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The Decoded - Yes, Decoded - Book of Isaiah

I am a student of the scriptures and a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Prophet Isaiah Veiled his Imperative Messages for Truth-Seekers of Today.

The Book of Isaiah has, in fact, been decoded. This did not happen yesterday or last year. It took decades of dedication, but a brother, Avraham Gileadi, did not give up, and has uncovered the seven literary structures of the Book of Isaiah which were and are intended to be revealed in these latter days. You or I and anyone, can read, compare and ponder, verse by verse, The King James version of the Book of Isaiah to the Apocalyptic Commentary of The Book of Isaiah. This Apocalyptic Commentary of The Book of Isaiah can be read for free, zero cost, online at one of the two sites of Dr. Gileadi. By first reading the preface of The Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah, reading it carefully, and then prayerfully beginning the comparison of the two books, verse by verse on the computer screen, a sense of reverence for the plan and execution by Isaiah to bring the truths of his vision to the endtime peoples of the earth -- is undeniable.

Avraham Gileadi used the following sources for The Apocalyptic Commentary of The Book of Isaiah:

The Hebrew Masoretic Text from which the English translation was made.

The complete Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah of St. Mark’s Monastery.

The Greek Septuagint Version of the Old Testament.

It turns out, Isaiah uses ancient, historical 'types and shadows' and characteristics of nations and also code names which require matching to “modern counterparts if we want to know who is who.” (Quote from page 2 of preface of Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah.)

Code words throughout the writings by Isaiah are also identified. Avraham Gileadi is very thorough, using his abbreviations of source books and explanations of the correctly translated word which may differ from the Kings James version. This attention to detail for the reader also helps Dr. Gileadi's scholarly peers around the world realize why a particular choice of word is the correct choice in each instance.

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For those who want to understand the research that went into this work, Dr. Gileadi recommends in his preface that we read his books, The Literary Message of Isaiah – and also its synopsis, Isaiah Decoded, Ascending the Ladder to Heaven. I have not yet read The Literary Message of Isaiah, but I am reading Isaiah Decoded, Ascending the Ladder to Heaven – for my second time. I bought mine at the Amazon site. There is so much in this book, some of which is very surprising.

To restate and explain more fully, Dr. Gileadi's Apocalyptic Commentary, verse by verse – and his other commentaries, are all online for free. He has two websites. Both are ‘dot com’. One site is Isaiahinstitute. The other site is Isaiahexplained. If you prefer to sit with a book rather than read from a screen, you can purchase the commentary in book-form at isaiahinstitute or on Amazon.

I want to mention that I have no connection to Dr. Gileadi. He doesn't know I am sitting here writing this hub. I am creating this hub, this article, because I feel the great and urgent importance of all of us learning to understand the prophet Isaiah’s vision of the end times, these latter days. Isaiah reveals truths regarding Seven Spiritual Levels of mankind. As most of us realize, we each choose how much truth we will accept and live by. We each choose our spiritual level. Isaiah masterfully teaches us this and higher concepts. I had read the Book of Isaiah a couple of times decades ago. But now, with all the puzzles figured out (by Dr. Gileadi) I am in awe of the lessons in the scriptures I never knew for sure. I had wondered about some things years ago. Through faith in our Redeemer, repentance through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and through learning to love and serve more, we can choose to ascend, level by level, step by step, up the ladder. There is so much to learn.

Time is of the essence when it comes to learning and growing spiritually.

On a gloomy note, Jesus Christ will allow wicked to kill wicked especially at a certain period coming up. Jesus Christ loves us, wants us to follow him and is ever-calling us to safety. One code name in the Book of Isaiah for the arch-tyrant and/or the end time Anti-Christ is... the name King of Assyria. Jesus Christ will allow this person to carry out terrible plans in many nations– for a designated time. In chapter 10, you can read the bragging of The King of Assyria regarding his annihilation of peoples -- this is in days and years to come, perhaps not so far away in the future as we would like to think -- at which point Jesus Christ lets the King of Assyria know he (the arch-tyrant) could not have done ANY of the things he did, unless it was allowed by Him, Jesus Christ. (Each verse in the Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah has code words in italics, bold or quotations so that the reader can search for instances where this same word is used elsewhere in the Book of Isaiah. Comments by Dr. Gileadi follow after each verse also.

There are good and glorious times ahead, too. The gathering -- including the gathering of the descendants of the Jews, the Lamanites and the House of Israel is paramount and will be carried out by faithful, ministering people. The teaching of God's truths, humility, repentance and forgiveness are part of the scenes in years coming up. This will be for the learning and ascending of those that are gathered in; descendants of the House of Israel as named above, and also for the teaching and ascending of those people who have strayed from truth and love -- and want to come back. These principles of the gospel will also be for those people who were followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, but were confused or cast out.

As I have mentioned on my profile page, I did demonitize my account here on Hubpages a couple of years ago. It is my preference these days. I am happy to be able to share this information with you on Hubpages. I could go into some greater details, but if you read the prefaces of the two books I have mentioned (The Apocalyptic Commentary of The Book of Isaiah and also the book, Isaiah Decoded) you will see I could not have done a satisfactory summary compared to Dr. Gileadi’s knowledgeable wording of the important information Isaiah has shared for these very times now -- and ahead.

I am going to include a link below to one of my favorite renditions of a beautiful hymn you might be familiar with. I leave all of this with you, gentle readers, in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Savior Redeemer of My Soul. Lyceum Philharmonic, Dallyn Bayles and Jenny Oaks Baker

© 2022 Pamela Dapples

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