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The Emergent Church Heresy

My goal is to write about things to provoke thought by looking closer at different subjects to help connect the dots.


The Emergent Church movement is a philosophical movement that contradicts God's truth and has corrupted many young people's minds. Those within the movement believe that there is no absolute certainty when it comes to the bible, meaning there can not be any real distinctions or absolutes that can be drawn from it. It is a form of spirituality that holds to relative truths. It is a movement that can be reduced down to the celebration of ignorance wrapped in mystery that ultimately downplays truth and the fundamentals of God's ways.



Through a postmodernist mindset, the Emergent church claims ignorance by denying the clear teachings in the bible. There is an unwillingness to accept face value for what the bible distinctly says believing that there is no liability in it. Ignorance is bliss. If you get down to the core of their deception, it seems they do not like what the bible says and instead embrace a liberalist mindset in the name of God.

For example, they do not adapt a firm position on sexual perversion. They do not want that clarity, but raise the flag of tolerance as an outflow of their discomfort. To believe you cannot know the truth on a specific matter, it's easy to avoid controversy and confrontation. Emotions and feelings have priority over what God's word clearly says. Morality becomes ambiguous and God’s standards become abused and distorted. The Emergent Church 'sanctifies' being of the world as a means of reaching out to the world. This replaces God's ways for a man-made agenda.

Instead of confronting culture, they adapt like a chameleon to it by allowing secular culture to define who they are.

God's word is not double-minded narrative that changes back and forth like the wind.



There are only two world views. One is of God and the other is not. They are in complete opposition to each other. However, the Emergent church is required to reinvent themselves to accommodate the world and the evolving culture of the day. Unfortunately, the youth today are being effectively brainwashed into this corrupt ideology. Popular culture is dynamic and always moving; therefore, what they are doing now supposedly in the name of God will become obsolete for the next flavour of the month. This is planned obsolescence. That is the distinction between believing in a true God who does not change.

God's word is not a recipe for obsolescence because His truth is always relevant. The Emergent church facilitates to give the masses what they want to hear which are the latest trends that have been 'sanctified' so people will feel more loved and accepted.

The trend in the Emergent church caters to the wants that appeal to the masses that consist of tickling ears with weak theology. What is self-defeating is that they throw around bible verses to make their point, then ignorantly deny that they cannot have clarity on what they truly mean. The whole belief system becomes an experiential and emotional based philosophy. Tolerance, ambiguity and relativity are the virtues of this man driven religion.

The Emergent church is a place where you can be comfortable and affirmed in your sinful lifestyle without any conviction to repent. In the Hebrew bible, God forbid the Israelite’s to practice the traditions and customs of the pagan nations. When they did, it provoked His anger. The Emergent Church says that it is okay to bring in all the idols and gods of all the nations with you and have an affirming conversation about it. It’s a lot of compromise with no foundation.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20



The Hebrew bible is either a clear revelation from God or it isn’t. What you stand for defines who you are. You cannot take on man-made ideologies and candy wrap it in religious spirituality and call it worship to God. There should be no compromise. The Emergent church makes God's word suspect and puts no authority in the words that God has spoken, making His divine words like someone incoherently mumbled them out.

The Emergent Church is about incense and candles with a medieval Catholic neo-orthodox twist with a lot of mystical smoke and mirrors. They try to attach the bible with pagan forms of worship to give the illusion of mystery and mystique. Ultimately, this is self-defeating. It is a practice of dismantling God's word by using ancient pagan practices to attain Him.

The teachings of God are not ambiguous, but clear and straightforward. Heretics have crept in and corrupted truth. When the Emergent Church says that we cannot truly understand God's truths, it means that we cannot understand His ways.

  • The Emergent Church Apostasy
    There is a false Christianity propagating within the Biblical sphere of the Church body. It is leading many astray and is highly deceptive because it subtly cloaks itself in the Christian faith, but worships Jesus Christ with pagan ideologies.

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Comments Appreciated

PlanksandNails (author) on August 22, 2013:


Thank-you. I am glad that you appreciated the article and are in agreement. God Bless.

Roscoe Wallace from Georgia on August 21, 2013:

One of the best things I've read in my entire life! Thank you!

This is spot on!

Wakerra on January 10, 2013:

honestly I don't know anything about the Emergent Church, I've just seen a lot of similar accusations made to the LDS faith which I know are false. It just gets a little frustrating how people twist things around from what they are

PlanksandNails (author) on January 10, 2013:


("The best way to find the truth in something is to go to its source.")

You can take any of my text and challenge them with evidence to the contrary. If you believe that the information is "Joe-Schmo passed along the telephone line," then enlighten the audience with your source of truth that exposes this article as false.

You may also tackle the other article that I wrote that exposes this false religion for what it is.

Happy investigating.

PlanksandNails (author) on January 10, 2013:


Someone posed the question, "What is truth?" in the Hubpages question topics. This was the answer I gave:

Relative truth resolves back to a person who makes an individual claim, which is an opinion. Opinions are always changing, but absolute truth does not change regardless of opinions.

When something is true, there is no opposite. Contrary beliefs are possible, but not contrary truths.

No one can prove truth with absolute certainty. We don't know anything for sure, but we can reach the knowledge of something with reasonable certainty.

Relative truth is opinion, but absolute truth can only be proven by that which is absolute in itself.

When God proves Himself to us, we also know that the Word is who He is. Our God is eternal, absolute, and unchanging. Having an absolute foundation and standard to stand on is so much better than the relative rhetorical quicksand of the Emergent Church.

PlanksandNails (author) on January 10, 2013:

Caleb DRC,

I agree with you. A lot of peoples eyes gloss over when they hear these people. Just like the sophists, the Emergent Church uses persuasive rhetoric, with emotional appeals and clever lingo, to sell their form of spirituality of abstract truth with no substance. So many have become intoxicated with their "snake-oil." On thing they are absolutely certain of is that we know that we cannot know absolute truth. Hmmm, it kind of self refutes doesn't it.

PlanksandNails (author) on January 10, 2013:


The Emergent movement is popular. If you read my other article called "The Emergent Church Apostasy," it gives more specific details on their forms of worship, the history behind their philosophy, and lingo that they use, which may give you more insight into this deceptive movement.

Wakerra on January 10, 2013:

That's what people say about the Mormon church too. Honestly, before I go around spreading rumors about any faith, I'd sincerely look into it first. By sincerely, I mean a true search. As with any religion out there, there is bound to be false and twisted information scattered abroad. The best way to find the truth in something is to go to its source. You should make sure all your sources are legit and official, not the Joe-Schmo passed along the telephone line

Caleb DRC on January 10, 2013:

Planksandnails, you did--as usual-- a thorough and accurate job exposing the sophistry this church spews from its many mouths. This is a trend, that is for sure. Americans are drifting away from obedience to Christ to complacent lukewarmness.

shofarcall on January 09, 2013:

Goodness.....P+N.....I must confess to having known nothing about the "emergent" church. Sounds like the enemy attracting the young into dangerous, heretical philosophies. Thank you for bringing this to my notice. I am wondering if the 'emergent' church is present in SA too? Will check it out. God Bless you for exposing these apostosies.

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