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The Devil Wore Combat Boots – How Not to be a Snake

Reformed Eve is a daughter of God, which makes her royalty - no matter what the world throws at her. She straightens her crown quite often.

...And a Bag of Chips

I had a snake in high heels in my life. Well, there have been a few, but I’ll tell you about one.

My ex-husband joined the military. He had his first taste of freedom. He was in the technical school for his specialty within the military. I would drive 14 hours to see him every weekend, even though I had a full-time job as a full-time student. I’m not writing this as a pity party for myself. I want to talk about the snake that corrupted my husband – the snake in high heels. Well, she probably wasn’t wearing high heels. She was another military personnel, so I’m sure she was wearing some type of uniform related footgear, but that’s beside the point. She was the snake that begun the decaying process of us.

To spare you the details, he had a girlfriend at this technical school, fourteen hours away. They went on dates. They kissed. Who knows what else occurred – I’ll never know. What I do know is that she took him away from God, from his family, from his wife. She removed a part of him that I never saw again. What did she do? She seductively walked my husband into the slaughterhouse - with honied lips, an alluring laugh, soft, inviting hands, and a bag of his favorite chips, I'm sure.

Disclaimer: Putting the High Horse in the Stables

The Bible warns about women like this. I will not sit here, and write haughtily, sitting on a jeweled, high horse and pretend that I have never been a snake. I have done my terrible share of sins in my life. I know that God doesn’t work on the Karma system, but he does allow things to happen, as he did with Job when you go wayward off the Heaven path. Some negative consequences of life are mighty deserved. And I have definitely suffered on the terrible end of the consequences of sin. Regardless, the relationship that I spoke of earlier at the beginning of the article occurred when I was naïve. I was 21, young, and in love. And a snake destroyed the innocence of my husband, and consequently, our marriage.

What Does the Bible Say about Evil Women?

What does the Bible say about Evil Women?

Proverbs 30:20 says that the adulteress eats, wipes her mouth, and proclaims she did nothing wrong. There’s probably parallels to Eve in this, but I’ll save that analysis for another time.

Proverbs 11:22 compares a woman without discretion to a gold ring in a pig’s snout.

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Revelations 17: 1-18 talks about a ‘great prostitute’ that has been promiscuous with many of the Earth’s Kings. Her wine makes men drunk with sin. She sat upon a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names. She had purple and scarlet upon her (purple to possible mock Jesus). She was wearing pearls, gold, and jewels. Her cup was running with abominations and immorality.

Proverbs 2:16 mentions that an adulteress uses smooth words.

Evil Women are Dangerous - Especially the Pretty Ones

Women can bring you up and uplift you so that you are closer to God, or women can completely destroy you. Delilah destroyed Samson. He was handsome, intelligent, and a man of God. She was beautiful but with evil intentions in her heart. Because she was beautiful, she was so tempting and seducing that Samson could not help but yield to her. This happens every day. It’s glorified in romance novels, television, and social media. Unfortunately, feminism has become the willful push towards the pleasure of a woman in an effort to be more like men. Men have a higher propensity to be tempted, which is why the Bible warns so much against evil women and women like Delilah. Feminism is pushing for women to be more like men when in reality, women are meant to be the heart and soul of the castle that the man defends. Without the heart and soul, what is the man defending?

A Special Note on Titus, Cougars, and Feminism

What about cougars? What is a cougar? According to The Guardian website, a cougar is: “Cougar is a term used to describe an older woman who uses the same predatory sexual techniques as men, including focusing on members of the opposite sex who are much younger than she is.” Titus 2:3-5 strictly talks against this! Titus says that women who are older have to be reverent in behavior. Reverent means deeply respectful. They slaves to excessive wine. Wine is great, Jesus drank wine, but he warned, alcohol in excess equals to a drunkard. And today’s societal standards glorify wine o’clock or wine’ thirty (it's happy hour somewhere!) especially in shows that highlight the drunken, irresponsible cougar life, like Sex in the City of the Housewives of “Whatever” County. Women should not be slanderers. Slander? What’s that? It’s someone who belittles the worth of something. Gossip. Another highly praised, much entertained, aspect of today’s promiscuous women circles and the center of many popular comedies. Titus mentions that older women are supposed to be an example. They are supposed to teach good things. They are supposed to train the younger generation to love their husbands and their children. Older women are to be self-controlled, pure, king, and even good at taking care of their homes. They are to be submissive to their own husbands, so that the word of God may not be insulted, attacked, condemned. Feminism is the epitome of angrily insulting God’s word.

What Does a Godly Woman Look Like?

What is a woman supposed to be like? How can a woman be a fountain of love and pride for a husband and family, instead of a complete embarrassment? According to Proverbs 9:1-18, a woman builds her house with wisdom as the foundation. She shares her food. Proverbs 12:4 reminds us that an excellent is the crown of her husband, but she who brings him shame is compared to his bones rotting from the inside out. Look at what a high positions God places women in. God sees the potential of a Godly woman, and how she can positively affect a home, a community, and in turn, the world. Women are the source of life, woman brings the heart and soul into a home. The Bible has a lot to say about Evil women. But, in stark contrast, the Bible highly respects women and holds a special, royal place for the ones who aren’t reveling in sin. There’s much more to say about this – much more.

Humble Pie for Everyone

Even though evil women can bring a man down, a man is to control his emotions and the Bible has several, several warnings and teaching about this. I can blame women - evil, ungodly women - all day long, but ultimately Proverbs 6:32 says “He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.” Like as in Adam and Eve, we can play the blame game, but ultimately, we are responsible for our actions. That’s why the Bible mentions that a woman needs to be submissive, and a man needs to love his wife. But that’s an article for another time.

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