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The Decanates And Cusps Of Cancer

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I've always found Astrology intriguing. I'm especially interested in affect the stars, sun, moon, and planets have on who we are.


During Gemini season, I discussed what decanates and cusps were in astrology and how they affected the personality of Gemini. Basically, each sign of the zodiac is split into three sections, called decanates. Each decanate lasts about 10 days. A cusp is the occurrence of the Sun shifting into a new zodiac sign. This happens during the first and last five days of each sign.

Depending on when you were born, whether during a cusp or within a certain decanate, your personality traits will differ from others born in the same sign. As we've just kicked off Cancer season during the Summer Solstice (and Litha, for my fellow witches!), this post will focus on the affects of the decanates and cusps on the Cancerian personality. Let's dive in (I think these corny dad jokes are going to be my thing)!

The crab represents Cancer.

The crab represents Cancer.

The Decanates Of Cancer

Last month I went in depth about what exactly decanates and cusps were. If you want to read my posts on decanates and cusps, please my visit HubPages profile! Now, without further adieu, the decanates of Cancer.

First Decanate Of Cancer

Duration: June 21st to June 30th

Constellation: Canis Minor-The Small Dog, who symbolizes reason

Planetary Sub-Ruler: The Moon

Individuals born during this decanate tend to be extremely receptive and sensitive to others as the Moon is both their ruler and sub-ruler. People often seek these Cancerians out for their observations and guidance. These individuals tend to be reasonable and analyze all the facts before making any kind of decision. They have a knack for memorizing feelings and impressions even though mundane details tend to escape them. These Cancers dislike discord and look for security and unity in their relationships. They can also be moody at times.

Second Decanate Of Cancer

Duration: July 1st to July 11th

Constellation: Canis Major- The Great Dog, companion of Orion, who symbolizes triumph

Planetary Sub-Ruler: Pluto

Individuals born during this time are commanding and considerate. Others are drawn to their sensitive nature and often tell all to these Cancerians. They are able to collect information from all sources for their benefit thanks to their intuition and inquisitiveness.

Career-wise, these Cancers are sensible and disciplined. In love, they are affectionate, passionate, and maybe a bit possessive. Once this Cancerian's mind is made up, good luck changing it as they tend to be adamant and inflexible... Oh my God, yes! When my oldest sister says no, it's no, so shut your mouth about it! Okay, moving on...

Third Decanate Of Cancer

Duration: July 12th to July 22nd

Constellation: Argo Navis- The Magical Ship Of Adventure, which symbolizes strength of mind

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Planetary Sub-Ruler: Neptune

Individuals born under this decanate are receptive and romantic. They also tend to be artistic. These Cancerians are extremely versatile and many are destined to be famous. Cancers born during this time tend to form close bonds. They are loyal and protective of their loved ones. In the midst of disaster, trust these Cancerians to look for and find balance!

Now that we've looked at the decanates, it's time to look at the cusps of Cancer.

The Cusps Of Cancer

Let's see how each of the cusps affect the Cancer personality.

First Cusp (June 21st to June 25th)

If your were born during this cusp, you are a Gemini-Leaning Cancer! This means you are a Cancer with the tendencies of your predecessor, Gemini.

The following are some characteristics of a Gemini-Leaning Cancer:

  • Sympathetic and generous
  • Incisive and intellectual
  • Needs stimulation and change
  • Makes friends with people from all walks of life

Second Cusp (July 18th to July 22nd)

If you were born during this cusp, congratulations, you're part royalty! You were born with the tendencies of your successor, one of the greatest signs of the zodiac, the Leo.

The following are some characteristics of a Leo-Leaning Cancer:

  • Idealistic and sensitive
  • Clever and forceful
  • May have a bit of a temper that quickly comes and goes
  • Does things their own way
  • Takes their time forming close relationships

The Moon rules Cancer.

The Moon rules Cancer.

Recap And Wrap

Those were the decanates and cusps of Cancer. We learned how each affects the Cancer personality. I hope I was able to share new and interesting information about astrology and the differing personalities of Cancer. Let me know if any of these descriptions resonate with you or sound like someone you know. Stay tuned until next time!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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