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Haunted Places: The Corrupt Mortuary/Kell's Irish Pub

Butterworth Funeral Home Chapel

Butterworth Funeral Home Chapel

Butterworth Funeral Home Office

Butterworth Funeral Home Office

Dr. Hazzard

Dr. Hazzard

Dr. Hazzard's sister who died of starvation and was cremated.

Dr. Hazzard's sister who died of starvation and was cremated.

Man with the stitched mouth and black eyes.

Man with the stitched mouth and black eyes.

E.R. Butterworth Building

In the early 1900’s, Seattle, Washington attracted a heavy death toll. Disease was spreading, mining accidents occurred, and murders were common. For E.R. Butterworth, he saw death as the perfect business to get into during this time. It was then he decided to open the Butterworth and Sons mortuary in 1903, Seattle’s first mortuary. Today, it’s known as the restaurant Kell’s Irish Pub.

E.R. Butterworth was a furniture maker. With all the death that was happening in Seattle and with his experience in making furniture, he was ordered to make coffins. He had to make so many coffins that he decided to go into the funeral business. The Butterworth building had a full service mortuary. It had a chapel, a crematorium, and a morgue to perform autopsies and embalming. Because of all the death resulting from the mining accidents and widespread disease, Seattle had bodies everywhere. There was another problem.

The core reason for Butterworth and Sons’ hauntings lies in the fact that figuring out the cause of someone’s death was not a priority. His job was simply to prepare the body for the funeral. Seattle paid it’s citizens $50.00 per body brought to the Butterworth building. E.R. Butterworth collected half of the money, while the other half served as a motivation to kill people. A big part of investigating the paranormal has to do with finding out how somebody died. Unfortunately, collecting the fee was more important to E.R. Butterworth. Cremating the body afterwards without finding out the cause of death just adds more fuel to fire of this haunting. That way, any evidence was destroyed. More than likely, unrested souls were very angry and coming back for Butterworth and are still there to this day.

It’s rumored that E.R. Butterworth was an accomplice of a woman by the name of Dr. Linda Hazzard. What a great name for a doctor by the way. Who in their right mind would go to a doctor named Dr. Hazzard? Anyway, Dr. Hazzard would perform extreme treatments on people such as starving them to cure them of their afflictions. It’s no surprise that they ended up dying because of this treatment. Claire and Dorothea Williamson were sisters who were victims of Hazzard’s unethical practices. Claire ended up dying and Hazzard was charged with her murder. Claire was cremated, while her sister was still alive but was just skin and bone because of the treatment. Hazzard did face justice and did jail time for Claire’s death. Why would Linda Hazzard perform such hazardous (no pun intended) treatments? Perhaps she was in on collecting money for the bodies.

When the managers of Kell’s Irish Pub bought the building, they were doing demolition work preparing the restaurant. One of the demolition guys took pictures on the fourth floor to show the managers what they had done with the renovation. One of the pictures that was caught was a very disturbing one. The man went to the managers and told them to look at what he had captured. The managers didn’t know what they were looking at. So the demolition worker zoomed in on the picture at what appeared to be a man with a white face, black eyes, and a stitched mouth. Perhaps this trapped soul can’t speak, and the only way he can communicate is through manifestation.

It is said that around November the pub start’s to get very paranormally active. Glasses suddenly get pushed off the bar, and spirits imprint their handprints on the window with dirt. This is because in November of 1918, Seattle workers were dying from Spanish influenza. People in the Seattle area were forced to wear surgical masks to avoid the sickness. Also, in 1999, it is said that a Voodoo ritual took place at the pub, increasing the activity.

The Butterworth and Sons mortuary lasted from 1903 to 1923. Today, it’s the restaurant Kell’s Irish Pub of Seattle, Washington. If you have a chance to visit, they’ll have two types of spirits there for you.

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Mackenzie Sage Wright on October 23, 2013:

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Awesome, great story for Halloween. I love reading about hauntings I'd never heard of before, well done.

drvhitz on October 13, 2013:

Great story, have not heard of this before

Go-Barbara-Go from Philippines on July 29, 2013: sewn-mouthed man adds more curiosity to the story.

Peter Geekie from Sittingbourne on May 12, 2013:

Dear manofmystery24

Thank you for an excellent and well researched story. I always find this fascinating.

Voted up,awesome and interesting

Kind regards Peter

manofmystery24 (author) on January 15, 2013:

Thanks for reading gbi!

Gabi from Germany on November 24, 2012:

thank you for your efforts is really very interesting

manofmystery24 (author) on May 24, 2012:

Thank you! I think now that's an active hub, it actually fuels the activity. Thanks for reading!

Helen Murphy Howell from Fife, Scotland on May 15, 2012:

What a creepy story - especially the poor man with the sewn mouth! It's not surprising that the pub that is now there is haunted. It's interesting though that the activity increases in November!

Very interesting hub!!

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