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(10) The Devil, Demons and the Darkness Among Us.


Hollowed Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and I fully believe that. But better said by me someone like me?

"Your eyes are the window to your soul or your LACK of A SOUL."

This may be a strange question to ask someone but "Have you ever looked into a demon's eyes?" I wonder what people would say if I asked them that?

More than a few times in my life I have. A man who was raging at me and hurting me comes to mind. I could see many demons peering out of his eye sockets at me. Yes that sounds odd but this is the only way I can explain it. It scared me immensely but worst than seeing them was knowing that the demons knew that I saw them. Creepy stuff here.

When I was a little girl of ten years old I had shared a room with my two sisters. Both were fully asleep and I was awake, laying on the mattress that was placed on the floor for me. I watched as a demon came out from the closet. it was huge and its black form was somehow darker than the blackness in the room. I watched this demon's profile moving slowly across the room towards my sister on the left side of the room. The demon abruptly stopped.


Slowly and methodically it turned its hooded head towards me and stared directly into my eyes. My heart pounded as I realized that it knew that I was watching it. I could feel the hatred that it aimed at me through it's eyes. To this day I remember this specific night vividly because it was the very first time I realized that the demons knew I could see them. The look in that demon's eyes was of pure hatred for me and that I knew..even at ten years old.

It was to say the least very creepy and very scary as a child. Even worse to realize that nobody could see them, nobody could understand me nor would they even believe me when I told them. I was left alone and abandoned by everyone with these spiritual things. It scared me immensely because I could not understand what I was seeing and why until I read the Bible when I was older. The answers were there. These are the demons that Jesus tells us about...the followers of Satan...the principalities of darkness.


The Visitors from Hell?

Twig and I had spent four months and three days inside this Nazi's home. The demonic assaults were bombarding us over and over on a daily and nightly basis. I had picked up a job, while in the process of doing my research on this hidden Nazi and helping Twig to get his eyesight back. I worked at a restaurant for approximately forty hours or more a week leaving Twig alone at home. Should I have been surprised that the attacks would happen at work also? No I shouldn't have been surprised but I was anyways.

Often I would get hit in the face by nothing I could see and my glasses would smash and break right on my face. Some glasses were hit so hard that the lens fell out breaking and other times the middle of the nose plastic frame would be smashed. Each time this would leave me to fend with blurry eyesight almost unable to work because I could not see the computer.

My hair would be yanked so hard that on a few occasions I would scream out from the pain. Nobody was even near me! My name was yelled out so often that I began to be unsure if it was a live person or a demon yelling for me. I would pray to Jesus under my breath to make them stop. Want to talk about the devil attempting to torment someone. Incredible attacks. One night specifically, I can not tell you how many times I was poked in the back very hard that made my body jerk in a crazy way. It was so painful that I would wince and yell out loud out in pain. People would give me strange looks and I would be so embarrassed, frightened and struggle during my shifts.

My manager said "It was probably sciatica." Well no. It is not sciatica because I have had a problem for years with sciatica and that is not what is happening to me. I usually have a cramp in my butt and down into my knee and ankle, never being poked in the top part and middle of my back so hard that it almost knocks me down. I guess sciatica yanks your hair and screams your name out as well right? I will have to ask the Chiropractor the next time I visit.




The attacks were starting again! The poking and the pulling of my hair and I was starting to get really aggravated. I continued under my breath to say the command of Jesus to make them go. The restaurant started to receive guests and I had only five tables this particular evening. It was what I would call a slow evening with tables.

I walked up to a table where I can only explain that a man? and a woman? were seated waiting for me. I do not say this in jest because I was not sure at the time what they were and to this day I am still not. They were very creepy and they managed to take my money and my glasses from my waitress apron. How?

As I stood at the table as the woman sat to my right and the man to my left. I had looked at the man first and he seemed 'weird' and I had this real strange feeling about him. He never looked into my eyes and I can only explain that he didn't seem like a normal person. I was very uncomfortable in my spirit by them both. I am one to always look directly into anther's eyes and this made me uncomfortable on a spiritual level because neither would look in my eyes. They would look at my forehead, my nose but never my eyes.


The woman to my right was worse. Let me describe this as best as I can. She had the blackest of eyes and when I looked into them, I felt as if I could look right down through them and there was nothing there inside. Hollow and black is the best way to describe it. They were lifeless. She was big and I don't mean fat but hugely built. Her body was not proportionate to her head. Just a big bulky body and it seemed out of place for her strange shaped head.

Everything about her was just awkward. She had black hair though the top of her head was bare, scattered hair, a skunk strip of nothingness with black hairs missing in weird strange patches on top. I had wondered if she may be a chemo patient by the way her hair had fallen out. At first I thought she may be but after this situation with her, she was surely not.

Each time she moved she would lift up her fanny and do very strange movements. She began to talk to me, continually moving around in the booth and each time she moved there was a stench of vile, vomit, urine, defecation, disgusting, rotted smell that I have never smelled in my life coming from her. It went directly into my face. I began to feel myself gagging. She continued to talk and I almost threw up. I placed my finger below my nose, trying to breath through my mouth as I took her order. I ran through the restaurant quickly, gagging, eyes watering, trying to get the stench away from me. I have never smelled anything such as this!



I went to the computer to place the order and my glasses had disappeared from my apron. What? There is no way they fell out. I continued to look around and i told the manager. No one had seen them. Poof! They were gone. I stood as far back as I could from the computer and i rang the order in. I stayed away from this stinky table for as long as I could. Eventually I had to deliver the food and I was freaking out. I took a deep breath of fresh air and walked over placing it down. I spoke quick enough to save the little bit of air in my lungs. She began to stare at me and move around and I had the clear feeling as if she was doing this on purpose. I often have a very weak stomach and I could feel myself getting ready to blow my guts again and quickly left.

As I looked out to the restaurant, the guy was now waving me down. I so badly did not want to go back to this table. I took a deep breath and went back over. The woman was complaining loudly and returning her food. She was staring at me with those black eyes! She started yelling at me with so much hatred! I felt it and I saw it and it was the most unnatural hate that I have ever experienced...well maybe once. Pure hatred and the stench of hell was coming from her. I grabbed the plate and ran off to the kitchen line with her food for a recook, gagging all the way across the room.

The manager was behind the line as I handed over the food, yelling out in desperation, "Please, please, cook this correctly because I have the meanest, most stinkiest people at the table and I swear I am going to throw up if she yells at me one more time."

The recook was done and I took a huge breath and held it. I figured I could drop down her food, smile and leave quickly. Oh no chance of that. She began to move around and started screeching again and now this funk was filling my nostrils. I put my finger to my nose to keep these foul fumes from going up and I gagged right in front of both of them. I quickly knew that I was going to literally vomit from this smell of God knows what. I tried to listen but I just couldn't. I didn't care anymore. My eyes were watering and again that thingy that hangs in the back of my throat was now fluttering violently...gag...gag...Gag. I turned and walked away.

"Get back here right now." I stopped and turned around, my eyes now filled with tears from the violent gagging. The woman was staring at me with these black holed eyes filled with hate as I returned back to the table, but not before taking another gulp of air.

"Do you usually just walk away from someone when they are talking to you? The man spouted loudly. The stinky lady fumbled and moved around again and stared up at me with her strange-black-beady-dead-eyes and said, "I am not leaving you anything, do you hear me? I am not leaving you one penny"

I did not say a word. I started to gag again and I just walked away.


No Tips for You!

I dropped the check off and never lost pace. If they needed change, oh well, too bad, so sad, go stink up someone else's nostrils because I am done with you and your hatred and funk. I was amazed at her extreme hatred towards me and surprised that she didn't realize just how badly she stunk!

I was very close to saying "Lady are you kidding me? You smell so bad that I can't even stand here without the urge to vomit on you! Could you go home and remove whatever crawled up your behind and died?" I didn't say it but I was thinking it. All I knew was that she had a smell so putrid that if they made it into a cologne, I think they would have to call it "REPULSIVE."

Often in the field of a waitress there are so many times that we want to speak the truth but we need your tip and of course our job. And for me, I know that it is not especially nice to say these things if you are trying to be a Christian person...you just don't....but I tell you what... I could not stop thinking it! It was that extreme in the noxious department.



They were my very last table and I was so happy. I wanted to go home and I was unnaturally tired which just isn't like me. I took out my five checks from my black book while I was standing inside the office with my manager. I began to count out the money that I owed to the house. I had the money to pay the house but I was left with no tips. What? Where is my tip money? I only had five checks and I had the exact payments whether they were cash or credit card with me...I don't get it...so where are my tips? There were none to be found. None!

We were both completely baffled. "Are you sure you didn't leave your book sitting somewhere and someone took it out?" No! Never in all the years of doing this has this happened to me. I never leave this book and it is only taken out of my apron to put money and credit card checks in. It is a ritual to me! No!

My tip money had disappeared and to the exact penny! All of it was gone! It completely disappeared! Poof! Gone! I so shocked that I kept saying to myself on the drive home, "How did this happen God? We went over everything and my payouts were straight, perfect. So how did this happen? That weird smelly lady said that I was not getting anything! Not even a penny! How did that happen God? I am frightened by this. There is no logical rational way that this could happen."

I had worked for free that entire evening. My tips had disappeared as well as my glasses. I continued to wonder about the strange stinky ladies words..."Not even a penny!" No matter how much I thought about this situation, it was so greatly disturbing to me in every one of my senses, including spiritually. I drove home in great confusion and disappointment that I had earned nothing for the evening. I was quite that it was just another demonic attack. I know that sounds silly but it was a very strong feeling that I had. It was those two people that made me so spiritually uneasy. That and that there is no possibility in reality for this to happen.

It shouldn't have surprised me, considering the great attacks and assaults in our apartment. I was beginning to get very angry over the whole situation. Government as well as spiritual.


Twig and His Knowledge of the Occult

I drove home, praying out loud as I often did. I opened the apartment door slowly only to find Twig standing there staring at me and he looked a bit startled. "I always know when you are on your way home because the banging and scratching in here gets really loud." I knew that It had much to do with my praying but anything after that I hadn't any understanding of the severity of the problems that were transpiring.

Twig was jumpy and nervous and he began to tell me about his assaults for the evening which seemed to be our nightly routine. "Aribert Heim's picture showed up on your computer screen all by itself again." I stared back at him with no expression. I could barely handle my own demonic assaults than to have to listen to his tonight. I was on overload.

I told him the story of the missing money and the stinky people and he just stared this blank stare right back at me. "What? What?" I yelled at him in panic.

"Did these people look kind of odd and not right, not so human?"

Shaking my head yes, I described them and their smell the best that I could. "Remember the bad vibration that tormented me years ago? If I had to put a smell to it, that surely would be it."

"You know that you just met demons don't you?"


Now when I tell you that the hair stood up on every part of my body, I am not exaggerating. "No....no....possibly she had cancer...chemo...." but Twig stopped my words and adamantly yelled no! "They can manifest into human form though they will look odd in ways. They can never manifest as a perfect human being. And that smell that you can't explain? "You just smelled the stench of hell."

I sat in disbelief. How can I have all of these spiritual experiences throughout my life and I know and believe what I see, the good and bad spirits. So why am I having such a difficult time accepting what he is telling me? "If they were demons than why didn't I know it? Yes, they were odd, creepy and smelly but I know bad spirits! Why didn't I know that these two things were demons than?" This whole happening seemed so crazy! It just seemed so surreal, like out of a bad Hollywood movie again. I couldn't take anymore. I was getting beat down by all of these attacks.

I do not have much knowledge as Twig does, when it comes to the 'darkness' but I tried to fathom that these smelly people were actually demons. I still wasn't buying it but I still felt very strongly that my money was a demonic assault. Twig quietly whispered to me and it freaked me out.

"They took your money also. They have the power to remove items and place them elsewhere. I have heard of this being done first hand. The money was not really of your ownership, so they easily did this."


The Demons Linger



I continued to stare at Twig and listen, trying to take it all in. I just couldn't take all of this information in at the moment. I had felt badly that I could not treat them in the same manner as everyone else and Twig assured me that they were demons and that I shouldn't feel badly.

"They were taunting you by manifesting and stealing your money and they were probably angry that they didn't scare you the way they wanted to." I gave great thought to this because at no time did I feel fear nor did I see them as demons. I knew that there was something not right with them, especially the Lady but at no time did I feel any fear. "God probably didn't allow it," He said.

I wasn't sure about anything but that I had to buy another pair of glasses and go get some much needed sleep. The next morning I jumped in my convertible, took the top down and drove to the gas station for a pack of smokes. Jumping back in my car, I lit up and looked for a quarter to see if I could be the lucky winner of a $100,000.00" scratch off and get the hell out of this place.

The wind was strong and it was blowing my hair around and just for that second, I felt the warm sun on my face. I felt God. I felt peaceful, something that I had not felt in a long time. That great feeling didn't last too long. That smell...that horrid, putrid, vile, disgusting, vomit, urine, defecated smell was there! Right in my face! Up into my nostrils.

How can this be? My mind was tossing questions at me a mile a minute. How can this smell be here? The wind is blowing like crazy and I can't even smell my cigarette smoke? Insert the word WTF here because that is what I was screaming out-loud. I started to gag, tears were filling my eyes by this vile stench. I pulled open my purse and smelled inside still trying to figure out where it was coming from! I started smelling my coat, anything I could smell in my car to figure out where this horrid smell was originating from? BAM! The smell came again, pushing itself up inside my nostrils until I started to gag harder. When did it stop?

It stopped as soon as I acknowledged that Twig was right and that demons had manifested and visited me. It scared me shit-less no lie. I backed up my car and spun out of the parking lot, zooming down the street toward my home and into the parking space. To this day, I don't even remember the drive back because of my fear. I only remember putting the top up of my vehicle and running down the stairs to get to Twig for some much needed comfort. I started to bawl as soon as I saw Twig's face. I began to cry harder as I told him what had just happened.

He looked at me and boldly spoke in a matter of fact tone.

"I told you that they were demons and they were not happy that you did not acknowledge them for who they were last night. They found a way now didn't they?"


Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

Due to the fact that nobody down here is willing to help me and doesn't seem to have the answers...I have been researching demonic attacks, searching desperately for answers. I came across amazing documentation of two people who have constantly been assaulted by demons and satan. From reading these writings I can happily say that they also have 'eyes' like mine and while reading their experiences--they have helped me greatly.

One paragraph of Theresa's sufferings and afflictions gave me an understanding that I was seeking so desperately. I had been desperately trying to understand why Jesus would take me to a room and show me a demon inside this man of GOD. Why was I to know this? I am just a nobody down here and nobody believes me anyways...so what am I supposed to do with all of this information? Amazing! The hundreds of incidents that I have experienced--amazingly others have had the same experiences--documented--strangeling by the devil--the multitudes of demons attacking me. After reading this...I began to see differently and I continue to pray against this demon. The attacks become more profuse when praying against this demon.

I am in awe after reading "The Interior Castle--The Mansion" by Teresa Avila. It has comforted me greatly and given me such peace. Strangely, her words seem as if they are my very own words. I am so thankful for this book!

The following are some accounts taken from another Collected Works published by The Institute of Carmelite Studies:

Volume 1 of The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Chapter 38, parts 23 & 24 & 25:

23. "Once, while approaching to receive Communion, I saw with my soul's eyes more clearly than with my bodily eyes two devils whose appearance was abominable. It seems to me their horns were wrapped around the poor priests's throat, and in the host that was going to be given to me I saw my Lord with the majesty I mentioned placed in the priest's hands, which were clearly seen to be His offender's; and I understood that that soul was in mortal sin.

What would it be my Lord, to see Your beauty in the midst of such abominable figures? They were as though frightened and terrified in Your presence, for it seems they would have very eagerly fled had You allowed them. This vision caused me such great disturbance I don't know how I was able to receive Communion, and I was left with a great fear, thinking that if the vision had been from God, His Majesty would not have permitted me to see the evil that was in that soul.

The Lord Himself told me to pray for him and that He had permitted it so that I might understand the power of the words of consecration and how God does not fail to be present, however evil the priest who recites them, and that I might see His great goodness since He places Himself in those hands of His enemy, and all out of love for me and for everyone. I understood well how much more priests are obliged to be good than are others, how deplorable a thing it is to receive this most Blessed Sacrament unworthily, and how much the devil is lord over the soul in mortal sin. It did me a great deal of good and brought me deep understanding of what I owed God. May He be blessed forever and ever.


Also one night during this time I thought they were choking me; after much holy water had been sprinkled around, I saw a great multitude of them go by, as though they were being thrown down a precipice. There are so many times that these cursed creatures torment me, and so little is the fear I now have of them, seeing that they cannot stir unless the Lord allows them, that I would tire your Reverence and tire myself if I told about all these instances.


Her comments about tiring others and herself by rehashing these demonic assaults is SO TRUE! She also says "A few times I've seen him in physical form, but many times with no physical form-as for instance in the vision mentioned above in which without seeing any form one knows he is there."

(I have seen the demons in physical form four times in my life--and when she says that "without seeing any form--one knows they are there" YES--your spirit knows and there is no mistaking this evilness!)


"At other times I saw a large multitude of devils around me, and it seemed that a great brightness encircled me, and this prevented them from reaching me. I understood that God was watching over me so that they could not get to me in order to make me offend Him. From what I sometimes saw in myself, I understood that it was a true vision. The fact is that now I have understood so well the little bit of power he has provided I'm not against God, that I have almost no fear."

The powers of devils are nothing if these devils do not find souls cowardly and surrendered to them: it is with such souls that they show their power.



The following is an account of his confrontation with the devil: "The infernal spirits treated Joseph as their enemy. One night the servant of God was standing before the altar of St. Francis, in the Basilica at Assisi, when he heard the door opened violently and saw a man enter, who advanced so noisily that his feet seemed cased in iron. The saint regarded him closely and saw that, as he approached, the lamps went out, one by one, till finally all were extinguished and the intruder stood at his side in utter darkness. Thereupon the devil, for he it was, furiously attacked Joseph, threw him on the floor, and attempted to strangle him. Joseph, however, invoked St. Francis, and saw him come forth from his tomb and relight with a small candle all the lamps, at the gleam of which the fiend suddenly vanished. By reason of this occurrence Joseph gave St. Francis the name "Lamplighter of the Church."

The devil made other attempts on the life of Joseph, by throwing him into a rapid stream in order to drown him, by taking hold of him to tear him to pieces, and by endeavoring to run him through with a sword, but all to no purpose. Though the evil one did succeed in striking him so terribly that his fellow-religious were horrified by the noise of the many blows and the rattling of chains, he did not succeed in tiring the patience of the saint. When asked by his fellow-religious as to the cause of the strange noises in his cell at night, Joseph laughingly replied,

"It was only fun." All the devil accomplished by his implacable hatred was to give unmistakable proof of Joseph's sanctity."


I sat nodding my head in agreement, as I read Joseph's last words about the devil's visits and what the devil accomplished by his vicious attacks against him. He said that it was "ONLY UNMISTAKABLE PROOF TO HIM OF HIS SANCTITY" His annointing by the Lord--which made the devil VERY VERY ANGRY! ;) I can totally relate to this spiritually and physically.

Believer surrendered to Jesus + anointing + his perfect will = HUGE ATTACKS!

Since these things have happened to me--over and over and over--I had continued to be shocked-shake my head and often I have said to myself..."Can this be? These stories of Christ-the Bible-the spiritual experiences that I have had my whole entire life since childhood--am I crazy to think what I am thinking? But as these amazing things continue to happen to me--I had to speak outloud and ask Jesus what I had been asking myself...

"Am I a prophet? Have you chosen someone like me to be a prophet? Have you annointed me for this? You called me to you Lord--out of nowhere--I am unlearned and you show me all of these things--why me? I don't even know the Bible front to back. I am not holy. Is this possible? Have you chosen me to be a prophet for you?"


I made an appointment to speak with another pastor--asking him to read this true story--way too much to explain in an hour sitting. I met with him and said to him..."These things are happening to me-The devil is attacking me-I am of sound mind-I am a good person and I have not given the devil legal authority for these things to happen to me-I was just minding my own business when all of this started again--I am not crazy--what do you think?" His response?

"I don't think you're crazy. It is in the Bible. There are many members to the body of the Church. Do you know what the Bible says about this?" I told him that I do not know the Bible very well. He began to rattle off names...Titles... and then asked me if I knew which one he had left out? Again I told him no. His response?

"PROPHET--it sounds as if you are a prophet"

He began to rattle off the many descriptions of a prophet-a loner-different-not wanted in their own town-isolated....

I sat there with chills running down my back. "But what if I don't want to be a Prophet?" I started to cry. "I didn't ask for any of this."

He smiled and said "The Lord chose you and I suppose you are going to have to wait and see what Jesus is going to do with all of this."


So there you go--that is what I am doing. Documenting and waiting on Jesus--waiting happily to see what he is going to do with all of this. :) And in this process--I have become more alienated-more abandoned by all down here...but not by Jesus. He is still with me and he will never abandon me. He understands exactly where I am right now.

The Demon I Met While in Spirit


God took me and showed me a man whom I only know from the hubs. I stood with Jesus staring at his profile--he was standing near a dumpster/garbage can that was shooting out flames and fire--it was evening. I was shocked and I tried to get a closer look at him. Swiftly I was taken away from this scene and brought to a room with many strangers sitting around a very long table--they were all staring at me and the Lord and they spoke not a word.

The Lord spoke these words very loudly to me.

"The High Priestess lives down the road. LOOK!"

I looked with my spiritual eyes as God commanded (I automatically knew what Jesus was telling me to do. He was instructing me to look with my spiritual eyes not my earthly eyes.) I stared at each of them...one by one...slowly.... I stopped abruptly at one 'specific' face--he was someone I had never seen before. I looked at his hair... his chest...his shirt...and as I looked up into his eyes...they were the eyes of a demon! I quickly rebuked this demon in the name of Jesus Christ and immediately woke up to sounds of quick, loud overlapping noises of his demonic attack. I sat up on the couch finding my blankets had been twisted around, wrapped around my neck and face.

I spoke with an X pastor--I did not know what a high priestess was--nor what this vision meant. I only knew that I was in God's presence and when he told me to "LOOK" I knew exactly what he was asking of me. He was showing me a man...but a man who has a demon inside him. I don't understand any of this but as I told someone after this happening, "If I ever see that face I will surely be rebuking."

December 19, 2010

Today I saw the face of this human that sat at the long table-- the same human face whom I saw almost 6 months ago and whom had a demon inside of him--a demon who spiritually fought and attacked me. I was frightened at first--hardly believing that I was seeing him. My logical mind slamming into 'God's reality" again. I was shocked-stunned-amazed but strong in knowing that God's reasons will be revealed even if I don't understand at this time--and I don't. I continued to stare at this person in front of me. Amazing! Just amazing!

I wondered why he kept hesitating....he surely would not look at me throughout the whole service (half hour or more) and I was right in front of his view. Did my praying bother him? He stepped out at the very end and blurted out a few words...standing there in silence as if he had forgot what he was saying. Everyone was staring and I could feel and hear their wondering of what was the matter with him..... as he stood in silence.

Did he feel me praying against him? I wondered. He began to speak an ending prayer and he turned himself immediately towards me and stared smack right into my eyes. His eyes were hollow and black!!!! Creepy to see what I see at times.

Please God explain what this means...what am I to know? I felt only one specific thing strongly as I prayed and asked God to reveal to me. He fakes crying. I saw it four times...I wondered if my praying distractracted him...pretending to cry and the words that were spoken were not words that would make anyone cry? I wonder...did using Jesus's name and telling darkness to submit to their knees and be silent actually just happen? Amazing!

What a faker and there is a BIG REASON why Jesus would take me to a room and show YOU TO ME 6 months ago...THAT I KNOW!

I can not explain these things that are happening to me...amazing but true! You tell me readers....what would you do if you were woke up by Jesus and taken to a room where you are demonically attacked by a demon residing in a human you have never seen in your life....only to meet him 6 months later disguised as a man of God? Would you believe that it was just a gosh dang coincidence? All I do know for sure is that God is in the midst of this...I fear no evil nor this specific demon!

I told another Christian of this happening and why I would NEVER belong to this church and they stated "That was the devil trying to get you not to go back to church." Well that was a good answer and I had thought of this because the devil is full of deceptions and trickery. The problem with his theroy.The LORD TOOK ME TO THAT ROOM and specifically showed him to me. This was not a deception. That demon attacked me and tried to suffocate me with my blankets! I did go back to this church (below) it was certainly not a choice of mine--as something pushed me out the door again. I continued to ask Jesus to show me what I was missing? He did. It was clear as clear could be and I never went back again after Christmas eve night. I had good reason not to.

December 24th, 2010

The devil is a liar and taunts on the most special day; Christmas eve night sermon--the birth of the Christ. Mary did not bring a shawl because she thought she may die--nor that the baby Jesus may die on their 100 mile travel the night Jesus was born! LIES! Mary knew she was carrying the Savior Jesus! There was no fear of any type of death..only happiness and pure beauty-awe-love for the wonderful counselor whom was coming into the world to save us all!!! Mary KNEW SHE WAS FAVORED BY GOD AND ANNOINTED! How could you even say this? You are a LIAR.

You spoke more twisted words of disgrace, dishonor, deceptively placed in between words of Jesus make me want to PUKE! PUKE! PUKE! I rebuke you!

I sit wondering if you are even aware of why you say these things? Do you do it intentionally or are you blinded by the darkness? I think you do know. As I looked around the room, shaking my head in disgust and wanting to walk out...tears inside me welled up...I saw something else I didn't like...I saw sleeping amongst the people. A demonic deliverance is in order for you by those closest to God in your dwelling...but you may know that already don't you? I am so disappointed by this.

I researched..searching for an answer to what I was missing..I was overcome with the worst pains out of nowhere in my anal area...so bad that I could barely stand up...sit down or breath...5 minutes of pain out of nowhere...I rebuked and prayed for the pain to leave me and it was gone. Is this the demon leashing out again or is it something else? I do not know. God will reveal. God does not make mistakes and eventually I will understand.

Eventually the truth will come out and I will not be surprised nor shocked of what or whom is destroyed in the process...people are sleeping and they need to wake up.

"Woe to you scribes, pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in."

"Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness."


I had gone to bed praying against this specific demon. During this evening after falling asleep I was violently attacked--that evil arrived and as I began to rebuke and call for Jesus I was flung into the wall and my feet were pulled up so as if I was laying horizontally on the wall. As I tried to verbally rebuke in the name of Jesus--it vibrated it's stench down my throat and I was unable to talk-It yanked me across the wall as my spirit screamed out for Jesus--POOF! IT WAS GONE! When I woke up in the morning....my Bible taken from my side while sleeping and had been thrown from my bed and was laying in the middle of the room on the floor. My God is MORE POWERFUL...no matter what you do!

That same day I was headed off in my car to work--a new job. I was praying out loud as I normally do and I had just placed satan under my feet when my porcelein crucifix hanging on my mirror was yanked hard from my mirror with such violence and thrown under my feet in the vehicle! It is these demons again and they hate my prayers! As I began to call for Jesus--simultaneously--BAM! My tire was punctured and down to a flat. (This is the 4th time since January 2010--no mechanic ever finding anything wrong with my tires-they are brand new--one man after pouring soap on the tire said I had a slit in my tire--and then bam--he said whaa? where did that slit go? I can't find it? Whaaaa? He looked baffled...but I realized what was happening and I took the tire to a shop again, only to be told that the tire was in perfect shape.)

I screamed at the top of my lungs! "

You can not have my blessings--you can not have my new job!! Be gone in the name of Jesus Christ!"

I drove the flat for almost a mile trying desperately to find a gas station and all the while praying to Jesus to please help me--I found an auto body shop. A wonderful man named "Jeremiah" filled my tire for free and I was not late for my new job--and only slight damage to the rim! Amen! Thank you so much Jeremiah--what a great name you have--I beamed with happiness when I heard that you had this beautiful "prophets" name. Rock on Jeremiah--I asked Jesus to bless you greatly as I drove off praying and giggling. :)

I got out of my job later that evening--the tire was still fine and there was a message from Twig in Montana.

"Ghost whisper? Are you being attacked today? I have just been punched over and over and over for about 3 minutes long--the demons are working overtime!"

I called him back to tell him what had happened and we both agree that this has something to do with this case. Someone is working overtime on us but why is God allowing this? Neither of us have the answer. We continually are assaulted almost always at the same time. One time recently, we were speaking on the phone in regards to us both being assaulted again by the devil...when crackling came to the phone and disconnected us. I rang back to say I had not heard the last thing he said, his words had been garbled. His response back to me?

"I said that the cross you gave me was just flung off the wall and thrown onto the floor."

That evening I returned home to my room mate and his friends. I was frustrated and upset that I can not find an answer to this from anyone down here! After telling them what had happened to me and letting them listen to my room mates voicemail...this man who surprisingly knew very much about the Bible-though not belonging to any religion, he opened my Bible and told me to read Ezekiel.

I took my Bible and placed it on my bed. A bit later I was putting my jacket on and from across the room the pages turned forwards. "No way!" I said, as I literally took off my jacket and restarted putting the jacket back on--just to see if it was me that had caused this rush of air to move the pages of the book.I went over and looked down. They had turned to Ezekiel "The Living Creatures and the Glory of the Lord. " When I returned back I sat and read the pages. ? About an hour later--the pages again moved but this time they flipped BACKWARDS to the very same chapter and verse. "The Living Creatures and the Glory of the Lord." I read it again.

A prophet who everyone thought was crazy-yup...I understand this fully ;) the crazy part ha ha. His vision---Ezekiel's Call from God--A Warning to Israel--This will be a sign to Israel--though they are disobedient and rebellious--You will tell them only what I tell you to speak--even if they don't listen ...oh wowzie....it is sinking in to me. WOW...amazing and is surely making me rethink everything about my life and my past. WOW.


January 28, 2011--prayers Against These Demons

I was awoken this morning 1/28 at around 5 a.m. ? or so...by them.

They showed up this morning while I was sleeping---MANY of them. I was having a normal dream...or at least I 'thought' it was just a regular normal dream until a demon showed up. My hair had begun to fall out---clumps and clumps--and I kept running my hands through it and more would fall out...I was almost bald when this specific "LADY" appeared out of nowhere next to me. I was startled by her presence and said to her...

"I have no idea of why this is happening."

She said "Come with me and I will tell you exactly why your hair is falling out." She took me to a corner of this huge empty room.

"You were too loud and we don't like it."

"What do you mean I was too loud? What do you mean? I don't know what you are talking about?" I was beginning to panic and yell back at her.

"You were too loud and we don't like it."

I looked at her while she was talking and I realized that her lips were not moving to the words that were flowing from her lips....and as I looked into her eyes...they looked demonic. I realized that I was not dreaming any longer and I was being attacked!!!

"You were too loud and we don't like it?"

MY PRAYING! THEY DON'T LIKE MY PRAYING! As soon as I realized this--that bad--evil feeling came around me...the evil of demons---the ones that throw me into walls--upside down and try to scare me. The vibration of evil was surrounding me...I could feel its presence.

As this demon kept talking, its lips were moving in this odd way and then out of nowhere---invisible hands--so many of them attacked me-hitting me-grabbing---some tweeked my breasts and some yanked my pants down---demons--lots of them came to attack me and taunt me this morning! I immediately began to fight them and the vibration got SOOOOOOOOOOOOO STRONG.

I screamed out trying to command them gone in the name of Jesus and of course, as usual, another shoved something down my throat causing me an inability to speak verbally. They were so intense in vibration that my spirit called out for Jesus's help. Still they attacked.

This attack had so many demons--and they were so strong that when my throat was being stuffed to keep me from calling out to Jesus--I literally looked up in the air and envisioned Jesus crucified on the cross and his blood was dripping on me for protection!!!! As soon as I did it---POOF---they skattered--I was able to scream "IN THE NAME OF JESUS I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE ME!" and they were gone....I woke up screaming out prayers!

I asked Jesus to put a hedge of protection around me so that I could sleep and make them stay away! He did and I got my rest. I ALWAYS keep Christian music on while I sleep--they seem to stay away when it is playing. When I woke up screaming I realized two things.

One--the music had gone off and the news was on when they attacked. Cowards! I will always win--my God is more powerful! Secondly--my spiritual fighting is becoming stronger and I do not hesitate nor do I fear them. I am getting stronger in my spiritual fight--the blood of Jesus is very powerful--all powerful and I know Jesus is teaching me a thing or two with this incident. I knew exactly what to do and I did not hesitate and some how I felt that Jesus's presence was there viewing this though I did not see him? I so badly want to see Jesus but he just doesn't allow me to see him...that is the impression I feel. That's okay. I know Jesus exists and eventually I will see the great presence that I can only feel at times. :)

They do flee but wowzie--what a horrible fight that was this morning.

The Cross

I had given a cross to Twig, placing it inside his black duffel bag, setting it on top of his belongings, prior to him moving into his own place.

On too many occasions to count, Twig has let me know that the cross has been removed from his wall and thrown to the ground. I was not surprised when he told me the story of its first removal from the wall--it was done right in front of his very eyes.

He had arranged his computer desk on the wall and was quietly sitting at his computer one day. The cross had been placed to the right of the computer desk--hanging from a strong nail on the wall. Apparently the demons do not like my gift--they pulled the cross off the wall from its nail and it hit Twig on the forehead causing him to bleed.

Day after day, he would return to his room--no one able to enter but him...and there would be the cross laying on the floor. Twig said that he managed to find more nails and do a great job in keeping it up on the wall after not understanding WHY it would not stay.

Twig was also given a Bible that he stored up in his closet and had not moved it in quite a long time. When I called him one evening...he went to look for it and said "Ghostwhisper...It is not where it should be? I can't find it." Later I received a call...it was Twig..."I found it in another place in the closet...I know I didn't put it there and worse...It is sitting in a puddle of dirty filthy water? There is no leak in the closet...nothing else is wet...just the Bible."

Am I surprised? Nope. They continue to assault--continue to try to scare--but they can not stop the will of God...no matter what they do.

JULY 15, 2011

Another visit from the Lord...

A demon had appeared this morning, taking me out of my peaceful sleep. This particular demon came in 'light' as to try to deceive me...it took on the body and face of someone that I love very much. Though it looked like my loved one--the energy around this demon told me exactly what and who it was....a far cry from the beautiful human being that this demon was trying to portray. The demon realized that I knew who it was and it had not tricked me in any way shape or form...and at that moment of its realization.. it stopped the 'game' and did very lewd horrible things at me...which it KNEW I would detest!

I commanded it to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and it immediately stopped with its disgusting actions and seemed to have dropped down to the ground, hunched and froze in a laying down position...as if something had frozen it for that fleeting moment. It did not POOF and be gone as they normally do when I rebuke them.

I turned and left....feeling the presence of Jesus around me. Strangely, I have never had this happen before. The Lord told me to go back and place my hands on this heap of ? and place the blood of the Christ on it--all over it. I did not want to go back to that thing on the ground...but if you heard the Lord's voice and you wanted to please him--which I do with my whole heart and soul...well you just do it....regardless that you don't want to. You obey and I obeyed.

I walked back over to the demon and I placed my hands on it and I placed the blood of Christ all over it as I was instructed. I had no fear...no bad feelings while I was touching it...I woke up immediately and was shocked and amazed. My first words out of my mouth were these...


If you knew me personally...you would hear this question as a VERY strange question for me to ask the Lord...you would also know that this is not really the job I would prefer to have. lol But if the Lord is wanting me to do these things for him..yes...I believe that this will be my profession one day. In time I will understand all of this....until then...I am still a bartender and waitress.

JUNE 2, 2011 5:30 a.m.

I was woke up by ??? early this Thursday morning....

I opened my eyes in my darkened room. The room was illuminated in two places with a white/smokey/hazy mist that LITERALLY lit up the room! I was wide awake--which is NOT my m.o. and I don't know what woke me up--it was 5:30 am I don't ever get up that early....this amazed me! I sat up and looked in front of me....it was hazy/white in front of me---all the way to the bedroom door and then it stopped and to my left near the closet---more of this strange hazy light/mist which lit up the room....? I was fully awake and wondering what the heck it was....no light outside-no light inside. A green small dot from the fire alarm smoke detector. two small red dots from my t.v and the cable box ontop...no light entering the room---IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PITCH DARK! I got REALLY REALLY EXCITED...I said out loud..."Jesus is that you?" I waited...nothing. It was amazing--peaceful--no bad feelings. "Jesus?" I kept looking around the room at these two areas of hazy white mist...almost thinking that an Angel or Jesus would step from them...I kid you not....but nothing. Then I thought...is the devil going to walk out? It was a thought from my own mind...though no bad or any type of evil vibration was there--nothing but this surreal quietness--a peace of a different kind...cant explain it.....I wondered about the devil showing up as light--just my own thoughts wondering of what this was...and so amazing that it lit the room up on two separate sides. I rebuked just in case...said the Lords prayer and waited....nobody appeared--nothing. I layed back down and closed my eyes and every half minute or so...I would open them to see if the light was gone--it eventually disappated well after 5 minutes and then I went to sleep.

JUNE 24, 2011

In the early evening--a feeling of heaviness came over me--sleepy--very sleepy and I was unable to stay awake. I lay down on my bed and fell quickly off to sleep. Again--a vision was given to me in regards to this case. I was VERY happy and a big thumbs up on this case and what was told to me. Now amazing as this sounds, I will try to articulate this in words because I have NEVER experienced this type of vision and I am not sure that I can even explain it in words.

All of the knowledge that had just been given to me--the GREAT NEWS--it was taken from me by this GREAT presence that I could feel--I could actually 'see' the knowledge and it was contained as if in atoms. This presence took it and placed it behind a barrier--an invisible wall of sorts and then I saw a hand seal it horizontally. The knowledge of what was spoken to me was no longer accessible to me--though I CLEARLY KNOW AND HEARD GREAT AND POSITIVE THINGS IN REGARDS TO THIS SITUATION and woke up KNOWING that the information was good and rock on but no matter how much I have thought about it--I can not retrieve what was told to me in this vision and I KNOW that I wasn't supposed to know-It is either because I am not going to be here on earth when this happens and it is not meant for me to know or it was not for me to speak outloud to anyone--only for me to know in my soul and to assure me to keep my faith--because the Lord says that it is going to happen. I just know it was positive! AMAZING!


JULY 9, 2011


I am floating above raging waters-continuing down the coast-immense smashing waves-HUGE and out of control! Where am I? As I looked down at the violence and destruction of the water upon the land and the people....I noticed a 'landmark'...I was on the East Coast! As soon as I yelled the name of the city....I was taken to another place.

I stood outside on dry land. I stared over plush green trees in amazement at the force of the tornado. There were 5-6 vehicles-trucks and a helicopter going round and round and then forcefully flung out into the air to their destruction. I looked around again..."Where am I?" I asked again. No answer--no clue.

I turned around and saw the fresh manicured homes-the shrubs-I was standing on the sidewalk. I walked to the house that had been behind me and walked up the front porch and tried the door handle...it was unlocked. A woman with short hair was on the couch sleeping and I had clearly woke her up by my unannounced entrance. She looked quite frightened by me. I stated firmly and with no emotion--"There is a category 5 tornado ready to hit the house...get downstairs now!"

I abruptly woke up and went to work with so much anxiety of watching this destruction.



My room-mate twig was at the bus stop in Billings, Montana waiting on a bench for the bus. A man stepped up to him dressed in Goth and a wearing a tall, striped Dr Seuss hat on his head. He asked if he could sit down and Twig nodded yes. He inquired if Twig liked art and proceeded to hand Twig his portfolio of drawings. As Twig began to flip each page he stared at the content and became very uncomfortable in his spirit but ignored it and continued on.

He intermittently glanced over slowly at this man sitting next to him and he noticed what seemed to be a very strange grin on this man's face. He noticed that one eye color was noticeably different than the other color. He began to panic as he glanced nonchalantly down at this man's hands only to see strange, long, claw-like fingernails.

Twig continued to flip the pages, as he became more and more hesitant on what was really transpiring in the midst of the bus stop. The drawings which were full of childish drawings done in colored pencil all had a very common theme. What caught his attention was the subject matter of each of these drawings. Page after page of hellish demons, monsters, bleeding hearts, evil eyeballs, and several depicting Jesus on the cross. One with the cross and Jesus was burning in the fire. The last drawing, Jesus on a cross with crows picking and feasting on the Lord's body. The uncomfortable spiritual feeling filled him as he looked down at the subject matter and it sounded an alarm as 'something' took over him and he jumped up to his feet, tossing the portfolio down.




The man stood up as well. An intense glaze took over this man's face which could only be described as one of an animal. His face contorted and twisted into hate filled rage. He stood very close to Twig's face and snarled a growl with his words.

"Don't start your God shit with me! Your God is nothing! Your God is dead!"

Twig leaned back into this man's face with only a few inches keeping them apart and he growled right back at him. A voice came from Twig that he had never heard come from his own mouth. He did not recognize this voice. As if a fierce lion-like growl raged out of his mouth, the words came out unexpectedly.

"You are a vile disgusting creature of evil! You do NOT scare me!! Get away from me in the name of Jesus Christ!!"

The man stepped back a few paces, as this devilish man continued to give him an evil glare full of hatred. The next words out of his mouth will be words which Twig will never forget because they weren't his words..They were God's.

"It is the power of the one true God that compels you to be gone!"

This 'kid' stepped back and started to walk away from Twig immediately. He hadn't gone far when he stopped and turned back and said loudly...

"We will be seeing you again... soon."

Both Twig and myself have been dealing with things that seem to be 'out of this world' but never the less happening. Those stinky people that I had a difficult time accepting as 'demonic' awhile back, I no longer find it difficult to accept any longer. Yes the demons manifest down here in the earthly realm. No doubt about it. We fear them not because we both know that we love Jesus and we are aware of what will happen to the filth that continues to assault us and physically hurt us.



I was in Walmart and I was in the milk/yogurt area and I passed about 4 ladies--muslim- dressed--with the cutest little babies sleeping in their arms. I quickly thought of Twig and the recent incident at the bus stop with a group of very mean muslims in Bozeman Montana. One man had called a woman a "Nasty Amercan woman" for smoking and Twig had been 'Twig' and read them the 'riot' act due to their disrespect. His story had flashed through my mind as I stared at these quiet women and their sweet children. I felt sad....I thought. They are only misdirected by the darkness. As quickly as I thought this...I said a quiet prayer for them...

"God--let them see the truth about you Jesus."

As quick as these words left me--I WAS STABBED IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY NECK by what felt like a knife! It almost knocked me out! I grabbed on to the cart handle and tried to regain my composure. I KNEW IMMEDIATELY who and what had just stabbed me--satan don't like those kind of prayers-so I defiantly and boldly again stared at them and placed the blood of Jesus on them all...and then staggered away....wowzie...tell me that aint the creepiest thing. It creeped me out...


  • (11) The Devil is Not a Concept!
    Horrific demonic attacks upon myself and Twig caused us to reevaluate our ideas of who the devil was and why he was manifesting! These demons literally knocked us around from Las Vegas to Montana!

I will NOT be moved.

Follow the Pattern !


The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus evil...you will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above all..to witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

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