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The Christos Experiment Technique

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Different Techniques Offer Different Outcomes

If you are familiar with my previous article " The Christos Experiment Part 1" I did mention I would tell you how I was able to go into the altered state of consciousness which allowed me to experience a past life regression. Having spoken to a number of people who have experienced this procedure, I have discovered they have all adapted their technique to what they feel comfortable doing.

The basic procedure is consistent, but some people may find the other technique a bit. Please do not worry, as no technique is perfect for everyone and I recommend that you experiment with a technique that works best for you.

In my experience the less people you have in the room the better. This is because people waiting without stimulation in a room can get restless. Of course, this does depend on the people who you invite into the room. Above all, this technique requires peace and no distractions.

Peaceful images help calm the mind.

Peaceful images help calm the mind.

Before you begin

You will need the following..............

  • Pencil and Paper ( to record the experience )
  • One Person to lead the technique.
  • One Person to assist
  • A quiet area, no traffic, no ticking clocks, no pets or children
  • Glass of water
  • Cushion ( subjects preference )
  • Tissues ( it may get emotional )


Getting Started

The room should not be too bright as this could prove a distraction. It maybe wise to have one lamp lit or some scented candles in the room ,but away from where you are doing the experiment. Although mood is important ,you don't want to cause an accident by tripping over in the dark so a happy medium is needed here.

The subject ( the person who is willing to try this technique ) should remove his or her shoes and socks. They will then have to lie flat on their back with their arms by their sides, if the subject requires a pillow then it is allowed. The subject must be entirely comfortable and relaxed for this to work, so people who are stressed, depressed, angry or upset will not get much from this procedure.

The person leading the procedure is the interviewer and he or she will position themselves at the top of the subjects head and ask them to relax and close their eyes. The second person who will record the details will position themselves at the subjects feet. They shall both start to gently massage the subjects crown and feet, avoiding tickling the subjects feet.

The use of candles, scented oils or incense sticks is entirely up to the interviewer and the subject. The Interviewer can build up speed on the head massage as long as it is quite constant, The person at the feet ( the scribe ) can stop rubbing after about 3-5 minutes. If the subject is sensitive to their feet being touched, then the foot rub is not entirely essential to creating an altered state.

Visual Relaxation

Fire is a great element for calming and centering some people.

Fire is a great element for calming and centering some people.

Christos Technique; the Next Stage

After the massage, the next stage is to get the subject to concentrate on their own breathing. In a calm voice, ask the subject to breath deeply and slowly. When they breathe out, they need to breathe out slowly and methodically. After letting the subject relax to the sound of their own breathing, you may then ask the subject to breathe out and to imagine that they are taking in air to expand their body.

You must try to get them to imagine that their torso is expanding so it is nearly touching the ceiling. After a few further breaths, you can calmly ask if they are nearly touching the ceiling. If they are, then you ask them to deflate slowly with every breathe. Once completed, you may then ask them to imagine that every time they exhale, that their limbs and neck grow longer, and longer.

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Repeat the Christos Technique

Repeat this procedure for about five minutes. The stretching and shrinking exercise helps the subject think outside the confines of their own body. After you are happy with the subjects progress, you should ask the subject to visualize their front door. Ask them to describe what they see, ask them what colour the door is and what side of the door the number is positioned at?

If you are happy with their answers and state of calm. Then ask the subject to continue to visualize the surroundings, to turn around and walk ten steps into their garden. Then ask them to describe what they see, ask them whether it is currently night or day?

When they give their reply, ask them to visualize the scene as the opposite. Make them describe what they see. When you are happy with their responses, ask them to go back to daytime if not already in daytime.

As they are still in their garden, reinforce to them that this is their home and remind them that this place is their home, their safe place. Once they have agreed with you or acknowledge you, ask them to gently rise up from their standing position and float up into the air. You will need to reassure them that it is safe.

You need to ask them to float in the air to the level of their roof. When they have done this, you will need to ask them to describe the surrounding area from their elevated perspective. Once they have described their surroundings in reasonable detail. You may ask them to gentle float back down to the ground.

Aroma Helps Calm the Mind

Relaxing scented candles can help the mood.

Relaxing scented candles can help the mood.

Altering State of Mind

When you get them back down ask the subject to describe how the ground feels to them and ask them to describe the colour of their shoes. When happy with their responses ask them if they would like to explore the sky. If they are happy to, get them to gently float up into the clouds, reassure them all is safe and to enjoy the sensations. As they are in the clouds encourage them to float around, to twist and to turn.

Get them to describe the clouds to you and let them wander in the sky, after a few minutes of this ask them if they would like to return to the ground. Hopefully they will have been visualizing being free in the clouds, that they will have moved away from being directly over their home.

You must then ask them to land away from their home. When they gently land, ask them how the ground feels, and then ask them what is around them? As they describe their surroundings ask if there is a road, path or trail they wish to follow.

{ At this point the scribe should take down notes on what the subject is describing }.

From this point on the subject will explore the surroundings they are in, the interviewer is responsible for asking responsible but concise questions. The interviewer is the one who finds out the data and it is their responsibility to gauge the subjects level of comfort with what they are experiencing.

If the subject does not go into a waking dream state where the subject has altered his/her environment, take them back up into the clouds and ask them to picture the clouds in daylight and then as a night scene. Ask them to float around a bit more, and when they are back in the daytime ask them to glide down gently.

We did not spend any more than twenty minutes in the altered state, and don't try to force the subject to reveal anything. A lot of the details are vague and if they can't remember their name don't get irritated by their lack of progress.

This is a fun exercise not a quest to find out everything throughout history. The main things we focused on was

  • Names,
  • Places,
  • Family Members,
  • Date,
  • Year,
  • Country,
  • Language,
  • Clothing.

Please feel free to refine the technique to your own requirements. If the subject starts to feel distressed or upset. Please ask them if they want to leave?

If they say yes, ask them to rise up into the air slowly. Then proceed to go into the clouds and ask them to swim calmly in the sky. After they feel calmer guide them back down to their garden. Then ask them if they see their door and ask them what the ground feels like in their garden?

When they start to realise they are home ask them to walk back over to their body lying on the floor and lie on top of themselves. Gently massage the temples of the subject and ask them to open their physical eyes when they want to. Sometimes people may feel a bit disorientated, so its good to have some liquid ready to drink for them. If the subject comes out of their state for any reason try not to let them get up straight away, let them familiarize themselves with their surroundings before they go back to normal.

Hope that you find this interesting, I suggest you track down one of the original books for their original version of the technique. The above technique served us well though, and it should work for most. Remember it is not hypnotism it is effectively a waking dream or lucid dream the subject controls.

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billby on April 19, 2011:

It's a mind blowing experience i think you will be surprised to hear from my own discoveries using hypnosis this method is not so different the massage technique uses distraction to gain access to the sub conscious in a similar way to the hypno disc or pocket watch.providing the subject describes what they are seeing with out suggestion from the guide the end result is the same.

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