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The Continuing Saga

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It seems to be an issue that is not going to go away. the latest round has the Christian Post publishing an article titled “Victim of alleged sexual misconduct asks to be released from NDA with Ravi Zacharias”

We made a comment that we felt the newspaper was just milking this topic to get more ad revenue. We do not know for sure if that is true but there is nothing that can be said about this problem that hasn’t already been said.

We will never know the truth about this problem because there was no confession and none are going to be forthcoming. The continual attack of a dead man does nothing positive for the church except to expose certain unchristian attitudes of those taking the side of the woman involved.

Her asking to be removed from the NDA sends a message, whether accurate or not, that she wants to continue to exploit this issue without being hindered by the man accused.

The only reason we see this situation continuing is that there are some in his own organization, the church, and the secular world that wants to destroy his work. King David’s work was not destroyed when he sinned nor should Mr. Zacharia’s work be ruined. He made a great contribution to the work of Christ.

But with that said we were sent this response:

I have no idea why you defned him unless you are the type that likes to worship people on pedestals. Eiother that or you work for RZIM.

Our response to that comment was and will be quite long. Normally we try not to respond to insulting comments as it is a waste of time. But this comment did deserve an honest response so we said:

First, we are not God and we do not have the right to judge nor condemn. Second, we are not perfect and we do not have the right to tear down a man who spent 40 years preaching the word of God.

Third, we are hearing only one side of the story and the man can’t defend himself. Fourth, he is being treated unjustly and if we want justice then justice must be applied to everyone.

Fifth, we are Christian and we believe that people need to be treated correctly according to God’s word. We also do not want to see people sin in this issue nor abuse God’s word for their own sinful justifications.

The response we got back was, “But Paul warned about wolves in the flock.” yes, that is true but the presence of wolves does not mean we do not practice God’s justice.

Nor does it mean that Mr. Zacharias was a wolf. We saw nothing in the years that we listened to him that he was a wolf or gave a misleading or untruthful answer. Mr. Zacharias led people to God and gave them God’s truth.

The person continued in his response about the ‘victims’ in this issue. Well, first off, the word victim is too widely applied and implies that Mr. Zacharias committed his deeds with the intent to sexually harm or abuse anyone.

From what we have read, that was not the case and there are innocent and legitimate alternatives for why he supposedly did what he did. Second, we do not see a sexual crime here.

If there were his partner and those workers could have reported him to the police and we would have had a better view of what transpired. They did not and we do not.

Third, the original supposed victim was trying to extort money from Mr. Zacharias and can hardly be called a victim. What we have read made Mr. Zacharias the victim not the other way around.

Fourth, too many people from all sides of this issue are letting their emotions run rampant and blind their eyes to the truth. Over the years when sex, women, and children are involved, facts, truth, justice are thrown out the window and emotions take over.

This issue is not being overseen by rational, calm heads who can spiritually discern the truth It is more of a wild kangaroo court seeking vigilante justice, not real justice.

We told the person that his hatred towards Mr. Zacharias was noted and not to contact us on this issue again. He did not listen and sent another out-of-context verse that was misapplied and that could be either to get a rise out of us or he truly believes he is right.

In a previous comment, we were told that we were cold and heartless but the reality is we are not as we are also making sure that Mr. Zacharias gets the same compassion, etc., that that person wants for the supposed victims.

The people who are truly being cold and heartless are the ones condemning and judging Mr. Zacharias. As for the accusation that we put him on a pedestal or that we work for RZIM, well those are false accusations as we said we are neither and that our desire was to see that people did not sin in discussing or handling this issue.

We also want the issue to be handled properly so that God gets the glory and the church does not get damaged.

Our thoughts on this continuing drama:

  • We are grieved that this issue is still being talked about. Nothing more can be said either way to change the current conclusion.
  • The woman that started it seems to be out for more money and to make more money off of RZIM and others by continuing to make certain demands. Her purpose is not honoring to God nor should she be taken seriously
  • The Roy woman who keeps writing about this story is not a good journalist, has a sinful purpose, and is not helping matters by her busy body attitude.
  • CP is not helping either as it continues to fan the flames by not letting this issue die like it should
  • Helping the victims does not mean we pervert justice or only show kindness to one side. it calls for honesty, truthfulness, and a cool head to make sure the supposed victims are not making things up as they go
  • Whether Mr. Zacharias did those deeds or not, is none of our or anyone’s business who is not involved in a direct manner. Also, his salvation is probably not in jeopardy nor his words made moot because of them. Too many people want to take God’s role and create problems not bring solutions.
  • Too many people abuse scripture to do what they want and say what they want in this issue.
  • The damage to the church is being done by all those who are not being honest in this issue nor handling it like God would want. They are doing worse damage than what they accuse Mr. Zacharias of doing.

© 2021 David Thiessen

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