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The Crowns #3

Studying the bible is always good. For years, I have been studying the bible and I found it wonderful



I have introduced and defined the topic and tell us that from the time immemorial people have been receiving reward for what they are doing, and one of the reward people received is crown in the first article. In the second article I write about the positive and negative usage of the word crown and some of the uses of crown as found in the bible. In this article I desire to write on crowns mentioned in the bible and how they are related to believers.

Some of the crowns mentioned in the New Testament include crown of rejoicing (1 Thes 2:19), crown of righteousness, (2 Tim 4:8), crown of life, (Jam 1:12, Rev 2:10), and crown of glory (1 Pet 5:4).

Those mentioned crowns shall be talked about here one after the other.


1) The Crown of the Wise

The book of proverbs chapter fourteen and verse twenty-four reads thus: “the crown of the wise is their riches: but the foolishness of fools is folly".

The (a) part of this verse shall be looked into, which says that, the crown of the wise is their riches.

Here in could we see that the crown in question is supposedly a 'figment', a figure of speech so to say, as it has nothing doing with the real crown as the ones being placed on the heads of Kings or Queens and High Priests as shown in the definition.

The requirement is very vivid from the chapter and verse above and it is, "being wise".

To understand what this discuss is up to the more, one needs to answer another question and the question is: "what does wise mean?"


Definition of Wise

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has this to say as the definition of "wise", it says "it is being able to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that one has"

The following criteria, could be deduced from the above definition as being the meaning of wise and they are:

- ability to make sensible decisions

- ability to make good advices

- It involves having an experience or one must be vast in experience,

- it involves knowledge

These are the criteria needed before anyone could claim being wise. How grave it is today seeing that several of the so-called wise men and women are devoid of all the afore mentioned criteria. We all could see the great effects insensible decisions have had on several sectors of the world's set up. This doesn’t exclude family set-ups, churches, prayer meetings, relationships, courtships etc., in an actual fact every sector is affected.

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How sensible are we in our decisions? Some make a sudden decision. A sudden decision that would bring positive result is welcome, but it has been discovered that several sudden decisions some people make are senseless and at the long run negatively affect people.

Poll 1: Decision:

It is important that we make sensible decisions in all we are doing because this is crucial to our development as well as those who are nigh by us. We should not by our decision negatively affect others even if we have no care for our lives.

One decision that is vital for all and sundry to make is the decision to accept Jesus Christ into our lives. Those who are setting aside, procrastinating in making the decision of accepting Jesus into their lives are making grievous error, this is because it has been given unto man once to die after which is the judgment.

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27)

And the name given unto men to be saved is the name of Jesus Christ, we therefore need not to play ostrich with this matter of salvation but to make the right decision now and be saved.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (Act 4:12)

Please, do not postpone the issue of salvation till tomorrow, for no one knows what tomorrow has in stock.


Dual Nature of the Decision

This decision to be so made by the individual persons has a dual outlook, or effect. The duality of this resides in that it could be used personally as well as being used for others.

What does this imply? It implies that "if a child is wise, such a child is wise for him or herself".

If thou be wise, thou shalt be wise for thyself: but if thou scornest, thou alone shalt bear it. (Pro 9:12)

The bible in the book of Proverbs also adds that when a child is wise, the child would become joy unto his/her parents, but when a child is not wise, the child would become shame or reproach or pain unto the parents.

The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother. (Pro 10:1)

In the same light is this foregoing that while anyone makes sensible decisions at the right time, such ones do that for the joy of himself/herself. The joy that follows such cannot be excluded from those who are close to the person, they would also partake or share in such joy.

To shed more light on what I am saying I will want us to see the story of a man called Nabal in the book of 1st Samuel chapter twenty-five. We read from this book of the deleterious effects his insensible decisions could have caused his entire family were it not for the apt intervention of his wife, Abigail, who was being tipped off by their servants. When Abigail, the wife of Nabal heard what her husband did, she immediately arise to rescue and save her family from impending danger.

His, Nabal's, insensible, (or senseless), decision, would not only have affected him, but the entire family.

God wants us to be wise so that we shall make his heart glad and happy and would be of enormous use to him.

This kind of crown could be given to anyone as long as the person acts prudently, behaves himself or herself seemly right in the world. therefore, we have found from time immemorial that believers and unbelievers in Yahweh are blessed by God and become rich. As God’s children in the world God desires to give us such crown to be of immense use to the expansion of his kingdom on earth.

In the next article I shall speak on other crowns mentioned in the bible.


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Thanks a bunch sir, CHATRA RAM.

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The Crowns #3

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