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The "Down - Low" Going on Within the Church ~ Part II~

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling Certified in Creation Therapy


The “DOWN-LOW” Going On within The Church

Part II

The Down-Low is taking same sexual relationships to a lower low. It is also an incubator for AIDS! I realize that many do not want to go here. Pastors, assistant pastors, evangelists, apostles, ministers, choir directors, priests, bishops, deacons, members, mothers, fathers, visitors and friends this should not be! What type of message is this sending to future generations? We must begin to speak the Truth of God’s Word way too many are being ensnared into a degrading web of sexual debauchery.

Did you know that sexual indiscretions hinder your spiritual gifts…? The world is watching and the children of God are putting on a good show… Self-control is part of; the Fruit of the Spirt of God! This sexual infidelity should not be... Better yet God is aware. God holds us accountable for our actions & behavior!

Think for a moment? How many of Jesus disciples that walked with Him actually had sexual problems? How many were homosexuals, lesbians or bisexuals? How many had affairs? What does the Bible say about this? Are you getting my point? Yesa, Peter is often referred to for his abruptness and walking on the water... But never for his inappropriate sexual behavior, the disciples were accountable to Jesus for their behavior. Notice how He sent them out in two’s… Having a partner of accountability is very important! The point here is the constant presence of Jesus within their lives made a difference.HE is able to KEEP us/you from falling!”

Jesus came to point us to the Father; after He ascended to heaven He left us His Holy Spirit. He realized that we needed a Comforter. To lead us to all Truth!

Sodom and Gomorrah revisited!

The enemy has cleverly manipulated a growing number of sexual problems into the lives of believers. The world at large is becoming more and more like “Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom had a reputation for immorality. The Lord destroyed Sodom because it had become a degenerated cesspool of immorality. They practiced bestiality, sex with children and adolescents, incest, fornication, adultery, heterosexual rape and homosexuality. See the story in Genesis 19. Don’t just give intellectual assent to the Word of God! It's TRUE believe it. These are not fables they are true life stories to help us live better God centered lives!

Many ways of the world has made its way into God’s Church from the pew to the pulpit. The consequences are becoming more and more evident! “God is not a respecter of persons.” He holds us accountable for our actions! Hardly a week passes that the Church is in the news for some type of sexual indiscretions? Grace is not a license to sin! Does not God set the standard for His Church? Do you believe His Word?

Jesus came so we could have a better life! When you accept Him into your heart it is for a purpose. Upon the profession of your Faith it means that you want to live life His way! Or does it? For many it appears they want membership in a somewhat Christian social club? They often attend to simply fellowship with others...

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Think for a moment. You do want Christ Jesus to become your personal Savior? He can save us from sin. Each day you grow stronger in Him you are able to learn to sin less... God wants the Fruit of His Spirit to emanate from our lives as we grow spiritually. Remember; Self-control is a part of His Fruit. So, police yourself! It is so important to know the Word of God for yourself! Every Word is True!

Don’t allow the enemy to seduce you away from your God given purpose! Each day is a day to grow in God's Grace. God has a plan for your life that only you can fill. He can make you a new creation! He will not lead us to do anything that goes contrary to His Word!


The Word points out sin!

What is so interesting one of the first things that you may hear is; “this is being judgmental” whenever you talk about sexual indiscretions? I find this quite interesting! How is it someone can come to you and talk to you about anything? The moment you don’t agree with them; you are being judgmental? They really want you to make them feel comfortable in a dangerous situation…

God’s Word is clear about sex! As a matter of fact it is clear about a lot of things. There is a whole entire Book called Judges in the Bible. It covers approximately (325) three hundred and twenty-five years that records oppression and deliverance that took place in the lives of the children of Israel. The Bible is all true! These are real people like you and I. God wants us to develop healthy boundaries in all areas of our lives.

In order to help the children of Israel God appointed (13) thirteen judges, (12) twelve men and (1) one woman to deliver the children of Israel from their oppressors. Rather than remove them from the land they intermingled with them… Judges is in the Old Testament and is about sin and its consequences. Joshua is the leader that took over after Moses. Joshua is the book right before Judges It ends with the children of God taking a stand.

Why does one usually cry you are being judgmental? Is it because they do not want to deal with the fact of what is happening? Is it they want to make it seem like you want to hurt them for whatever reason? At some point we must begin to take God at His Word. God has said if you do this? Something is going to happen. Do you know that in one day 25,000 dropped dead due to immorality! Think about it? Unless you stand up all day; you make a judgment everyday you sit in a chair that it will hold you up!

Take the Book of Judges! What is so interesting, God told them not to intermingle and marry or take on the practices of the pagans (non believers). They were to drive the enemy out of the land. Instead they married their women and took on their customs and everyone begandoing what was right in their own eyes!” They too set aside God’s Word!

When God’s way for life and living is overlooked sin begins to take the helm. This is why we must look to His Word! God has determined already what is right and wrong! Jesus Himself was crucified because He told the religious leaders they were wrong so they devised a plan to discredit Him, undermine His authority and entrap Him along with the officials! They used false witnesses to do so… Does this sound familiar?

Confronting the problem in the Church

The “DOWN-LOW” is not a hypothetical situation. It is a known fact! This is about confronting a growing problem that is continuing to permeate the Church. It has been said that the “Down-Low” is a growing problem for the Black Church? The Truth be told there is no Black Church in reality! Nor Hispanic, Latino, Asian, English, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese, African, European, White, Red, Brown or Yellow… There is only one true Church and it is made up of all colors and cultures from all over the world. Division is just another ploy of the devil to keep God’s children divided. Unbridled sex to keep them shackled to sin!

Sex outside of marriage is rampart throughout God’s Church! The Catholics are all over the news due to many priests molesting the children... The United Methodist and Episcopalians say its okay to be homosexual and still be a minister… Pornography is rampart within the Church on many levels. Well known preachers, evangelists and ministers are having affairs, divorcing and remarrying all in the same breath… All one has to do is pay their tithes or dues to be excused? This is then said to be practicing “unconditional love!” Something is wrong with this picture? We as believers must begin to address these growing sexual problems as they arise! We must begin to consult the Lord and His Word for His direction. It is supposed to be our “Life Manual!” Jesus Christ is coming back for His Church!

Adultery, homosexuality, fornication, the Down-Low any sex outside of marriage regardless of who does it, is not God’s way! Why is it that the Church often uses the ways and resources of the world to deal with their problems? Is not God Omnipotent! We must move from the Word being letters on a page! God is able!

It is important to spend some time in the Word and see what God has to say for yourself! Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word. Read, meditate on His Word and really do some inner soul searching? The Proverbs has a wealth of wisdom. King Solomon who had (700) seven hundred wives (300) three hundred concubines has a lot to say about marriage and sex! The key to any behavior that is not pleasing to the Lord is repentance! Read Romans 1. It is never too late to change! If you really want to see the Church grow in every way it will have to be done God's Way! Turning to God’s Word for direction when you have lost your way is the direction His children are supposed to go! Then sincerely go before the Lord confess your sin and begin the process of repentance!

The “Down-Low” is only one of many sexual infidelities that God is not pleased with! Anytime you or I choose to operate outside of the spiritual boundaries that God has designed to protect us for whatever reason, we put our physical, emotional and spiritual life in jeopardy! Say Amen! Lights?

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes behind the pulpit, worship, gospel concerts, conventions and musicals that is quite fleshy and carnal! A lot of times it is “business as usual.” This is not a game, a performance nor a scene out of a movie! This is a problem that is not just going to go away! If you are caught up in this; let this be a wake- up call! No wonder these children want to walk around with their pants down to their ankles… Please do not pass this down to the next generation! There is cleansing power in the blood of Jesus!

I must also say that there is a plethora of men and women of God who are dedicated and committed to living out His Will and His Way! They realize that “ministry goes beyond the walls!” They fully embrace what His Word stands for and seek to live each day to proclaim His Great Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified! They realize how important it is to stay on the straight and narrow! It is possible! God is able to Keep you! "The Gates of hell will not prevail against God's Church!"

GOD'S WORD says the “TRUTH sets you FREE!” It really does!

There are also many multitudes of men and women who are truly committed to God’s standards for marriage and relationships and need to be commended for doing so! There is much spiritual warfare and conflict that persists between allowing the ways of the world to continue to permeate worship!

God is worthy! All of His Word must be proclaimed! My intent here is to bring attention to the “Down-Low!” As well as any type of sexual sin that is not pleasing to the Lord!

There is a lot that goes on during sex on a much deeper spiritual level than one fully comprehends. An exchange of bodily fluids is taking place. There is a bonding. Like epoxy! It is such a forceful thermosetting polymer that when the two cohesive components come together they are virtually impossible to separate. How interesting! It can take minutes … Sex is so powerful that a life can be formed! That is an everyday miracle! Look at God! I should say that is when it takes place between a man and a woman! Did you know that sexual sins scar the soul? God is able to make you a new creature! God's WORD is INCREDIBLE! One must sincerely repent and seek spiritual cleansing and deliverance through the power of His Holy Spirit!

This is why it is important to be careful to whom you join yourself together! You cannot undo what has been done, but you can go forward differently! When sex takes place outside of marriage the compulsive pull of sexual desire becomes such a strong animalistic magnetic pull that it often causes one to abandon God’s design for sex! Know this is a weakness!

What is so interesting God designed sex to be pleasurable! But the fact is; it is like fire outside of the fireplace when practiced outside of marriage! It does NOT have God's Blessing! It is dangerous and can burn your house down. It can also destroy your body; which is now supposed to be a Temple if you are a believer! The consequences for a few moments of pleasure can have life altering consequences!

GOD CAN Deliver You!

Did you know that the medical profession has never proven that one, who is oriented to same sex relationships, does so because it is genetic or inborn! It is a learned modeled behavior… There is a deep persistent need for intimacy between the same sexes that has resulted in an aberrant sexual desire. I say this realizing that the medical profession has changed what once was considered and classified as an abnormal behavior; to now being an alternative lifestyle. God has not changed!

I believe that as with any sin God can and will deliver you if you are truly willing… God accepts you and loves you regardless of your background! There is nothing hidden to Him! God LOVES you because HE IS LOVE! As a believer I am Pro Marriage God’s Way! There is a difference between acceptance and approval!

The “Down –Low” lifestyle is still in the closet for many. But not to God! What makes it even more difficult and disheartening is when one ministers in the name of the Lord and practices this form of perverted sex! There is a seducing spirit in operation. It is so strong that it causes the man to leave the natural desire of the woman and vice versa there is a compulsive uncontrollable desire for the same sex.

There is a void in us that only God can fill! We must begin to live our lives as though it were before “An audience of ONE!” God sees everything! He is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent! I believe that deliverance is much needed here! Throughout history as a nation declines what is prevalent is a moving away from its foundational principles! A lackadaisical diminishing attitude toward sex becomes the norm as well. “Anything goes!” God’s basic principles for our lives have not changed!

The “Down -Low” is just that! It takes one down to such a low level that they compromise their value system in order to satisfy their incessant sexual desire for a same sex partner. This is why it is done in the dark. It is an out of control compulsive behavior! But this does not have to be. When you married you made a vow to your partner and the Lord! Or did you? The world has tempted and deceived you! The moral bar has been lowered. The unacceptable has become acceptable. But not where God is concerned! Is God being judgmental?

You put your health as well as your wife’s health and well being in jeopardy!

GOD made Man and Woman for HIS GLORY

From the beginning of time God made us for His Glory! His desire was that our lives are to be centered around Him! Jesus came in the flesh to restore us! No man, woman, prophet, prophetess or priest was able to totally conquer sin in the flesh! Therefore He allowed His only begotten Son to come down from heaven and adorn himself in a sinless flesh! He LOVES us just that much!

He allowed Jesus to be born of the virgin Mary! Live a sinless life, suffer, yet never sin! Jesus experienced a shameful death crucified on the cross, died and was buried! He then arose from the dead with ALL power! This is not a story it is life finest at its fullest! Jesus is “the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to the FATHER except through ME.” John 14.

Man again in this 21st century continues to do “what is right in his own eyes.” As it was from the very beginning of time. He sets aside what God has said and simply does as he pleases! We all have heard the term “Do your own thing!” One must faithfully spend time meditating on the Lord’s Word! Then implement and put into practice what it says! Lets’ take a glance way back for a moment in history to better understand why we are here! There is an ongoing pattern…

“When God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, He called them “man.” Genesis 5. God created Adam and took a rib from his side and made Eve. Adam and Eve were designed for championship and to have fellowship with one another in a beautiful God centered relationship! She was designed to be his helpmeet! The Lord also created the perfect paradise with everything they possibly needed! But, Eve instead allowed satan to make her doubt God and she succumbed to temptation. She should have checked with God first after all He made her! It is at this point because of her disobedience she becomes spiritually separated from God…

Eve allowed herself to be deceived by satan and Adam then followed, they were banned from their paradise; The Garden of Eden! Now the consequence of evil progressively became more and more apparent. Their first born son Cain kills his brother Abel because he is jealous. As the wickedness of man increased so did their disobedience. They moved further and further away from the very things that God told them not to do. The earth had now become totally corrupt!

“The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The Lord was grieved that He had made man on the earth, and His heart was filled with pain. So the Lord said I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth – men and animals , and creatures that move along the ground, the birds of the air – for I am grieved that I have made them. But Noah found FAVOR in the eyes of God.” Genesis 6. Noah was a righteous man that obeyed the Lord.

The flood came because of the sins of mankind

One can only imagine some of things that have gone on under the sun? Nothing goes on that God who is Omniscient is not aware of! No wonder the flood! Noah was ridiculed for building “The Ark” no doubt. Although it had never rained he continued on building faithfully listening to God!

Sin was reigning and was rampart all around Noah! The earth was heavily populated! Man had begun to do “what was right in his own eyes...” The flood came, washed everything away so they could start anew. So here we are centuries later and man once again continues to do “what is right in their own eyes.” But is God pleased? This time it won’t be a flood! It is going to be fire!

The “Down- Low” goes totally against what God says in regards to His design for sexual relationships. “A man shall … be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2. It is just another form of homosexuality! Those who elect to participate are in staunch denial! Claiming that it is just sex and they are straight? I have seen the horrible consequences of this perversion. It literally destroys the confidence and moral fiber of the wife. Leaving her feeling dejected, rejected, a mere cast away with the lowest of low self esteem. What makes it even sadder it is rampart within God’s Church. It is a vicious form of depraved betrayal!

Listen with your spiritual ears and see with your spiritual eyes

It is quite unfortunate that the enemy has cleverly cloaked himself, entrapped and snared many into this web of deception. Experience is not always the best teacher. You can learn some things by just observing others. It is important to know nothing gets by God!

Please know this is not about being judgmental! If you are here! PLEASE STOP! Get some HELP! God knows everything that has every happened in your life! GOD LOVES YOU! But not the sin. Sin separates us from God! This is why one feels judged when they walk in the flesh! There is no condemnation when you are walking after the Spirit! “Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who love in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires…” Romans 8. If you are a believer please pray and fast for those who are caught up in any inappropriate sexual behaviors!

Please listen with you spiritual ears and eyes and see what God reveals to you! God is real and He really does know the intentions of our hearts! It is important that we allow the Word of God to govern our lives. Not in a rigid legalistic way! But in a way that the Fruit of His Spirit becomes apparent! I pray that you are enlightened and encouraged to Stand on the Lord’s WORD! God wants us to offer our lives up to Him and walk in obedience! Have you truly been washed in the blood of the lamb? It is important to know it is only through JESUS CHRIST we have the VICTORY!

The “DOWN-LOW” going on in the CHURCH concludes with the Word: “Do you know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither will the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of God …...Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside the body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is the Temple of The Holy Spirit, who is in you whom you have recieved from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. THEREFORE HONOR GOD WITH YOUR BODY. I Corinthians 1.

“Our FATHER which art in Heaven , hallowed be Your Name, Your kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…”

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DeBorrah K. Ogans Profile background image.


Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on July 20, 2010:

Stars439, You are quite welcome! We are living in some interesting times when "anything goes." When we say we believe it is important to KNOW what God has to say! The wonderful thing about God is He is totally aware of EVERYTHING!

You are so right!"NO ONE is above the WORD of GOD!" He created us and knows what is best for us! It is a privilege and and honor to share His WORD knowing that He knows the intents and thougths of our hearts!

There is mmuch PEACE knowing the LORD! This is why I encourage others to get to know HIM personally! May our Father and LORD continue to Bless and KEEP you and your lovely family! May He strengthen you and assist you in your physical tasks and encourage your heart and send His guardian angels to watch over you!

Thank you for sharing your honest hearfelt insight! KNOW that the LORD is ALWAYS with you and will "NEVER leave nor forsake you!" Keep looking up to HIM! The sky is a wonderful reminder of HIS constant presence wherever we are! May HE put a song in your heart and JOY on your face!

Have a Beautifully BLESSED day! Remember to give Joann and Becky a hug each day! "This is the DAY that the LORD has made! Let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it!" Thank you and your family for sharing as well! In HIS LOVE, Peace, Joy, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

stars439 from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State. on July 16, 2010:

Thank you for this wonderful knowledge of the down low activity that has been happening. Your awareness of the sins that our Lord in Heaven does not want in humanity is a wonderful warning that no one is above the word of God and our Lord's desires. I saved a young girl's life one day, but many years later she died because of AIDS. What and unnecessary loss. Your work and brilliant knowledge is our God's send. God Bless You precious and Deart Heart. I love you. We love you.

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 21, 2010:

Loves To Read, The TRUTH sets us FREE."The Word of God is powerful and precious! It is our "Life Manual!" We are held accountable to God... "The only popularity contest we want to win is that of our Precious Lord and Saviour. To God be the Glory.!!!!!!!!!!" Amen!!! Thank you for receiving this in the way in which it was intended... Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share! Your kind words of disernment are appreciated.

PRAISE GOD! Thank you for the report on baby Brianna...

In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

Loves To Read on June 18, 2010:

Wow.!!! sister DeB what a hard hitting, full of God's truth hub this is. You are clearly born to minister and to touch the lives of many. There are too many out there who although knowing the truth will bend it just a fraction to stay in the popularity stakes. All i can say is "You Sock it to Them Girl". The only popularity contest we want to win is that of our Precious Lord and Saviour. To God be the Glory.!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Update on baby Brianna is that she is much improved today. On behalf of all concerned i want to truly thank you for your prayers.

May God bless you abundantly.

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 17, 2010:

Habee, Great hubby needs to know! Thank you for stopping by to share. In His Love Peace & Blessings!

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 17, 2010:

Lady E, You are quite welcome! There is so much going on and many are unaware. All too often one does not think about the consequences of their choices. Or they think that they can change someone... In the process they compromise their values to the point they loose their self esteem... Since the world offers alternatives they easily get caught up in a lifestyle they never intended...

The Word of God is important. Judges is a really great book! I am sure you will find it quite interesting!

Thank you for sharing! I too hope others are helped by this or at least this causes them to think or just be aware! God truly is able! In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

Holle Abee from Georgia on June 16, 2010:

I told hubby about this, and he freaked. All I can say is WOW!

Elena from London, UK on June 16, 2010:

Thanks for sharing Part II which helps us understand the deep implications of this, not only for people who are in it but for others who can also explain to them what they are getting into.

I would like to go over the book of Judges - as you talked about the people God raised to deliver Israel. I've only read chapters here and there.

May this Hub be a blessing unto many, setting free the Captives.

Best Wishes. :)

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 14, 2010:

MACACH, Thank you for your kind encouraging words! God is so worthy! It is only in HIM we can live victoriously! Let us continue to spread the "Good News" of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST! "May you continue to "storm the gates of hell" and take back ground that satan has stolen from the church." Amen! PRAISE GOD!

In HIS Love, Peace & BLESSINGS!

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 14, 2010:

Einron, Thank you for taking the time to share! You have added information that will be most helpful to those who are seeking deliverance... Bless You! God truly is able! You are always welcome here! In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

MACACH from Pacific Northwest on June 13, 2010:

DeB, You are an excellent writer and I suspect a gifted preacher as well. Thank you for writing the Word and not watering it down. Your knowledge , committment, passion, and love for the Lord and people is very evident in your writings. May you continue to "storm the gates of hell" and take back ground that satan has stolen from the church. Be Blessed!

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 13, 2010:

Parrster, Amen! The Word of God is powerful! “We are called to be a peculiar people; different. In today's 'anything-goes' sexual mindset, being different can be a challenge, but essential to truly reflecting Christ.” I agree. Thank you for visiting and sharing. Please do come again. In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

einron from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA on June 13, 2010:

DeBorrah K. Ogans

Thank you for writing this very strong message for those who seek and indulge in this wrong behaviour. There are some who would like to get out. There is hope for them.

I have written one hub on this matter. There is hope for them and there is an organization that can help.

Sodom Revived: Gay Pride Parade

God has given you much wisdom in the subject and you have made a very good choice by utilizing your expertise in reaching out to them.

God's blessings to you.

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 12, 2010:

Philipo, Yes "crisis" are everywhere! But GOD is truly GOOD! All of it serves to draw us as His children all over the world to be closer to Him! To inspire us to be just that much more in tune to His WORD! Be encouraged! There is power in the Name of the Lord!

Thank you for stopping by to share! May the Lord Bless and KEEP you! In HIS love, Peace & Blessings!

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 12, 2010:

Nobody, You are not alone in the anguish, ambivalence and disappointment that comes along with one being impacted by homosexuality. Your Aunt no doubt was torn between the natural desire for a man and an overwhelming desire for a woman. This is why it is so important to consult the Lord when you marry someone! There should be a goal to mutually work to satisfy the healthy sexual needs of each other so there is no need to go outside the marriage. When a woman or man is not properly loved and fulfilled their heart can harden and they can turn to other sources to erroneously supplement that void…

The World offers many alternatives that are contrary to the ways of the Lord. This becomes and entry point for spiritual warfare to enter. There is much support to help one go against what God considers natural and embrace the ways of the world.

What many will not say that quite often when they decide to have same sex relationships there still is an element of unhappiness, a longing, conflict and a void. Many gay relationships don’t last as well… It becomes even more confusing because you now have many believers who say they are gay? So they embrace sex outside of marriage or they seek to redefine marriage. Either way you are going against what God has said in order to fulfill your needs. Stepping outside of God’s boundaries automatically presents inner conflict with your conscience if it is sensitive to His Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to “be in love” GOD is LOVE! Can one really love without God? In a same sex relationship and marriages that do not last there is what I call “intoxicating affections.” Meaning; that the feelings and sexual urges are quite strong. So much so that they closely mimic love but they do no last and the relationship ends. Many confuse love with how they feel? There are some deep seated compulsive issues that need to be addressed when one decides to leave the natural desire for the opposite sex for someone of the same sex… Few want to address what God says about sexual sin. How interesting? Does not God who created us know best? God’s Word is true we cannot make amendments to His Word as one does to the constitution….

Bob, It is quite admirable of you to share your struggle with pornography… Your sincerity speaks loud and clear. Unknowingly many underestimate the effect pornographic material can have on a child. As you have stated it made strong impressions on your mind. As a child you should have been protected from this… This was not your fault! Take some time and nurture the child in you that should have been protected! The adult in you Now must take responsibility and Forgive yourself and release any residual pain to the Lord. Then PRAISE HIM! The interesting thing is this was designed as spiritual warfare way back then to interrupt and distract the spiritual call on your life…

What is so interesting pornography can cause one to have unreal idealistic expectations. The images on those pages are presented to lure you into a billion $$$ industry. They are placed in a way to draw you in and take you away from reality it is a one sided relationship with your wallet… Aversion therapy helps you see it for what it is a trap and a device of the enemy...! The images are not real they have been touched and retouched… breaking it down for what it is helps to shine the light on the darkness that tries to take hold…

It is clear that you love the Lord! As you continue to cling to Him I know that He will give you continued Victory! Marriage was designed for us to be helpmeets to one another! God has designed marriage for the fulfillment of good healthy mutually satisfying intimate sex as well as intimate communication but it takes two committed spouses. The beauty is our first ministry is to our spouse!

I pray that the Lord continues to keep you and strengthen you in this area! That as you minister to others the stronghold of pornography is lifted from your heart. I pray that your love for the Lord grows stronger and those images no longer present a challenge. I pray that your spiritual eyes are continually opened to the slightest threat of being pulled off guard. I pray that you forgive yourself and know that the Lord knows your heart! Most important know that the Lord loves you and His love is stronger than anything and nothing can separate you from His Love!

Thank you for sharing my brother, In His love, Peace, Joy, Happiness & Blessings! May the Lord continued presence in your life strengthen and keep you!

To GOD Be the GLORY!

God’s Word is true “ALL things work together for the good …” I see this as an opportunity for your dependence to be on the Lord that much more. Each day becomes a VICTORY!

Richard Parr from Australia on June 12, 2010:

Amen. A watered down gospel is no gospel at all. Speaking personally, the times I've compromised truth it was more to do with fitting in then standing out. We are called to be a peculiar people; different. In today's 'anything-goes' sexual mindset, being different can be a challenge, but essential to truly reflecting Christ.

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 11, 2010:

Rev lady, There is much going on in our Lord’s Church that should not be! “The Church is indeed in crisis on many levels. But we thank God that He is in the crisis solving business.” Amen! It is times like these that serve to strengthen our Faith! With the Lord there is always Hope! There is nothing to hard for God! We must continue to fast and pray as led by the LORD!

The signs of the times tell us that the time is drawing near! We must proclaim His “Word in season and out of season…” All of His Word is true! It is wonderful and reassuring to know that God is Sovereign nothing that comes our way gets by Him! We on the other hand must make sure that we “Pray and not faint” & “pray without ceasing!” Above all else we must “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness ”

As always Thank you for visiting and sharing your insightful words of wisdom. In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 11, 2010:

Creativeone, I TRUST the LORD and believe in ALL of His WORD! God intends that ministry be a lifestyle! That we live a life of worship! He is so kind and gracious that He allows one to choose Him! I chose Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior many years ago...As His children we are forever growing! My life is committed to the Lord and His Word! I believe in "Ministry Beyond the Walls."

It is very important that one be discerning there is much spiritual warfare about us! As you say "we have to be lead by God to do His will, regardless of the circumstances." I AGREE! God truly is able! "The TRUTH sets you FREE" To GOD Be The GLORY!

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 11, 2010:

2besure, Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts! In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

Alex on June 11, 2010:

no body, I regret that your family was torn apart because your aunt could not accept her sexual orientation and remained in the closet too long, and tried to go along with a heterosexual arrangement to fulfill what she thought she was lacking. As we see over and over by people living in the closet, those relationships that others think you should have are not right, do not work for you, and don't fulfill.

Nobody should sin and say they are committed to someone whom they cannot love. I hope to work for a world where all people gay and straight can be open and honest and nobody gets hurt by trying to be something they are not.

By listening to you say "Every time I would look or read of such things, I partake of such things," that is not the behavior of a heterosexual individual, and I wish you the same as I wished for your aunt, to determine and accept your sexual orientation before you hurt your family as your aunt did by lying... just as so many other leaders have been found they cannot hide their sexual orientation through trying to be heterosexual.

Philipo from Nigeria on June 11, 2010:

Crises, crises and crises every where. The church is supposed to be the place of solution but I am afraid most of the churches are the direct opposite. Thanks for this hub. It is left for us to reflect accordingly.

Robert E Smith from Rochester, New York on June 11, 2010:

This issue of homosexuality has effected my family in a profound way. When I was a youth I remember visiting an aunt in another state. I remember finding paperback pornographic books which I picked up and read and was introduced at a very young age to people saying that those behaviors were perfectly normal. As a young man just entering puberty. I had filed those things away and watched how people reacted to what I then thought was just another way people were. Then I heard that my aunt came home one day and said to my uncle that she wanted a divorce because she could no longer deny the "truth" about herself. She was in love with a woman and wanted out of the marriage. My uncle was devestated. My uncle asked her to take him to the airport and neither I nor my aunt saw him again. He took my oldest cousin with him. And she kept the youngest who later discovered that he too, was gay. That family was totally distroyed because of this. Not only that but the Bible says that sexual sin distroys the body itself. It is the only sin that the word says a person distroys his own flesh. I have never battled that sin myself but have had a constant problem with pornography since then. I, too, have been effected by this sin. Every time I would look or read of such things, I partake of such things. That is something I battle each day. This is so pervasive that we all must be on our guard. I ask that you would pray for me so that I may remain usable to the King of Kings. I pray for everyone that feels trapped that they see that it is a trick and there is a way out promised from every sin. Thank you DeB for caring so much. I saw all of the exclamation points in the above text. I see how strongly you feel. Thank you for that much love. Bob.

RevLady from Lantana, Florida on June 11, 2010:


The Church is indeed in crisis on many levels. But we thank God that He is in the crisis solving business. He works in and through every situation working everything out according to His good pleasure and purpose. All glory to God!

Thank you for this great ministry of meditations that increases our awareness and spreads the Good News of His Word. All glory to God!

Forever His,

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans (author) on June 10, 2010:

Vladimir Uhri, It is sad! But get glad! God has given us His Word so we can know the difference between the works of the flesh and the FRUIT of His Spirit!

Prayer is good! Prayer changes things! "I AM the Vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing." John 5. The Word of God is being fulfilled... Jesus is coming back for His Church and "the gates of hell will not prevail against it!" Be encouraged! PRAISE GOD!!!

Thank you for stopping by to share, In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

Benny Faye Ashton Douglass from Gold Canyon, Arizona on June 10, 2010:

Thank you Lady D, for standing up for the word of God,It seems we're on the same page, today,I post a hub on seducing spirits, and people that want their ears tickled. I write sometimes, things that people don't approve of, but we have to be lead by God to do his will, regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59

Pamela Lipscomb from Charlotte, North Carolina on June 10, 2010:

Well done, elaborating on a very real plague in the Church of God.

Vladimir Uhri on June 10, 2010:

Thank you sis for this truth and made me sad. I must pray for our Church for which Jesus died.

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