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The Concept of Reincarnation

This artistic rendition contains the basic ideas of reincarnation, but is not necessarily accurate in the real sense. That is not to discount the basic tenants of reincarnation.

This artistic rendition contains the basic ideas of reincarnation, but is not necessarily accurate in the real sense. That is not to discount the basic tenants of reincarnation.

Not as Straight Forward Nor Simple As Thought

Many people in the world believe in reincarnation, but the ideas are as varied as the believers in various religious outlooks. In the west, the trend among the three great monotheistic religions is against reincarnation in the main, though there are a few exceptions. Among Hindus and Buddhists, the basic idea is almost universal. Secular materialists are yet another branch of thinking and philosophy and these folk see anything religious and theocratic as mere hogwash to be flushed away when we come to our collective senses. There are other details as well that we will examine in the discourse and whether or not they hold any validity. There are many ideas concerning the subject and many variants. We will sort out the tangled mess of ideas and attempt to come up with a more objective and workable view. One thing is certain though, that is universal in exoteric religions and secular thinking, and that is the idea of thought control via education from an early age. Among the crucial ideas of reincarnation ideas are the following precepts.

  • Karma
  • A soul, ghost or spirit
  • Record of deeds
  • Heaven, hell, purgatory and limbo
  • To have a spirit or not to have, that is the age old question!
  • Positions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Pagan
  • Life and death states
  • Reward, punishment, sin and virtue
  • Cosmic evolution
  • Rebirth and transmigration
  • Stagiest spiritual development
  • After death conditions

The concept of karma is a basic idea, seen as the law of retribution; the law of cause and effect,. summed up in the Biblical equivalent as As ye sow, so also ye reap. (Galatians 6:7-10). If someone creates dissension and mayhem in the lives of others as some are wont to do, especially in the field of relationships, politics, economics and business, then at some point, the same will be returned to that someone. This idea thus presupposes some sort of record of deeds so that this balance can be achieved in the immediate future and failing that, presumably in another life. If we take a casual look at the world today, we see monstrous crimes, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries, though prior ones are not excluded, where the perpetrator literally gets away with it, living and dying a natural life, without retribution, while victims in the millions paid the ultimate price and/or lived in torment. Now of course, any person in power, authority or trust who has done this or is doing it, has supporters who “go along” or actively participate in any agenda set out by their leader. Most of them will end up paying the price of their actions within this life, while the leader often escapes. We keep meticulous records today, thanks to all pervasive spying, but that does not exclude records being made somewhere else in the cosmos. It is true that in many or our activities, we leave an indelible footprint whatever we do. One such example is the destruction of the local environment when a nuclear accident occurs. Then there is the psychological record of all participants in any occurrence. Is there possibly another, sometimes referred to as the Ackashic Record? Whatever the case, those who escape the results of their actions in the here and now, may wind up paying the ultimate price down the road. We can only “kick the can down the road” just so far before it all comes back on us, shaken together, pressed down and overflowing. This conundrum of here and now injustice and imbalance is answered by reincarnation where the one who acted, returns through rebirth to be acted upon in kind. Even within the Bible we can find some hints such as, “Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour,andanother unto dishonour?” (Romans 9:20-22). This can be seen as those who are born, come into a life of blessing or one that is cursed and shameful. On the face of it, to see that a few are blessed beyond reason while others are seemingly cursed in a random way, makes little sense in an otherwise highly ordered cosmos. Thus in context, this describes the power of God to effect justice in judgement. Another similar passage is found in 2 Timothy 2:20. This would suggest that some controlling force is able to judge based on evidence and then carry out the appropriate sentence of reward or recompense for deeds performed in the individuals life for each and every individual. Further, we learn that the children are not punished for the sins of the parents and vice versa, indicating some form of individualized extra-physical entity that is identified to their specific actions. The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.” (Deuteronomy 24:16). So a case can be made within the context of the King James Version of the Bible for some tenants or reincarnation; in this case, karma. There are of course, many more passages that will come up in context.

In a cosmos that can play tricks with our senses, what do we really know in the end. We have to first figure out the nature of the tricks and then fabricate some sort of work around.

In a cosmos that can play tricks with our senses, what do we really know in the end. We have to first figure out the nature of the tricks and then fabricate some sort of work around.

Everything else balances in the cosmos and what a find balance it is. On top of that, the cosmos apparently is a fractal of grand proportion. Given that,aren't our lives defined by such an order?

Everything else balances in the cosmos and what a find balance it is. On top of that, the cosmos apparently is a fractal of grand proportion. Given that,aren't our lives defined by such an order?

By themselves, that parts are just parts, but working together in a specific way, they can perform together, what individually they cannot and thus become greater than the sum of all of them.

By themselves, that parts are just parts, but working together in a specific way, they can perform together, what individually they cannot and thus become greater than the sum of all of them.

We are More than Just Star Stuff

The idea of birth, death and rebirth presupposes the existence of an essence that come into the physical world to dwell in a physical body for the purpose that needs to be completed within the context of consciousness-observer and the world-observed. Now we can delve into the mystery of the observer and observed and their interaction as determined in the quantum world and hierarchies built up from there, but that is not the slant here. Suffice it to say here is that material and matter is shaped and driven by energy of all kinds, most of it invisible. What we are looking at is the idea of the non physical soul, spirit, ghost or entity that inhabits and energizes the physical body and interacts with the cosmos and others in that cosmos. In a way it is the ultimate in observer-observed interaction. We have already determined that the individual is responsible alone and only for their own actions, whether by commission or omission, good or evil. This in a way is both a proof for a record and a responsible entity that can be called a soul, spirit or ghost. This soul or spirit is non-destructible even as energy is non-destructible. Energy is not destroyed, only changed and since what powers your body, consciousness and mind is energy, it is what leaves when the body dies. Death means that the body is no longer energized, so the energy must go somewhere, even if it just spreads out through the entire cosmos. Energy is the essential "substance" of the cosmos and matter is nothing but condensed vortexes of energy. All of this can in part be shown scientifically.

The following may suggest otherwise, but there is a deeper meaning. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:35-37) In the last sentence, if we examine the Greek, we find that what is being sought after by the soul, is recognition and fame amongst peers. The word used in Greek that has been translated world, into KJV English, has to do with acknowledgement from the society of peers. So in effect we have someone seeking to gain control of society as a leader, but in the end, he must die and lose it all. In the context, it has little to do with accumulated wealth, but that is also part of power that comes with fame or infamy. Then whatever has been done must be addressed according to the judgement of karma. We must bear in mind that the gospel spoken of by Jesus is highly specific, and that is the social gospel, that is, our responsibility for ourselves and others and thus, ultimately, God. The soul or spirit in this case can be “lost” in the context for the struggle for supremacy in the society one finds themselves within. It does not mean that the soul, spirit or ghost will be destroyed, for like energy, it changes, but is not destroyed. Lost here means that the energetic entity has disconnected from its source and has lost the nature of its real purpose. Hell has been described as being separated from or disconnected from God. That is another issue that will be examined in context.

Within the context of our social reality, we generate records wherever we go and whatever we do. In a complex of interactions involving education, job performance, all of and especially our economics, trade, interaction with authority, our health or disease, it is all recorded somewhere on paper and increasingly, electronically. There is virtually nothing that is done, that does not leave some trail of where we have been and what we have done. This is just in the physical world! A major international scandal has erupted over the total invasion of privacy by security and spy agencies around the world. Our own mind it turns out, is also a treasure trove of all that we have ever done from the moment of birth. The question now arises as to whether such a collection in the mind survives physical death. Certainly everything recorded by society does! But society is also prone to inventing things about people that are not the truth. A detailed investigation into history will reveal many such inventions. If we examine the idea of the soul and the nature of energy, we can indeed come to an appreciation that energy can be encoded with very complex information over a broad range of frequencies. This is what we routinely do when we wirelessly beam vast amounts of information for computers hooked to wifi, radio and cell phone transmissions. This information actually goes out into the broader cosmos and any receiving antenna can pick up a chosen band of information intact. Thus the physical-energy interface can be seen most clearly in our modern technology. Information is stored in a large number of coded ways and can be retrieved with the appropriate hardware and of course, the addition of some reference energy. Another clear example of this complexity can be seen in a real time streaming full colour video transmission hologram. This can be run over and over, provided the source information is intact. By induction, we can reason without deductive empirical evidence that a similar thing can happen with thoughts and experience by individuals. Emerging technologies are beginning to tap into what any and all individuals are thinking and experiencing. We approach the day when we can empirically prove this. Now energy patterns tend to fall off in strength by the square of the distance from the source, but it is now possible to amplify even the smallest and weakest of signals. Energy may be dispersed along with modulated frequency patterns, but it is not lost!

Of all the arts to depict such a subject as heaven and hell on earth, few can equal the mediaeval artist Hieronymous Bosch. In this three panel painting, we see the evolution of the world from a pastoral heavenly scene to one of civilized hell.

Of all the arts to depict such a subject as heaven and hell on earth, few can equal the mediaeval artist Hieronymous Bosch. In this three panel painting, we see the evolution of the world from a pastoral heavenly scene to one of civilized hell.

Whatever has Been Described as Other States After Death Can All Be Found on Earth

Heaven and hell states can be found in plenty right on earth without having to invoke some other place not attached to the earth. However, that is not to discount other states or locations in the process of existing as within the sight of our own telescopes, we can find all variety of planets in various states. For us, most would be hell planets. Modern cosmology also speculates on the existence of other dimensions, but so far, these are largely hypothesis. It is stated in the Bible, that “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement” (Hebrews 9:27). Christians largely belong to the school that says we live but once and after this, we are destined to go to heaven or hell, or purgatory if one is Catholic. Further, the condition is mediated by grace as to our final destination. If we fail to take that grace of Jesus, we are destined to an eternity of extreme torture. But eternity taken from the Greek translation means an aeon, age or age lasting depending on the context. These ideas alone says we have a spirit or soul that can be acted upon. But other views hold that reincarnation is the instrument of the execution of judgement. Thus, as stated earlier, we can be created for honour or dishonour and that means rebirth to a condition of a pleasant life or one of torment on earth. Take a look at the news and see what awaits many reincarnating spirits into bodies! If you are brave enough and hardy to stomach the unbridled truth, there are some extreme horrors out there. What kind of action would result in being born in a deformed body in a radioactive war zone? It would be good to thoroughly investigate what is going on even in your own back yard neighbourhood and see the fates that are in action. Some fates are utterly horrific! Then there is the reality of ongoing evil in the world against which good seems largely impotent. When you discover the truth, it places another challenge before you. Will you act to alleviate suffering or will you ignore it because the problem is way out of scope to handle by a single individual that lacks the resources of the IMF that would be required to make any kind of dent? The Bible tells us of our social responsibility and hints at the method whereby we may be saved individually and collectively. It is not enough to just accept a concept or precept, one must act like they believe in it. By this way, though we are literally saved by grace, we can improve our lot and the lot of others simultaneously. The Old and New Testaments take different reads on what a saviour is and one means deliverance from an enemy or oppressor and the other means personal salvation from one's own shortcomings and offences.

It has been argued over aeons as to what constitutes a spirit and moreover, who or what have individual spirits or collective ones if any at all. In Ancient Greece during the golden age of philosophy, it was thought that only elite men had souls or spirits and that the lower classes, women and animals did not. It is alleged that in so-called more primitive pagan societies, all creatures were thought to have souls or spirits. Materialist thinkers say simply that the idea of a soul or spirit is a fiction and what is called spirit is simply the result of material interactions that generates the phenomenon of consciousness and animating effects. It is to them, a matter of physics and chemistry alone. These are the extremes and the mainstream view is somewhere in the middle of the muddle. We must then define what a spirit is and then analyze to see what has such a thing and what does not. If we say that a spirit or soul is the animating principle in living things, then all living individuals from viruses, to plants, to insects, all animals and people have them. If it is lacking, the specific body lacking it is not animated and it is defined as dead as opposed to the living that is animated by some dynamic force. This can be proven by certain observations where it is witnessed that elephants will mourn the passing of one of their own. It is recorded that they will even mourn a human who has devoted their life to protecting elephants in the wild. Moreover, without any other connection than what can be described as telepathic, they can sense from a large distance, the passing out of life of one of their own or the caring human who has passed away. They will migrate over large distances to mourn and fast during a wake, that we thought was just the reserve of human beings. Other creatures like dogs exhibit the same behaviour. The distinction between animals and man that has caused confusion on this issue is the nature of human nature insofar as human capability is concerned to deliberately harm others for a large variety of reasons. Animals will kill to eat or protect their young from being eaten or harmed. Animals do not kill for the “joy or killing” alone. Animals do not kill for the concept of profit. Yet we call ourselves superior when we are ready and willing to kill millions at the flick of a nuclear switch. The victims and their suffering are remote and we can thus avoid witnessing the results of our own actions. But, however remote, this does not remove ones responsibility on iota. Herein then is another basis for the existence of separate spirits or souls within individual bodies. Invariably, most of us do not feel the pain of anyone outside of ourselves, which apparently is enough of a barrier to allow us to agonizingly torture another in our captivity. Some folks do feel the pain of others and they are thus more empathetic. Most do not, but must be trained to kill animals and others with seemingly little backlash, unless of course we consider Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), that comes as a result of living through a horrendous disaster or the experience of modern war. It is common to see veterans of modern conflicts with this disorder who have witnessed and participated in gruesome mass slaughters. The death of others in these context is very much a sign of our own death, and what materialists consider, total extinction of the individual. If total extinction into the void were the final outcome of ones life, then, why the fear and loathing of death? Why do most of us cling to life no matter what? We do not entirely escape the effects of our own horrific actions. They do at least, have a psychological impact that can effect our physical and mental health. But, among the world's species, man alone is willing to commit what is called evil readily and willingly if they think it will make them better off. So by definition, we do have individual souls or spirits, but they are tied collectively to all others much like quantum entanglement connects separate particles into one vast whole over the extent of the cosmos. It is not limited to human beings, but all creatures but the limit being the state of transition from life to death. The dead, that are not animated, do not have souls or spirits.

The BBC Documentary on Reincarnation

All religions contain the idea of reincarnation. This is not less so for Christianity despite arguments to the contrary. Perhaps the real mystery of being born again lies here, though may Christians would accuse this idea as heresy and blasphemy.

All religions contain the idea of reincarnation. This is not less so for Christianity despite arguments to the contrary. Perhaps the real mystery of being born again lies here, though may Christians would accuse this idea as heresy and blasphemy.

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Can Reincarnation be Found in the Bible Accounts?

Contemporary Christianity holds that human beings are a living soul so long as it is connected to the body. But on the death of the body, the soul is at least put to sleep, if not dying itself. It is recorded that the soul that sins will ultimately die and also that all have sinned. This idea flies in the face of the non-destruction of energy, but energy however can assume an apparently non-manifested form. This is easily proven in many physics experiments. The Bible holds that the sinning soul dies, unless saved by grace. This is where the idea of soul and spirit begin to diverge. Perhaps, what is being described is that the spirit inhabits a body and produces a soul as the connection between the two. The spirit of God breathed life into Adam as recorded in Genesis and Adam, fashioned from the dust of the earth, became a living soul. As Christianity and Islam ultimately trace their roots to Judaism, then the ideas held by Judaism also applies to both successors. According to historians of the early Christian and contemporary Judaic period, Jews believed in the idea of reincarnation. This is why it is reported in the Bible that people believed that John the Baptist and Jesus were returned prophets of old, namely Elias and Elijah (Matthew 11:14-15). Further the ideas of sins being visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation is recorded in the first commandment. More ideas emerge when a blind man is cured by Jesus and the apostles asked if he was blind due to the sins of the past, particularly of parents and ancestors. Jesus replies in the negative in this particular recorded circumstance. The individual is not blamed for the transgressions of their parents as each is responsible for themselves. As both would be living at one time, clearly the blind man was not blind owing to someone else's transgression. In Revelation it is recorded that once someone has reached perfection (overcoming all karma), they “shall go no more out” (Revelation 3:12), but become a pillar in the temple of God. This idea would agree with the ideas held by Hinduism, Buddhism and even pagan religions.

Life and consciousness are curious indeed. For consciousness itself is variable, existing in a multitude of states even during the span life in a physical body. Most people do not remember much prior to age four or five. This is part of the most formative time of life where we must learn to coordinate our actions senses, talk, and a whole lot else. Yet, it has been seen that toddlers as young as two can be trained to handle what some would say, dangerous tools, and handle them effectively. Consciousness also varies between alert wakefulness and total unconsciousness of deep sleep. And then there is dream time, considered so important in many cultures around the world, that see it as every bit as real as the waking world we inhabit. Consciousness can be altered by many substances and many people seek these out, whether in drugs, powerful herbs, liquor, meditation, yoga and by other means. If consciousness is a form of energy, it fluctuates through various states both naturally and by induction, if it is true in the here and now, it is likely to be true in all other circumstances. The after death state as recounted by those who have a near death experience, appears more dream like than the world we inhabit in physical life. It can exist in a large variety of states and account for all the myths, conditions and states we read about in all religions. There are some who claim to be able to project their consciousness out of their bodies and this has also been triggered in scientific experiments with subjects wired to artificially induce such an experience. The human brain it turns out, is wired for mystical experience and for a reverence for God or a higher being. Why would this be part of our makeup if it had no function? Some would say that it is like the appendix that is seen as a vestigial organ, but we have since discovered that it has an important function. Our ignorance on anything should not be the excuse to negate what we don't understand, and yet, that is precisely what most of us do!

The whole concept of justice and recompense is founded on the concepts of reward, punishment, sin and virtue. This is the way it is described for this world, but it is seldom practised. The truth of the matter is that the powerful and rich design the laws not for themselves, but for everyone else whom they rule by threat and force. They do not suffer the consequences of their misdeeds and often the innocent take the punishment for these. But in their actions, they build a mass resentment against themselves that will one day come home to roost for some of them in this life. Some escape, that is certain and we see those who get away such as Pol Pot, Augusto Pinochet and many others. Meanwhile innocents are rounded up and tortured for decades and die in seclusion without relief. Where then is justice in this context? If we are to believe that this is it, then the cosmos, God, et al is a huge joke, a farce, a comedy of errors without hope. Karma is the idea of justice over the long term insofar as the actions done in one life will obtain their results in another life. You may not recall what it was that was done to merit the result in the present life. Suffice it to say, that whatever suffering you caused, you will experience in your unfolding from ignorance into wisdom. That is how the idea of karma works. The cosmos has an intrinsic memory, even if your own is under suspension, due to the worries or the new day or life. The memory of the cosmos is bound up in the more curious aspects of general relativity and quantum entanglement.

Various Concepts Concerning Reincarnation

Cosmic evolution moves from a condition of simplicity to that of complexity along an energy gradient imposed from the beginning of time. Evolution is all about change, but it is something we are still coming to terms with in our proper understanding. We do not know everything there is about biological evolution, let alone that of stars, planets and galaxies. Those who purport that we know all there is about these fields are either ignorant, lying or both. Science being performed by imperfect human being subject to corruption and lies, unfortunately succumbs to the effect of these. Science when done honestly and truthfully, can rise above this and expose the nature of reality and how it operates.

Rebirth and transmigration are two of the main ideas of reincarnation. One postulates that as long as human beings create karma, they must come back in human form to redress that karma. This is how reincarnation redresses wrongs and rights, to turn injustice to justice, to balance the cosmic account. But it is an idea, hard to vindicate and many people do not accept reincarnation. Many do not even accept the idea of anything after death! However, something that is hard to prove or disprove shows us nothing except our ignorance and what we have yet to uncover and learn, for or against. We are always learning more secrets of nature as we delve deeper into the mysteries thereof. Transmigration is the idea that spirits move freely from body to body in various lives and that these can either be human or some other animal. The general concept is that of animals spirits moving to human, as humans move to human form but the opposite is also considered when human spirits reincarnate as animals. This is a field that is as speculative as basic reincarnation if not more so. Some religious teachers suggest that people can reincarnate as animals if their karma was such that they did great harm to animals without just cause and that they come back thus to experience what they dished out in a former life. One idea that must be considered in all of this, is the law of cycles and that transmigration for some reasons, is as valid a consideration as any other in reincarnation. The law of cycles postulates that life ebbs and flows, from vitality, growth and health to decay and corruption. This is true of individuals and whole societies in the here and now and through history and this can be proven, especially today with all our sophisticated recording technology ever increasing our direct access historical record. When souls and/or spirits becomes corrupt, many spirits may fall back into animal forms, to repeat lessons that have not be grasped. The schooling equivalent is to have to repeat a grade. According to some, the earth is a type of school, which is why one can see every type of experience unfolding from the blissful, heavenly type of life to ones of sheer hell, torture and torment. If there is a heaven and hell, it is being played out right now on earth! In the golden era, most lives are healthy and blissful. In the era of corruption, the earth becomes a hell for almost everyone. There is one thing that is certain, and that is what has become known as instant karma. This plays out in revolts where a tyrant ends up being torn to pieces as he or she tore apart their subjects. Some do not have to wait for another life to balance the karmic scales. For the most part though, the things we do in this life are not recompensed until another life according to reincarnation, which is why it is necessary.

A stagiest spiritual evolution idea is the concept that spirits develop over vast tracts of time through countless lives in order to experience and evolve from atomic consciousness to godhood. For each and every spirit, that is a fragment of the whole, the entirety of what is to be experienced, must be experienced. When at last a spirit or soul reaches what can be defined as perfection insofar as that they overcome karma, they can reach the state described in Revelation as “shall go no more out”. They do not reincarnate, but dwell in an altogether different state than the overwhelming variety of experience seen on earth. These have been described as leaving the wheel of rebirth according to the Hindu scripture and Buddhism. But, a spirit might chose to come back to show by example to those still in the path of repeated incarnations, the way out. This accounts for the many wise savants who have set examples in the past all around the world.

The after death state has already in part been dealt with. There are a host of hypotheses, but few hard facts outside of those who have experienced a near death incident. Then there are the stories of those who remember past lives and can give accurate accounts that cannot be garnered from the media as such a young age as those who recount the past life. Such as case was Bridey Murphy, who not only recounted a past life in accurate detail that was proven later, but what the state of consciousness is like between lives. Some people have been regressed under hypnotic trance while being treated for a condition in this life and have recounted past lives. The first modern hypnotic case was an accident, but produced such interesting results, more experiments were deliberately performed on more subjects. Edgar Cayce recounts in most of his readings, the why of peoples' disease due to reincarnation and karma. Perhaps the single strongest argument for a condition of life separate from physical reality is the fact that we are here and now, conscious in a manifest cosmos of what to us is solid reality. Many cosmologists and scientists argue that there should be nothing as opposed to something. Something had to exist in order to come into the physical world and that process for now, seems to be via birth through a mother. Without energy, the body is essentially a lump of non moving matter, little different from a clod of earth. Though the matter of the body is energy in its purest sense, this is altogether a different form of energy than what we call the spirit that animates this otherwise inert lump called the physical body. It is the presence of this living energetic spirit that interacts with the body, the world and with others, who are also spirits inside of bodies interacting back. Like other waveforms, we can be in the collapsed state or in the superposition of states, manifested or non-manifested. Either way, the energy exists but in forms that are completely different to each other. It is as different as order is from chaos, but modern chaos theory states that chaos is a higher degree of order. It only looks like chaos to those who are uniformed and ignorant.

A possible explanation for the Akashic record, experiences of prophetic insight and ideas of fate.


Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on June 21, 2014:

This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing in every aspect of writing.

I loved every word--and the lay-out was superb.

Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

You have such a gift for writing. Just keep writing and good things are bound to happen to you.

I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs, and be one of my followers.

That would make my day.

I am so honored to meet you.


Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

Pascal on May 14, 2014:

There are no ''mis-takes''. Its our inter-pretation of what is good and what is bad. This interpretations are fixed brain-reflexes wich were made by our thinking in good and bad. When a point of view is fixed we react whitout looking at it. So we also take actions without looking at it and without knowing what we are doing. This reflexes are heritable.

I couldn't really say what free will is because it doesn't exist but if I have to make a defenition its a way of our thinking that comes up in the evolution of our thinking to full unconsciousness. Its the opposite of the truth and the more the truth about our life is coming to the surface the stronger becomes our thinking. It's fooling yourself without knowing and because of fear from the truth.

The purpose of life is simply that life IS and will always be and everything that happens ,wheter we think its good or bad, is part of it.

So the only real choice is every choice because there is no a choice.

It´s not my wisdom , it´s very old wisdom from a select group of old wise and has been used to guide us (by brainwashing) to the bitter end by knowing our purpose for eternity of the cosmos.... for every cycle is equal and by knowing one completely you can see in the past present and future... but the future can not be changed because it was, is and always have been perfect.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on May 13, 2014:

How is free will is an Illusion ? What is your definition of free will?

Since you say it's an illusion.I take it,you believe we have no free choice .

What then is the purpose of life if, not to learn from our mistakes due to "Free Choice" ? Are you saying that we have Hobbson's choice? We must eventually come to the conclusion that choice ultimately leads to only one choice. Or,more to the point - The only real choice!

That may be true! But,many may delay that choice for a very long time!

Pascal on May 13, 2014:

There's no energy without matter and vice versa. They are part of the same proces and always exist together in this proces of endless movement or ''cosmic immortality''. Annihilation does not exist and is an illusion of the human schizophrenic mind.

Humans have the lowest consciousness and was/is necessary for cosmic eternity. That's also why we ask ourself so many questions .

It is what it is because it can not be any other way than this what it is. It's perfect and will always be perfect also because of us humans. We are the last part of earths evolution and the crown of God's (=the cosmos) creation but it is a thorny crown (Corpus Callosum) with suffering of illnesses and wars.

This was metaphorical told in the story of Jezus (Je suis wich means ''I am'') We would destroy ourselves and we are the destroyers (shiva) of earths evolution for the immortallity of the cosmos. We bear(ed) this heavy task in unconciousness, it was told to us but we couldn't hear it. Now we are fully hearing deaf and seeing blind in the end of our days. There will be a last nuclear war wich will destroy all life on earth. But because of this there will be and always will be a new cosmic cycle where we will be born again and everything will go exactly the same way.

Everything goes exactly how it schould and free will is the biggest illusion.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on May 12, 2014:

Matter is a manifestation of energy . Just as frequency is a manifestation of energy. Some matter requires more energy.Some requires less energy.

Consciousness is an energy that can manifest matter.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on May 10, 2014:

It is true that we are an intimate part of the cosmos and that the cosmos "owns" us more than we own the cosmos. The fact of the matter is, that many of us who are captured by civilization, have lost their roots with nature. We have become separated and consider ourselves superior. Every now and then, something happens to reset the clock as it were and a new round begins.

There is little doubt at this time, that there is far more cosmos than we can see directly or indirectly. The zero sum game has another solution and that has a lot to do with fundamental forces that separate opposing kinds of matter into distinct regions where they are safe from each other. This is a complicated story that would take far more to describe by way of its function than is permitted here. I am still working out the details for a hub on this topic alone. The hint to all of this was found in experiments in the LHC and its predecessors.

We are not separate from the cosmos and at our essence, we are energy that is neither created nor destroyed. It only changes from one kind to another. Perhaps the mystery of incarnation into the material world is tied up in the reality of the interconnectedness of matter and energy and that matter at its essence is a type of condensed energy.

Pascal on May 09, 2014:

I forgot to tell that the old wisdom also let us that the word would keep the truth until the end of days. I say this because of you're example of a ''gen-ius''... the word here already says its in the genes.

There is also something that happens in time and why this talents come up and are from further back in the family tree. This all got to do with the right part of the brain where the ''mirrored'' life experiences are located of all (collective) past lives... But because of the calcified bridge we can't get in contact with our ancestors but...when the brain-computer gets to overloaded it can get tilted. Then the left part is (temporary) overruled bij the right part and we get glimps of past lifes. It are near death experiences.

The man who got al this information and who wrote the website I gave got this information in his dreams from his ancestors... and every time he got these near death experiences he changed in what we call the normal life.

Those glimps are always the mirror side where the truth is in middle...

We now live in a very strange time and may people got an overloaded brain-computer but mostly they didn't had an exceptional walk true life and can not fill the glimps in in the way it is or they use it in the world for status or get used by others.

This overloaded brain computers of us is the only reasons the computer was invented... like a prothesis and so to overcome our degeneration . Yes, we really live in the end of days.

Pascal on May 09, 2014:

Thankyou for your reaction.

Don't you think that zero sum equations are an illusion ? insn't the cosmos infinite ? The cosmos is endless in motion with temporary and ''always relative'' standstill. Old wisdom described this in Yin and Yang wich are part of every cycle from atom to cosmos. They let us that the Yin is about 8% stronger than Yang because the Yin part is in rest and the Yang is ''fighting for life'' and cost energy. Both are part of the same proces of ''cycling and re-cyling'' and they grow to equality. Equality means that they get reversed because equal poles reject each other and the Yin becomes the Yang and vice they also stated that:

All cycles in the universe -or Uni and Vers or Back and forth- are equal because they are all born out of each other and only the biggest unity of yin and yang (the cosmos) and the smallest unity of yin and yang ( the atom) have found their way to eternity. Everything in between is temporary and is part of this proces to keep eternity. It's the perfection.

Im sorry because this is not really the subject but its difficult because everything is in relation with each other.

That are good questions with the examples Mozart and Tesla but i'm very sceptic about that they didn't have any background, but there are exeptions. In general its the same with everybody and there's nothing that somebody has from him or herself. Everything is a logic consequence of the past. It's only that we cannot see every logic stap in evolution or in this perfection. With the examples Mozart and Tesla we just cannot know because we only think we know and that's also a view of somebody who has written about them. But the exceptions who don't heridit the set down ''brain reflexes'' -or you can also call it karma- are called half or full star-children. They don't heridit from one (half) or both (full) parents because at the time of conception one or both parents lost every urge to survive. They are born in specific times in mostly very poor families and always in transitions of cosmic energies... so from one star sign to another.

But the only way to really know and see this is to look at yourself and your family.

You should read the website I gave to get more oversight. It's a pitty that not everything is translated.

The corpus callosum is just what the name says and its a change in evolution wich once happened in monkies. Its that change that maked us humans and was and is still in evolution also.

Everything is formed or has evolved as a reaction on cosmic energies. The earths evolution is a reaction to keep the earth in a orbit around the sun and so to keep her energetic enough for as long as possible... that's also why we now have grown to a human plage and make so much heat... wich will finally lead to a nuclear war or in other words ''-and in order of every cycle is equal- a Big Bang on earth''. This will end the earths evolution and give her energy before finally the planets fall back un the sun again. This way the cosmic clock will keep on tikking exactly on time in this perfection of enternal movement.

But there is so much more to tell also about incarnation people and re-incarnation people wich go ''Uni and Verse'' in a family tree and from father to sun and from mother to daughter. Its the extravert wich is incarnating and the introvert wich is reincarnating. The introvert reincarnates what the father or mother -in this example the extravert- left him or her. And its the extravert who incarnates his or her search in the world wich then the offspring reincarnates. In the beginning the man was the extravert and only incarnated and the women the introvert and only reincarnated what the man picked up in his fight for life in the world... but slowely -and in changing periods faster- this changed.

I'm sorry but I'm aware of that this is a very poor and chaotic story of something that is perfect. Trying to write down what in my opinion is the most extraordinary story is very difficult and I can only do it in imperfection.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on May 08, 2014:

I've seen this link before posted by another commentator. I've checked it out and it is certainly another interesting hypothesis among many. Many people do believe in total annihilation at death with no reincarnation, no resurrection and nothing after death. But I ask, how is it then that something like our consciousness was able to arise out of a cosmos that should not have come into existence at all according to the zero sum equations? I now address the idea of unusual talent and ability in youngsters. Mozart according to historical documentation, was composing and playing complex music at five years of age and by his teenage and young adult life, composing all the masterpieces we know and appreciate today. Similarly, others with unusual talents began early in life. In many cases, they were born into families that did not have any prior history of such ability. Tesla for instance, did not have a background in his family that paved the way for his later prolific inventing. As far as that goes, neither did Mozart in his musical genius. There are many more fine examples to chose from that span the gamut of human activity. It is argued by reincarnationists that this ability is carried over from one life to another.

The comment of brain calcification between the two hemispheres is interesting, because this is exactly what some say happens when we drink fluoridated water; that is, the pineal gland is calcified and as a result we have a disconnect between the two halves of the brain. The same folk say we also lose our intuition. In some, this can literally lead to bipolar disorder. As a rule, wild animals don't drink fluoridated water as they drink from the wild instead of from the water grid of civilization. But they do eat crops in many cases and these are largely watered with fluoridated water.

Pascal on May 08, 2014:

Animals don't have e-motions. E-motion means ''out of motion''. The difference between humans and animals ? look at the world and then ask yourself, how has it come to this ?

Humans have emotions because we are born with a calcified bridge between the left and right part of the brain and therefore its called Corpus Callosum or literally ''calcified body''. I will try to explain in my bad english what this means...

In daytime the left part of the brain rules over the right part and so the life ''impressions'' from the ''fight for life'' are set down in the left part of the brain. This is the same with animals and humans. The left part is the individual consciousness and the right part the collective consciousness.

In nighttime -while sleeping- the right part of the brain rules over the left part so then the collective rules over the individual. Normally -and still the case with animals- the collective part would mirror the life impressions, wich are set down in the left part in the fight for life. So when animals wake up they feel like ''reborn''. The tensions of the day before are - what's the word in english ?- dissolved ?

So this way what's important for ''all life'' rules over what's important for the individual life. This is what's different with humans because of the calcified bridge between the two hemispheres and therefore the humans wake up with the tensions and troubles in his mind of the day before.

This tensions change the energetic flow in de the body and change the genes. This goes trough the RNA string and by cel divisions/replications this changes are set down ''mirrored'' in the DNA. The DNA is the stable string and at this moment this fight for life impressions become an emotion.

The genes in the man's sperm -because its made everyday- changes with this proces.The ovum of a women changes less (fast) because the ova are already made before birth. The offspring inherit this emotions and goes on with the troubles/questions ect.ect... So finally emotions are nothing more then fixed ideas of what is good and bad whitout ''knowing for sure'' or its unconsciousness uncertainty.

But there is much more to tell and I just can't explain it very well in english.... so if you are interessted in knowing the truth and the reason why this Brain-defect ''naturally'' happened in the earths evolution you can read on this site...

here a link about this subject...

here you can -if you have any questions- contact the man who found this ''old wisdom''...

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on May 07, 2014:

I have to agree with you . I too believe most if not all animals including humans have emotions because human bodies are animal bodies. The difference may be that humans really have at least 4 bodies - physical, emotional, mental as well as astral bodies.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on May 06, 2014:

In the Bible, the word love is derived from four Greek words and a lot is lost in the translation into English as a result. Other words in the English translations have the same problems. Yes, animals have love, like the love of the mother for its child/offspring. The Greek work for that is Agape, which means the unconditional love of the mother for the baby/child. Were that not so, nothing would be able to survive long. Another Greek word translated into love is eros and that relates to physical love/sex, which is conditional. Emotions and feelings are not necessarily the same. Emotions are the qualities we have when we love, hate, are angry, etc. Feelings can include the idea of intuition as for some as yet unseen event sensed by an individual. Feeling is often interchanged with emotion, but that is not always accurate. Evidence shows that animals experience at least the same basic emotions as humans.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on May 06, 2014:

Agreed ! Animals have souls.However their souls are not the same as a human soul.Animals feel pain and perhaps loss.Sorrow & love I have my doubts about that! Sex is not love .Do you believe emotions and feelings to be one and the same?

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on May 05, 2014:

As per above, reincarnation thus implies in the flesh again. I do not subscribe to the theory that animals are souless. Animals, like humans have an animating energy that can be described as a soul or spirit. Animals feel pain, sorrow, loss, love and all the emotions we feel. There are different kinds of clever as well.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on May 05, 2014:

From my perspective - the body is a biological machine that grows within a human body from the moment of conception.

Incarnation literally means in the flesh. A soul or spirit connected or attached to a body somehow.The new testament refers to the four horsemen.I believe these horseman to be the leaders of countries .

If,one considers the horse having a rider much like human having a soul or spirit. The brain is a biological computer. Computers are controlled by by programs that are created by something or someone.

No living creature exits without some direction. Humans however have more than a biological computer .Humans beings are created in the image of GOD. This Image seems to me to be a program of some kind above and beyond anything the brain itself can do. Without it we are just very intelligent animals.

There is a passage in the new testament that says before Jesus would come the first time that a certain prophet would have to return.It, goes on to say that he did return but we did not recognize him. That he was in fact John the babtist.

gregb4hope from El Paso TX on May 05, 2014:

The bible forecast a resurrection in Christ. Christ himself also resurrected Lazarus from the dead. Resurecton and reincarnation are two very different processes. The point is the Bible never says it reincarnates anyone. It clearly indicate we can be resurrected and not by our choice or time but by a higher being who say He is a Spirit. We must remember the Bible states we were formed from the ground of the earth. Technically we had less form then than we do when we die and return to the earth as decaying matter. It should not be to hard to imagine God's ability to recoup us from the earth and restore us to bodily form. The hardest part has already been done.

I have not seem any evidence of reincarnation to the point that it is objective and someone has come back to put it in writing with witnesses who seen it in operation with their own eyes. I see it as human intuition but no real substance that is supported by history or divine authority. the laws of cause and effect are sound principles and nature has it's own cycle created by God who put the ozone layer in place as if an incubator to assure life is maintained for his purposes. The concept of reincarnation has no biblical basis for being factual. Just because some believe it back then they themselves still failed to prove any objective support for it. The concept of the resurrection is quite different in that sense…the objective evidence is there and yet still many have their doubts as God suspected many would. That's why there is a book call the book of Revelations in the future of men.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on May 03, 2014:

Concerning your comment - "The dead, that are not animated, do not have souls or spirits." I take it that you mean the soul or spirit leave the body.Therefore the body has no way to be animated. I believe that to be true.However from christian teachings there are passages in their bible where the dead have returned to life as what happened to Jesus body after three days. So,the body can sometimes be reanimated as long as it restored to a condition where reanimation of the body is possible or restored .

Prince Edike from Philippines on May 02, 2014:

Great hub. I just cannot ignore the fact that we are all heading somewhere unknown yet has been revealed to some few but wise in the past. The question as to where and when will remain one of the most disturbing and controversial in the journey of humanity.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on April 29, 2014:

I was born therefore I can be born again! and again etc.....

Pascal on April 29, 2014:

A child is a reincarnation of yourself and for humans this self is disbalance or character wich live on on a higher/lower level in evolution/revolution.

Pascal on April 29, 2014:

Mackenzie Sage Wright on April 29, 2014:

Interesting hub. I'm not one to take scripture literally, or believe in heaven/hell, Karma, judgement, etc.; but if there is an afterlife, reincarnation just seems to make the most sense. I guess we'll all find out one day. Nice hub, great read.

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