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The End of Days is Upon Us

Gary has a Ph.D. from Bible University of Canada, ls a student of the Bible, and loves sharing that knowledge with others any time or way.

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Do you see the signs of the times?

This is my most popular article written with the Holy Ghost to help undoubtedly. Be sure to have your Bible handy and study the Scriptures and come to your own conclusion. This is the only way for it to strengthen and change your life.

Here is a short teaching on the academic study of Eschatology or the end of days. There so much information available that is not Biblical and/or poor scholarship. But with the feeling that something is amiss in America and the World, I present a Biblically-based study that may shed some light on the issue of angst.

My articles will always be Biblical-based at all times. Make no doubt about it, there are major differences between the coming of the Lord and the impending Rapture. That is a total of two comings of the Lord.

Signs of His coming foretold thousands of years ago seem to be everywhere. Israel is home in the land; the Church is in place, and with the completion of the unknown number of Romans 11:25, the Rapture without warning will occur when the body of Christ reaches its full number. This could happen at any moment.

In the study of the end times, Jesus, in His letter that John wrote for posterity, the Revelation, warns us to be imminently aware, listening, and studying the Word of God, the Bible to be more informed about what is happening around us.

Let me ask you a question. Are you looking for Jesus Christ in the flesh returning to the earth He created? It was Jesus Himself who said those who are ready and waiting when He returns will be rewarded. Jesus was speaking of imminence. (Luke 12.37)

He teaches through several parables our need to be spiritually awake and ready for His return. These parables include the master and the servant (Mark 13.34-37) and the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13). No doubt about it. Jesus said to watch for His return!

We simply cannot know the exact time of His return (Matthew 24:36), Jesus said we can know a general time or “season” of His return (Matthew 24:33). This means we should be alert, spiritually disciplined, and watching for the signs of His arrival.

Israel and the Gentiles


Israel in the Land with Time of the Gentiles

1. Israel is in the Land

The skeptics had said a hundred years past the end times scenario could not be actual because there was no home place for the Jews.

a. God made a promise to call the Jews from "among the nations." (Ezekiel 39.28)

b.God also said He would gather the Jews from "the farthest corners of the earth.'" (Isaiah 11.12)

c. God said He would also call them from "north, south, east, and west." (Psalm 107.3)

d. God said He would welcome the Jewish people home from the lands where they were scattered. (Ezekiel 20.34)

e. The Lord promised to restore them to the land of Israel from distant lands (Jeremiah 30.2, 10).

God did just as He said He would.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ says, "This is a Revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him so that he might show his servants what must very soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who is the witness of all that he saw - the message of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Happy is the man who reads this prophecy and happy are those who hear it read and pay attention to its message; for the time is near" (Revelation 1.1 - 3)

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So, we have a testimony of Jesus Christ given to John by sending probably Gabriel the angel to warn God's people what must take place. We know that reading the prophecy will make each of us who read it have joy, confidence, and pay close attention to the message.

Can we ever overemphasize the importance of the Olivet Discourse in its relationship to the Revelation of Jesus Christ? I think not, and His discourse featured in this essay is a road map for believers of the future.

Even the casual person has an angst and senses something is about to happen that they cannot explain. COVID 19 for example.

It is not a favorite saying if you have children, grandchildren, girlfriend, good job, or a million other reasons for the signs of the times emerging. I sincerely believe we are fast coming to a close as a civilization.

An Event Everybody Loves to Comment Upon


The Most Preposterous True Event

2. The Rapture

A preposterous event when you think about it. However, it is sure to come true, and sooner than any of us think. So antithetical to our connected society.

I believe the Rapture ends the Church age and keys the beginning of the Tribulation that begins with the signing of a covenant between the Antichrist and Israel according to Daniel 9.27 and Daniel 13.

The actual amount of time could be as short as one year or as long as God wants it to be - five, ten, or twenty-five years. There is no date setting here. The length of the gap between the Rapture and the start of God's wrath according to other scholars is as short as a matter of days all the way up to fifty years.

For our discussion, we can shorten the period between the Rapture and the start of Tribulation to a period of one to three years in view of the numerous new signs that have come to light in just our lifetime. COVID-19 for one.

The economic impact alone has to be considered at the start of Tribulation according to many in academic studies.

The End Time Are Closer Than Thought

God's Wrath Against Non-Believers Warning

3. The Tribulation – God’s wrath

Israel in the land that is the single biggest event of the Bible which called her rebirth after 1,878 years. No other country has risen from the grave like Israel. This event alone calmed many skeptics about the truth of the Bible’s prophecies. Here are some of the terms in the Bible used to describe the end times.

a. The last days

b. The end of time

c. The end of the world

d. The end of the age.

The seven-year period of the Tribulation is an event against those that did believe the Gospel and turned their back on Him. The last three-and-half year period of God’s wrath is a terrifying period that marks the end of the age as we know it.

I believe it is preceded by the Rapture and followed by Jesus Christ's glorious appearance to end the second half three and one-half years Tribulation and then the start of the Millennium. It will be the most terrifying three years and a half years n the history of the world.

ATTENTION: If I did not believe in God I would highly consider this extensively.

But Of That Day Or Hour No One Knows


Hermeneutics or How One Interprets the Bible

4. Hermeneutics, or How One Interprets the Bible

Let’s review what the Bible has to say about the controversial subject of hermeneutics, another term of academicians which simply means how one interprets the Bible when read.

I choose to read it literally where it calls for it, and otherwise, where it is appropriate to discern the meaning otherwise. After all, there are over 200 rhetorical devices that are cataloged!

Paul made a statement that I and many others believe shows prediction as a type versus just prophecy and then fulfillment. He said, "Now all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.” (1 Corinthians 10.11)

Abraham's offering of Isaac is a "type" in Genesis 22. Missler quotes, "Known as the Akedah, this pivotal event was, in many ways, the archetype of them all. Abraham is in the role of the father; Isaac, his son, is in the part of Jesus Christ, our Father.

Abraham realized this was an anticipatory enactment of a prophecy since he named the site, “In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen” (Genesis 22.14). It was Abraham's confidence that no harm would come to Isaac. Isaac's resurrection noted in the New Testament (Hebrews 11.19).

What Abraham may not have realized is that 2,000 years later, another Father would offer His Son as an offering for sin on that very spot!"

A further example occurred as God told Moses to put a brass serpent on a pole on a hill as a remedy for an incursion of venomous snakes He sent (Numbers. 21.4). The symbolism of this strange episode remains obscure until, in the New Testament, Jesus explains it to Nicodemus:

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. (John 3.14)

It becomes evident that God’s instructions to Moses in Numbers 21 deliberately anticipated the Cross of Christ. Read this chapter and understand the healing of the staff expected the healing of Jesus Christ. This event gave rise to the most well-known verse in the entire Bible, John 3.16.

Do You Read the Bible the Way It Is Written?

Jesus Christ Warns Us - Are We Listening?

A Warning from the Lord Jesus Christ!

It was our Lord Jesus Christ who warned His followers gladly that He would have to leave them to go to His Father’s house in heaven. However, in doing so He said He would “come again and receive you to Me, that where I AM, there you may be also.” (John 14.3)

Christians today have asked the same question that his inner core asked him over 2,000 years ago.

  1. When will these things happen and
  2. What will be the signs of your coming, and of
  3. The end of the age?

Do you realize that when they asked these questions He did NOT rebuke them? That indicates clearly to me that He approved of the disciples being ready for His imminent return. You may recall that Daniel asked similar questions about the events of the end times in Daniel chapter 12.

If you review Christian literature from the first century right up to our very own many Bible-believing Christians have been interested in “when” and “what are the signs.” There have been many wild conjectures and conclusions that have been proven wrong by the passage of time.

Many have even set ill-advised dates.

The prophetic highway is littered with the predictions of the Millerites in 1844 right up to the present day. Date setting is not what the Lord was referring to when He gave specific signs to watch and be ready to happen.

One point He makes in imminence encourages each of us to live more Holy lives in a very unholy and evil age. It also gives one the impression we should be more evangelistic and missionary minded.

Keep in mind also that there were over 318 promises of Jesus Christ return which makes up some 28 percent of the prophecies in the Bible. This simple fact alone encourages one to study prophecies of His return more diligently.

I do not believe one can say with any confidence that the Church of today is imminently ready for His return. What history shows us that the Church who was living as if Christ could return at any moment, that body of believers was energetically evangelizing the lost. Are we?

Jesus Explains the Fig Tree


Jesus explains the Fig Tree as a major sign of the times.

If a parent fears the end times for the sake of their children, that is natural. I would hope the same parents are making every effort to teach their children well about the Lord and how to be a good Christian. They will not learn it in a secular school for sure.

Our sins covered by the blood of our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. Make sure your children are taught this simple concept of salvation by faith that costs you everything. To Love the Lord God with all your mind, all your heart, and all of your being! is a command. He loves you infinitely more than you can ever love Him. After all, He gave His Son to die for your and my sins.

Jesus Christ and the Fig Tree

Jesus Christ said, "Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. Truly I say to you; this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." (Matthew 24:32-34)

That tells me that we are more than likely the generation that will see Him return. The verse is saying Israel is in the land, and the body of Christ are keys used for the age of His return.

It is easy to see that Israel is beautifully blooming and hated by millions of people, just as the Bible says because He chose them. The Church, his true believers, are everywhere and hated by those that know they believe in the Word of God.

The Word of God was given to disparate men over 1,500 years by Divine delivery and guidance, and even parts by Angels. The coming of Christ to gather His believers will come quickly, and billions will not be ready for Him.

However, Christians who know their Bible will know to be ready for His imminent return in very probably this generation.

I am not suggesting a date for His return. But not one thing has to happen for the Rapture to occur imminently. Another sign is that God has substantially failed to intervene in the affairs of humanity recently directly?

Hermetical Circle


Hermeneutics or How You Study and Read Your Bible

Your Biblical hermeneutics is simple the study of the principles and methods of interpreting the text of the Bible. Second Timothy 2:15 commands believers to be involved in hermeneutics:

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who correctly handles the word of truth.”

Your Biblical hermeneutics is simple the study of the values and approaches to understanding the text of the Bible. The purpose of Biblical hermeneutics is to help us to know how to properly interpret, understand, and apply the Bible correctly.

The first law and most important law of biblical hermeneutics are that the Bible should be interpreted literally.

We are to understand the Bible in its normal or plain meaning, unless the passage is obviously intended to be symbolic or if figures of speech are employed. The Bible says what it means and means what it says.

For example, when Jesus speaks of having fed “the five thousand” in Mark 8:19, the law of hermeneutics says we should understand five thousand literally—there was a crowd of hungry people that numbered five thousand who were fed with real bread and fish by a miracle-working Savior.

Any attempt at “spiritualism” the number or to deny a literal miracle is to do injustice to the text and ignore the purpose of language, which is to communicate. Some interpreters make the mistake of trying to read between the lines of Scripture.

They do this in an attempt to come up with esoteric meanings that are not truly in the text as if every passage has a hidden spiritual truth. If this were true we would have to decrypt most of the Word of God.

The second crucial law of Biblical hermeneutics is that passages must be interpreted historically, grammatically, and contextually. Interpreting a passage historically just means we must seek to understand the culture, background, and situation that prompted the text.

For example, in order to fully understand Jonah’s flight in Jonah 1:1–3, we should research the history of the Assyrians as related to Israel. Interpreting a passage grammatically requires one to follow the rules of grammar and recognize the nuances of Hebrew and Greek.

When Paul writes of “our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ” in Titus 2:13, the rules of grammar state that God and Savior are parallel terms and they are both in apposition to Jesus Christ—in other words, Paul clearly calls Jesus “our great God.”

Interpreting a passage contextually involves considering the context of a verse or passage when trying to determine the meaning. The context includes the verses immediately preceding and/or following, the chapter, the book, and, most broadly, the entire Bible.

For example, many puzzling statements in Ecclesiastes become clearer when kept in context—the book of Ecclesiastes is written from the earthly perspective “under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:3). In fact, the phrase under the sun is repeated about thirty times in the book, establishing the context for all that is “vanity” in this world.

The third law of Biblical hermeneutics is that Scripture is always the best interpreter of Scripture.

For this reason, we always compare Scripture with Scripture when trying to determine the meaning of a passage. For example, Isaiah’s condemnation of Judah’s desire to seek Egypt’s help and their reliance on a strong cavalry (Isaiah 31:1) was motivated, in part, by God’s explicit command that His people not go to Egypt to seek horses (Deuteronomy 17:16).

Biblical hermeneutics is all about finding the correct interpretation of the inspired text. The purpose of Biblical hermeneutics is to protect us from misapplying Scripture or allowing bias to color our understanding of truth.

God’s Word is truth (John 17:17). We want to see the truth, know the truth, and live the truth as best we can, and that’s why Biblical hermeneutics is vital!

The Olivet Discourse

The Olivet Discourse

The Olivet Discourse

The Olivet Discourse and Signs of the Times

Lord's Olivet discourse is provocative to read and understand. (Matthew 24 and 25) The second part of Mark 13 and all of Luke 21 are abbreviated versions of the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24 and 25.

The Olivet discourse is one of the most important prophecies of future events and provides a jumping-off point for all other prophetic sections in the New Testament. If it were a conveyor belt, all other predictions would hang off this particular one.

That is how important it is. It's Unique

Historical Context – While the Olivet discourse provides an extraordinary view of future events, it also gives unique hindsight of historical context, which provides us with a unique sense of the significant events.

It describes which are quickly about to happen. The portion we are going to examine first reads:

'Now, as Jesus was going out of the temple courts and walking away, his disciples came to him about temple buildings. And he said to them,' "Do you see all these things? I tell you the truth, not one stone will be left on another. All will be torn down!"

Titus Vespasian troops made sure of that. Later as He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him privately and said,

"Tell us, when will these things happen? And what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?" Three questions in one, not just two, as many have read the question.

Jesus answered them, "Watch out that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and they will mislead many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Make sure that you are not alarmed, for this must happen, but the end is still to come. For nation will rise in arms against the country and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these things are the beginning of birth pains." (Matthew 24.1-8)

It is fascinating that Jesus answered there direct questions with a statement warning them to "Watch out that no one misleads you." There is a ton of misinformation out there. Your hermeneutic is more critical today than ever, and hopefully, it is in cement. Read on.

I guess the first question we need to discuss is whether we can take this verse literally? Literal meaning to read it as Jesus Christ spoke it. Or symbolically, making it say what the reader interprets it to say in his/her own words.

With the symbolical method, if two hundred read it, we will come out with some two hundred different versions of the same text. Of course, this is extreme. But, I believe Jesus Christ answered the question for us in verses 1 and 2.

The disciples are proudly showing off the temple buildings to the Lord. Perhaps they expected Him to adore the buildings as they did. But the Lord knowing all things is not impressed, and I do not believe He wants to mislead them. Instead, He says, "Do you see all these things?"

Then the Lord speaks of the future,

"I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another. Every one will be thrown down."

They were in 70 A.D.Here we have a test case. He states not only will the Temple be destroyed, disassembled so completely that not even one stone will be standing on another.

Titus Flavius Vespasian troops commanded to burn Jerusalem, wiping it off the face of the earth, but not the Temple. They did. Titus made it a practice to gather all the silver and gold from a structure before destroying it by fire.

But the flames raged through the city so fast, and the Temple burned before treasures could be removed. The fire was so hot that the gold and silver melted, running to the lowest point settling in the crevices of the brick so that they had to take what remained and remove the gold and silver brick by brick.

Just as Jesus had prophesied some thirty-eight years earlier, many years after this, some of these same bricks used to reconstruct the Wailing Wall we see in Jerusalem today. With this in place, it gives us a massive hint about the literalness of the Olivet discourse by the Lord Jesus Christ.


What Must a Christian Do in Light of The Sign of The Times?

What must a Christian do?

1. Know your Bible! Jesus Christ said it all when He said: “The Truth will make you free.” (John 8.32) The Bible contains the very Words of God Almighty which is Truth. Knowing who you are in Christ Jesus better prepares one to withstand Satan’s deceptive attacks.

Daily reading of the Scriptures, especially the New Testament is a must-read daily for anyone who wants to know the truth. Study Biblical prophecy, both in the Scriptures and a prophecy scholar that one trusts.

2. Test the spirits! (1st John 4.1) Every teaching you submit yourself should be accepted on the basis that it agrees with the Scriptures. This is another reason one should study the Bible regularly so one can test any new teaching by the Scripture.

It is important to know what one believes about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is and was God in human flesh. This is not negotiable. Never trust any teacher that does not believe:

a. The virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

b. Jesus Christ’s sinless life.

c. His sacrificial death in our stead.

d. Jesus Christ’s bodily resurrection.

e. His promise to physically come again to His earth.

Every teaching must glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 16.13-14) Again, the place a teacher gives the Lord Jesus Christ is the key. The most dangerous kind of teacher speaks well of Him but fails to exalt Him by recognizing Him as our special object of worship, love, and service.

3. Seek God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength in life and teaching! (Proverbs 3.6) As a natural father the Lord wants to guide and direct His children. If led by God He will lead one into all truth.

4. Avoid immorality! Immorality clouds the mind and creates separation between mankind and God.

5. Be bold. Share your faith aggressively with others! Our world is religiously confused like never before. Sharing with others increases your own faith and aggressively your own convictions about sharing with others.

6. Walk-in life through the Spirit! (Ephesians 5.17-21) Christians should walk in the Spirit of God. After all, it is “the will of the Lord” from Ephesians 5.17. As the Spirit fills and uses your life He will give you sensitivity to both truth and error in your life.

Remember, rotten fruit always has a root of rotten thinking or rotten anger about anything. When we speak of empirical truth versus unbridled godlessness it paints a clear message of the difference between the two.

One of the clearest messages in the Bible is the danger of pride. We clearly see it when a man places their own finite minds above the knowledge of the revelation of God and depends on their finite minds to determine the infinite truth that is something that God hates. The pride you will recall was the original sin.

God places pride on His hate list of Proverbs 1.16-19. King Solomon states Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16.18) James says that “God resists the proud in all their endeavors.” (James 4.6)

Another Aroostook County snow picture

Another view of the St. Johns Valley

Another view of the St. Johns Valley

My Final Thoughts and Some Historical Notes


Final Thoughts and Some Historical Notes

Again, I appeal to your better side and ask for your thoughts of constructive feedback on the hard work we all put into each one of these essays. It takes time and thorough preparation and revision.

Historical Notes: On Mark 12, from Mark 11, the cursing of the fig tree (a symbol of Israel and its untruthfulness at the time). The cleansing of the Temple (an indication of its corruption) led to a challenge by the official guardians of the Law. The members of the Sanhedrin.

Jesus had them off balance from His responses to their challenges. He now takes the initiative with a parable drawn from familiar images in the Old Testament: Psalm 80.8-16; Isaiah 5.1-7.

The vineyard has always been a symbol for the country of Israel. The very Temple in which our Lord stood at the time featured a richly carved grapevine, some 70 cubits high (or 100 feet) sculpted around the door which led from the porch to the Holy Place. The branches, tendrils, and leaves were of pure gold; the branches hanging upon them were of costly jewels.

Herod had first placed it here, and wealthy and patriotic Jews had continued to add to its embellishment. The Maccabbean coins also bore the same symbols. Jesus is using phrases directly from the Song of the Vineyard (re. above Isaiah 5.1-7). Just as with Israel:

We farm a far more significant and richer vineyard that that of ancient Israel. More than the prophets, we have Word of God and the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost. And we also have the testimony of the saints over the past 2.000 years. (Luke 12.48)

Aroostook County ME is larger than Israel

More snow pictures

Up to and over 120 inches of snow a year.

Up to and over 120 inches of snow a year.

The Olivet Discourse, by Dr. Fruchtenbaum

The land of the third missionary of Paul and Silas

The land that Paul and Silas evangelized establishing churches and leaders.

The land that Paul and Silas evangelized establishing churches and leaders.

The last days of the last day!

Do you believe that this article covers the end times?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Gary E Hill


Gary E Hill (author) from Moving to Kings Mountian, NC on April 14, 2020:

Al - Please let your friend know of the writing I do and please join Hubpages and do some writing of your own. Thank You and God's blessings Al, Gary

Aldumun Flucduc on April 10, 2020:

Greetings from the Alps - Great page and enjoyed reading. Where is the page you have other here? Al

Gary E Hill (author) from Moving to Kings Mountian, NC on March 28, 2020:

Jack - I thank you for your comments and I can say that we will just have to disagree on certain aspects of Revelation, 2 Thessalonians, Jesus comments, and a number of Old Testament references. God's blessings to you, Gary

David Bercot on December 11, 2019:

Super writing. I'm hooked. David

Thor A. on December 08, 2019:

Great writing. Hubpage no like your pages? Thor

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on August 09, 2018:

There are many Biblical signs making these the final years of civilization.

1) Jesus was the Rod of Jesse's stem, (Isaiah 11:1-12) the NT's genealogy reveals, and Israel's previous homeland was returned to by Jews in 1948 with verses 9-11 suggesting the the Branch from Jesse's root will be on earth about that time.

2) Genesis 49:1 & 8-12 when interpreted reveals Great Britain was the Lioness to give birth to "the young lion Judah" who other Europeans praise and other nations bow to for his being so ferocious [because of Atomic and Hydrogen bombs] no people will arouse him although he is walking on the laws he is attempting to enforce on all other nations and is where the messiah is to be born being he is [Bethlehem] the house of [Ephratha] plenty bread (Micah 5:2).

Just those three passages are enough to reveal "The End of Days Are" here.

Watch for the day on July 29, 2018:

Do you know about the Sign of the Woman on September 23, 2017?

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on June 05, 2018:

Gary, I agree with much of what you have sad but I believe you have missed at least two main points. \

First is the man called Jesus is the "paymaster" Matthew 20:1-16 proclaimed along with his own words in John 14:3, thus he does not return to earth but raptures "five of the ten virgins (10% of the endgame population) after their replenishing the earth per Revelation 20:4-5.

Second is Malachi 3:1B "and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple" is the second messiah no one appears to see although the first reference to him is Exodus 4:6-8, a second is the two stones smitten n the wilderness and a third is few if any people realize Jesus was "the rod" from the stem of Jesse so he will not be the branch from his roots (Isaiah 11:1). Then, if you interpret Genesis 49:1 & 8-12 and Micah 5:2 [see my hub "The USA In Bible Prophecy"] you will find out exactly what nation he comes to [see my hub "The Messiah We Seek"].

I agree I Israel's return to her homeland reveals there are at most 80 years from 1948 before civilization is over per "the parable of the fig tree" being "those who call themselves Jews but are not" so the second Christ will come into his temple to produce Isaiah 2:2-4's world peace for allowing the virgins to learn their way back into the garden (Daniel 4:33 symbolizes how man lived prior to Adan and during the replenishing 7 millenniums before Rev. 21's civilization). That is the "holding back the four winds (of destruction) and sealing of the number no man can number."

Most of my hubs are explaining the end-time events.


Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on May 23, 2018:


I'm wondering why you didn't tell me why you thought what I said at length, was wrong in your eyes.


Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on May 21, 2018:

Hi Gary,

I've just read your article and I think you have a few things wrong.

From your article I see that you believe in a pre-trib view - it is so easy to believe that Jesus will come and take us away before the horror begins, which only leads to a dangerous complacency, but true scripture tells a different story. Those who fall victim to this ideology and succumb to a false hope and security will only result in a serious lack of a preparedness of mind that somehow it isn't really dangerous because the Tribulation won't ever have to be endured.

You cannot read Matthew 24 without concluding that Jesus placed the 'catching away' immediately AFTER the Tribulation. Those who believe in a rapture that comes before Tribulation should look again at the scriptures that use the word Tribulation. The O.T. uses it 3 times, the N.T., 19 times. If the rapture comes before Tribulation, shouldn't one of those 22 passages teach us something about the rapture happening before Tribulation? But in all the 22 instances, there isn't one verse which says the rapture happens before Tribulation. There is however, very clear verses which says it happens after Tribulation - Matthew 24: 29, 30.

You mention: 3 The Tribulation - God's wrath.

1st Thessalonians 5: 9 says, For God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. The wrath of God and the wrath of the anti-Christ are 2 different things. God's wrath comes later - just after Jesus comes for His own at the end of Tribulation. The real purpose of the Tribulation is for the anti-Christ to pour out his wrath on all those who won't bow down and worship him. So God's children ARE appointed to Tribulation, but the children of disobedience are appointed to God's wrath. We are those who refuse the mark and are persecuted in the Tribulation, looking for His return at the end of it.

Revelation 13: 15 says: As many who would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. The mark of the beast (666) won't be in place until after the second half of Tribulation begins and believers won't take the mark, so they will go through it and many will die. But if there weren't any believers at all, the mark wouldn't even be necessary, so who are they who won't worship the beast? There can be no persecution of believers unless believers are there and there can be no falling away of believers unless believers are present in both the first and second half. Also look again at Matthew 24: 22, would God even bother to shorten these days if His elect didn't go through it?

The 7 year/ 7 millennial days tell us something further Adam to Abraham - 2000 years, Abraham to Jesus - 2000 years, Jesus to now (almost) 2000 years with the millennium to come. The period we are living now is the end of the 6th day and is almost over and the 7 years of Tribulation is included in that time frame and that shows just how close Tribulation is.

Your Caution sign, we are living in the last days of the last days is certainly correct and anyone with more than a passing interest should know that there is so little time that we have left and do something about it. It beggars belief that so many reject it thinking there must be more to it than what Jesus is holding out to everyone of us - by His mercy, allowing Himself to be nailed to that terrible cross. God didn't make salvation a difficult or unobtainable thing, He made it free and the cost was to Him, not us.

One last comment, a lot of things that you say are true but there is also a lot that needs your revision as some things you've said can give a person not yet a Christian the wrong idea.

Gary, this is not meant for dissension and I think if you do that you will hopefully see that what I have tried to say is only meant to help.

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Gary E Hill (author) from Moving to Kings Mountian, NC on February 07, 2018:

Nicey - The darkness is a stark contrast between the light of Jesus and the darkness of unbelief orchestrated by Satan. You are right more and more are sensing it. It is a good thing we are on the right side of the equation. G

Niecey Docherty from Firth, Nebraska on December 13, 2016:

It's got to be soon. I think the whole world, Christian and non, is sensing a great darkness just now. 2016 has been incredibly dark and it's ramping up. There's a spirit of oppression. I reckon the enemy knows his end is near and he's stirring up as much mayhem as he can squeeze in. Plus he still thinks he stands a chance against Yahweh. As if.

Come, lord Jesus, come. We really need a good and powerful king.

Gary E Hill (author) from Moving to Kings Mountian, NC on May 17, 2016:

LoliHey - Thank you for your thoughtful comments. We will know whether the Rapture of his believers is pre, mid, or during when it occurs. The most compelling evidence was not listed in the article. Maybe for another time. Who knows, nothing stands in the way of the Rapture that has to occur before its appearance. God's blessings, Gary

LoliHey on May 15, 2016:

Phenomenal hub. Well written and informative. I really, really wish Christ would come back NOW. However, so many things have yet to happen and it maybe decades away. I don't know that I believe in the Rapture though, at least before the tribulation. It may happen after, right before God unleashed His judgement on the Earth.

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