night. Be that candle; be that flame. Be so vigilant that even if you are just one small flickering flame, you alone will reveal the truth hidden in the darkness.


Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on February 28, 2019:

Hi jaredbangerter,

Overall a good and timely article - however you have a couple of things not quite right.

Firstly you seem to have an extensive knowledge of the Bible to have even formulated a plan in how to put it on paper (so to speak) and I would have thought with your obvious knowledge, you should have some idea of when the 'catching away' (the rapture) takes place, yet you seem to have missed the very words Jesus has told us in Matthew 24: 29 - 31, surely that is clear enough.

Yes, it is Post Tribulation but so many can't see it.

Secondly, the 2nd half of Tribulation will be the most difficult period to survive after the mark is introduced and it is the false prophet who will enforce it - you mention stockpiling food and water to last for 3.5 years. Do you know how much food and water is needed just for one person for that time? It is a small mountain!!!

Matthew 6: 25 - 34 tells us plainly that God will provide for His own in a way known only to Him - so we will become as refugees in our own land. And that will require a lot of faith. He provided manna for the Israelites during the Exodus for 40 years, their clothing and sandals didn't wear out! So 3.5 years will be nothing to God.

What you are saying about the millennium is also wrong - not wrong in the sense that it will happen but wrong in the sense of who will populate and re-populate the world during that time. To put it simply and quickly - any and all unbelievers who take the mark will be killed at the END of Tribulation. Taking the mark is the point of NO RETURN and there is no forgiveness for taking the mark - even in ignorance as EVERYONE will receive the warning. A believer who remains a believer and is alive throughout Tribulation will be raised alive, along with those believers from day one who died in Jesus will also be raised just before believers who are alive. Believers who remain believers in death during Tribulation will also be raised with them.

No-one with the mark will enter the millennium and it is ONLY the unbelievers who didn't take the mark for reasons of their own shall enter the millennium.

Because they refused the mark they will also have another opportunity if they repent. This is not a second chance so to speak - you only get one shot at this and that must happen before you die whenever that is. At the end of the 1,000 years Satan will be released from the abyss to try and deceive those alive at the end.

Of course there is much more to than what I've said here and I will invite you to have a look at a few of my articles that I've written on this subject.

By best regards,


jaredbangerter (author) from New York City on April 13, 2014:

Hey there. That's some great insight. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm not sure why my fb link didn't work, but it should be:

Thanks :]

schoolgirlforreal on April 13, 2014:


Your fb link did not work!

Thanks again for sharing this information.

schoolgirlforreal on April 13, 2014:

I am aware of this information which you presented so well. Sorry, I'm not a fast reader, so i skimmed through. I did recognize all you said though, and have heard of it. I am a born again Christian, and in IITim1:7 For the Lord hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind! That was the first verse I memorized and since then (Dec 26, 2009) I have learned more, my fav book is Ephesians, which you quoted many times, it's the book of Love in the bible.

It is wonderful how God provided a Savior and a way of salvation for us. In the book I'm reading (A Gentle Thunder- Hearing God Through the Storm by Max Lucado) he says God created in the beginning Time, then Adam, then Emmanuel. meaning he was alone and created Time which was going to be the place (he's timeless) where his creation took place, and then Adam- gave Adam free will which was daring because he knew Adam would fail but showed love...for giving us free will,,and then Emmanuel, the plan to save us, Jesus, God with us.

It's really an amazing thing. And there's really no reason to live without God and without Heaven in the next life. Spirituality is what keeps many people to persevere especially in difficult times; the book points out how many people heal from broken homes, marriages, hurts, habits and hangups, God is the real cure for everything and our hearts were created for Him! He is so loving, that He tugs at us ever so gently, to draw us to Him.

i feel bad for the misled people who believe satan's lies that they can be ruler in hell, instead of serving!

When we choose God, we become his brothers and sisters, not slaves, and gain- through his Gift of redemption- heaven which we don't deserve, nor did we earn!

deorganicchurch from Newark, DE on February 21, 2014:

My wife also went through the entire teaching. There are several people from the church I attend that also believe in the coming one world government. A few of us were talking about it this past Sunday after service. Here is a link to one of my teachings about The Corporate Church:

jaredbangerter (author) from New York City on February 21, 2014:

Thank you for the great comment, deorganicchurch. :] I'm glad you recognize the truth in this article. You and I seem to be a rare breed of human these days, but it's refreshing to see there are others out there who have been seeking truth. It's people like you that are going to give the devil a run for his money when the deception starts to take hold. I also am not fully convinced by the pre-tribulation rapture, but I'll keep an open mind on that topic for now at least. I'd say pre-wrath (post trib) is more likely than pre-trib, personally. I felt a bit nervous posting this information. Like you said, I may be putting my own neck out there and getting on one of these lists, but I fear God more than I fear government.

I, and I am sure my readers, would love to read your articles. Feel free to link them here, if you would like. God bless.

deorganicchurch from Newark, DE on February 21, 2014:

I just finished working through this entire study. It contains a lot of useful information to help the Christian believer prepare for the coming one world government. The amount of information now available on the subject reveals that this topic is no longer just a conspiracy theory, but that, as the Bible says, the world will unite under a single government and a single religious belief system led by the evil, antichrist ruler. I am not totally convinced about the pre-tribulation rapture, but this is a difficult subject to study, and there are many people that hold different positions regarding the timing of the rapture. I am currently leaning towards the post-tribulation rapture theory, but I am certainly in favor of it coming sooner. I have heard people say from a number of sources that they don't recognize America anymore. It has changed so radically from just 30 years ago that it seems like we're living in a different country now. I am not surprised that born-again Christians are topping the list of threats to the state. You're probably sticking your own neck out by writing this article. I have also written a few articles that will not be held in high esteem by those that oppose Christ. Jesus will come back someday, and the wicked of this world will cry out for the rocks to fall on them and hide them from his wrath.

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