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"The Character of the Christian Witness"

Roger is a newly writer from Bacolod City. He is currently studying at CPAC Central Philippine Adventist College. BSED – Major in English.

How to Become More Christ-like?

Every Christian wants Jesus to come back. Jesus said He would come only after the whole world had heard the good news of His salvation. We want to help share the good news with the whole world. Sometimes it seems very hard.

The Character of the Christian Witness


Let's Read Acts 1:8. What did He say was the answer for finishing the work of witnessing to the entire world?

Sometimes it seems very hard to be like Jesus. We do not feel loving towards our neighbors. We get impatient with our children and angry with our spouse. We fail to be kind and generous at work. What should we do?

Read John 15:4-5. What did Jesus say will happen if we are close to Him?

Jesus said that if we are in a close relationship with Him we will naturally bear fruit, becoming like Him. God has promised to fill our lives with the Holy Spirit. Take courage and know He will help.

Read Hebrews 9:14. By what power did Jesus do His greatest act of love?

Jesus lived His perfect life as a man like us dependent on the Holy Spirit. This truth can give us great hope that we can become Christ-like in character.

Won’t it be exciting to see the gospel go to the whole world! Don’t you want to see Jesus return soon? Let’s plead for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on ourselves and the church.

Christ Character is by depending on the Holy Spirit

What Happens when the Holy Spirit Comes?

The Holy Spirit has great power. If we only know a little about the Holy Spirit we will not take much time or interest to ask for Him to help us. The more we know about the Holy Spirit, the more eagerly we will ask for more of the Holy Spirit to fill us.

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Fruits of the spirit


A delicious Fruits is a wonderful treat. The watermelon is entirely different from the Banana, but both are so tasty. Almost everyone loves to eat fruit. There are also lots of weeds and thistles in the countryside. Nobody likes these. In the Bible sin is compared to weeds and a Christian character is compared to fruit. When we are connected to Jesus, we will naturally have the Holy Spirit in our lives and it will produce the fruit of the Spirit. This will bless us and help those who aren’t Christians to see God’s character and want to receive salvation.

This will bless us and help those who aren’t Christians to see God’s character and want to receive “Salvation”


Plant Another Seed

You surely have friends who have some bad habits or characteristics. As they see Jesus in your life they will want to know how God has changed you. Share with them how to look at Jesus’ life and apply it to the family, work and neighborhood. Show them how to focus on the stories of Jesus that show the qualities they are lacking.

As God fills you more and more with His Holy Spirit, begin sharing with other Christians what you have experienced. Encourage them to examine the Bible texts about the Holy Spirit and to ask themselves the same questions. Help them to grow in each area.

That is what “Growing in the Spirit” is for. We will learn lessons that will help in each of the above ten areas and you will experience more of God’s love and power in your life. This will strengthen you to help others have the same experience in knowing Christ true character.

In Summary

Take time every day to focus on Jesus’ life and God’s character. Read the Bible and think about the stories. Spend more time thinking about those qualities in which you especially need to grow. You will find yourself becoming more like Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and you will become a greater blessing to your family, your work and your neighborhoods.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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